Annual Exam Turns Fun

As Amy looked up the number to her gynecologist’s office for the purpose of scheduling an appointment, she realized that it had essentially been years since she had an annual exam. The whole annual exam process was something she, like most women, dreaded. However, she knew that the responsible thing to do was call and get on the books for an appointment.

Amy proceeded to call and the receptionist answered and immediately placed her call on hold. Momentarily, Amy considered that was the sign she needed to simply hang up and postpone the event for maybe another year. As that thought ran through her mind, a different woman’s voice greeted her; this woman to whom she was now speaking was gentle and patient, opposed to the original person who was abrupt and impatient. The person to whom she was speaking introduced herself as “Emily”.

Taken aback for a moment, Amy paused before she began to speak, but Emily was very relaxed and unrushed, allowing Amy to state her business in her own time and way.

Amy proceeded to explain that she was a patient of Dr. Campbell’s, but it had been some time since her last visit, and simply wanted to get worked into the schedule for the ever-dreaded annual exam. Emily giggled and agreed that most women seem to say the same thing when they call to schedule their appointment. It was then that Emily asked for Amy’s last name and proceeded to find her in the system. After taking down the updated personal insurance information, Emily explained that Dr. Campbell was actually on a mission trip in another country for the next several months, but another physician, Dr. Michelle Schellean, was covering his patient’s needs. Though Amy was as comfortable as she would ever be with Dr. Campbell, and while she was not entirely thrilled to be seen by another physician with whom she had no rapport, Amy agreed to be seen by the covering physician.

Once Amy hesitantly agreed to the idea that Dr. Schellean would see her for her medical needs, Emily shared that they had a cancellation for the next day at 4 p.m.; otherwise, the wait list would be about 6 weeks out. Knowing that she’d still feel the same way 6 weeks down the road, Amy decided to just get it over with and take the afternoon appointment for the following day. Emily confirmed the details and the call ended.

The next morning, Amy awakened before the alarm clock and decided to get in the shower and make sure her personal grooming was in order. The whole time, she was dreading the gyno exam. Amy replayed in her mind how awkward she felt in the paper covers waiting for what seemed like forever on the uncomfortable table, while the anxiety began to elevate as she stared at the neatly displayed, sterilized instruments on the cold medical tray. She continued to hear Dr. Campbell’s voice, though nice and patient, somewhat authoritative instructing her to relax as he continued to gently open her knees which she involuntarily continued to press together making it nearly impossible to do the exam. Amy never realized that she was closing her legs as she stared at the silly, stupid posters on the ceiling, but Dr. Campbell would have to repeatedly instruct her to open her legs, where she became cognizant that she was involuntarily closing them. She kept thinking to herself that she needed to try to be aware of this and just comply as much as possible to make the time on the table go faster.

Having shaved and trimmed everything she felt like how a proper woman of her age and stature should.

As Amy picked out her attire for the day, she pulled out a matching bra and panty set – slate blue. She always put her undergarments on top of the neatly folded clothing so that Dr. Campbell could see that she had nice taste in foundation garments. In a very subtle way, Amy liked to flirt with the examining physician. However, today’s visit was going to be with a woman OB/GYN and this was an entirely new experience for Amy – one she was not certain she really wanted.

All too many times, female gynecologists look more like a “Pat” than a “Patricia” and they come off gruff and manly. Plus, the women at work talk about their annual exams and those who have a female doctor have confirmed that they are less than feminine. –At least the male gynecologists who she’s been examined by in the past were gentle and respectful of the female anatomy. Already, the anxiety was building and Amy had not even left the house for work.

Of course she thought about canceling the appointment, but she knew that it was important for her to be seen, and she made a deal with herself that after the appointment she would treat herself to a shopping event! What better way to reward herself than instant gratification at the mall?

As the day moved along, Amy continued to consider the impending appointment. Since her focus was not where it needed to be, she decided to just pack up and leave for the day a little early. Since everyone else at work was so busy, nobody noticed that she slipped out for the day. Amy ran home and freshened up a little by gently cleansing her nether regions for the appointment. Momentarily, she considered changing her clothes out of work attire and into jeans and a t-shirt, but Amy felt odd going to the doctor in anything but upscale clothing, so she remained in her professional attire.

Amy arrived at the doctor’s office and checked in with the receptionist. Emily was the only one in sight and she was just as pleasant and calming in person as she had been on the phone. After the paper work was finished, Emily instructed Amy that Dr. Schellean was running on schedule and she would be called back very soon. While Amy wanted to believe that, since sitting in the waiting room always was an anxiety-builder, she thought that Emily’s wait time assessment was skewed.

No more did Amy find a seat and the intake woman was calling her name. In fact, Amy looked around to see if another woman was in motion to go back who would have also had the name “Amy”. The reality was, it was she who the woman was summoning back. So, Amy grabbed her purse and confidently proceeded behind the door and to the exam room with the intake woman.

Amy had a great presence about her. She came off very confident and in control even when she wasn’t. Amy was articulate and kind, and she had an engaging smile.

The appointment started off routine enough. Once the vitals were taken, Amy expected for the intake woman to instruct her to go behind the curtain and disrobe, cover herself with the paper drapes as best as possible and wait for the doctor. However, none of that happened. Instead, the intake woman explained that Dr. Schellean would be in to talk to her first before the exam.

Amy was in awe! A medical professional who was actually professional – meaning speaking to the individual while she was dressed and not spread eagle on the table? Amy couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around this twist of routine.

It was then that she heard the familiar knock and the doctor entered the room.

Dr. Schellean shook Amy’s hand and they introduced themselves to one another; Dr. Schellean asked that Amy call her by her first name, “Michelle”. Amy felt a little more comfortable as the doctor was going out of her way to make her feel like they were on the same level. In fact, they began a discussion about Amy’s work and Michelle was very vested in the conversation. They transitioned the conversation naturally about what each of them like to do outside of work. Then, unprepared for the next series of questions, Michelle began to inquire into Amy’s sexual history.

Michelle asked about how often Amy engaged in intercourse, how many partners she’s had in the last year, if she was heterosexual, bisexual or a committed lesbian. Michelle could tell that Amy was fairly uncomfortable with the series of questions, so she stopped the barrage of questions and addressed Amy’s visible anxiety.

Michelle put her pen down and rolled her chair close to Amy. She placed her hand on the back of Amy’s hand and looked her in the eye and explained that: She went into this profession to help women and that she was not judgmental of anything that would come out in the course of the visit. Michelle encouraged Amy to simply relax and be proud of her womanhood, as it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Amy was in awe of this woman. She wasn’t sure of what Michelle just did, but suddenly she felt much more relaxed and her perspective of the visit was immediately changed. Amy felt calm when Michelle touched her hands and spoke to her. Oddly, she wanted Michelle to continue to touch her.

The question session was nearly over, and Michelle learned that Amy had not been in a physical relationship in almost 2 years. Michelle took an unusual moment to reinforce Amy’s confidence by telling her that she is a beautiful woman and that she simply needed to believe that and believe that others desire her. Michelle heard Amy indicate that she was heterosexual, but the almost pause that preceded her answer made Michelle think that Amy wasn’t being completely truthful about her sexual needs. So, Michelle directly asked her if she ever had a same gender experience. Amy was quick to answer the negative on that. However, Amy’s neck and face flushed with that question and Michelle quickly saw that. Michelle then asked her if she was bi-curious and if so, would she be inclined to share the experience under the right circumstances.

Amy actually wanted to answer the question, but knew that society had perceptions about same gender sexual relations and she felt dirty answering the question honestly. So, with an elongated pause, and with a very patient Michelle, Amy tried to answer with a smile and a laugh, indicating that since it’s been so long since she’s had a penis to enjoy that she would settle for about any sort of sexual gratification. The women laughed, but Michelle was interested in knowing Amy’s authentic thoughts, so she circled back to the question asking her, “So, does that mean you would consider a same gender sexual encounter?” Amy took her time in answering and then confirmed that she had considered same gender relations as erotic, but wasn’t entirely sure if she would want to experience it. This answer inspired Michelle’s next question about if and how often she masturbates.

Amy never got into this level of discussion with Dr. Campbell and was unsure of its relevance with Michelle, so she asked Michelle why this granular level of information was necessary. Michelle educated her that a woman’s complete sexual health is often neglected simply because both the patient and the medical provider are often too uncomfortable to really approach it, and it’s a very critical part of a woman’s sexual health. Though Amy knew Michelle was right, it didn’t make the discussion any easier.

Knowing that Amy had adequately answered Michelle’s questions, Michelle added some humor that the inquisition period was over and they could begin the physical exam.

Through their discussion, Amy articulated that she was anxious not only at a doctor’s visit, but even more so at her annual exam. Michelle sensed that and confirmed that every woman was and that she would take great care in changing her perception of the examination experience. Amy thought that was a bit curious, but really didn’t give it any more thought.

Knowing it was “that time”, Amy glanced around the room for the curtain that she could slip behind to become nude for the exam, but she didn’t see one. Right at that moment, Michelle explained to Amy that she was going to finish up her notes and that she could slip out of her clothes for the exam. Amy asked her if she was missing the changing curtain, and Michelle explained that the room was remodeled recently and the curtain was missed, but if she was OK with changing with her in the room then that would cut down on a few moments of sitting on the table waiting for her to return for the exam.

That all made sense to Amy. As she slipped off her shoes and began to disrobe, Michelle paused and asked Amy if she wanted the nurse in the room to observe the exam. Amy thought that was state law, but much preferred fewer people in the room. Since she paused to answer, Michelle assured her that she was offering that option due to the expressed anxiety she had with the exam process. Amy smiled and really appreciated Michelle’s attention to detail and confirmed that she was completely at ease with it being just the two of them.

As Amy finished disrobing, she proceeded to the table where she expected to find the draping papers…the always too small paper vest and the lap sheath that was also worthless. However, neither prop was on the table. She was a little concerned about this; though the paper drapes were essentially worthless and that the doctor would see every ounce of her nude, it provided a mental security blanket that she could pretend to be covered. As a result of this sudden jolt of anxiety, Amy asked Michelle about the paper drapes.

Michelle shared that it’s part of her philosophy of helping women be more comfortable with their bodies and that unless the patient insists on them, she prefers that the patient is nude without the security of covering her body. Michelle went on to say that women should be very proud of their bodies and not be ashamed to be nude. Amy agreed with that and struggled with knowing Michelle was right and wanting the paper drapes. Michelle could see that she was concerned and offered to get her the paper drapes, and Amy went ahead and confirmed that Michelle was right and that she needed to embrace the philosophy, and there was no better time to start.

Michelle smiled and told Amy that she was very proud of her and commented that Amy should be very proud of her womanhood. Michelle helped Amy onto the exam table and had her lie back for the breast exam first.

The two women talked about everything from travels to exercising routines as Michelle felt deep into Amy’s breast. Her touch was not as clinical as Amy had expected. In fact, Michelle’s touch was slightly edgy and erotic. Amy couldn’t believe she was thinking that. Then Amy realized that her nipples were responding to Michelle’s touch. They were quite aroused. In fact, her nipples were about the most erect that she’s ever experience. This didn’t escape Michelle. She proceeded to do the breast examination, first Amy’s left breast and then Amy’s right breast. Amy had very full breasts, proportional but full. Michelle spoke to Amy about proper bra fitting and how that affected breast health. Michelle commented that Amy’s foundation garments were very supportive and that it was nice to see a woman have a properly fitted bra. Amy mentioned that she enjoyed nice lingerie. Michelle was quick to acknowledge that comment.

As Amy lie on the table having her breasts now massaged, she couldn’t’ believe that she was subtlety flirting with Michelle….tossing out there that she values nice lingerie! And, Michelle picked up on it and further commented! Amy thought to herself, “What are you doing?!”

By then, Michelle had thoroughly examined Amy’s breasts, but what came next Amy was not expecting. Michelle began to almost pinch and pull on her nipples. Amy softly and involuntarily gasped out of pure surprise, but at the same time it felt very good to her. Again, she couldn’t believe how good Michelle’s touch felt. Again, Michelle was aware of Amy’s reaction to her nipple exam and she was quite pleased with her response to having her nipples examined.

Michelle very calmly asked Amy if Dr. Campbell ever examined her nipples for discharge – a precursor to a variety of breast issues. Amy confirmed that Dr. Campbell had never examined her nipples like she was experiencing. Michelle assured her that this was something she does for patients and encouraged Amy to do this during her monthly self-breast exams. Michelle also encouraged Amy to engage her sexual partner(s) to do this test for her….suggesting that they could make it a fun part of their sensual relations.

While Amy was listening to everything Michelle was imparting to her, Amy realized that she was becoming very wet and excited. She was almost immediately in a panic knowing that after her breasts were sufficiently examined, Michelle was going to do the Pap smear, etc. She didn’t know how to address or better yet, hide her arousal!

With that thought, Michelle stopped examining Amy’s breasts and Amy was quietly disappointed that phase of the exam ended for more than one reason. Michelle began to slide out the stirrups and confirmed that Amy could slide to the end of the table. Of course, Amy was quite embarrassed to know that Michelle was going to detect her excitement. However, there was nothing else she could do but comply with the doctor’s request.

Once Amy’s bottom was sufficiently at the edge of the table, Michelle guided her feet into the stirrups Amy continued to keep her knees closed, like she said she wasn’t going to do. Michelle sat on the physician stool, turned on the exam light next to the table and gently parted Amy’s knees.

Amy closed her eyes in embarrassment, as she felt the wetness ooze from her vagina, wetting the lips of her pussy.

Michelle instantly saw Amy’s excitement and caught the scent of an aroused woman and Michelle was pleased that she had that affect on her. Knowing Amy was feeling vulnerable, but also wanting to help Amy embrace her womanhood, Michelle decided to let her know that it was completely normal to be sexually excited during her examination…especially for not having been touched this way in a long while. However, Amy couldn’t get past the fact that she was noticeably aroused during her annual exam. She could feel her heart racing; she was hot but cold all at the same time and her palms were perspiring. She just wanted to be done and gone, but at the same time, Amy was struggling with how good Michelle’s touch felt.

So, Michelle explained that she was going to do a visual and digital exam of Amy’s labia majora and labia minor, as well as her clitoris, vagina and rectum. Michelle was gentle when she told her that she wasn’t sure any lubricant was going to be needed. Great…just what Amy didn’t want to hear; she was embarrassed enough!

Michelle parted Amy’s lips and stroked every inch of her pussy for what seemed like forever. Amy’s nipples remained aroused and were pulsating, as was her vagina. All she could do was lie there and allow the examination go on. Michelle already knew she was aroused, so all Amy could do was resign herself to the obvious – she was enjoying the examination against her will. That in itself was funny to her.

As Michelle was essentially trying to arouse Amy more by rubbing her clitoris and massaging her engorged lips of her pussy, Amy’s breath had slipped into that familiar rhythm that women experience as their climax is building. Michelle was very pleased with her efforts this far. She found Amy to be very attractive – large, full breasts with firm, yet supple nipples, creamy skin, well groomed pussy area, long and sleek legs, polished finger and toe nails….Amy was put together and very much Michelle’s type.

Michelle began to smear some of her pre-cum down around Amy’s anus. Amy instinctively clenched her anal muscles and Michelle assured her that everything is OK and that she needs to relax in preparation for the anal exam which would be the last part of the exam. Just then, Michelle pressed two fingers into Amy’s vagina and firmly pressed her fingers on the back side of Amy’s clit, while she continued to gently, but firmly massage her clit.

Amy let out a moan that took both of them by surprise. Michelle instructed Amy to just go with what she was feeling, but she was going to continue the examination. She assured her that even if she climaxed it wouldn’t interfere with the exam.

Amy’s head was reeling! She couldn’t fathom cumming on the exam table! However, she was past the point of consideration…her body was fully engulfed in waves of a building orgasm!

Wanting to prolong Amy’s climax, Michelle removed her fingers from Amy’s vagina and she stopped rubbing her clit. Amy’s breathing was fast and rigid. It was then that Michelle asked her if she was ready for the speculum examination. All Amy could do was shake her head in confirmation. Michelle proceeded to pull the speculum out of the warming drawer and she applied some warmed lubricant to Amy’s vagina, albeit, they both knew she didn’t need any more lubricant.

Michelle slowly eased the speculum into Amy’s vagina and turned it so that it was in proper position. Michelle knew this was going to feel incredible to her. Amy’s pussy was completely engorged and to have something press into her and separate her vagina, while her vagina tried to grip onto it out of necessity, would make the Pap smear unforgettable for Amy. As Michelle prepared to collect the tissue specimen, she could see Amy’s vagina trying to pull the speculum in deeper, but it was as far as it would go in. She also saw Amy grasping the sides of the table, which greatly pleased her that a patient was enraptured with such a physical response.

So, Michelle suggested that Amy let go of the table and enjoy massaging her breasts and nipples while she quickly perform the Pap smear. Amy couldn’t believe what she heard….the doctor suggesting that she feel her tits and nipples in an erotic manner why they continue with the examination! It was surreal!

Amy wasn’t initially comfortable with that idea, so she continued to grip the edges of the table. Sensing that she wasn’t comfortable, Michelle decided to try to help Amy become more at ease.

With the speculum spreading her wide open and with Amy’s vagina pulsating against the speculum, Michelle took her index and middle fingers and spread apart further, Amy’s labia and began teasing her clitoris again. It didn’t take long before Amy began pleasuring her nipples – massaging them, pinching them, pulling on them…. Michelle was pleased with the progress they were making.

After the clinical specimen was collected, Michelle removed the speculum and Amy let out a disappointing moan. Michelle smiled at Amy and explained that she needed to reinsert her fingers into her vagina so she could perform the rectal exam. Amy always dreaded the rectal exam but today was a much different story. She pressed her head back against the very flat pillow, let her knees fully part, while Michelle’s left hand softly and slowly rubbed her clit in small circles as she inserted her pinky finger deep into her ass and her thumb into Amy’s vagina. Amy closed her eyes and continued to pinch and pull her nipples, and found herself asking Michelle if she could cum!

Michelle encouraged her to climax and just as she affirmed that she should, Amy gripped the table edges again and about half sat up as her body rocked with the strongest orgasm she’s ever had. After what seemed like forever, Amy’s orgasm began to subside and the reality that her gynecologist finger-fucked her was both embarrassing yet exciting to her!

Michelle gently suggested that Amy needed that and that she was quite happy to have been able to help her. She went ahead and placed some paper towels on Amy’s abdomen so that she could wipe herself up once Michelle left the room. As the appointment was ending, Michelle confirmed that the results of the test would be back in a week and that the office girls would be in touch with her then. As Michelle left Amy to get dressed, she shared that she left Amy her card with her personal phone number on it should she have any questions about the examination today, or was interested in getting together outside of the clinical setting…

Amy realized that Dr. Schellean was interested in a sensual rendezvous with her and Amy was interested in connecting with Michelle to explore new sexual experiences.

The End

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