Lusting for a Medical Student

As a nurse working in a hospital, work can get pretty hectic. Often times, it spills over into your personal life too. I had been single for over three years, ever since I decided to go to nursing school. As you can imagine, my lady bits down below were not too happy that I hadn’t been keeping her happy.

I started at a big hospital in a metropolitan city and after watching all the dramatic TV shows about McDreamies and McSteamies, I was hoping that life in a hospital would mimic that. It’s actually the opposite… there isn’t much of a playing field in a real hospital nor are people really all that nice sometimes. Except one.

His name was James and he was a medical student who was just about finished with schooling. As a nurse, I’m not as intimidated by medical students as I usually am with their instructors. If you ever saw me in person, you would know that I don’t seem very sexual on the outside because I can hide it so well. However, whenever James came around, I could feel warmth flush into the lips of my pussy. During one particular night, on St Patrick’s Day in 2008, I was pretty crabby because I was assigned to work the night shift. As I looked at the list of nurses who were also working the night shift with me, I sighed as most of them were people I didn’t really care for and had different interests. Work is always so much better when there’s someone to talk to.

As I am finishing up an order, a friendly face pops up behind the counter. James stood there with a broad smile dressed in a fitted shirt with a tie (PS — men, you should all be wearing this) and a white overcoat. I sat there, flustered for a second, and regained my thinking ability.

“Hello, doctor. How are your rotations going tonight?” I sputtered, face turning red.

“Well, I’m on call tonight. I’m sure you can imagine that I’d rather be out celebrating.” He said, looking dismayed.

“Oh yeah? I didn’t peg you as the drinking type.” I said, with a smile.

“Well, you’d be surprised at what I’m into.” He said with that charming smile of his as he turned and walked away.

I sat there, staring at the back of his head… then down to his butt as he briskly walked away. Doctors were always walking quickly.

As the night wore on, I got more and more tired, wishing I was drunk and leaning against some guy who I’d probably take home to have sex with while imagining he was James. Well… I DO have a break for about ten minutes. I tell my co-workers that I am going to go to the bathroom and hurriedly rush toward the staff bathroom in the on-call room. I was hoping that nobody would be in there — especially James — and luckily nobody was. I closed and locked the bathroom door, slid my scrub bottoms off and put one leg on the sink while I leaned against the wall. As I started to rub my clit, which was now throbbing, I let out a deep breath and a moan. I felt all the stress of the night slowly dissipate as I focused on James with the unkempt stubble on his face, the way his hair was messy and the way he smiled at me.

I dipped one finger into my pussy to feel how wet I was — and boy was I wet. I took my finger out, and stuck two fingers in my mouth. Tasting myself, I let out another moan and wondered what James tasted like. I slowly slid two fingers back down across my clit and into my pussy. I slid them back and forth until I could see my juices on my fingers. I ran my fingers back over my clit and shuddered as I looked down to see that my lady parts were full on raging to be satisfied.

I took my right hand and put two fingers in my pussy and began rubbing my clit vigorously. As my movements intensified, so did my breathing and my moaning. Just as I was about to make myself cum, I heard the bathroom door creak open and James looked in, bewildered. I guess I didn’t lock the door all the way!

“Oh, um… I thought I heard someone in here who needed help.” He said, giving off a slight grin. I yanked my fingers out from below and bent to pick up my scrub bottoms. At that exact moment, James stepped into the bathroom and as I glanced up (still bent over), I could see the outline of his hard on through his pants. I looked down again and pretended I didn’t see it and stood back up, pants all the way up. As I began to move past him, he put his arm on the door jam.

“It sounded like you were using the bathroom for something people don’t normally use it for…” he said, flashing a grin.

“I was just using the bathroom but you barged in!” I stammered, clearly agitated but still horny.

“Let’s be honest. You and I both know there is sexual tension here. I find you extremely sexy, hard working and you’re always checking me out.”

“Thank you for the compliment, but you’re a medical student… and I work here!” I said, trying to maintain the last of my dignity.

“That’s what makes you even hotter. Do you know how long I’ve wanted you, but haven’t had the opportunity to make a move?” He said, as he took his hand off the door jam and pushed a strand of hair from my eyes.

At this point, it was game over. He leaned in for a kiss, which I couldn’t stop due to my horniness. He ran his left hand in my hair and pulled me in closer. I could tell that he had been waiting for this for a long while. As his lips worked over mine roughly and with longing, I put my hand on his pecs… the pecs that I imagined in my head would be not too big, but still had definition. As he kept his left hand in my hair, he ran his right hand down my neck to my lower back, where he pulled me in even closer.

I could feel his hard cock press against me and I gasped at how rough he was being. I love it rough, but how did he know that?

He slid his hand under my scrub shirt and lifted it up and over my head. As my breasts lay exposed, he grinned and said he had been waiting to see them for a long time. He looked me in the eye and grinned as his head slowly went down and he began sucking on my left nipple. My nipple immediately hardened and I smiled as he pushed me against the wall.

I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled lightly as he continued to lick, flick and lightly bite. I cocked my head backwards as he hit a spot with a rhythm that could make me cum right then and there. I arched my back and he put his hands on my back and pushed my tits further into his face. It’s like he couldn’t get enough.

As he moved over to the right breast, he looked up at me with those eyes and I felt the urge to get his shirt off. As I moved to straighten him up, he swatted my hands away.

“I need to conduct a full body examination… to make sure that everything is… up to code.” He said, between sucking and licking.

He threw my pants down, and I was surprised they didn’t rip with how much force he used. He then scooped me up and walked out of the bathroom. He walked over to the door and closed the blinds, but there was no lock on the door.

He threw me down onto the sofa and began kissing my neck. As I arched my back in pleasure, he slowly made a trail of kisses down to my thighs. He kissed everywhere around my thighs and came within 1 inch of my completely aroused pussy. He was driving me insane.

I began to squirm in anticipation of a tongue darting in and out of me and over my clit. I couldn’t wait any longer and took his head and pushed my pussy onto his mouth. He looked up and smiled as he realized how bad he had been teasing me. He was pleasantly surprised, too, when he realized I was practically dripping with anticipation.

As his tongue and lips pleased me, I couldn’t help but to think how naughty this was and how bad it would be if we were caught. I came two times just by his tongue alone.

After rounding the third orgasm, I jumped up because my pussy just couldn’t handle being stimulated much longer. I pushed him down and asked him if everything checked out okay.

“I need to probe further, and I think I have the perfect instrument for that.” He said, with a coy smile. He was always such a dork.

I ripped off his white coat to reveal his broad shoulders. He smelled of cologne and lust. After ripping his tie off and nearly breaking all the buttons on his shirt… he was finally shirtless. He sat there and I was amazed that his body looked even better than I had imagined. Again, I was dumbfounded and had to be brought back to reality.

I began to suck on his earlobe and breathed a hot breath into it as he moaned in pleasure. I was straddling his lap and I could feel his member move below me when I whispered into his ear: “I can’t wait for your cock to be inside of me. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you.” I growled, another person taking over.

My hands rubbed up and down his chest and eventually moved to his belt while I continued kissing his neck. He stood up and wrapped my legs around his torso, and I giggled as I was clearly turned on by his strength. He took his belt completely off and put it to the side, “I might need this later,” he said. He unbuttoned his pants and they fell to the ground.

“I need your pussy, now.” He said, as he laid back down. He maneuvered me so that we were in the “69” position. I wasn’t sure how much more stimulation my clit could take, especially after the three large orgasms I just had.

Instead, I focused on his cock. I sprung it free from his boxers and reveled in the 8 inches that he had. Not only was it longer than my usual cock, but also wider. I smiled as I realized just how much fun I was about to have.

I began to gently stroke his shaft and graze his balls as he tensed in pleasure. He growled, “you know I like it hard and rough, stop playing around.” He grabbed my hips and jammed his face into my pussy, sending me into a state of euphoria. As he worked his way up and down, he darted his tongue around my anus. I’m usually not into anal, but I would let him do whatever he wanted. He was the doctor, after all.

I listened to his orders and opened my mouth and throat wide. I took his throat all the way in until I gagged. As I moved back up, I followed my mouth with my hand, making sure that every inch of him was being stimulated. I put both of my small hands on his long shaft and continued to pump his cock. I could feel his cock becoming harder and it began to throb. I tasted his precum as it oozed out. I licked it up and moaned as I would no longer have to wonder what he tasted like.

I twisted my hands gently around his cock as I moved my head up and down. His breathing began to quicken as I realized that he might cum. Immediately, I stopped and moved my pussy down to his cock and sat on it without giving him a moment to think. As he slid into me, in reverse cowgirl position, I could feel the entirety of his cock brush against my G spot. I let out an incredible gasp as he slid in, not because he was so big, but because my pussy has always been on the tighter side.

He let out a moan as he whispered, “oh fuck!”

As I slowly lowered myself onto his cock, his back on the sofa, he lifted my hips and began driving his cock into me as hard as he could. Not only did this induce pain (the good kind) but it also surprised me. His cock kept hitting my G spot over and over and over until my eyes tightened and I let out a loud moan.

He let go of my hips and as I came back down on his hard body with his cock still inside of me, he put his hand over my mouth.

“You be quiet! We are going to be in so much trouble if we get caught!” He whispered, as he began slamming his cock inside of me again.

It was too much. It was a mistake to do this position first because I was having orgasm after orgasm until I could no longer take it. I jumped off his dick and moved down and took it in my mouth, tasting his and my juices mixed together. He let out a gasp.

He pushed me off his dick and said, “you naughty nurse.”

He maneuvered around me and bent me down, with my face on the sofa and ass in the air, he slid his cock inside my pussy again. He began fucking me like he hasn’t fucked in years. He took his right hand and grabbed my ass and growled that my ass was the perfect place to blow his load. He then lifted his hand and spanked my right butt cheek, leaving behind a mark as I reared my head and arched my back. I love being spanked, especially by a doctor or someone with power. As he grunted, he began to quicken his pace even more.

“Don’t… st…stop… J-J-James…” was all I could muster while he fucked me silly. Before I knew it, I was cumming again, this time, I could feel my cum squirt out.

“You naughty fucking bitch. Cumming again, when I haven’t even had the chance?” He smirked. He pulled his cock out and it was covered in my white cum. “Lick that off of me, NOW, nurse!”

I bent down and obliged, taking his entire cock in my mouth. I could taste myself as he fucked my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back up. “Doctor’s orders, I am going to fuck you in the ass,” as he bent me over the sofa again.

He began circling around my ass and I couldn’t wait for him to stick it in. I usually don’t like it, but something about James made me absolutely crazy. In one swift motion, he jammed his cock into my ass and began to fuck me.

“I feel this tight little asshole. It matches your tight little pussy, doesn’t it?” As he slid his right hand to my clit and began to rub. He continued to fuck my ass until he gasped that he could barely take it any more.

“Then fuck me until you cum. Blow your load all over this ass that you’re fucking,” I growled.

As he quickened his pace along with his hand on my clit, I felt myself reaching orgasm. As I hit the peak, he quickly pulled out and exploded on my ass and back. As I looked back, his entire body was tense and I could see every muscle contracting. What a sight…

I think back to this day every time I am horny — at work, at home, wherever. We fucked several other times at work (I couldn’t help it, fucking at work is so damn hot!) and we even fucked in public — I think we are voyeuristic. He has since moved to another city to finish his residency, and we vow to meet again sometime.

The End

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