Cough Please

Jay sat in the waiting room, pretending to read a magazine but actually peeking over the top of it at a pretty girl sitting across from him. How interested can anybody really be in how many miles to the gallon you get out of the latest Toyota anyway? Apart from the girl no-one else was here. He would be the last patient of the day for his doctor.

He watched the girl walk down the hall when she was called. She was pretty, but far too skinny for his liking. He was so horny. His hernia, or at least that is what he thought it was, certainly hadn’t affected his libido. He had a lump in his groin, to the right of his cock. It didn’t hurt and it disappeared when he lay down. He wasn’t worried; he just wanted to know what to do about it.

“Jay Gifford!” the receptionist called out. She could get that miserable look off her face thought Jay as he walked past her and down the hall.

“I am going to close up after you go,” she said. “Just close the door as you leave, the doctor will lock it.”

He knocked on the door and was surprised to hear a female voice call for him to come in, a rather sexy female voice.

“Hi” she smiled. “I am Karen Brown, Dr. Sternberg’s locum”. She seemed to be about forty with beautiful alabaster skin. Her eyes were piercing and uncompromising but her smile was self-deprecating and hinted at an inner warmth. She was a buxom woman with mid-length curly brown hair cut in a professional style. Her white sateen dress shirt was slightly open revealing a full, silky-white cleavage.

“Take a seat” she waved a hand towards a chair, while running her eyes up and down Jay’s large, masculine frame. He was used to being looked at. He knew that he had a strong physical presence, but something about the hunger in her eyes struck him and he felt his cock twitch.

“What seems to be the problem?” she said. Her eyes held level with his. He suddenly felt vulnerable, like a deer caught in the gaze of a hungry Mountain Lion. His cock twitched again and began to harden; his heart rate quickened. He stole a glance at her soft hands, her nails were manicured but not too long. They were painted a subdued natural colour. He imagined her fingers slipping underneath his cock, weighing it in her hands and then gently stroking it. Fuck. Stop. He thought. He was pretty sure he would have to take his clothes off and he didn’t want to have a hard on.

“I think I have a hernia,” he said. He thought he saw a smile flicker in the corner of her mouth. “I have a lump in my groin.”

“Is it painful?” she asked, getting up from her chair and walking around the desk

“No,” he said, watching her ass as she walked towards the bed. Her ass was full. He liked that. He tried not to imagine a pair of lacy, purple boy shorts disappearing up between her smooth, white ass cheeks.

“Take off your pants and lie down here please,” she said, patting the bed.

He was trying to think of something disgusting to head off his hard on, but there was something about the command in her slightly husky voice that was doing things to him. What the hell was going on? Why was this woman turning him on so much. He lay on the bed. His cock was half hard, making a slight tent in his briefs. He saw her glance at it; then her eyes traveled slowly up his body until they reached his. She smiled at him, looking down her nose. It was a controlled smile, but her eyes were full of fire and hunger. He decided to go with the hard on.

She ran her soft hand from his hip bone along the hem of his briefs towards his groin.

“Is it here?” she said, turning and staring straight into his eyes.

“Yes,” he managed to croak. His throat was dry

“Stand up please,” she said, stepping back slightly but not giving him enough space to stand up without feeling like they were invading each others’ personal space. She moved behind him, which he wasn’t expecting. He felt her look at his ass. Heat rose from his asshole and spread across his buttocks and up his back. He felt terribly exposed. Her hand was suddenly on his hip. He flinched.

“Sorry,” she said. Her tone said she didn’t mean it.

“No,” was all he could manage. He swallowed. The hand slid towards his balls; in the same motion as before. This time it found the lump. She felt around it for a moment and then her hand continued. He gasped and his back tensed as her soft, warm hand cupped his scrotum.

“Cough for me please,” her voice came from very close to his ear. He could smell lavender. His cock was as hard as it could get now. He managed a pathetic sounding cough. He felt himself drawn backwards, as though he were going to faint. He leant backwards and his broad back made contact with her breasts. She didn’t move. leaning into her. He could feel her breath in his ear.

“May I?” she said, somehow it didn’t seem like a request.

“Jahwohl,” he mumbled, for some reason that was beyond his comprehension using his grandmother’s German.

Her hand moved slowly to his now raging cock. She slide her nails gently along the bottom of his shaft. He let his head fall back onto her shoulder.

“That’s it,” she breathed into his ear. “Let go”.

She began to slowly stroke his cock, while her lips found his ear. He groaned and felt all the tension melt away from his body. She pushed her groin into his ass, thrusting gently. Her other hand found his mouth and two fingers entered it. He greedily sucked them. She ran her hand down from his mouth until she found a nipple. She pinched and twisted it slighty. His hand went back and found her soft, round ass. He pulled her into him with each of her gentle thrusts. He was in ecstasy

She moved him around so that he was facing the bed and gently pushed his strong, muscular shoulders until he put his hands on the edge of the bed. She slid his briefs all the way down and he stepped out of them. She ran her tongue slowly up the back of his thighs until she got to his ass. He shivered and arched his back. She gently bit his firm butt cheek.

She let go of his cock and used both her hands to pull his ass cheeks apart. He got a shock as her tongue went directly to his asshole. The hot breath and warm tongue were almost too much for him to handle.

“hold yourself open for me baby,” she said huskily. He let go of the edge of the bed and had to lean further over to rest his chest on it. He pulled his ass cheeks apart, exposing his now wet hole. It felt cold in the conditioned air.

Her hand went back to his cock and her tongue to his asshole. She licked and sucked hungrily as she started to jerk his cock off. His world was spinning and he could do nothing but moan. He felt a finger circle his hole, she let the nail of her middle finger drag across it. She began to push her finger into him. His back stiffened and his cock throbbed in her hand. Her finger slid slowly into his wet hole. She tightened her other hand around his cock as she began to pull her finger in and out of his ass. He moved his his hips in slow circles and arched his back to give her full access. One finger became two and the pace quickened. She let go of his cock and he felt a slap sting his ass, and then another. He squirmed and began to move backwards and forwards with her fingers.

“Fuck me please,” he whispered into the starched white sheet.

He felt her fumble with something and pause for a second. She was dropping her pants. She resumed her finger fucking and added another finger. His ass stretched, almost painfully. He felt her other hand under his nose and smelled her juices. She began to smear his face with her pussy juices while pumping him harder and harder.

“Suck them,” she commanded. He took her fingers into his mouth and sucked on them like his life depended on it. She pushed her hips into him and fucked him, grinding her clit into the back of her hand. Each thrust pushed her hand deeper into his asshole. He started to let out a sound that was half cry, half moan. Her hand left his mouth and grabbed a handful of his thick, dark brown hair. She pulled his head back and her pushes became slams. She slammed him so hard that his feet nearly left the floor. Slam, slam, slam.

“Yes, fuck me, please, harder, fuck me, take me. I need you to fuck my ass!” his voice was thick and strained. She slammed into him harder and harder. She held against him for a split second with each thrust.

Suddenly she stopped thrusting and pushed up hard against his asshole, which was stretched with the force, grinding into him and letting out a muffled moan. She dug her nails into his ass cheek. Her moan became a low primal growl as she came hard. He nearly blacked out. He began to pump spurt after spurt of cum into the air below the bed. She held herself against his stretched ass in silence for a few seconds…and then collapsed onto his back. Her fingers slid slowly from his ass.

the end

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