The Pre Date Procedure 3

It was ten minutes later that Richard was standing in the open space of the mobile clinic, facing towards the two captain’s chairs. He had been made to stand naked with his legs widely spaced apart and with his hands placed flat upon the top of his head.

The guards stood to the rear of him, each girl positioning herself slightly to the side of his naked body. They glanced at each other in amusement as they watched the boy. It was no surprise to them when he suddenly shivered in embarrassment as Jocelyn walked over from the examination table and seated herself on one of the white, luxurious leather chairs facing him.

They has seen it many times before – a boy made to stand naked, awaiting the leisurely appraisal of his nudity by a young girl. No matter how much initial bravado a boy might have, it was not long before the strict and humiliating regime of the PDPS had them blushing and trembling in acute embarrassment.

The guards and the young nurses watched in satisfaction as Jocelyn looked up at the trembling naked body of her young date. Her eyes traveled over his physique in a casual and unhurried examination, her inspection carefully assessing every inch of his flesh.

They were all well aware of the boy’s acute humiliation. Jocelyn looked so aloof and clinical as she examined Richard. Her refined features giving no indication of her prurient interest in the naked figure standing helplessly before her. Her long, beautifully contoured legs were set primly to the side and her knees were pressed together, allowing her slender torso to lean forward as she scrutinized him intently.

Her smooth white cotton tunic was so finely tailored, that it clung sexily to her tiny waist, before under-cupping her full and exquisitely shaped breasts. The graceful line of her neck was angled to perfection, allowing her head to incline gracefully as she completed her visual appraisal. Her expression was thoughtful and serious, giving the boy not one ounce of comfort.

Seemingly ignoring his wretched and woeful expression, Jocelyn turned her attention toward Nurse Practitioner Beauvoir, who quickly handed her one of the two leaflets she held in her hand.

Nurse Beauvoir’s voice was clear and businesslike as she began to speak.

“You don’t have to read it all Jocelyn – as I will go through it with you now.”

She looked across at Jocelyn’s mother, who had discarded her apron and was once more displaying her immaculately styled skirt and blouse. Samantha gestured towards the empty chair next to Jocelyn and watched as Victoria sat down stylishly. The two nurses followed Victoria to the open space and took their positions at either side of the security guards.

Richard felt his cheeks burn with a sudden blush as both Jocelyn and her mother causally observed his naked body. He was well aware that his penis and testicles were fully exposed between his widely parted thighs, but he was far too embarrassed to look down at himself. He could feel the cool air circulating around his freshly bared pubis and between the cheeks of his bottom. The hot wax had left his skin silkily smooth and humiliatingly for Richard, looking like he was very much younger. He tried to avoid eye contact by tilting his head further back, as the young nurse practitioner began to speak.

“Now Jocelyn, it is your duty to follow the rules and guidelines of the pre-dating procedure. These rules have been carefully prepared – and all the procedures have been successfully trialed.

I would like you to understand that it is your duty as a responsible young person to adhere to them. It doesn’t matter how distasteful you may find the procedures, you must administer them as prescribed in this leaflet. By doing so, you will be helping Richard to abide by the law and behave properly and responsibly. Will you agree to that, Jocelyn?”

Jocelyn would have liked to be able to give Samantha a quick grin, but instead she managed to maintain her serious expression as she looked at the beautiful young nurse, although the huskiness that was apparent in her voice did surprise her as she answered the nurse.

“Of course nurse. I don’t want Richard to be in trouble with the authorities… and I am sure that he will understand, that whatever I have to do to him, will be for his own benefit.”

It was Samantha’s turn to stifle a grin as she began to read from the leaflet.

“Right I will go through the rules and then I will instruct you in the best way to accomplish each procedure.

You will inspect the suitor (in this case, Richard) for sexual arousal during your time with him. This must be carried out at frequent intervals. The exact timing of the interval will be determined by you – and can be honed as you become more knowledgeable about his sexual nature.

Each procedure that you must follow for these inspections is clearly laid out — and I will go through them with you now.

A young suitor is required to be naked for all inspections.

You may, at any time, designate an experienced female person to help or carry out the inspection on your behalf.

The suitor must always be compliant to your instructions.

The prescribed initial position for inspection is as follows. The suitor must be standing upright. His hands must be clasped upon his head and his feet must be at least a shoulder-width apart.”

Samantha indicated towards Richard’s naked body. He was blushing profusely as he listened to the nurse. Jocelyn was thrilled to see a shiver run through his body as the nurse continued.

“You will see that Richard has already been placed in the required position.”

Samantha looked down at the leaflet once more.

“There are other positions, which you may want him to adopt. These are arbitrary and entirely within your jurisdiction. He must obey all of your instructions without delay or recalcitrance.”

Samantha raised her voice slightly as she came to the next paragraph.

“Now Jocelyn, listen to this next part carefully. You are required to adhere to it precisely and completely.

Any hesitation or protestation to your instructions…” she paused for a moment, “must be dealt with immediately. You are required to administer ten strokes of the paddle upon a first infraction… and a further fifteen should the boy show further signs of disobedience. The punishment for a disobedient boy, is not arbitrary, it is compulsory! It must be carried out effectively and immediately.

It is for the boy’s own good that he becomes obedient and compliant as quickly as possible.

You will be supplied with a leather paddle, which has been sanctioned for use upon bared buttocks. The boy must either be bent over, or if you prefer, laid across your knees for the comprehensive administration of his chastisement.”

Jocelyn could not help looking at Richard’s face. She was delighted to see that his face was bright red and that his bottom lip was trembling with embarrassment.

Samantha could see the excitement in Jocelyn’s eyes as she carried on.

“You should have no trouble in carrying out inspections or punishments. Most venues where young people gather have a suitable room set aside for the PDPS. The more popular venues often have a room that is also staffed by suitably trained volunteers.

You will see, when you read the pamphlet, that there are illustrations and descriptions of our recommended extraction procedures.”

Jocelyn was well aware of Richard’s increased agitation, observing him out of the corner of her eye as she looked down and turned the pages of the leaflet.

“As well as the method we have just used, you will find examples where a boy is required to kneel with his bottom raised high – and his knees spread widely apart to allow the easy penetration of his sphincter and of course, unhindered access to his genitalia so that he can be effectively milked.”

Jocelyn saw that the boy was fidgeting with embarrassment. His face had blushed to a deep crimson and his bottom lip was trembling visibly.

“There are examples where a boy can be instructed to stand upright with his hands upon his head. With this method, his penis can be manipulated from the side, or from the rear. Of course from the rear, he can be anally penetrated to a far greater extent.”

Richard could not believe his ears. He shivered with utter humiliation as the Nurse continued to talk to Jocelyn. He could feel tears of shame well up in his eyes as Jocelyn and her mother observed him with clinical detachment.

“Now, I had better instruct you on how to carry out an inspection upon this young man.” Samantha gestured towards Richard, who was now shivering constantly in his absolute shame.

“If you would like to stand up and approach the boy please.” She watched as Jocelyn got up gracefully and stood in front of Richard.

“Now the best way to begin an inspection is to stand in front of him and cup his scrotum in the palm of your hand.” Jocelyn did not look down, but instead looked deeply into his eyes. She was delighted to see him wince in embarrassment as the coolness of her hand encased the sensitive flesh of his scrotum.

She held his gaze; delighted at his anguish as she hefted his testicles, feeling the deliciously plump orbs move within their scrotal sac.

It seemed to Jocelyn, that she held the very essence of the young boy in the palm of her hand. Nonchalantly she manipulated his plump testes, knowing that this action exacerbated the boy’s embarrassment and humiliation.

She looked him at him, quizzically, arching her eyebrow as she fondled his testicles, noting his face flushing to a deeper crimson.

“My you are a sensitive young boy, aren’t you Richard!”

She chided him, watching him blush in apprehension, before allowing her fingers to explore beyond the scrotal sac to his perineum. She scored her fingernails along the ridge of engorged flesh, watching him wince with the acute sensation.

She let her fingers play around the sensitive wrinkled flesh before encasing his testes fully in her hand. Deliberately she gave them a firm squeeze, before letting him go. She could see that he was having a battle with himself, a mammoth task for a young boy like Richard, she thought. To have to keep your hands upon the top of the head while your sensitive little balls are being squeezed.

Samantha spoke once more. “Of course you will soon get used to the fluctuations in the size of his testes, especially when you have carried out a few inspections. Now if you move to the side of him, close to his hip.”

She watched as Jocelyn obeyed her. The beautiful young girl seemed quite at ease and immediately pressed her body against Richard’s thigh.

Jocelyn was absolutely thrilled as she felt his body shiver with trepidation. In response to the delicious feel of his beautiful physique, she pressed her pubis even closer to his hipbone. She was aware that her nipples were hard and aroused as she moved her breasts tantalizingly against his bare skin.

“That’s the way… now slip your right hand down between the cheeks of his bottom until your fingers are pressed against his sphincter. At the same time I would like you to completely expose the head of his penis. You will need to pull the skin back tightly for this procedure to be effective.

You will be looking for a bodily response. This will be, either a contraction of the sphincter, or a pulsation within the flesh of the penis. It is quite usual for young men of Richard’s age to produce both.”

Jocelyn felt the boy shiver uncontrollably as she placed the flattened palm of her left hand against his abdomen. Simultaneously she placed her right hand against the small of his back and slowly let both hands slide down to their intimate destination. Jocelyn thought that the feel of his skin against the palms of her hands was absolutely delicious.

Richard was in turmoil. He had listened with increasing embarrassment to the nurse’s humiliating instructions. Then he had obediently stood helpless and ashamed as Jocelyn had held his testicles in the palm of her hand and weighed them as if he was a prized bull.

But now he faced an even further disgrace. As Jocelyn stood close to him, her perfume assailing his nostrils and her young pliant body pressing close to him, he felt a stirring in his loins that he could not control.

Jocelyn felt a thrill run through her body as she deftly slipped her right hand between the cheeks of his bottom, impudently parting the mounds of flesh until her fingertips were pressed firmly against his sphincter.

She felt Richard shudder in trepidation; the proximity of her body and her delicate ministrations, had made goose bumps appear upon his skin. Jocelyn was aware of his growing arousal and deliberately made the movement of her hands sensual and provocative.

She could feel the delicate tissue of his sphincter contracting violently against her fingertips as she delved between his buttocks. With a wicked thrill of audacity, she pushed hard against the tender opening to his bottom.

Her forehead was pressing intimately against his burning cheek as she looked down at his body. In absolute delight, she curled the slender fingers of her left hand around the plump flesh of his penis. She spared him no feeling as she slid his foreskin back until it was stretched tightly against the base of the shaft.

She felt his penis pulse violently and his buttocks tighten against her hand. She knew that the young boy was in turmoil as she stretched the skin of his penis back as tightly as she could, at the same time probing his sensitive sphincter with her fingertips.

It all became too much for Richard. Suddenly he squirmed, thrusting his hips backwards in desperation. His torso bending forward as he tried to escape the acute sensation of her hands upon his body. He took his hands from his head and tried to cover his genitals.

“Oh please noooo miss.”

He cried in utter torment, as he tried to cover himself. Tears of shame were in his eyes as he crouched forward in embarrassment and anguish.

Jocelyn let go of him and stood back as he clasped both hands over his penis and testicles. His body was bent forward and his knees had closed together as he crouched in utter humiliation.

Jocelyn was overjoyed with her performance. Whether, instinctively or deliberately, she had known that the total baring of his penis coupled with the pressure she had exerted against his sphincter, would produce a reaction. She was delighted that, even though he had tried to alleviate his distress and embarrassment, he had been careful to avoid touching her. Still humble and acquiescent, she thought, as she looked at him in his shameful crouch.

She was aware that the guards had moved forward ready to deal with the boy, but she graciously held up her hand in a gesture to stop them.

She moved to stand in front of Richard and gently placed her hands upon his head, which was bent low almost to his groin. Her voice was gentle and caring as she spoke to him as one would to a timid animal.

“Listen to me Richard. I have to examine you – and I know you find it embarrassing, but it is something that I must do. So stand up straight and look at me.”

She watched him and waited as he struggled with his feelings. Perhaps it was her unerring instincts that had again told her subconsciously, that the boy would obey. She watched as he straightened his body — and then to her delight, took his hands away from his groin and placed them on his head. His eyes were filled with tears as he looked at her and then obediently shuffled his feet apart until they were widely spread.

His lips were trembling with anguish as she looked intently at his face. His voice was trembling as he struggled with his words.

“Oh miss, I am so sorry, please miss I didn’t mean to… to…” He could not complete his sentence as Jocelyn continued looking into his anguished face. She placed her fingers against his cheek, her expression showing a loving concern as she looked into his eyes.

“I know Richard. Don’t cry, sweetie.”

Jocelyn had to stifle the thrill she felt as the boy gave her a look of pure love and adoration. Even through his reddened face and tears, she could see that the boy was entirely within her thrall.

Deliberately she looked down at his groin, noting that in spite of his anguish, his penis had swelled and had begun to erect.

She looked up and held his gaze, pondering how to handle him. She could see something in his face as well as his shame and despair at his involuntary arousal. Was it a desire to please her… or was it his determination to acquiesce?

Jocelyn was not sure, but she was almost certain that he was hers. Of course she would test him, but she felt a growing confidence that he would obey her.

She moved to his side once more and placed her hands upon him. Again, her fingers slipped between the cheeks of his bottom as she curled the fingers of her left hand around the shaft of his penis and withdrew the skin until it was held tight, once more, against the base of the shaft.

She could feel his penis throb violently as her hand applied a firm pressure around the rigid flesh. Simultaneously, she pressed the fingers of her right hand against the sensitive membranes of his sphincter, feeling his young body shudder with the sensation of her probing.

“Oh… arggh,” he cried as she increased the pressure. His voice was shaky and hoarse.

Although his body was quivering and shaking with emotion, he did not try to evade her as she felt his buttocks contracting against her hand. She deliberately squeezed his penis with an even greater pressure, watching him wince, but knowing that he would not try to evade her.

Jocelyn pressed her face close to his burning cheek as she spoke to Nurse Beauvoir.

“I can feel pulsations in his penis and his sphincter is contracting. So I am assuming that this is an indication that he is sexually aroused.”

Samantha had to stifle a giggle as Jocelyn spoke to her so innocently. She had watched with admiration as Jocelyn had taken charge of the boy. Samantha had become aware that Jocelyn seemed to have an innate knowledge of how to handle the boy and was quite sure that, although Richard would be utterly embarrassed and humiliated by her, he would obey her completely.

Samantha spoke clearly as she watched Jocelyn’s hands play upon the penis of the young boy. Jocelyn was deftly pulling the foreskin up along the shaft and then back down, causing the boy to suddenly gasp and with emotion as she purposefully aroused him.

Samantha could not deny the thrill she felt as she answered Jocelyn’s question.

“Yes Jocelyn, those are the symptoms exactly, though of course they will not be manifested so clearly after he has been milked at regular intervals.”

Jocelyn could not help smiling to herself as she carefully took her hands from the trembling youth and moved to stand in front of him again. She looked down at his penis, noting that he was now fully erect and that the tip of his penis was pointing upwards towards her. How embarrassing for him, she thought. It must be so humiliating for a young boy, having such a physical manifestation of one’s sexual feelings.

She placed her fingers under his chin and looked him in the eye.

“Now Richard, I know that you are not generally a disobedient boy, but you know what I must do to you now, don’t you?” Her voice was soft and gentle, but yet still carried a tone of authority as she looked deeply into his eyes.

Richard’s face immediately blushed to a deep hue of red. He looked anxiously at Jocelyn as he spoke.

“Oh please miss… noooo. I promise that I will do everything that you say. Please miss… not that, oh please, I couldn’t bear it!”

Jocelyn took her hand away as she looked into his face. She could not help the sudden thrill that ran through her slender body as she spoke sternly to him.

“I am sorry Richard, there is no escaping it. You know that I must punish your bottom. It is for your own good that you learn quickly and thoroughly. It is essential that I instill into you the simple fact… that you must obey the rules.”

As she was watching Richard’s wretched look of torment, Jocelyn noticed out of the corner of her eye, that one of the young nurses was placing a hard-backed chair behind the young boy.

She spoke again. “Place your arms by your sides Richard and look at me.”

She watched his body shiver from head to foot as he slowly took his hands from his head.

She moved forward and placed her fingers gently on each cheek of his reddened face.

“Be a brave boy Richard… and take your punishment. It is truly for your own good. Now promise me!”

Jocelyn did not wait for a reply but moved to stand behind him. She could hardly contain her excitement or the tingling feeling between her legs as she sat down upon the hard-backed chair. She smiled at Patricia before leaning forward and taking hold of the boy’s hips from behind.

“Turn around Richard and come and stand at my side.” She could feel his naked body shiver violently as he turned towards her. His face was a mask of anguish as she made him stand to her right-hand side. He looked totally bereft of any self-esteem, as he stood upright beside her chair. His hands were at his sides and his erect penis was jutting outwards and upwards as was if it was a visible testament to his utter humiliation.

Jocelyn was absolutely in her element. She intended to savor and cherish every minute of the young boy’s complete humiliation. Her white tunic dress had already risen up above mid thigh as she had seated herself. Deliberately she took the hem and pulled it towards her, baring the lightly tanned skin to a point, which only just hid the smooth and plump mound of her pubis. Her knees were pressed together as she looked up at Richard’s anguished face.

“I am sorry that I have to do this Richard. You have been a naughty little boy and I am going to spank your bottom. I know that you are embarrassed but it is my duty to chastise you.”

Richard hung his head in shame and yet he could not help looking at her beautiful bared legs. He shivered in his humiliation. The thought that this beautiful young girl was going to take him over her knees and spank him like a child was so humiliating to him that he could hardly draw breath. He flinched in utter trepidation as she placed her hand around him. He felt the cool palm of her hand upon his bottom as she drew him to her.

“Over you go Richard.”

He gasped as her delicate fingers cupped his bulging scrotum and gently pulled on his testes.

“I want you right over my knees until you can rest your hands on the floor. Come along now. If I have any more disobedience I shall be required to increase the severity of your punishment.”

Richard was shivering with the utter indignity of his position. He gasped and then shivered in shame, letting his body bend to face his ultimate degradation. With a sigh of absolute resignation, he allowed himself to fall forward, reaching out with his hands until they were placed flat on the floor.

He shivered as he felt Jocelyn encircle the base of his penis and the neck of his scrotum with her finger and thumb. He felt a sensation of helplessness as she nonchalantly adjusted his genitals so that they became firmly entrapped between her bared thighs.

He could feel her legs moving sensuously against his penis as she maneuvered him across her knees until his head was hanging down against the smooth flesh of her shapely calf. He felt a shiver run through his body as she extricated her hand from beneath him. He could not help his eyes filling with tears of shame as he lay helplessly over her pretty knees.

Now that her face could not be observed, Jocelyn looked up at her mother and smiled wickedly. As if demonstrating her success, Jocelyn gently smoothed her hand across the naked cheeks of the young boy’ bottom.

Victoria smiled at her daughter, knowing that for Jocelyn this was a culmination of one of her strongest sexual desires. She looked at the tableau before her. A beautiful young man, draped gracefully over the bared thighs of her young daughter, awaiting his humiliating chastisement.

Jocelyn squeezed her thighs together in a frisson of sexual delight. She could feel Richard’s penis throb with an answering pressure, despite his ignominious predicament.

She did not have to ask for the paddle, as Gillian stepped forward and held out the black leather instrument of pain.

This moment for Jocelyn was so poignant and delicious that she did not wish to abandon it so readily. She sat silently for a moment. Her thoughts concluded that… a prelude to his first punishment must be made memorable for him. It must be made an exquisite embarrassment that he would always associate with her. A delicious and binding submission to her will.

“Now Richard, I am going to commence your punishment. I am duty bound to make it as effective as I am able, so that you do not repeat your recalcitrant behavior. Therefore I want you to relax your bottom cheeks so that they are openly disposed to embrace the paddle.”

Deliciously, Jocelyn smoothed her left hand over the small of his back to join her other hand upon his upturned buttocks. She inserted the fingertips of both hands, dipping into the crevice of his bottom and pulled the twin hillocks of flesh apart.

“Now relax the flesh Richard, come along now… you must embrace the paddle as I administer it to your little bottom.”

Richard gasped with shame as he felt his bottom cheeks being spread apart. Her words and actions shamed him to the core.

“Come along, let the flesh relax so that I can spank your bare bottom to good effect.”

Jocelyn could not have accredited her words or actions to any forethought or planning. But the thrill she felt was so intense that she knew that she would not be able to accomplish his punishment without reaching a climax.

She squeezed her legs together, feeling his erect penis pulse against the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, as stretched his buttocks apart. She could not resist the sudden impulse to raise her right hand and smack the cheeks of his bottom with a sharp resounding slap.

“Come along Richard, let your buttocks relax and try and raise your bottom a little for me, there’s a good boy.”

Richard was almost blinded by embarrassment as he tried to concentrate upon the task of relaxing his buttocks. Timidly he pressed his bottom upwards, feeling utterly foolish as he felt the cool air play around the sensitive flesh between the cheeks of his bottom.

“That’s much better. Now try and keep still while I administer the paddle to your naughty little bottom.”

Jocelyn smiled an apology to Gillian as she took the paddle from her. The handle felt comfortable in her hand as she experimented with her grip.

“Just keep those cheeks relaxed now Richard.”

With these words she placed her left hand around his hips and pulled him towards her. She could feel the shaft of his penis barely touching the well-fleshed peachy slices that were the lips of her labia. In a delicious moment of heightened arousal and expectation, she held him tightly against her. Raising the paddle, she brought it down with a sharp smack upon the firm glistening cheeks of the young boy’s bottom.


Richard gasped. The smarting of the paddle was not unbearable, but the shame of it was… an exquisite and enduring agony for the young boy.


As the second stroke fell over his upturned buttocks, tears of shame fell down his cheeks. He gasped and groaned as Jocelyn applied the paddle to his young flesh.

Richard was almost delirious with the shame of his punishment. He gasped as each stroke fell. “Smack… smack… smack.” Involuntarily, he heard himself cry out as the fifth stroke was applied to his bared buttocks.

“Oh please miss, I am so sorry, please miss.”

Although his bottom was smarting with the sting of the paddle, he knew that it was the shame and humiliation of his punishment that had made him cry out and plead with her.

Jocelyn felt the inevitability of her orgasm as she squeezed her thighs even more tightly together. Richard’s distress only served to heighten her pleasure as he pleaded with her. She was sure that he was quite unaware that the side of the shaft of his penis was rubbing against the outer lips of her labia. She was delighted with sight of his body, as he wriggled and squirmed in his private and mortifying torment.


The sixth stroke heralded the onset of her orgasm. It was an inevitable tide of exquisite emotion that seemed to rush through her body like a maelstrom. She bit her bottom lip as she raised the paddle for the seventh stroke. Her hips moved forward, almost grinding into the shaft of his penis as she brought the paddle down against the quivering flesh of his bottom.


She climaxed at the very moment that the paddle flattened the flesh of his buttocks. Shards of exquisite pleasure pierced and accented the deluge of sexual sensation that permeated every nerve of her young body.

Jocelyn hesitated before delivering the eighth stroke, allowing herself the delicious and sensual pleasure of extending her climax. Her movements were almost feline as she allowed her body to move sinuously, pulling his writhing hips closer to her as she brought the paddle down hard against his quivering buttocks.


Surprisingly, her voice was clear and precise as she addressed him. “Relax your bottom Richard, I will not allow you to evade your punishment. Come along, push your bottom up and relax your cheeks.”

Richard was in an unremitting emotional turmoil. He had not been allowed to hide himself away in his cocoon of shame. Rather, he had been made to participate and provide access to his flesh. The humiliating command to raise his bottom and relax his buttocks, only for her to beat them with the leather paddle, shamed him to the core.

He still could not countenance the utter degradation of being soundly spanked by the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He would never had believed, as she had greeted him across from the college playing fields, that he would now be lying naked over her knees while she spanked his bottom.

“Smack.” The ninth stroke fell as Jocelyn felt another wave of exquisite and unbridled pleasure infuse and invade her young body.

Deliciously, she squeezed her legs together, feeling the hardened shaft of his penis against the proud mount of her pubis. She let the wave of pleasure envelop her as she held the paddle high in the air.

She did not trust herself to speak again as she brought the paddle down across the very centre of the young boy’s buttocks.


She felt another delectable shiver of excitement as the boy writhed across her knees.

She laid the leather paddle upon the floor and placed her right hand, flattened, against the quivering cheeks of Richard’s reddened bottom.

“There, it’s all over for the time being.” She stroked her palm over the smooth upturned flesh and looked down at his face. She could not see his expression, but could clearly see that he had been crying.

“Poor Richard, having to have his bottom spanked in front of all these pretty nurses, whatever must they think of you! Come along then let’s get you up.”

Jocelyn was quite thankful for presence of the young nurses as they helped the boy to his feet. She noticed that his penis was still hard and completely erect as the nurses turned him and positioned him facing away from her. They had made sure that he was standing with his legs spread wide and with his hands, once more, placed upon the top of his head.

Jocelyn sat for a moment admiring his firm reddened buttocks. His slim body looked so delectable to her, as she stood up behind him and placed her hand upon his bottom. She leaned her head forward and spoke to him, her chin resting against the nape of his neck.

“Right Sweetie, absolute obedience now. You must obey my instructions exactly. Do you understand?”

She could see the boy blush as he stammered an answer.

“Oh yes Miss… erm I will do as you say.”

“Good boy Richard.”

She held her breath for a moment, before savoring her words.

“I want you to bend right over and grasp your ankles.” She could see his body shiver as he heard her instruction.

“Quickly now!”

She could see the boy struggling with himself. Obviously he wanted to know whether she was going to spank him again, or at least to ask why he was being instructed to bend over.

Jocelyn did not bother to wait for him to obey; instead she spoke quietly to Patricia and Gillian.

“Would you fetch me the lubricant and the glass beaker please? I am going to extract his semen while he is standing.” Gillian smiled at her as she nodded and then gestured towards the young boy. Jocelyn was delighted to hear him sigh with embarrassment as he bent over, keeping his knees straight as he grasped his ankles. She was well aware how embarrassing it was for him. His legs were spread wide apart, revealing his plump testicles as she looked between his legs.

Deftly, she slipped her hand between his widely parted thighs and cupped his testicles in her hand. She heard him gasp with the indignity of being handled so familiarly — and yet he did not protest.

“Good boy Richard, you seem to be learning your place.” She held his scrotum firmly, gently kneading the swollen testes within her fingers. She could hear his labored breathing and his gasps of embarrassment as held him captive in his embarrassing posture.

She became aware that the young nurse had returned. She looked at her mischievously and gave her a knowing smile. The nurse took Jocelyn’s left hand and held it outwards. She was delighted as Gillian squeezed a generous line of lubricant from the tube and smeared it over her first two fingers.

Jocelyn felt a frisson of delight as she let go of the boy’s testicles and slipped her lubricated left hand between the widely spread cheeks of his bottom.

“Keep still Richard, you are in a very good position for a smack-bottom.” She knew that he would not be able to withstand the desire to clench his buttocks as she pressed her fingers against the opening to his bottom. She could feel his sphincter contracting wildly as she pressed more firmly. He shuddered, his buttocks quaking as she smeared the lubricant over the membranes of his sphincter.

She probed harder, forcing the soft fingertips against the neat little rosebud covering his anus.

His wide stance and bent over position, afforded the young boy very little protection. Suddenly, Jocelyn felt the tightly clenched stricture give way to her relentless and insistent probing.

Richard was shamed to the core. His position was particularly humiliating… and somehow it seemed utterly shameful that he was holding such a vulnerable position, offering complete access to her while she impaled his bottom.

“There we are Richard, now just relax while I penetrate you fully. Keep your hands around your ankles and try and keep still.”

She could feel his body shiver with dread as she slipped her right hand around his waist until it lay flat against his pubic bone. She let it slip downwards until she could feel the erect shaft of his penis against the heel of her hand. She pulled against him firmly, allowing some purchase for the fingers that were to completely invade his bottom.

“Oooohhh… missss, please nooo. Argggh.”

His protest ended in a loud gasp as Jocelyn slipped both fingers up through his sphincter and into his anus. As she turned her hand she immediately found the plump swelling of his prostate gland. She pressed against the pliant mound with the soft pads of her fingertips.

Jocelyn knew, that the violent shudder that ran through his body was ultimately confirming the correct positioning of her fingers. She was delighted with her performance of handling of him so deftly. She pushed her hand firmly up between the cheeks of his bottom, hearing his loud gasp as she applied a firm pressure to his prostate gland.

He was shivering profusely as she deftly encircled the erect shaft of his penis with the fingers and thumb of her right hand.

Her voice was clear and authoritative as she instructed him.

“Right young man. Let’s have you standing upright now – with your hands back upon the top of your head. No nonsense… I don’t want to have to spank your naughty little bottom again.”

Richard could barely focus his mind enough to obey her instruction. His embarrassment was so acute that he shivered in anguish.

He let go of his ankles and began to straighten up slowly, testing the sensation within his bottom as his buttocks tightened against her hand.

“Ooohh miss.” He cried involuntarily as Jocelyn slipped her fingers along the shaft of his penis and grasped the foreskin. She pulled it back baring the head of his penis in one deft movement.

Richard was gasping and groaning as he reluctantly placed his hands upon his head. He felt utterly foolish as he shivered and shook. He was aware that his penis was throbbing with sensation. He could not help looking down at himself, to see Jocelyn’s delicate fingers curled firmly around the shaft of his penis.

His shame was greatly manifested by his own arousal. The feeling that Jocelyn was producing within his bottom and over the shaft of his penis was excruciatingly intense and profound.

Jocelyn moved her head around the beautiful contour of his body. Her cheek pressed against his slender torso as she peered down at his erect penis. His breath was rasping within his throat as his mouth opened wide in an anguished but silent cry.

Jocelyn knew that the boy would not last long. Although it had not been long since he had ejaculated, his body was quivering like a tightly harnessed bowstring. Her right hand moved deftly and expertly over his penis. The soft skin was being retracted tightly against the base of the shaft, before being pulled forward, diligently and skillfully.

She increased the tempo of her strokes, her forefinger deliberately scraping the little indent of the head where the frenulum joined the glans. She could feel a tremor run through his body as she cruelly stimulated the sensitive tissue.

His naïve and anguished response to her ministrations upon his throbbing penis, was an involuntary shudder. His flesh seemed to quake each time she deliberately scored her fingernail against the soft skin of the prepuce.

Jocelyn was delighted with the boy. She was aware that her stimulation of his naïve young flesh was agonizingly intense — and yet she could not help but humiliate him further. Even though her hand was busily extracting every vestige of sensation from the young boy, her voice remained cool and clinical.

“My, oh my, Richard, what a sensitive little boy you are. Now try and keep still so that I am not obliged to spank you again.”

She looked at her mother, who was watching the boy intently. Jocelyn spoke to her, deliberately choosing words that she knew would belittle him even more.

“Oh dear mother, little boys seem to wriggle and squirm so much when they are being milked. Perhaps I should have spanked his bottom more thoroughly.”

Victoria looked at her young daughter, admiring her handling of the boy’s physical, as well as psychological subjugation. She spoke in a matter of fact tone as she answered her.

“Perhaps Jocelyn… Richard would find it more salutary, if you were to administer a thorough bedtime spanking when you go up to kiss him goodnight. Little boys are so much more manageable after they have been soundly spanked at bedtime. There is nothing more effective than a boy feeling the sting of his soundly spanked bottom as he cries himself to sleep.”

Jocelyn found it hard to stifle the giggle that welled up inside her. She turned her head to see that Richard’s face was blotched with an intense and deep crimson blush. Both Victoria and Jocelyn knew, that although the boy was hardly in a state to assimilate the full extent of what had been said, he would certainly recall it before too long.

She could not help herself as she deliberately stiffened her fingers inside his bottom and prodded him, impudently impaling him upon her hand, while she simultaneously increased the pressure of her fingers around his hardened penis.

“Come along Richard, I want nice big spurts of semen from you. Show the nurse what a clever boy you are and give her lots of lovely strong gushes, so that she can collect them in her jar.”

Richard was wreathed in a combination of intense humiliation and sexual arousal. Both feelings were so profound that he could not come to terms with them.

He blushed deeply, his reddened cheeks flushing even more profusely as one of the nurses moved to his side. Her knowing smile made him shiver in utter humiliation as she held the jar in front of him. His whole being was one of absolute and unremitting distress as he looked at the nurse’s face.

Perhaps it was that knowing smile. His absolute shame at the thought, that the nurse had predicted the inevitability of his ejaculation — and was waiting, ready to capture his emission within her glass beaker

At that moment, Jocelyn pressed hard against his prostate gland, prodding it vigorously. His body stiffened as if he was in the grip of a seizure. He held his breath as his spine arched backwards and his mouth hung open in a mute cry.

Jocelyn watched his penis intently as her hand flew across the sensitive flesh, her fingers stimulating him from base to very tip. Cruelly she let her fingers smooth over the smooth ridge of the corona without the soothing benefit of his foreskin. She let her fingernails score gently over the underside of the glans, feeling him shudder at the intensity of her agonizing sexual onslaught. She thrilled as the first, of a series of thick streams of semen, jetted from the opening, splattering against the bottom of the jar as Patricia tilted it forward.

Jocelyn made sure that her voice was calm and quite clinical as she spurred him on.

“Come along Richard, this is a mandatory extraction. I want nice big spurts from you. Now try not to wriggle while I stimulate inside your little bottom.”

Her embarrassing words seemed to spur the boy on even more. He drew his breath in deeply as his penis continued to spit forth huge globules of semen into the waiting beaker.

She prodded hard against the pulsing gland within his bottom, while her hand continued to diligently milk his penis. With an intense shudder, Richard’s body seemed to go slack, as if his life force had been drained from him.

Jocelyn drew her hand upwards from the base of his penis, bringing to the tip, a large bead of pearlescent semen, which Patricia scooped up with the lip of the jar. She watched as Patricia took a medicated wipe from her pocket.

Jocelyn smoothed her hand down the shaft of his penis and on to the tightened bulging sac beneath, letting her fingers lazily caress the sensitive skin of his scrotum. Delicately she took his testicles in her hand and squeezed firmly.

Richard shuddered as Jocelyn held his testes firmly in her hand, she watched as the nurse nonchalantly took his swollen penis between her slender fingers and wiped the tip, causing him to jerk his hips backwards with the intensity of the sensation. Patricia motioned to Jocelyn with a sideways tilt of her head, indicating towards Richard’ face.

Jocelyn understood immediately that this was an excellent opportunity to bond the boy to her. She extricated her hand gently from his bottom, feeling him shiver as her knuckles stretched his sphincter.

She moved to stand in front of him and held his head in her hands.

“Take your hands from your head and put them by your sides.”

Richard obeyed as if in a stupor. Jocelyn moved her body forward, deliberately pushing her breasts against his chest as she put her arms around his neck. She pressed her beautiful lips against his and thrust her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him deeply, looking into his eyes as her gentle fingers played with the short hairs at the nape of his neck.

She prolonged the kiss, feeling his body seemingly melt into hers, as she overwhelmed him.

At last she moved back and looked into his eyes.

“There my sweet love. I knew you would not let me down. Now I am going to kiss you again”

She moved forward, this time placing one arm around his neck as her lips covered his. As she kissed him, she reached down and cupped his testicles within the palm of her hand, gently letting her fingers encase the entire scrotum.

Moving her lips from his for a moment, she whispered to him. “You are my sweetheart, aren’t you Richard?” She searched his eyes, her young body thrilling to see the absolute openness of unreserved adoration emanate from his young and beautiful face.

She moved her lips back against his as she gently squeezed his scrotum. She could feel his body shivering against her. She slipped her fingers further around the sac that held the vulnerable egg-shaped orbs of his testes and delicately squeezed. As his mouth opened in a gasp, she slipped her tongue between his parted lips. Forcefully she explored the inside of his mouth, her tongue playing against his as she kissed him deeply.

The myriad of emotions that Richard felt, were so manifest and complex that he could never have voiced them. He looked at Jocelyn as she finally withdrew her lips from his. He looked into her eyes; his expression was mixture of subjugation and wonderment.

Her voice was soft and gentle. “Well Richard, are you my sweetheart?”

His voice was almost a whisper. “Oh yes miss… oh please.’

the end

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