The Pre Date Procedure

The early American stone mansion stood majestically in its forty acres of carefully manicured lawns and gardens. The wide cobbled driveway that curved in a wide arc towards the stone portico of the ornate front entrance was completely clear of the usual assortment of limousines and sports cars, which normally made up the transportation needs of the wealthy Woodridge family.

Incongruously, towards the side of the mansion where the white wood and glass orangery stood against the west wall, there was parked a large pantechnicon trailer. Both sides of the trailer had been extended and were standing on their pneumatically operated supports. Although vast in size, the luxury gloss paintwork of subdued grey, lent the trailer an air of quality and subtlety. There was no lettering or signage of any kind upon the bodywork and, apart from the lack of windows or visible openings, it could have been mistaken for a luxury motor home.

Although it was only five thirty in the afternoon, the lights from the tall Georgian windows of the mansion already cast a warm glow upon the driveway as the sun began to set behind the private woodlands of the estate.

Inside the beautifully appointed house, standing beside the glowing Adam fireplace, Victoria Woodridge smiled at her young daughter. Victoria was a beautiful and elegant woman and it was plain to see that her daughter had inherited all of the family’s refined physical traits. However, Victoria was well aware that her daughter’s good looks were not the only quality that Jocelyn had inherited from her.

I suppose, she thought to herself, keeping secrets can make life difficult… and that begs the question… would I rather be able to share my life with my daughter, openly and honestly – or would I have preferred that she had grown up without any of the sexual predilections that I seemed to have passed on to her.

Victoria dismissed the thoughts from her mind. She knew the futility of worrying about something that one could do nothing about. She leaned her slender body against the stone fireplace, feeling very comfortable within herself. She was impeccably dressed in a black Chanel suit and white blouse. The sheer silk blouse was set off stylishly with a delicate black broach at the neck. Many centuries of good breeding were evident in her articulate and beautiful features. The intelligent blue-green eyes looked upon her daughter with pride.

Jocelyn was fresh from her bath; her firm slender body was wrapped luxuriously in a brilliant white toweling robe. She wriggled sensuously, the nipples of her young breasts pressing sexily against the softness of the material as she tightened the belt around her tiny waist. Victoria noticed the small frisson of expectation that Jocelyn displayed and accepted it as easily as she had dismissed her earlier doubts.

“Well dear daughter of mine, you almost manage to conceal your excitement.” Vicky looked at her youngest daughter with great affection. “I wish your dear father was still alive to see how beautifully you have grown up and how wonderful you look on your eighteenth birthday sweetheart.”

Indeed Jocelyn’s mother was not exaggerating when she described her daughter as being beautiful. There was not an adequate superlative that could do justice to the young girl. Her face was exquisitely featured with a small nose, wonderfully deep and almost translucent green eyes and a small, delicately formed, mouth that revealed her sparkling white teeth as she looked up and smiled at her mother. Her blonde hair was loose and nestled on the beautiful curve of her slender shoulders as she moved her pretty head.

Jocelyn’s well-modulated voice was particularly soft and tender as she answered her mother. “I know mother, but I am so looking forward to this evening that I couldn’t bear a sad thought to enter my head. Just to think, I am going to the ball with the best looking boy in college. But of course you know that I’m looking forward to the preliminaries and post assessment even more. I just can’t wait for the evening to start. Are you sure that he knows nothing of what is in store for him?”

Vicky smiled again at her daughter, seeing the excitement in her eyes as Jocelyn pulled the fluffy white toweling robe around her slender body and shivered in anticipation.

“I hope you know me better than that sweetheart. Have I ever organized anything that did not run perfectly?” Jocelyn giggled at her mother. She knew that her mother’s organizational skills were beyond reproach. She just couldn’t help talking about the coming event; such was her excitement and anticipation.

“No,” her mother continued, “I can guarantee that the Pre-Dating Procedural Service never give any information to their young charges. Under the new laws, they almost have carte blanche to do as they please… or I should say… as we please, being their paymasters. And do bear in mind, we are using the new and very discrete premium service, which even the insurance companies cannot afford to offer. So I doubt any of the local parents would know of it, or could ever dream of paying for this quality of service. The fees are quite beyond them.

The PDPS assured me that I was the very first in the area to use them and I can affirm to you, my sweet lovely daughter… that your young beau will not have the slightest inkling as to what he is in for. His mother signed the standard disclaimer over three weeks ago when I invited her here for afternoon tea. I am fairly sure that she did not read one word of the contract, as she was much too much in awe of the house and her surroundings to take note of exactly what she was signing. Mind you, the forms are so ambiguous that it would have been impossible for her to realize their import in such a short time. I think she just thought how lucky her son was to be dating the daughter of such a wealthy family. I suppose we have been wealthy for so long that we forget how impressed some people can be by money. I think that when I said that we were inviting her son to stay here for the weekend that she was so pleased that all she could do was keep thanking me.”

Vicky almost chuckled as she remembered reading the forms that they gave to the parents of prospective suitors. “The terminology is so obscure that even a lawyer would need several read-through’s before understanding the gist of it! When he arrives he will have no idea of what will be happening to him and if he is as beautiful as you say he is, then you are in for a delicious and wicked night young lady.”

Jocelyn could not help shivering with delight. Beneath the luxurious texture of her soft robe, her naked body seemed to tingle all over.

Vicky noticed the sexual shiver of delight and smiled at her daughter once more as she added. “The new laws are absolutely watertight. If a boy wants any social interaction with a girl these days, he must conform whether he likes it or not.”

The entrance of a young woman to the drawing room suddenly interrupted Victoria’s narration. The new arrival was dressed in the nursing uniform of the PDPS . She moved gracefully into the room even though she was carrying several white cotton uniforms held up by wooden clothes hangers; all of the tunics were very similar to the one that she was wearing. She seemed quite at ease in the Woodridge home as she came to stand in front of young girl. She smiled at Victoria and quickly addressed Jocelyn before Victoria could effect an introduction.

“Hello Jocelyn, I’m Samantha. I might have known what a beautiful girl you would be. You obviously have inherited your mother’s exquisite beauty. Are you comfortable undressing in front of me? I would like you to look your best… and of course at the same time, have your young suitor completely within your thrall.” She smiled wickedly at both Jocelyn and Victoria as she continued.

“I always think a uniform stamps one’s authority very quickly – and of course there is nothing quite so foreboding as a pretty nurse in uniform to intimidate young boys, especially a nurse who is firm and strict.”

Samantha raised her eyebrows and looked at the young girl’s mother with mock admiration as Jocelyn, quite nonchalantly, slipped off her robe and stood naked in front of the young nurse. For all her experience, Samantha was still quite surprised at the confident way Jocelyn exposed herself. Samantha looked at the perfect figure of the young girl, drawing in her breath, as Jocelyn stood, quite unabashed in a deliberately comedic pastiche of a fashion model’s pose. Without hesitation, Samantha quickly discarded two of the dresses, placing them over the broad arm of one of the large regency style chairs. She smiled at Jocelyn as she held forward the coat hanger from which hung a particularly fine white cotton tunic.

“I brought this one especially, as I had a premonition that you might be slender enough to wear it. It has an extremely tailored waist and yet a full bust line. I hope it fits as well as I think it will.”

Samantha could not help looking intently at Jocelyn, openly admiring the lush firm body of the young girl. Her waist seemed impossibly slender and yet her young breasts stood out full and proud from her slim torso. Her hips swelled firmly down to the shapeliest of long supple thighs. Samantha could not disguise her prurient interest as she stared at the plump mound of Jocelyn’s pubis, which was shaved bare apart from a diminutive patch of absolutely straight blonde hair above the plump peachy slices of her labia. Samantha thought it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. “Do you mind if I touch you?” Samantha asked.

She could not help her sudden bold impulse as she helped the young girl slip the dress around her body. She placed her cupped palm against the plush and firm curve of Jocelyn’s pubis and ran the pad of her thumb over the soft straight patch of hair. “My, my, Jocelyn, your body is so delicious. You really are physically perfect.”

Jocelyn, rather than show concern or offence at the nurses intimate touch, giggled with a delicious chuckle. “I was just admiring myself in the mirror before I came down. I must admit that I am probably in my prime. But it is always nice to have a second opinion. I was not going to wear anything underneath, but the material is so fine that I am sure I can detect a hint of pink flesh through it.” She began fastening the buttons and then stood in another pose, with her legs stood astride and a hand upon her hip. “Can you really see through it, or is it my imagination?”

Samantha and Vicky both laughed. Samantha quickly assured her. “Well the wonderful thing is that you can… and then again, you can’t! It is so subtle, and yet … yes there is certainly a hint of flesh beneath the white of the material.”

Jocelyn could not hide her delight. “Oh goody, Richard won’t know where to look, the poor boy… and he is so shy that I shall tease him mercilessly.”


Earlier that day, three young nurses and two very pretty and rather tall and fit looking, female security guards had arrived at the mansion. The guards had skillfully driven and delivered the huge pantechnicon to exactly align its single doorway with that of the conservatory entranceway.

A second vehicle, a large Mercedes 600 limousine, within which the nurses had arrived, was now, some hours later, occupied by the two female security officers, and on its way to fetch Jocelyn’s date for the evening.

Victoria had greeted the small ensemble of women when they arrived. Even with the high cost of the PDPS, she was quite taken with the style and efficiency of the personnel. The Guards had been impressively dressed in Navy-blue tailored short-sleeved shirts and tightly-fitting trousers. Broad leather belts had accented their flat stomachs and firm hips. Their tight jodhpur-style trousers entered shiny black jackboots, just below the knee. The broad leather belts they wore, bore a variety of implements and armaments. Each girl wore a holster housing a .38 calibre pistol. Alongside the gun were leather pouches holding, mace, handcuffs, a short nightstick and a small sophisticated electronic stun gun. The most intriguing item was a small leather paddle, slightly smaller than a table tennis bat, but with a longer handle, which was attached to the belt by Velcro. Along the length of the slender handle was a small sticker, which, if one were close enough to read it, was stated… ‘Sanctioned for use on bared buttocks only’. The badges above their left breasts were emblazoned with the legend “PDPS Government Sanctioned Security Officer.”

What gave the young guards such an intimidating and aloof appearance were their peaked Gestapo style caps. With their hair drawn back tightly, the firm jaw line of both girls was accented beautifully. Severity and beauty… how intimidating for a young boy to be under their supervision thought Victoria.

Vicky Woodridge had been even more impressed upon meeting the young nurses. All three, she had immediately assessed as being both beautiful and competent. They had all sat together in the drawing room while the security guards attended to the mobile unit. The young nurses had confidently explained their procedures to Victoria in explicit and intriguing detail. Victoria’s young maid had served them coffee and sandwiches as they talked.

They had conversed for over two hours while Victoria had sat back in her chair and listened to the nurses. Each, in turn, had talked about the subtleties of their approach to the pre-dating procedures. On occasion Victoria had interjected to clarify a point, but mainly she had been able to merely sit and listen.

She had carefully looked over the three beautiful young women, estimating their ages as being no older than twenty-two or twenty-three years. The two youngest, Patricia and Gillian were both blonde haired. Their slender figures looked superb in the fine white cotton nursing uniforms that they were wearing. The short-sleeved dresses had epaulettes upon the shoulders, each bearing three gold stripes. Their tiny waists were each accentuated by a broad waistband and gold buckle.

Samantha, who had her luscious dark hair tied back in a chignon, was obviously in charge of the operation. Her tunic was similar to the other girls, but she had four gold stripes on her epaulettes. Her name badge proclaimed S. Beauvoir, Nurse Practitioner. Victoria had noticed that all three nurses were displaying a deep cleavage and that their tunics were cut particularly low, allowing the full curve of their breasts to be revealed. The short hemline of each tunic also displayed their bare tanned legs beautifully.

As the conversation came to a close Samantha had beckoned to Victoria. “Let me give you a quick tour of the mobile clinic. It is completely self-contained with its own water, electrical power and drainage tanks. Even with all the equipment we carry, the expanding sides mean we have plenty of room to move around, so you and your daughter will be able to observe everything at close quarters.”

Victoria smiled at Samantha. “Jocelyn is still out shopping, so it will be useful for me to look at the facility so that I can explain everything to her, but I am conscious that you have not been shown your rooms yet. The hotels around here are fine, but we have so much room that I would feel absolutely bereft of humanity if you were not here to stay and enjoy our English breakfast tomorrow. Cook loves us to have visitors, where she can garner compliments on her most delicious breakfasts and I must admit that I do love company in the morning… so promise me you will all accept my invitation to stay.”

The nurses had then given Victoria a tour of the facility inside the pantechnicon. The security guards had already extended the sides of the vehicle and had powered up the silent generator. As Victoria had entered through the pneumatically operated doorway, she had gasped in awe at the facility. It looked like a complete operating theatre, its equipment, in hygienic white and chrome, gleamed and sparkled under the bright roof-lights.

An even brighter operating theatre light illuminated the centerpiece, which was a technical looking examination bed. The bed was made up of small white plastic padded sections, that, although fitted together as a long flat padded platform, could be raised and lowered or contorted to whatever shape was required. Victoria could clearly see from the LCD control panel the different diagrams illustrating that the bottom half of the bed could be split and divided and that each pad could be individually raised or lowered at will. Samantha smiled as she saw Victoria look at the diagrams on the screen. “That is only page one of about twenty different menus for positioning the table as well as the limb supports which are underneath.”

Victoria glanced beneath the bed to see chromium-plated leg-braces and stirrups, which could be raised into position and manipulated electronically to almost any position. Further down the huge mobile clinic, Victoria saw tubes and pipes emanating from cylinders and taps which were set into technical looking stainless steel panels on the walls. There seemed to be gauges and meters everywhere. There was even an open stainless steel toilet and bidet as well as an oddly shaped bath set into the gleaming white tiled floor. There were trays of instruments everywhere. Some were on trolleys, while others were housed in cabinets, which were illuminated internally. One curious thing Victoria noticed was a serious of flat shiny PVC strips that were hanging from a hook near the doorway. The ends of the strips had small squares of white Velcro neatly attached to them. She wondered… could they possibly be restraints!

Although the mobile clinic was generously equipped, Victoria noticed that there was a surprising amount of open space. The two captain’s chairs that were fixed within the tiled flooring looked very luxurious and stylish. The white leather upholstery glistened with newness under the bright lights of the surgical style lamps. In front of the two Captain’s chairs was a large clear open space of flooring.

Samantha explained the various functions of the equipment inside the mobile clinic. Occasionally Victoria would nod or ask a question as they moved around the facility. “Of course it is pretty much universal – and is used for a wide variety of functions – from insurance medicals, breast, cervix and prostate screening right through to the PDPS service. Although not many families can afford the cost of it for PDPS, it does save an awful lot of time – I mean not having to bring equipment into the home.”

Samantha smiled at Victoria as she continued. “The security personnel prepare the clinic and power up as soon as we arrive. They have to unlock the trolleys from their transit mode and generally get things ready for use… they are very good.”

Victoria looked intently at Samantha as she spoke. “I presume that you and your staff are only concerned with the PDPS?”

“Yes the nursing staff and the security staff are exclusively employed by the PDPS.” Samantha smiled as she answered. She had an inkling of where Victoria was heading, but let her continue.

“I suppose that you require erm… a certain quality of staff for the pre dating service.”

Samantha smiled. “Yes, of course you are right and I should explain. There are two main requirements, ancillary of course to already being a competent nurse. The first is dictated by the very nature of what we do, that is to say that we need staff that are attractive… but, how shall I say it, we look for certain other qualities.” Samantha gestured towards Patricia and Gillian who were busy preparing some apparatus within the stainless steel bath.

“We look for nurses that also have a certain aptitude. You could say perhaps a dominant one… but if you look at Patricia and Gillian, they certainly don’t appear so.”

Victoria could not have agreed more. The two nurses were pretty to the extreme, but at the same time they had an air of innocence and kindness.

Victoria, could not help smiling as both Gillian and Patricia abandoned their aloof composure and looked mischievously at Samantha as she continued.

“Our department is entirely female and our head of human resources is very adept at choosing our personnel. Of course the department has been very successful politically and the PDPS will be mandatory for all states before too long. So because we are already a large and well-funded department we already attract, shall I say, the right applicants. Those whom we know from experience will not just be suitable, but will enjoy their work.”

Victoria could not help laughing gently as she spoke. “I imagine there is a great deal of job satisfaction.”

Samantha looked at her seriously. “Yes, there is… I think I know that you, for instance, would be very successful were you in the PDPS.”

Victoria looked her in the eyes. “I think we both know that I would rather enjoy that.” She paused and touched the backs of her fingers to Samantha’s cheek. “My daughter is very much like me. I really would like to ensure her satisfaction too, if you understand me?”

Samantha gave an impish grin. Her pretty face suddenly wreathed in a smile. “You don’t have to say another word, I can personally guarantee it… and I do emphasize the word, personally! Now come and let me show you what Patricia and Gillian are doing.”

Victoria followed Samantha over to the stainless steel bath. As Victoria looked inside she could see that sides of the bath were covered with large diameter nozzles, rather like one would see in a Jacuzzi. In the centre, there was mounted what looked like a broad, highly polished and beautifully sculptured, metal saddle. It was about the same width as a horse’s saddle, but at the front it dipped down to form a triangular dish. The spine of the saddle was quite high and pronounced, and was perforated with small holes along the entire length. As well as holes, the spine also had a two-inch slot etched into the centre.

Samantha began to explain the function of the device. “This is our latest addition – and it is quite intriguing. It is better to see it before the bath is filled, so that you can see how accurately the water is directed. The large nozzles around the bath stimulate every inch of flesh below the waist. Our young recipients are placed upon the saddle so that they are facing towards us with their genitals being supported inside the tray. Because of the width of the saddle and the lack of stirrups, they have no support so that they cannot raise themselves from the seat.” She placed her fingers inside the front of the tray and pulled up a metal pipe, which had followed the tray’s curvature, as it lay flat. As the pipe was swiveled upwards, it formed an arch. The underside of the pipe was perforated with different sized holes and nozzles.

“It is quite a simple device. Water is pulsed in varying intensities from the holes in the saddle and also from this pipe in the front of the tray. As you can imagine the stimulation we can administer to the anal and genital areas of a young boy will be very intense.” Samantha replaced the pipe into its original position as she continued to explain the function

The holes in the saddle stimulate the entire crevice between the buttocks and the perineum. The slot in the centre of the saddle allows water to be jetted directly onto the sphincter and because it is a slot, rather than a hole, we can continuously vary the direction.”

Samantha moved her fingers over the spine of the saddle as she continued to explain the various functions. “The jets of water from the pipe in the tray are directed against the penis. As you can see, we can adjust the height of the pipe, so that as the recipient’s penis becomes erect, we can make sure that the water is always directed towards it.”

Samantha looked at Victoria and smiled. “It is very effective, because the recipient has no way of evading the stimulus. I am quite sure that their wriggling and squirming only intensifies their stimulation.”

Victoria ran her fingers over the holes in the spine of the saddle. For a moment her imagination pictured a naked young boy, his legs widely spread over the saddle, writhing in sexual torment.

My god, Victoria had thought to herself, as she had surveyed the clinic one last time before leaving, it will be a wonder if the boy does not faint with fright.


Richard Lovel stood with his mother in the front room of their small condominium. “Well Richard, it is a shame that I can’t see you in your new evening suit before you go out. But the letter from the PDPS did say, that you were to dress loosely and casually – and to take your evening clothes with you in a suit hanger. I have packed your hold-all with the rest of your clothes for the weekend and all your toiletries, so you are all set for your date.”

Richard smiled at his mother. He knew that she was proud that he was dating the very beautiful daughter of such a rich and influential family. In fact no one could have been more surprised than him, when, quite out of the blue, Jocelyn Woodridge had approached him over two months ago. She had met him just as he had been leaving the football pitch. Without hesitation, she had walked straight up to him and smilingly laid her hand upon his arm. “Richard, I am looking for a boy to take me to the Autumn Ball. I am choosing you! It is a dress ball and you will be required to wear an evening suit… I want you to look your best. I will take care of all of the other arrangements, including the transport from your house – so all you have to do is be ready at five forty-five on the twenty-forth of next month. Got that?”

Before he could gather his wits, Jocelyn had raised herself upon her tiptoes and had kissed him on the cheek. With a cheeky smile, she had turned and left him to blush in confusion.

The only other contact that he had had with Jocelyn since that time, was when they had met accidentally (or so he thought) as he was coming out of the college science lab. He had blushed immediately as she had smiled at him, again laying her hand upon his arm.

“Have you got your suit?” She had asked him as she looked at his already blushing countenance. “Erm, erm… yes… erm Miss… erm Jocelyn. I got it for my eighteenth birthday present.” He had been so embarrassed that he had not been able to meet her gaze. Jocelyn had raised her arm and laid her hand gently upon his cheek, watching his face turn to a deep and profuse red. “Well done sweetie, just be ready when the car comes. By the way, you will be staying at our house for the weekend, so pack a bag.”

Such was Richard’s confusion, that he had been unable to formulate any other words. He had stood rooted to the spot, as again she had reached up on to her tiptoes and kissed his burning cheek. Richard was in love! Although he realistically thought that he would probably never see her again after their date, he could not help himself. He simply adored her!

Mrs. Lovel had been thrilled when she had received the beautifully handwritten letter, inviting her for tea at the Woodridge home – and some weeks later after her visit, she had been somewhat puzzled at the very official typewritten letter from the Government Licensed PDPS department informing her that in view of the pre-dating appointment, that Richard would be required to be dressed in casual clothing and to bring his evening clothes with him.

“What exactly is this PDPS thing?” Richard asked his mother. None of the other guys seem to know anything about it. I have never heard of anyone turning up for a date in a track suit.” His mother looked at him, admiring his tall lithe swimmer’s body in the slim fitting tracksuit, as he leaned against her chair.

“I am not sure sweetheart, I think it may be some kind of interview. The state brought it in after all that terrible publicity about date rape and boys getting girls drunk and having their wicked way with them… and all that sort of thing. I think it is just a precaution available to concerned families. I don’t think it is anything against any boy personally. But the Woodridge family is so erm… well… High Society really, I suppose. I would imagine that Mrs. Woodridge is very careful with her daughter. I don’t suppose the new law would have been brought in unless there was a need for it. I must admit I didn’t read it very carefully, but I know that all of the colleges welcomed the new law when it came in, I read about it in the newspapers. Anyway, you still look very handsome in that new tracksuit and I am sure you will look absolutely stunningly handsome in your new evening suit when you dress for the ball. Did you finally grasp how to tie your bow tie?”

Richard smiled at his mother. “Do you know mother, I think you may be turning into a social snob,” he said laughingly.

“Well Richard, I just can’t believe that Jocelyn Woodridge just asked you, rather than any of those well-off boys at college. You have to admit that you are quite shy… and she must have been able to choose any boy she wanted… so she must really like you.”

Richard blushed. “Oh mom, it is just a date… in fact I have only spoken to her once since.”

Mrs. Lovel was in fact quite sure that Jocelyn Woodridge would have deliberately chosen Richard. Even though he was her son, she could see that the boy was quite unusually good-looking. His body was quite unique, in fact the perfect specimen of boyhood, lithe and beautifully proportioned with slim hips and long legs. Mrs. Lovel had often laughed at the somewhat prurient remarks of her lady friends when they had admired Richard. Her next-door neighbor, Heather, often embarrassed the young boy by her compliments on his physical appearance.

“Well it might be just a date Richard, but she did invite you for the weekend.” Mrs. Lovel glanced through the window and saw the approach of the large Mercedes car. Look Richard, I think that car may be for you. Have you ever seen such a smart Limousine? Now hurry on out there.”


Richard could not help blushing as his mother had bustled him out of the front door along with his suit and overnight bag as soon as she had seen the two uniformed women walk down their pathway. She did not feel herself sufficiently well prepared to receive visitors and so rather than greet the women on his behalf; she had shut the door firmly behind him.

The two tall security officers looked at him, a hint of amusement playing around the corners of their mouths. They were well aware of how intimidating they looked. Their perfectly fitting, almost Gestapo style, uniforms and peaked caps made them appear even taller than their five feet, eleven inch height. The jackboots they were wearing, clicked crisply upon the pavement as they approached the young boy.

As one of them took his suit hanger and overnight bag from his nervous fingers, he blushed immediately and looked down at his feet in embarrassment. Their beauty and authoritarian manner made him feel gauche and uneasy, in fact… completely at odds with his self. He had always been shy and especially nervous in front of pretty girls. The security officers’ uniformed beauty immediately had him feeling at a disadvantage.

He could not help blushing to an even deeper shade of red, as the second of the young officers suddenly slipped her hand around his waist while she escorted him down the pathway and opened the rear door to the limousine. “Right sweetie, just slide your little bottom in there.” He could not believe how embarrassed and gauche he felt as the officer patted her hand against the cheeks of his bottom just as he was bending forward to get into the car.

Richard was blushing furiously and almost trembling with embarrassment as he sat down in the rear of the car. The luxurious interior was divided into three sections.

In front of Richard’s seat was a glass screen. This divided the rear section from the middle compartment of the car. He looked forward, through the thick glass and watched as the young shapely officer hung his suit from a hook within the middle section. The two security guards then seated themselves in the front of the car – and as the car moved off, he heard a voice emanate from the speaker that was mounted in the rear parcel shelf behind his head.

“You can speak normally and I will hear you. Can you please confirm that you are Richard Lovel?” Richard was confused for a moment and then he spoke, being careful not to shout.

“Erm… yes, erm miss. My name is Richard Lovel, erm I have been invited to…”

His voice was interrupted by the electronically amplified voice of the young blonde officer seated in the passenger seat of the front compartment of the car. “We know where you are going, silly boy. Now just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.” Richard blushed again at the friendly rebuke. He heard a click from the intercom and then there was silence.

Jessica smiled at Ami as they listened to the young boy. She spoke as soon as she had switched off the intercom. “I think our poor little boy is in for rather a shock, don’t you Ami? He looks delicious doesn’t he? Lovely slim hips, cute little bottom… just asking for a smack and such good looks. I haven’t seen a boy so perfectly proportioned… and such a beautifully innocent face. I hope he is a just little bit tardy, even the teeniest bit would do… after all it is my turn isn’t it? Ami laughed at her companion. “It might be your turn sweetheart, but I am quite sure that we will both get a chance!”

The opulence of the interior of the car and the smoothness of the ride could not counter the growing unease the young boy began to feel as the journey progressed. Richard would not have been able to explain his anxiety, but as the car began the final part of its journey through the stone portals of the wrought iron gates and onwards up the sweeping drive to the grand mansion, he felt himself blush with intimidation. He looked out of the car window, knowing that he had never seen such an impressive house or grounds. It was absolute splendor… and yet here he was, dating a beautiful girl, one whom he hardly knew and one whom was obviously wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.

He almost shivered in trepidation as the car stopped outside the grey stone portico. It was only when he reached for the door handle, that he realized that there wasn’t one. He looked through the window to see that the pretty blonde haired security officer had exited the vehicle and was already standing outside the rear compartment of the car, leaning forward to open his door.

“Well young man, we will attend to your suit and your bag later. Please follow me.” Before he could utter a sound, the second security officer had moved around the car and had taken his arm. They proceeded through the two open oak half-doors of the grand mansion and into the brightly lit and lavish interior of the hallway. They proceeded across the ornately tiled hall and stopped at an open carpeted entrance. The first guard turned toward him and smiled as she saw his blushing face.

Richard was able to observe her properly for the first time. Her blonde hair was tied back in a severe style and was swept upwards under the peaked cap she wore. Her exquisite face was beautifully made up. Her bright red lips and high cheekbones gave her an air of aloofness which had Richard blushing as she bent down on one knee in front of him.

“Shoes off Richard!” Before he could comprehend the order, she placed her hand gently behind his calf and gently pulled his leg forward and raised his foot. The dark-haired officer that was standing to his side supported him with her arm around his waist.

Richard blushed profusely at the closeness of her body and the sensual aroma of her perfume. She seemed to give his body a little squeeze, pressing her own lush body closer to his as the blonde haired officer gently divested him of his shoes. Richard suddenly shivered in front of the young blonde officer as, much to his consternation, her long slender fingers slipped inside the hem of his socks. Without a word being spoken, she slipped the socks from his feet one by one. Her fingers had seemed to linger and caress his calves as she had delicately slipped the garments from his feet. She did not explain her actions as she pushed his socks inside his training shoes and placed them beside the doorway.

Richard was speechless as the young guard stood up and placed her hand gently under his chin. She raised his head so that she could look directly into his eyes. She was delighted to see that the boy’s face was already bright red and that his embarrassment was causing his lips to tremble.

Her voice was firm and clear as she addressed him. “You will be much more comfortable without your tracksuit top. It is very warm in the house.”

She reached forward and unzipped the front of the jacket as the second officer moved behind him and slid it from his shoulders, leaving him in his short -sleeved T-shirt. She laid the tracksuit top on a chair next to the doorway.

Richard stood in embarrassment and stupefaction as the two officers took a gentle hold of his arms and led him further into the sumptuously furnished sitting room.

Richard blushed to a deep red as soon as he suddenly saw Jocelyn for the first time since they had met at school. Mrs. Woodridge and Jocelyn were seated in hard-backed chairs in the middle of the room. Seated to the other side of Mrs. Woodridge was a young woman in nursing uniform. He knew that he was already blushing… and that his face was bright red and yet he could do nothing about it as the guards stood him in front of the three females.

Jocelyn hid her excitement well as she stood up and looked at the blushing boy. She felt a thrill of delight as she looked at his handsome but crimson face. He really has the most perfect complexion – she thought to herself, as she stood up and moved in front of him to kiss his burning cheek.

“Well Richard, you are right on time. Mummy has a few words to say to you and then we are going to get you ready for our date.” Deliberately she put her hand gently on his shoulder, her hand resting on its side so that her fingertips were able to brush sensuously against the short hairs at the nape of his neck. She spoke to him, her voice soft and sensual. “You will have to be a good little boy and be on your best behavior for your pre-date procedure. So listen carefully to mummy and to the nurse won’t you?’

Actually, Richard could not have articulated one word, even if his life had depended upon it. He was absolutely speechless with embarrassment. He stood looking at Jocelyn, feeling absolutely ridiculous as he felt the fire in his cheeks. He had noticed her white tunic and could not believe how soft and curvaceous her body looked beneath the fine cotton. Somehow, her clinical appearance gave her a superior and detached air, which served to make him feel belittled in her presence. He averted his eyes as Jocelyn moved to sit down. He stood, almost trembling with embarrassment as the two guards moved back from him. Unseen to Richard, Jessica moved a hard-backed chair and sat directly behind him while Ami stood to her side.

Mrs. Woodridge had watched the boy intently from the moment he had been led into the room. She immediately saw the reason for her daughter’s choice of date. His features were refined and intelligent, his body looked perfectly proportioned and his demeanor was mild and acquiescent. He was in fact, she thought, the most suitable of suitors for her young daughter’s coming of age.

Richard could not help the further flush of embarrassment that enveloped his cheeks as Mrs. Woodridge addressed him for the first time. He felt as if he was on some sort of trial as he stood before the three seated females. Victoria had deliberately perpetrated this effect before the boy arrived. She had asked Jocelyn to walk into the room, to ascertain whether the placement of the chairs would give the room a judicial and formal setting. Jocelyn had laughed as she realized exactly how foreboding this setting was as she enacted the scene that was to follow. She had continued her conversation with Samantha, planning every detail as they had sat and waited for the young boy.

“Now Richard, I am very pleased to welcome you into my home and allow you to take my daughter to the Annual Ball. Your mother has kindly signed her consent for you to undergo the pre-date procedure which is now a government initiative in this state.” Mrs. Woodridge gestured towards the young nurse. “This is Nurse Practitioner Beauvoir who will be in charge of your procedure. So please listen to what she has to say.”

Richard stood blushing as Nurse Samantha Beauvoir addressed him. Her voice was clear and firm as she recited the well-rehearsed information that she had repeated to so many young boys over the past year.

“Richard Lovel, you are required under the laws of this state to submit to a procedure to ensure the safety of your partner Miss Jocelyn Woodridge. You will be under her jurisdiction at all times during your time with her… and you will obey any instruction she gives you. You will submit to the State pre-date procedure without fuss or reluctance. You will obey all of your instructions immediately. If you fail to obey… or you are in any way recalcitrant, you will be in breach of the state law and may be punished or physically coerced. Do you understand what has been said to you?”

Richard looked dumbfounded. He did not really understand the full implication of what was being said to him, as indeed he was not meant to at this stage. However his embarrassment was so profound that he certainly did not want to disagree with the young nurse.

“Erm… yes miss.” Was about as much of a sentence that he was able to articulate as the nurse smiled at him benevolently.

“Good boy Richard. Now I will just explain the procedure to Miss Jocelyn and then we will try and get you processed as quickly as possible.”

Her next words were the beginning of a nightmare for Richard – and although addressed to Jocelyn, were meant entirely for his ears. Jocelyn had already discussed every detail and nuance of the procedure with Samantha and her own part in it. It was to be a nightmare that Richard in his naivety could never have envisioned. He stood listening, absolutely shivering with embarrassment as she addressed Jocelyn quite nonchalantly.

“We are going to examine him thoroughly to ascertain his current sexual state and subsequently we are going to express as much of his semen as we can through forced ejaculation and prostate expulsion. We have found that it is beneficial for the partner to participate in the induction, so that the procedure becomes familiar to them. You seem a very competent young lady and I am sure you will appreciate the thoroughness and subsequent benefits of intense extraction. Discipline during the procedure is sometimes a problem and we have found, through our experiences, that it is best if our clients sanction its use as and when we feel that it is necessary. However I would like you to sanction a preliminary use as the first part of the procedure usually causes some consternation with the recipients.”

Jocelyn could hardly contain herself as she listened to the young nurse. She was well aware that the nurse’s words were meant entirely for Richard’s ears, but hearing the enactment for the first time, sent a thrill through her body that she found hard to conceal. How humiliating for him, she thought. She looked up at Richard, to see that his face was now a deep shade of purple and that his look of shame and humiliation was beyond her wildest expectation.

Jocelyn kept her eyes on Richard as she addressed the young nurse. “Of course you have my permission. But I am sure that Richard will be very well behaved.”

She looked into the boy’s eyes as she spoke once more.

“You will be a good boy for the nurse, won’t you sweetheart?”

Richard could hardly bring himself to look at Jocelyn. He felt near to fainting. He was utterly humiliated and embarrassed. His face was burning furiously with a reluctant rush of blood to his cheeks. Even though he had not immediately grasped the entire import of what had been said, he had understood enough to feel his body begin to shiver in absolute dread. He replayed her words over in his mind. Each realization fuelled his acute anguish.

Jocelyn firmed up her voice as she addressed him again. “Richard… the nurse needs to know whether you are going to be a good little boy for her.”

Richard just blushed profusely and mumbled to her through the cocoon of embarrassment that enveloped every nerve of his body. “Erm… yes erm… Miss,” he managed to stutter, feeling utterly belittled and shamed.

Jocelyn felt another thrill run through her body as the boy addressed her as Miss. She knew that she looked very much more authoritarian in her nurses uniform. She decided to expedite the proceedings as she looked at the beautiful blushing boy, his bare toes seeming to grip the carpet in his embarrassment and humility. She turned her head towards Samantha and addressed her formally.

“Yes Nurse Beauvoir, you certainly have my permission to punish Richard if he does not comply with what you require. But I am sure that he is going to be a good little boy and do as he is told.”

“Thank you Miss Jocelyn.” Nurse Beauvoir turned to look at Richard, relishing his utter embarrassment as she began to utter the words that she knew would bring the preliminaries to a head.

“Right Richard, I want you to take off all of your clothes. Please undress as quickly as you can. All of them now! Come along we have a lot to get through this evening.”

Richard shivered in abject dismay. He stood rooted to the spot not daring to move. He looked at the nurse. “Oh no… oh please Miss… erm nurse… please not in front of…”

His protestations were cut short as Jessica who was seated behind him reached forward and grasped his hips. Without preamble, she pulled him towards her seated position, turning his body as she did so. At the same time as Jessica pulled him off balance, Ami stooped down and took a firm hold around his ankles, lifting them off the floor. Before Richard could possibly comprehend what was happening to him, he found himself being turned face down over the seated guard’s knees. It was a deft and well-practiced maneuver that the guards had performed many times before. Ami smiled cheekily at Jessica as she watched her expertly turn the young boy fully over her knees. Jessica held his waist firmly and placed her other hand on the back of his neck, pushing his head downwards.

Richard’s abrupt upending had come completely out of the blue. In what seemed like a split second of time he felt the guard, who had so efficiently grasped his ankles to upend him, grip the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms and pull them all the way down and over his feet.

“What a naughty boy you are disobeying the nurse. Fancy having to have your trousers taken down, rather than undressing yourself like a grown-up.” Ami’s words added to his utter shame. He shivered as, without any hesitation he felt her repeat the procedure with his underpants. He could not believe his predicament. He was in the depths of utter confusion and embarrassment as he looked at the carpet only inches from his face. In less than the blink of an eye, the bottom half of his body had been completely stripped bare. He felt cool air play upon his naked buttocks as he lay over her knees in utter humiliation.

“Now that didn’t take a second, did it? Your little bottom is all nice and bare for the nurse. I thought you were going to be a good boy… and instead here you are having to be undressed like a naughty little boy.” Ami’s tone was condescending and belittling as she addressed Richard.

Such was Richard’s confusion that he was hardly conscious of the guard’s movements as Ami quickly walked around the chair and took hold of the hem of his T-shirt. She pulled it over his back and head, quickly sliding it down his arms and placing it beside his other clothes. “There we are, a bare little boy! In fact a bare little boy who is going to have his bottom spanked unless I am very much mistaken! What on earth must miss Jocelyn think of you?”

Jocelyn looked on in delight, her eyes fixed on the smooth curve of the boy’s bared bottom as he lay head down over the young security guard’s knees. She could see goose bumps appear on his flesh. How utterly embarrassing for him she thought. What must be going through his mind as he realized that he had been unceremoniously stripped of his clothes and that he was now totally naked and laying over the knees of a pretty young girl?

This time it was Jessica that spoke to him as she examined his bared buttocks as they lay raised across her lap. “Ami is quite right Richard. What a naughty little boy you are. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Now I want you to keep quite still while I spank your little bottom for you. My, my what a naughty child, having to have your bare bottom spanked in front of everyone!”

Richard was in a haze of embarrassment and humiliation. He had been taken completely by surprise. He could feel the blood rush to his head as the young guard gripped him firmly and adjusted his position so that his bottom was now raised fully over her thighs and the top of his head was touching the floor.

“Smackkk… Smack, smack…” The sharp staccato sound of her hand upon his bottom seemed to ring in his ears, heralding the first humiliating sting of her palm upon the bared flesh of his buttocks. Several more smacks were applied before he heard the nurse address Jocelyn.

“Oh Jocelyn… we normally administer ten strokes of the leather paddle to their bare bottoms, for a first infraction. Would you like the guard to administer this to Richard… or would you like to administer it yourself, as he is entirely under your charge?”

Jocelyn watched the boy’s face flush to an almost purple hue as he heard the demeaning words of the head nurse.

Jocelyn spoke quietly and clearly, although it was an effort to keep her voice calm. “Oh let me have a word with him Samantha, I am sure that he didn’t mean to be disobedient.” Jocelyn quickly moved from her chair and knelt down by the boy’s head. She sat back on her ankles as she placed her hands upon his burning cheeks. She turned his face towards her and, gently lifting his head, laid it on her knees. She could not help but look over his naked body as she felt the soft skin of his cheek rest against her bare thigh. The intense heat of his embarrassment sent an exquisite thrill through her young body as she spoke softly to him.

“Now sweetheart, are you going to be a good boy and do what the nurse tells you. It would really be embarrassing for you if I had to take you over my knees and spank you.”

Richard could hardly countenance the position he was in. His humiliation was more than he could endure. He felt his lips tremble as he spoke.

“Oh Miss I am so sorry.” His voice was almost a sob as he continued. “I promise Miss, I am just so embarrassed.”

Jocelyn stroked his cheek. “I know sweetheart, but you have to obey the law. So be a good boy and do what the Nurse tells you straight away without fuss. Do you promise me?”

“Oh yes miss,” his voice was almost a sob.

Jocelyn could not help the thrill she felt as she stroked her hand over his bare shoulders. She savored the moment as she uttered her next words.

“Good boy, I knew you would. Now listen to the nurse and obey immediately and if you are a good boy I won’t have to spank your bottom. Do you understand me?”

Richard could hardly believe his embarrassment as he mumbled his reply.

“I promise miss.”

Jocelyn lifted his head and kissed his cheek. Without a word she carefully let his head hang down again before she stood up. She moved in front of the guard and almost ceremoniously placed her hand over his naked bottom. She felt both of his smooth buttocks quake with embarrassment as she stroked her hand over the twin mounds of flesh. She looked at Jessica and spoke clearly so that Richard would have no trouble hearing her words.

“Would you administer only five strokes, please? I think that, that should be sufficient for him to realize that he must be obedient. His little bottom feels very soft and tender.”

Richard could not believe that Jocelyn was stroking her hand so nonchalantly over his bared bottom… or that she was casually giving permission for the guard to administer a paddling to his naked buttocks. He almost fainted with embarrassment as he felt the guard tighten her grip around his waist. Simultaneously, he felt the other guard grasp his ankles. He tried to look around, only to see that Jocelyn had again knelt down next to him. He felt her gently take his head in her hands and hold him so that she could look into his eyes. He shivered in shame and utter humiliation as he looked at her.

“Now sweetheart, be a brave boy while the guard spanks your little bottom for you. It is for your own good.” Jocelyn was beside herself with delight as she saw the guard reach to her belt and produce the small leather paddle. She watched in delight as it was raised in the air and brought down upon the very centre of his perfectly elevated bottom. She held his head firmly, hearing him gasp as the first stroke was delivered.

“There we are sweetheart, be a brave boy.” Her words fuelled his humiliation as she watched the guard raise the paddle again.

“Smack.” The paddle flattened against his buttocks as the guard delivered the second stroke. Jocelyn held his head gently but firmly, allowing her fingers to stroke against his blushing cheek as she spoke to him.

“Poor baby, fancy having to have your little bottom smacked. Never mind, it will all be over soon.” Her voice was punctuated by the sharp sound of another smack as the paddle slapped against the flesh of his upturned bottom.

“Poor baby.” Jocelyn cooed as yet another smack pierced the silence of the room.

“Sssssss Hoooooo argh.” Richard could not help the gasp that escaped from his lips.

“Just one more smack, sweetheart. I know it hurts, but you must know that you have to do as you are told.” Jocelyn waited as Jessica applied another sharp slap of the leather paddle to the centre of his bottom.

Richard gasped again as the leather paddle smacked against the tender cheeks of his bottom. “Hoooo arggh.”

“There we are Richard, now you know that you have to do as you are told. Now listen carefully to what the nurse tells you… and obey straight away.” Jocelyn let his head hang down again and got up from her position. She stood and looked at his bottom, examining the red botches that marked his skin.

“Poor baby, your little bottom is bright red. You will have to promise me that you will be a good boy from now on.” She laid her hand gently upon his bottom. She stifled the sudden impulse to part his cheeks and slip her hand between his legs. “Come along Richard, tell the nurse that you are going to be a good little boy.”

Richard could hardly articulate a meaningful reply; such was his utter ignominy and shame. “Oh please… erm Miss. Yes erm I will do as I am told.”

Jocelyn took her hand from his bottom and stood back admiring his naked form for a moment before sitting down next to her mother.

The nurse’s voice was firm as she addressed Richard. “The security officer will let you up now. You are to stand facing me with your legs spread well apart and both of your hands placed upon the top of your head. I must warn you that if you fail to obey this time that your punishment will be most severe.”

Jocelyn watched as Richard lowered his head to the floor as if in resignation. She sat primly upon her chair awaiting her first full view of his naked body. She managed to keep the excitement she felt well concealed. Her expression was cool, almost sardonic, as she watched the boy struggle to his feet. She could see that he was shivering with shame as he stood up and turned towards the row of chairs where they were seated. She saw a fresh flush of redness suffuse his cheeks as he placed his feet apart and hesitantly placed his hands upon his head. His eyes were cast down to the floor in utter humiliation. A single tear of shame appeared upon his cheek as he straightened his body.

Jocelyn looked into his face, instinctively knowing that sooner or later he would have to look at her. As if on cue she saw him raise his head and then to her delight, his eyes flicked towards her. His reluctant glance was sufficient to make him blush deeply as she caught his gaze. She looked into his eyes making sure that she had his full attention. Her expression was cool and clinical as she lowered her head in an overt and deliberate way to look at his genitals. She was fully aware of his utter embarrassment and angst as she openly examined him.

Jocelyn was delighted with what she saw. Between the long firm thighs, his penis hung down thick and straight. His plump scrotum seemed to bulge with his engorged testes. Jocelyn thought how delightful the young boy looked. His pubic hair was quite fine and formed a neat circle around his penis. The rest of his body was almost hairless. There was a light down of fine hair on his legs and he was completely bereft of hair on his chest. ‘Yes’ she thought to herself, you are as perfect as I always thought you would be… and you are mine, sweet boy.

Suddenly, the voice of the young nurse punctured her thoughts. Nurse Beauvoir addressed both Jocelyn and her mother.

“Mrs. Woodridge and Miss Jocelyn, now that he seems to be behaving himself properly, we will get him processed. I would like you both to be able to physically examine him. But I think you will be more comfortable if we get him cleaned up with our usual procedures first. It will probably take about half an hour or more before we have him ready for inspection and the first extraction. So you may come through whenever you are ready.” Nurse Beauvoir smiled at Mrs. Woodridge and Jocelyn before she got up from her chair. She moved towards the naked young boy and then turned toward Jocelyn and her mother. Her face was out of Richard’s sight as she looked at them meaningfully. “I can have a quick look at him while he is here and then I can better explain the initial procedure to you both.”

She turned to the boy, standing to his side so that his naked body was in full view for an unobstructed appraisal by Jocelyn and Victoria.

Samantha could almost feel the nervousness of the boy. She looked at his blushing face as she placed her cool hand gently on his hip. She felt him flinch at the first touch of her fingers upon his bare skin. “Now come along Richard, stand straight with your legs further apart.” She turned to Ami who was standing behind the boy. “Please be ready with your paddle if he hesitates to obey in any way. A good sharp slap on the centre of his buttocks should get his attention.”

Richard was blushing furiously as he shuffled his feet further apart and straightened his torso, moving his head upward, with both hands placed firmly on the top.

Samantha’s voice was deliberately condescending as she spoke to the boy. “Well done Richard, now you are a being a good boy. Now keep quite still while I examine you.” She could see the shock on his face and feel his body shiver as she slipped her right hand further around him until it was resting on the swell of his buttocks. “Now keep quite still.” She reached across with her left hand and cupped it around the soft skin of his scrotum, letting the plump egg-shaped testes rest against her delicate fingers. She felt his whole body suddenly quake at this intimate and mortifying indignity. “Keep still like a good little boy.”

Richard’s naïve libido could not ignore the sensuous feel of the nurse’s delicate fingers touching him so intimately. He felt an all too familiar tingling in his penis, but dare not for the life of him look down at himself. He looked at Jocelyn, his eyes seemed to be almost pleading with her not to look at him.

Richard’s lips were trembling with embarrassment as Samantha began to demonstrate his body as if his nakedness and utter embarrassment were of no consequence. “As you will see his testicles are extremely plump… unusually so in my opinion. His penis is already tumescent and, I imagine, will erect quite quickly.” She turned her head to the young boy. “Now Richard tell me how many times a day do you masturbate?”

Richard looked at her in total shock. “Oh miss… erm please… erm I don’t do that.” His face flushed furiously as she looked him in the eye. He could feel her gently squeeze his scrotum.

“You mean to tell me Richard, that you do not play with your penis?” She looked over to Jocelyn who was looking intently at Richard’s blushing face. “I think that Miss Jocelyn ought to take you over her knees and give you a sound spanking if you persist in telling me that you have never masturbated.” She could feel Richard’s body shiver with embarrassment as Jocelyn got up from her chair and stood in front of the boy. The next moment was to be a reverent and memorable epiphany for Jocelyn, even though she was to remain outwardly calm and passive.

Casually she reached forward and took hold of his penis between the forefinger and thumb of her right hand, completely ignoring the anguished gyration of the young boy’s hips. It was a reverent and poignant moment for her as she moved the foreskin back, totally revealing the delicate flesh beneath. She felt his penis stiffen immediately with the acute sensation of her intimate touch.

She savored the moment as she raised her head to look into his embarrassed face. “Look at me Richard, come along now look me in the eyes.” She waited as he fought with his utter embarrassment and humiliation. She could feel his penis throb to a full and complete erection. His flesh felt like iron as he brought his eyes to look into hers. His look was one of pure anguish as she held his gaze.

“Now Richard, tell me the truth. When did you last play with this penis of yours.” Holding his gaze, she squeezed the rigid flesh of his penis, pushing the foreskin back as far as it would go. She felt him shiver with the sensation as he tried to speak. “Please miss… I never have… erm I was frightened of what might happen… erm miss… didn’t dare… oh please miss, I am telling the truth.” Jocelyn could see that Richard was indeed being truthful. Before she could speak again, Samantha interjected. Gently she closed her hand around his scrotum and spoke to him, her voice soft and gentle.

“Have you had any nocturnal emissions? You must have noticed… if you had.” Richard blushed guiltily and hesitated before he had the strength to reply. What he was about to admit, had been his own private and most personal secret for over two years. “Yes nurse… erm my pajamas were sticky one morning. I didn’t know what it was at first. But it has happened… erm several times since.”

“Well what did your mother say, when she kept seeing sticky messes in your pajamas?” Richard looked even more guiltily at Jocelyn. “Oh please miss, I hid them and washed them when my mother was out. She didn’t know Miss.”

Both Jocelyn and Samantha were delighted with the boy’s reply. Jocelyn’s mind quickly assimilated his answer. So tonight will be his first fully compos mentis sexual experience. My God she thought, would he be able to stand the sexual torment that we have planned for him.

Holding his penis more firmly she kissed him on the cheek. “Good boy Richard, you have nothing to be ashamed of as long as you tell the truth and do as you are instructed. She gently let go of his erect penis and glanced down, watching as it bounced upwards out of her hand. She could see it throbbing quite plainly as she moved back to her seat.

Samantha also let go of his scrotum, watching as his penis throbbed and bobbed up and down in the air. My word, she thought, it must be nine inches long. She looked towards Jocelyn.

“I will continue as we now know the reason for the volume of his testicles. The initial procedure is a standard protocol that we have for young boys like Richard. We will be depilating the pubic hair… and I recommend the underarm hair too, that is of course unless you wish otherwise Jocelyn, he is entirely under your charge. This combination tends to emasculate boys very effectively. By the way we use waxing, rather than shaving, as this makes them much smoother… for much longer. He will undergo complete colonic irrigation as soon as his little bottom has been waxed, so he should be ready in about forty minutes. Would you like his underarms doing Jocelyn?”

Jocelyn was enjoying Richard’s utter embarrassment as the nurse was speaking. She added to it by speaking authoritatively to Samantha. “Oh yes, I think he should have his underarms done. I think he will look far les threatening when all his hair has gone and his penis is soft and little.” Jocelyn actually thought that he was the least threatening boy she had ever seen, but she kept her expression cool and serious as she addressed the nurse. “Shall I give you my permission now? I mean, to smack his little bottom if he is a naughty boy again?”

Jocelyn shivered with delight at the look of pure humiliation on the young boy’s face. What a beautiful and naïve little virgin he is, she thought to herself.

Richard knew he was shivering with embarrassment but could do nothing about it. He was well aware of his penis bobbing up and down as the rigid flesh throbbed in its extreme and humiliating erection. He looked at Jocelyn, her beauty and clinical appearance and air of cool authority made him feel almost childish in her presence. Her confident and adult demeanor was in stark contrast to his own, naked humiliation.

Richard could do nothing but stand in shame as the guards moved to each side of him and took his arms, pulling his hands from his head. Without preamble they turned him around, hesitating so that Jocelyn and Victoria could examine his naked form from the rear. They led him from the room with Samantha walking some paces behind them.

After they had gone, Victoria laid her hand upon her daughter’s knee. “He is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. He is a nice boy too. I knew, as soon as his penis began to erect, that he had not made a habit of masturbation. Did you notice that his penis was absolutely straight, rather than being bent by constant masturbation?”

Jocelyn smiled at her mother. “I always thought at school that he was a lovely boy. But now that I have seen him naked, I think he is so delicious that I could eat him. Which, by the way, will be one of treats that he has in store!”

Victoria laughed with delight. “Let’s have a glass of wine and then go and have a look at what they are doing to the poor boy.”

“I won’t have one Mother. I don’t want my breath to smell of alcohol. I want to remain minty fresh when I kiss him while he is being tormented. I intend to savor every moment of my coming of age.”

Victoria smiled at her daughter. “You are absolutely right of course. Now tell me Jocelyn about your feelings for Richard and what you are intending to do with him.”

Jocelyn giggled as she looked at her mother. “Alright, now that we are both adults… I suppose I can speak freely.” She giggled again before becoming more serious. “I have deliberately kept away from Richard at school. But I have monitored him for the last couple of years really. It started when I saw him at swimming practice. We had been practicing with the relay team and by the time we had finished changing back in to our school uniforms, the boys had started their practice. Richard was standing at the end of the pool ready to dive in, but the boy who was already in the lane messed up, so he was standing there for a very long time.” Jocelyn relaxed back in her chair as she continued.

“He just looked absolutely different to the other boys. As you have just seen, his body is perfect and although he was a couple of years younger then, his body and face just seemed so erm…” Jocelyn paused and thought for a moment, “exquisite is the word I want. I think I made up my mind to have Richard there and then! After that I talked casually to some of the girls, you know, just an odd prompt here and there. It is very difficult to ask questions about a boy without the girls guessing that you are interested. So I confided in Caroline, and as she was already sort of seeing Jeremy and he was in the same class as Richard, it was quite easy for her to bring Richard’s name into the conversation.” She smiled at her mother.

“Of course, Caroline teased me for a while, but she really enjoyed sleuthing for me.” Jocelyn laughed as her mother raised an eyebrow.

“The best bit was when she said that she had volunteered for both me and her to help the school secretary, you know, as auxiliary help volunteers. I thought it was a bit odd at the time for her to volunteer for extra work in our free periods. But she is a very clever girl, so I just went along with it. After two weeks we ended up in the school records office. We were supposed to re-label all the headings on the old filing cabinets, which we did. But when I got home that evening, Caroline telephoned me and told me to look in my satchel. I couldn’t believe it! She had copied Richard’s entire school record and printed it out for me. I had all his grades for every subject, all of his teachers comments and reports… and his medical records.”

Victoria looked at Jocelyn in mock shock. “I must have a word with Caroline, she acts so innocently when she is staying here.”

“Oh mother!” Jocelyn laughed. “I think you know Caroline better than that. Anyway, I spent all evening reading every word of his school record. I found out everything I needed to know. He is an excellent student and his reports are outstanding, but there was one intriguing report from Miss Watts. Miss Watts is the School librarian, but she is also the pastoral care officer. She is quite young and very approachable, so most students who have any kind of problem will call and see her.”

Victoria interrupted her daughter. “Do you mean if they have trouble at home?”

“Yes, she would deal with that sort of thing as she liaises with all the authorities for the school. Mostly we see her if we want to change a course or have homework issues. But she is required to interview every student, every year just to see that they don’t have any problems.” Jocelyn leaned forward and looked at her mother earnestly. Her report on Richard said that he was an extremely sensitive young boy and that he was of a quiet and timid nature. She also said that he was socially naïve. I found out from Caroline that ‘socially naïve’ is an educational euphemism for not being sexually active.”

“Well Sweetheart, you have been a busy little detective. I take it then that this young boy of yours, is a keeper?”

Jocelyn laughed out loud. “I don’t know where you get these slang expressions, Mother. I think you just use them to shock people.”

Victoria looked lovingly at her daughter. “Well tell me then Jocelyn, what do you intend to do with him?”

“Alright, I suppose we need to have this conversation.” Jocelyn looked at her mother seriously.

“I know I am different to most other girls and I know that I get it from you.” Jocelyn smiled fondly at her mother.

“You know how politics have been radically changing in favor of the rights of women. Well do you remember, a few years ago when they reintroduced corporal punishment in schools, but for boys only? You were reading about it in the paper and I saw your expression. It meant something to you, I could tell! Well, the thought of it excited me too! I started having very pleasant dreams after that. The dreams were always the same… of having a young boy over my knees and spanking his bare bottom. I can’t explain everything I began to feel, but I know that I just love the thought of subjugating boys… and I already know, that the pleasure is directly proportionate to how good-looking they are.”

Jocelyn turned in her chair so that she could look intently into her mother’s eyes.

“Today is the culmination of everything I have dreamed of. Richard is better than any boy I could ever have dreamed of. I got an absolutely enormous thrill from seeing his expression of embarrassment and humiliation as I held his penis. In fact it was greater and more intense than anything I could have possibly have dreamed of, or imagined.” Jocelyn held her mother’s gaze as she continued.

“Another surprise to me was that I was absolutely on the edge of an orgasm when I held his head as he was spanked on my orders. So it wasn’t just the physical act of spanking, but the fact that I was in charge of what was happening to him.”

Jocelyn looked at her mother and smiled almost wistfully.

“I know that you probably know more about these feelings than I do, but I will tell you anyway. I can’t wait to spank him myself. I want to penetrate his bottom in all manner of ways. I want to milk him until he is dry. In fact, I have constantly imagined all those things and lots more.” Jocelyn laughed as she realized how quickly she had been speaking. “I just want to subjugate him totally and possess him totally… there I’ve finished.”

Victoria looked at Jocelyn and smiled affectionately as she spoke. “I couldn’t be more pleased that you have found Richard. I can’t think of any boy more suited to your needs and desires. One little thing I haven’t mentioned to you. I got on very well with Samantha, the nurse practitioner, this afternoon while you were shopping.” Victoria looked directly into her daughter’s eyes as she spoke gently to her. “I have asked her to make you cum while you are playing with Richard’s penis.” Victoria noticed that Jocelyn was not in the least shocked or surprised. Instead she just smiled.

“Thank you mother, you think of everything. I thought perhaps she had more than a passing interest when she was helping me dress.”

Victoria stood up and held her hands out to her daughter. “Come along then, let’s see what is happening to your young beau!”

Inside the mobile clinic, Richard was in emotional turmoil. He had been surprised and shocked, as he had entered the clinic to see two more pretty nurses waiting for him. For a young boy of Richard’s sensibilities, the embarrassment was beyond containment. His cheeks flushed to a vivid red. He had instinctively tried to cover his erect penis, but the guards had held his arms firmly.

One of the two blonde nurses had spoken to Samantha as she looked at his erection. “Well he does seem an excitable little boy, doesn’t he, Nurse Beauvoir.”

Richard had looked around wildly, as if in an attempt to escape his embarrassment. His consternation had increased as he saw for the first time, the ominous looking interior of the clinic, his face betraying his utter confusion and bewilderment. Surely there must be some mistake, he had thought. He had begun to tremble as he looked at all of the clinical equipment.

He stomach had churned in anguish as he turned his head and saw the examination table. The white surface and chromium plating, glinting under the bright operating theatre lights as if awaiting a victim, had seemed ominous and foreboding. He could not help shivering in dread at the prospect of what was to come.

The nurses had stepped forward and immediately took his arms. He had shivered as they took hold of him and led him to the table. “Come along, let’s get you up on the table and positioned for your procedure.” One of the blonde nurses had spoken to him as if he was a small child. “I want your little bottom sitting on the end here… there, that’s the way. Just shuffle your bottom forward and let your legs hang down over the end.”

Now as Richard sat up on the end of the bed, he felt absolutely foolish. He tried to cover his erect penis but he felt his arms being held firmly by the two nurses.

“Now sweetheart, let’s get you into position.” Her voice was gentle but firm as, within a few moments, his torso was laid back onto the slippery surface of the examination table.

He blushed as stirrups were raised from beneath the bed and his legs were carefully positioned and confined within them. He grunted and groaned in utter embarrassment as they positioned the stirrups until his legs were spread widely apart and high in the air.

Within seconds, his bottom was completely raised from the surface of the bed as the stirrups were slid back. He felt a support being placed under the small of his back. He could not help blushing again as he felt the cool air between the widely splayed cheeks of his bottom.

“Now just give me your arms and we will get them fastened so you don’t slip off.” Richard looked at the nurses in disbelief as his arms were placed flat on the bed above his head. He felt smooth plastic strips encircle his forearms as the nurses loosely fastened them against the plastic pads of the bed’s surface.

Richard could not believe how openly and lewdly his body had been displayed. He continued to blush and groan in confusion as the nurses made adjustments to the equipment until, ignominiously, he was positioned to their satisfaction.

Nurse Beauvoir looked at her young nurses as they admired the perfect form of the young boy. Every inch of his body was now openly available to them. Unlike the hospitals in which she had trained, Samantha was unhindered by the need to allow the patient any modesty. She observed her young nurses as they gazed down at his nakedness, examining him in minute detail. She knew that they were both enjoying the sight of his body as much as she was.

Nurse Beauvoir came around to stand next to his torso. She stood looking down at him, her pretty face only inches from his. “Now Richard, we will just get your head up a little, so that you are nice and comfortable.”

She placed a small pillow under his head to raise it. The reason, unknown to Richard, was to ensure that he would be forced to observe the procedures and would be unable to distance himself from them.

Richard lay in utter embarrassment, he could not avoid looking down at his body, only to see to his dismay, that his penis was still completely erect and standing upright from between his widely spread thighs.

His face was blushing furiously as one of the blonde haired nurses came to his side and laid her hand gently on his chest.

“Now just relax, while we wax your little bottom. Nurse Ford is going to put some oil on your bare bits so that the wax doesn’t pull your skin.”

Richard’s reply was another deep flush of blood to his cheeks. He could not believe what was happening to him as the nurses busied themselves between his open thighs. He felt soft and gentle fingers lifting his testicles and the sensation of warm oil being applied to his buttocks.

He saw Nurse Ford turn to speak to the nurse practitioner. Her words belittled him so much that he shivered with embarrassment as at the same time, his face blushed to an even deeper red.

“My, my… his testicles are swollen aren’t they and look how he is thrusting his little penis up into the air. Honestly, sometimes boys can be such show-offs. ” He could not help watching her as she jiggled the soft orbs in her fingers. “I think we will have to go carefully, as his penis is fully erect. It amazes me how little boys seem to have no control over their penises.” She looked across to the other blonde nurse. “I think we are ready for the Wax, Patricia… I mean, Nurse Todd.”

Richard shivered as a spatula was dipped into a sleekly-designed stainless steel container of wax and then expertly applied between the cheeks of his buttocks and over his entire scrotum and pubic area. He saw the nurses pressing strips of what looked like bandages, over the coated area. He could feel his penis begin to throb as Nurse Beauvoir nonchalantly moved the rigid shaft to and fro, as wax was basted to the base of the shaft and then more strips of cloth were applied.

Reluctantly he looked down at himself. His entire pubic area seemed to be covered in strips of bandage. Even the bottom half of his penis was covered as it stood up from between his thighs.

Although Richard had no idea what was to come, he still felt a shiver of dread as the guards appeared at each side of him. Together they put their arms around each of his thighs and gripped him tightly, as suddenly the lengths of cloth were deftly pulled from his groin. He cried out as the nurses nonchalantly stripped the hair from his tender pubis. He could not believe the intensity of the sensation. He tried to move, but was held firmly by the guards as Nurse Ford spoke to him.

“Just hold still sweetie.” There were tears in his eyes as the central strip, which ran from the small of his back, deep between the crevice of his buttocks and across his sphincter, was suddenly stripped away in one well-practiced action.

“Arggghhh.” He cried out in anguish at the deep stinging sensation.

“Never mind, sweetie. There are only a few strips left. Samantha watched the young boy move his head from side to side, his chest heaving with anguish, as the nurses stripped the cloth from his penis and testicles. As the last lengths of cloth were stripped from his scrotum and pubis, Samantha leaned forward and examined him under the bright lights. Although his skin appeared slightly pinkish from the waxing, she knew that this would disappear quickly.

What was more important to her, was that she could see that every millimeter of his skin was now bereft of hair. She glanced at Gillian who ran her fingers lightly over the deep crevice of the young boy’s bottom, gently cupping and feeling his scrotum, before finally encircling the shaft of his penis.

“My you look just like a little boy again. Not a hair in sight. In fact you are as smooth as a little baby… isn’t he Nurse Beauvoir?”

Samantha could not help belittling Richard even more as she answered Gillian. “Just how all little boys should be, don’t you think? Would you pass me the lubricant and the irrigator insert, Please Gillian?”

Richard felt the guards loosen their grip on his thighs and watched as they moved behind him and out of his field of vision. He looked down at his groin, feeling ridiculous as he saw his completely naked pubis for the first time.

His attention was caught by the sound of a rubber glove being snapped against Nurse Beauvoir’s wrist as she turned to address him. She dipped the fingers of her gloved hand into a jar of lubricant as she spoke.

“Now Richard, I want you to be on your best behavior while I put the irrigator into your bottom. I am going to lubricate you first and lubricate your little bottom. Now don’t you move, not even one little bit.”

Ominously, the guards reappeared and took up their previous positions. Simultaneously they put their arms around his thighs as Samantha leaned forward and smoothed her lubricated fingers over his sphincter.

“Keep still now.” She commanded as deftly she slipped her forefinger straight up into his bottom.

“Ooooohhh erm nurse, wooo ooo” Richard could not help his exclamation as his sphincter was distended. It was like no other sensation he had ever felt… an extreme and thorough impalement that reached up inside the very core of his body.

“There we are, now just relax for me.” Her voice was almost a murmur as she moved her finger in a circular motion before suddenly pressing a second finger against the timid opening of his bottom.

“Ooooh.” Richard gasped as she inserted both fingers deep inside him. The guards held him firmly as Samantha penetrated him fully. She held out her other hand and glanced at Patricia, who handed her a large phallic-shaped plastic nozzle.

The nozzle was six inches long. Extending from a neat torpedo shaped tip, it broadened to a diameter of two and a half inches, before reducing to a width of two inches. At the end of the nozzle there was an elliptical flange with a finger hold for extracting the device – and beyond that two connectors.

“Hold tight, oops… yes there we are.” Samantha accomplished the task of withdrawing her fingers and at the same time inserting the tip of the irrigator, with a well-practiced ease

This was too much for Richard, he tried to lift himself off the table as he felt his sphincter being stretched wide by the intrusion of the nozzle. He could not believe the intensity of the invasion, as the device was deftly slipped upwards into him. He gasped and groaned, as the smooth plastic seemed to stretch his bottom wider than he thought possible.

“Ooooo… whoooo hooo.” He cried as Samantha casually continued with the insertion.

He felt a sharp slap to his buttocks as he wriggled in an effort to resist the intrusion. “Keep still Richard, I want no nonsense from you.”

Try as he might he could not help crying out again as the broadest part of the nozzle slipped up inside him.

Samantha seemingly ignored his cries of distress. She watched him blush with shame and anguish as she slapped his bottom again, just as the device seemed to be sucked up into his anus. Nonchalantly, she wriggled the device up and down, checking that the nozzle was fully and firmly inserted before she attached the two-inch diameter extractor tube and the smaller injector tube to the connectors.

“Right Richard, listen to me. You will feel some sensations inside your bottom and your tummy. There is nothing to worry about. The machine is automatic and can sense when to pump water into your bottom and when to empty you. It is quite a vigorous action, so just relax and let the machine do its work. While the machine is working the nurses are going to wax under your arms… so I want no fuss now.”

Samantha gestured to the guards, who once again moved away from the boy.

She looked into his blushing face. She could see that as well as his acute embarrassment, that there was some apprehension too. She moved from her position between his thighs and around to his side. She discarded her gloves and laid her cool hands gently on his chest. Her fingertips delicately scored over his nipples, as she leaned her head close to his face and looked him in the eyes.

Richard could not avoid looking back at her. He was completely mesmerized by her sweet face and yet aloof demeanor. He felt utterly humiliated and child-like, as he lay naked before her. With his legs spread wide, he felt utterly open and vulnerable towards her as she spoke to him.

“Now Richard, you may feel some sensation in your penis. If you do, I want you to tell me immediately. Now I am going to start the irrigator.” Samantha nodded to Gillian and watched her reach to a panel above the tubes that emanated from the wall. Samantha listened to the soft gurgling sounds as she monitored the young boy. She suddenly saw an expression of surprise on his young face as the tubes began to pulse between his legs. She knew from the movement of the tubes that jets of water would now be entering his bottom.

“Now try and keep still, you will soon get used to the sensation.” She watched as his body began to twitch in time to pulsing of the tubes. She also noticed that a bead of clear gel-like substance had formed upon the tip of his penis. She was well aware of the effect the water would have upon his prostate gland. Her expression was cool and detached as she watched his body quiver in a steady cadence, as water was intermittently squirted up inside him.

She stood upright but kept her hands on his chest, teasing his nipples, as she monitored him. He is so delightful, she thought. It is no wonder that Jocelyn has chosen him. She took her hands from him and stood back as Gillian and Patricia came to stand at either side of him and began to coat under his arms with wax. She would like to have oiled his genitals after his waxing, but knew that he would probably have ejaculated almost immediately, albeit unintentionally. She decided to wait until after his first extraction.

Richard could not help moving his hips, as the water seemed to invade every millimeter of his insides. It seemed as if a thousand fingers were probing and caressing the inside of his bottom. He gasped and groaned at the sensation as the two young nurses, seemingly ignoring his anguish, expertly coated his armpits with thick globules of wax.

Such was the sensation within his bottom that Richard hardly noticed the young nurses applying the broad lengths of cloth under each arm that would soon be stripped away to reveal smooth and naked flesh beneath. Suddenly he felt the hands of one of the guards, press down upon his shoulders.

Gillian looked across the boy’s naked chest to Patricia, a mischievous expression upon her pretty face. She smiled as she mouthed the words, “one… two… three!”

“Argggghhhh.” Richard cried out as he felt an incredible burning sensation in both of his armpits. Oooohhhh,” he cried as the guard held him firmly. She seemed to know that the sensation would increase in its intensity over the next few moments. She leaned over him, her firm breasts pressing against his head as he suddenly felt a cooling liquid being applied to his tortured flesh.

“There now sweetheart, that wasn’t so bad now was it?” Gillian’s voice was soothing as she placed her hand upon his chest. “Now, don’t wriggle when the guard lets go of you. I don’t want you to have any more smacks on your pretty little bottom.”

Richard could not help blushing at her words. He looked at her beautiful young face as the guard stood upright and released his shoulders. Both Gillian and Patricia stroked their delicate fingers over his heaving chest as he writhed upon the examination table. Although his armpits had lost some of the acute pain he had felt, the pressure in his bottom had seemed to increase. The pulsing within his bottom seemed to intensify as Samantha calmly laid her hand on the smooth flesh of his pubis. He fingers moved delicately as she gently tapped the shaft of his penis.

“Now look at me Richard, I want you to tell me if you start feeling any sensations in your penis.”

Richard blushed as he looked at her. He felt utterly vulnerable as he watched her delicately take hold of the tip of his penis between her forefinger and thumb. He blushed deeply as she slipped the foreskin down the shaft. He could feel his penis respond immediately. His flesh seemed to throb with the sensation of her fingers as she held him.

Samantha quickly released her hold upon the boy as soon as she felt the deep pulse within the engorged flesh of his penis. She stood back and looked at the clear plastic extraction tube. She could see that the liquid being extracted from his bottom was crystal clear. She looked at his blushing face as she spoke to him.

“When did you last go to the toilet Richard?” He blushed as he looked at her, realizing that she could see the contents of his bottom.

“Oh miss… erm nurse, erm just before I got ready to erm come out.”

Samantha placed her hand casually upon the inside of his thigh, knowing that such a simple act would further exacerbate the boy’s feeling of vulnerability and helplessness. She looked towards Gillian. “Would you start the flushing process please? The extraction tube is quite clear.”

She watched the boy expectantly as she heard the hum of the pump become louder. Samantha felt the familiar thrill run through her petite young body as he tried to rear up in response to the much stronger jets of water that were suddenly being pumped into him. The effect upon young boys was always the same, she mused, but today her enjoyment was greatly enhanced by the perfection of this particular young boy’s face and body. She stood savoring the sight, her delight heightened by her knowledge of exactly what was happening inside him. The nozzle design was such that the water swirled and jetted in every direction. Samantha loved to watch her young recipients as they tried to contain their emotions against the strong sexual stimulus that was the inevitable effect of such intense and rigorous pressure against their prostate glands.

Outwardly, her appearance was one of cool professionalism. She seemingly ignored his anguished movements as she spoke to Gillian again.

“We will give him five more minutes and then you can change to extraction.” Richard barely heard her words through his aura of embarrassment and anguish. Could he stand such extreme sensations for another five minutes? He could feel a pulsing deep within his groin and a tingling deep between his legs and inside the very core of his penis. He shivered and shook, trying to move his bottom to avoid the relentless sensation inside him. Had Richard been capable of coherent thought, he might have realized that this was a particularly well-practiced procedure and that his positioning was quite deliberate. Stretching the legs to such a wide extent was most effective in stifling any overt movement. Try as he might, he found that his legs were far too widely spread to facilitate any purchase between the stirrups.

Samantha watched him, carefully monitoring the small beads of clear fluid that emanated from the tip of his penis. She placed her fingertips against his perineum, feeling for any pulsation. Her skill and experience enabled her to judge to an infinite degree the amount of stimulus that could be applied to a young boy without causing ejaculation. It was because Richard was so sexually immature that she decided to err on the side of caution.

Gillian caught Samantha’s warning look and immediately switched the pumps to extraction. She watched as Richard’s young body seemed to suddenly deflate, an indication of how tensed his sinews had been during the rinsing procedure.

Samantha moved to his side and placed her hand gently on his bared chest. She looked into his flushed and reddened face, clearly seeing the anguish and humiliation that he was feeling. Her voice was soft and reassuring as she spoke to him.

“There we are sweetheart, just a few minutes of extraction and then you are all done.” She spoke as if the boy had nothing more to fear, knowing of course that his delicate emotions were, over the next two hours, to be tested to the limits of his endurance.

Richard looked at her beautiful face. The aloof and clinical expression upon her delicate features increased his feeling of humiliation and helplessness. He could not come to terms with his predicament. Less than an hour ago he had been blissfully unaware of what was to happen to him. He had been looking forward to the evening and although he had felt some trepidation at the prospect of seeing Jocelyn, he really had no other concerns.

From the moment Jocelyn had first spoken to him at school, her beauty had captured his heart. Richard honestly had no idea that his looks and physique would be of interest to any girl. He was an extremely modest and shy boy and he had certainly not felt worthy of her attention. Realistically he had assumed that he would be more of an escort than a date. Because of his naivety and innocence he could not imagine what she could see in him. Conversely he had been totally unprepared for the intensity of his own feelings towards her, and although he had tried to limit and curtail his emotions, he had had come to realize that he was totally smitten by her.

At school, her beauty, her innate confidence and demeanor had made him feel small and totally inadequate in her presence. But what had happened to him in the last hour had totally devastated his already nervous disposition. His present predicament was so totally embarrassing and humiliating that he could hardly come to terms with it.

The human compulsion to go over every detail of his humiliation was unavoidable. His face burned as he thought of what had happened to him. A deep shiver ran through him as each thought manifested itself in agonizing detail and clarity. The final ignominious thought of her holding his head and looking into his eyes as he was soundly spanked, was so exquisitely painful that he shuddered and blushed to a deep magenta.

Samantha looked at him, her face showing some concern as he shivered in embarrassment. She guessed that perhaps his embarrassment was a culmination of everything he had endured so far. She could see that his anguish was so acute that his blush of shame covered him from his chest to the tips of his ears.

She watched his eyelashes flutter down over his blushing cheeks as he tried to shut out the thoughts in his head.

Perhaps it was merciful relief when Richard felt the guards take a firm hold upon his thighs. He looked up at them as Samantha spoke kindly to him.

“Just relax sweetheart.” He shivered as she gently lifted his testicles and took a firm hold upon the broad nozzle that invaded his bottom. “Deep breaths now, Richard.” He felt his thighs being gripped tightly as Samantha began to withdraw the nozzle. She could see the boy try to raise his hips from the examination bed as his sphincter was stretched wide. “Just relax, there we are.” Her words accompanied the final stretching of his flesh as the nozzle was pulled free.

“Woooo ooooh.” Richard gasped as all six inches of the torpedo-shaped device was withdrawn from his bottom.

He felt a gentle pat as a swab of gauze was dabbing against the opening of his bottom and then he saw the nurses move away from him.

He lay, prostrated and totally exposed upon the examination table. He could not help looking down at his naked body. The sight of his smooth and bared pubis made him blush with shame. Thankfully his penis, although swollen and plump, was no longer standing upright between his thighs, but lay to the side upon his pubic bone. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he continued to blush in utter shame. He was aware that the clinic was now silent but for his heavy breathing, as he struggled to come to terms with his embarrassment.

Richard’s timid and reticent nature had been so overwhelmed that there was no respite for him, no possible hiding place within his psyche. He had been laid bare, both physically and mentally.

He shivered, not with cold but with his complete bodily exposure that was amplified and emphasized by the gentle currents of cooler air that swirled from the room’s air conditioning units. It was if they played upon his newly bared skin to remind him of his complete nakedness and helplessness. He could feel the air between his legs and between his buttocks, reminding him that they were completely splayed apart and that the opening to his bottom was fully exposed.

Suddenly he shivered in abject embarrassment as he realized that he had been left in this position while the nurses waited for Jocelyn and her mother.

It was a realization that left him in dread of what was to come. He was utterly bereft of any self-esteem, in fact, quite unable to cope with his acute distress. He looked down at his naked body, torturing himself with the thought of how she would see him. Bereft of covering and so openly displayed that not one inch of him could not be touched or examined. A shiver ran through his body, so intense and profound that he almost fainted.

Again, in a compulsive bout of mental self-flagellation, he went over the humiliation he had endured as Jocelyn had held his head while he was soundly spanked over the knees of the pretty guard. There was no mitigation, no respite that could assuage any of the embarrassment and shame that he had endured. He could feel his cheeks burning with humiliation, unable, even for a moment, to shun the vivid recollection from the forefront of his mind.

Samantha smiled at Patricia and Gillian, as they stood relaxed at the far end of the clinic. They looked down the room towards the examination table. They could see the back of Richard’s head as it rested, slightly raised upon the small pillow. Beyond, his long limbs were clearly illuminated, widely spread and raised high in the air by the stirrups.

Patricia whispered softly to Gillian, who smiled and went to one of the inbuilt cupboards. She took out a small white sheet, which was about the size of a hand towel. Walking softly, she approached the examination table – and moving around to the side of the young boy, she placed the small sheet between his legs, covering his genitals and lower stomach.

She could feel the heat of his cheeks as, without a word, she brushed the back of her hand to his face in an affectionate gesture.

The End

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