A Visit to the Doctor

It was a warm, spring afternoon back in the year of 1959 and at that time, here in the United States, there were no sexual harassment laws. My fiancee and I were to be married and it was a state law that you had to have a blood test before the marriage.

My fiancee was a very beautiful, voluptuous eighteen year old girl and I was twenty. We were just two naive kids.

For our blood tests, we made an appointment with her family doctor. Doctor Sanders had his own practice. His office was a portion of his large home as so many doctors had at that time.

His office had it’s own entrance and we entered into a small waiting room. He did not have a nurse or a receptionist as his wife would sometimes assist him when he was busy. This day it seemed to be slow.

We sat in the waiting room for a few minutes until an old women came out of the office with the doctor. He bid the woman fair well and then turning to us, he pointed at me and said, “I’ll take you next.”

He was a tall, handsome man, in his late fifties with a full head of salt and pepper hair. I remember he was a pleasant man with large hands.

I followed him into his office where he had a desk, chairs, book cases, all in a deep mahogany. Going through his office, we entered into the examination room which was furnished with a couple of chairs, a sink, cabinets and an examination table all done in white.

“Okay Jack. So you’re here for a blood test. Getting married is a big step in a man’s life. Take a seat here and give me your arm.”

Rubbing alcohol on my arm he continued, “So, tell me. What do you do for a living?”

“I’m in construction. I drive a truck.”

“Oh! Okay. This won’t hurt. Just a little pin prick. Are you and your fiancee sexually active?”

I thought for a moment not knowing what to answer. Then he asked me again, “Are you and your girlfriend having sexual intercourse?”

“No, no doctor. We decided to wait till we’re married.”

“That’s good to hear. Too many people are jumping into bed before they even know each other. Okay, let me put a bandage on this for you. Now do you want to pay for your fiancee also?”

“Yes doctor.”

“All right. That will be ten dollars and let me give you a receipt… Here you go, good luck in your marriage and you can send the young lady in.”

“Thank you doctor.”

It took all of five minutes and I was out of his office, telling my girl friend it was her turn. She said, “Here, hold my purse.”

She walked into the doctors office leaving the door slightly ajar behind her. Then I saw the doctor close the door and it gave me a little tinge of concern, knowing that she was alone with a man behind a closed door.

I sat in the waiting room for twenty minutes and then an old man and woman came in. We all sat there for another fifteen minutes before my fiancee came out, following behind her, the doctor greeted the old couple.

Now before this visit, my fiancee was excited and constantly talking about the wedding plans but now, she was very silent. We got into my car and as I started driving, I asked her what took her so long in his office? She answered, “Just drive.”

I stopped at a traffic light, looked over at her and I asked again, “Why are you so sullen? What happened in there?”

“Just drive.”

“No! What happened? Tell me! I want to know.”

She looked at me for a moment, hesitating, as if trying to decide whether to tell me or not and then she said, “He played with my tits and then fingered my pussy.”

“He what!? No. He’s a doctor!”

“I’m telling you what he did.”

I felt the blood rush through my body as the anger overcame me. There was a parking spot on the side of the road and I pulled the car into it. Turning off the engine, I turned to her and said, “Look! I want you to tell me everything. Everything that he did and said, exactly. Don’t leave anything out.”

She began her story: “I went into his office, he closed the door and led me into the examination room. He pointed to a chair for me to sit down and asked,”

“Okay Rosemarie, which arm shall we take the blood from?”

“I gave him my right arm and he put alcohol on it asking me,”

“So when was the last time you saw a doctor?”

“About two years ago. My mother brought me in here to see you. I was all congested with a terrible cough and sore throat.”

“Oh. I’ll take a look at it when I’m finished here. How is your mom?”

“She’s fine doctor and my throat is Okay.”

“That’s all right. I’ll look at it anyway. How is your health overall. Any problems?”

“No doctor. I’m fine.”

“How are your menstruates? Are they regular?”

“Yes doctor.”

“No problems in between?”

“No doctor. I’m really fine.”

“When was the last time you had your period?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“You know Rosemarie, now that you are a young woman and you are about to become sexually active, I think that I should give you an exam. Just to make sure everything is in good condition and we don’t end up with some unforeseen problems.”

“I’ll be Okay, doctor.”

“That didn’t take long. Let me put a bandage on this for you… There. Now just lean your head back, open your mouth and say Ahhh while I take a look down your throat.”

“He shined his light down my throat and said,”

“Everything looks good. You really should let me give you a physical. My two fifteen cancelled on me so I have the time right now. Only take a couple of minutes.”

“No doctor. I don’t think so.”

“Rosemarie, I’ll tell you what. Your boyfriend paid for your blood test. The cost of a physical is forty dollars. I’ll waive the charges. It will be my wedding gift to you.”

“No doctor. Not now.”

“Rosemarie? Are you going to refuse my wedding gift?”

“Oh doctor, if you’re going to put it that way, then, Okay.”

“Good decision. If you’ll remove your blouse and stand here, we’ll get started. Let me close this inner door so we’re not disturbed.”

“I stood there with my blouse off and he began to listen to my heart with his stethoscope. Then he stepped behind me and put his stethoscope on my back asking me to take deep breathes.

“Then he placed the stethoscope on the counter and said,”

“Okay. Now I’m just going to unhook your bra so I can feel for any abnormalities.”

“Standing behind me, I felt him unhook my bra and then I felt his hands come around and cup my breasts, one in each hand. He began feeling them, squeezing and rubbing them. I could feel his body up against my back as he fondled them. I could feel his hot breath against my ear as he pulled me up against him, feeling and massaging my tits.

“Then he let them go and came around to my front. He lifted my bra off of me, saying,”

“Let’s get rid of this.”

“Then he began to fondle one boob with both hands rubbing my nipple with his thumb and then he did the same to the other breast. He really got his feels in. After he finished that, he said,”

“Now Rosemarie, I want you to take off your shoes and skirt and get up on this table, on your back. Here’s a step-on stool for you to use.”

“I took off my shoes and skirt and laid on the table as he instructed while he was washing his hands. Drying his hands he came over to me and asked,”

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes doctor.”

“Have you ever had an internal before?”

“No doctor.”

“Okay. There’s nothing to it. I know it’s just a little embarrassing. It won’t hurt and it will be over quickly. I promise.

“Now if I can just reach up here and remove your underwear. Just raise up your tush a little for me. That’s a girl.” “He slipped off my panties. I was glad that I had taken a shower earlier.

“Then he placed his hand under my knees saying,”

“Now I want you to raise your knees up like this so your feet are flat on the table. That’s it. Open your legs for me. Come on, spread your knees apart for me as wide as you can. That’s it. I’m putting a little lube on my finger so I won’t hurt you.”

Up until now, I listened to my fiancee relating her story and I had gotten very angry. To think that he had felt her up so completely but now, he was getting to her most private place, her virgin vagina. It was mine, I should be the only man to ever see it and feel it and yet, here was a man, a stranger, seeing it, feeling it and touching it.

I was no longer angry at him, I was becoming aroused. The closer he got to her private parts as she related her story, the more I became aroused. I had an erection that was throbbing in my pants and I had to hide it from her.

She continued with her story: “I laid there with my legs opened listening to him describe what he was doing,”

“Everything looks and feels good, labia are clear and feel clear. Do you feel any discomfort when I do this?”

“No doctor.”

“Any discomfort here?”

“No doctor.”

“How about like this?”


“Your clitoris looks and feels alright. How does this feel?”

“It feels good.”

“It feels good or does it feel really good?”

“It feels really good doctor.”

“Good. Now I’m going to gently ease my finger into you and feel around inside.”


“I know, the jelly is cold?”

“No doctor. It’s just that your finger feels so big.”

“That’s because you’re resisting me. Just relax. You seem so tense, I’m not going to hurt you. Relax and let it slip in… That’s it. Now I’m all the way in and I can feel your hymen. It feels good and it’s all in tack. Now tell me, do you feel pleasure or pain when I do this?”


“How about here? Pleasure or pain?”


“And here?”


“And when I’m doing this?”

“Plea, … pleasure.”

“How does it feel when I’m doing this?”

“It feels good… Oh doctor! Oh! Oh… Oh my God! Humm.”

“It’s Okay Rosemarie. Let yourself go. Climax for me. That’s it. Climax.”

“Oh doctor… I can’t stop… Oh please… Don’t stop.”

“It’s Okay.. Climax for me again. Come on. One more orgasm. Feel the joy of my finger. Feel it. That’s it! Cum girl. Cum for me.”

“Humm,, Humm,, Oh…Oh.. Oh God! Humm!”

“That’s it. Good girl. Easy now. Relax, relax. Rest. You did good.”

“Oh doctor.”

“Shush! Just rest and be still.”

“Oh doctor I’m so sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. You’re a woman and you reacted like a woman. Just lie quiet and let the sensitivity subside. Enjoy the peaceful feelings it gives you. Do you feel better now?”

“Oh yes doctor.”

“Good. Now that I have you nice and calm, I’ll clean you up. Just hold your legs open for me and I’ll wipe your vagina with these tissues… This jelly does make a mess.”


“Still a little sensitive?”

“Yes doctor.”

“There’s some lube on your anus. Just raise up a little for me. That’s it… There! I think I have you all cleaned up. Feel better?”

“Yes doctor.”

“Okay. Let me help you to sit up… That’s it. Just sit here for a moment and then I’ll help you off the table.”

“After a few moments I sat up and he helped me off the table saying,”

“Now that you’re standing, you can get dressed and I’ll meet you in my office.”

“After I got dressed I went into his office and he said,”

“Well, you look a bit more calm now.”

“I am. Thank you doctor.”

“Rosemarie, have a seat for a moment. You’ll be glad to know that you have a clean bill of health. Everything is pristine. I just want to explain something to you.

“During your procedure, you became sexually aroused and that is normal. It happens quite often with my female patients. When it does happen, I’ll finish their examination and send them home to their husbands.

“Very often, as in your case, I’ll have a patient who does not have a man to go home to so I’ll neutralize her sexual arousal with a clinical masturbation. I know you are saving your virginity for when you are married, so that is why I neutralized your arousal.

“Some of my colleagues say that I’m unethical but I feel that it would be criminal to send a woman away in that sexually aroused state, knowing that she has no means to resolve the condition that I created. A woman in that aroused state is prone to accidents, hysteria, rape and God knows whatever else. So when a patient leaves my office, I know that she is calm, relaxed and of sound mind. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“Yes, I think I do doctor.”

“Good! Then I think this can remain our little secret. Do you have any questions?”

“No doctor.”

“Very well. Now I have to get on to my next patient.”

My fiancee ended her account by saying, “Then we came out of his office to you. I just feel like he wanted to get his feels in and finger fuck me. What do you think?”

I answered her, “Well, he is a doctor. He’s your family doctor, he’s treated you for years. I can’t say, I don’t know.”

I couldn’t tell her how much her story aroused me. That I had a hard on and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. How could another man, touching her private parts, get me so aroused? Why did I feel this way? Little did I know at the time, that I was destined to live my life as a cuckold.

Back at her house, she told her mother what had transpired. Her mother smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s doctor Sanders, he’s one of the best doctors in the area. You can’t find better. That’s just the way he is.”

“Yeah, but mom, he had his hands and fingers all over me.”

“You’ll get use to it and besides, you should get a check up once a year.”

I thought to myself, “A check up once a year, now that’s a good idea.”


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