Oh Doctor! Stage 01

Lena was in a bit of a bind. In the last year, she’d gone through an unexpected divorce. It was a stereotypical “corporate-man-starts-fucking-secretary-and-shafts-loyal-thirty-something-wife” affair. Her ex-husband had been the conservative sort that expected Lena to stay home and make house, so she did not have a career of her own. And Lena’s husband had been conservative in most other regards as well. They had married young, and he had always resisted everything except for standard missionary sex. Then he hooked up with his secretary, who fucked and sucked in every way and at every opportunity. Soon, Lena was moving out of her expensive house and into single bedroom squalor to make room for Ms. Secretary. Her middle-class friends shied away from her, as though secretary-fucking might be a communicable disease. Lena was socially screwed and financially screwed. And, at thirty-seven, she had never been physically screwed to any sort of reasonable satisfaction.

Poor Lena took a job at a local fifties-themed cafĂ©. Dazed by her husband’s betrayal, she’d been pressured into a quick divorce that somehow left her without financial compensation. So she served coffee and bussed tables for 11.50 an hour. Her bills kept mounting. Her useless lawyer wanted money, and her credit card was maxed from a foolish break-up spending binge.

Now it was crisis time. Her paycheque wasn’t going to cover April’s rent. Lena sat at her battered kitchen table running her hands through her short, spiky brown hair. After the divorce, she’d cut it off in a bid to save some money. Her chocolate eyes were glossy with tears and fatigue. Without a miracle, Lena would have nowhere to live. Her breasts heaved inside her cheap cotton t-shirt. She snapped open her laptop and pulled up Google:

“Quick Money in Denver.”

She scrolled past Pyramid Knife schemes, calls for topless models, telemarketing scams and casino ads. She paused. A posting caught her eye.

Medical research study needs subjects. Female age 30-45. No risk. Substantial compensation. Contact 555-641-0870. Serious Interest only, please.

Medical Research? She’d probably fill out questionnaires, maybe have to do some exercise or something. Easy stuff. She pulled up the research facility website. It looked legitimate. And she was feeling desperate.

Lena’s hand shook as she snapped open her cell phone. She wiped a damp palm on her round, jean-clad thigh and dialled the number. It rang several times. Just as Lena was about to hang up, someone answered.

“Hello? XY Research institute?” A woman’s voice. Friendly but businesslike.

“Yes. Hi…” Lena responded hesitantly, and trailed off.

“This is Emma. May I help you?”

Lena took a deep breath.

“I read your ad online? For research subjects? I-I really hope I might be able to do this. I need the money so I don’t lose my apartment and I just don’t know what else I’m going to do…” Lena sobbed.

“How old are you, my dear?” The voice was calm and soothing and cut through her tears.

“I’m 37.”

“Are you in good health? Do you exercise?”

“Well, I used to. Now I’m always working.”

“What is your height and weight? Your build?”

“I’m 5 foot ten and a hundred and fifty pounds. So, um, curvy but still in OK shape, I guess.”

“Do you smoke?”

“No. Well, a bit of pot once and a while…”

“That’s fine. How often do you drink?”

“Oh, once every week or two.”

“It sounds like you’re an ideal candidate. Can you come in for an interview this week?”

“Ok. What exactly is this research study?”

“The doctor is concerned about revealing too much information, I’m afraid. There’s a great deal of competition in his field. If you are accepted, you will sign a confidentiality agreement and then receive more details. All I can currently tell you is that there is no lasting harm and no risk involved. You will be back working the next day.”

“That sounds alright. What is the compensation?”

“It depends a bit on what nature of subject you become. If you fit all the criteria and are part of the full experimentation procedure, you’ll be paid eighteen thousand dollars from our private donation fund. Fortunately, our contributors feel this sort of research is very important and are willing to back that up with their wallets.”

Lena gasped. She could pay off her pushy lawyer, clear her credit card, and catch up on her rent. She prayed that she could make this money.

Emma made an appointment for Lena to be interviewed the following day, after her coffee shop shift ended at 4. Lena thanked her. She hung up the phone and cried with relief.

After work the next day, Lena rushed to the address of the research institute. Her boss had kept her late cleaning out the cappuccino machine. Her hair was tousled and standing up at angles. Her vintage-style, pencil-skirted white uniform was definitely worse for wear. Lena had hoped to run home and freshen up, but there was simply no time. She had no idea how sexy she looked in her dishevelled dress, her smudged eye makeup and her fist-fussed hair-do. Her top button had given up the battle with her D-sized cleavage, and her ample backside strained against her crumpled skirt. Her legs were bruised but looked endless and inviting. Her lips were bitten rosy from nervousness. She walked into the Institute reception area and Emma’s eyebrows rose. She crossed her legs behind the desk and smiled.

“You must be Lena. Thanks for coming. Doctor Ellis will be with you shortly. Would you like some coffee?”

“No thanks.” Lena stammered. Emma was gorgeous. Wide cheekbones and eyes, curling, long black hair and a wide smile on a tight, tiny package. Lena felt intimidated and insecure around stunning, small women like Emma. She felt giant and gawky. But Emma`s manner was very friendly.

“I love your hair, Lena. Most women can’t pull off such a short style. But it looks fantastic with a face as flawless as yours is!”

“Thanks” responded Lena awkwardly. “I was just thinking how much I love yours.”

Emma grinned. “I’d love to go short like you. It can be so… assertive. But I look like a boy without my hair.”

Lena laughed. “I don’t think you could ever look like a boy!”

Just then, Emma’s phone buzzed. She stood and opened the oak door at the back of the room.

“Go on in, Lena. The Doctor is ready for your interview. Good Luck!”

Lena stood up and crossed through the door. Doctor Ellis rose from behind his desk and offered her his hand. He was a touch taller than her, with cropped dark hair, square glasses and a slightly wild beard. He looked every bit of the distracted professor. As Lena’s brown eyes met his, though, a shiver ran unexpectedly up her spine. His blue eyes seemed to devour her for a moment, raking over her body and back up to her face as though he had just stripped her naked. She figured it must just be a glance of medical appraisal and told herself to stop being foolish. The doctor gestured at the wooden chair across his desk and Lena sat down.

“So, you must be Ms. Lena. I know Emma began a cursory interview over the phone. I have her notes here, so we can just continue on with the questions, if that is acceptable.” His voice was warm and gently-pitched, but somewhat curt, like he was used to issuing directives. Emma nodded at him, and clenched her hands in her lap.

“Alright, then. You don’t have heart disease, blood pressure diseases, any sort of communicable disease?”


“Do you have any children?”


“But you have a regular menstrual cycle? You are sexually active?”

“My period is normal. I, uh, haven’t been, uh, active, in a while.” Lena blushed.

“Excellent. When was your last period?”

“I finished a week and a half ago.”

“Good. Would you be willing to have a blood test? My study involves tracking hormone levels.”

“That should be fine.” Dr. Ellis pushed a button and Emma appeared with blood-drawing equipment. The doctor and Emma exchanged glances. Lena didn’t notice. She was startled that he planned to do the test instantly. Emma put her hand on Lena’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I’m a nurse. This won’t hurt a bit. Just look the other way.”

Lena turned her face away and felt two

…wait, two?

quick pinches on her inner arm.

“Sorry.” exclaimed Emma. “Missed the vein that first time.”

Lena relaxed.

Doctor Ellis cleared his throat.

“Emma can take your baseline measurements now and then we can sign the confidentiality form. I think you will suit my project nicely, Ms. Lena.”

Lena sighed with relief. Emma pulled out a measuring tape.

“Lift your arms please.”

Emma slid the tape around the fullest swell of Lena’s breasts. Her fingers lightly brushed across her nipples as she pulled the tape tight. Lena had extremely sensitive nipples and they sprang to attention.

“38.” Emma dictated, and the doctor scribbled it down on his clipboard. He leaned back in his chair and waited.

The measuring tape snaked around Lena’s waist.


The tape now wrapped low around Lena’s hips. Emma’s fingers grazed Lena’s bottom and then circled to the front as she brought the tape in. Her fingertips ended up pushing firmly into the vee of Lena’s crotch through her tight skirt. Lena was embarrassed to feel herself growing warm and damp. Emma’s body pressed against her as she read the measurement.


Dr. Ellis wrote the last figure down and steepled his fingers under his chin.

“Perfect. Now you just need to sign here, Ms. Lena.”

Lena was feeling quite odd. Her breasts were engorged and her panties were suddenly slick inside her dress. She figured she should ask some questions, but her brain seemed slow after the distraction of being measured. She rather wanted Emma to touch her again.

“Well, um, what exactly is expected of me?” A wave of heat flowed up between her legs and settled at the base of her belly. Lena swallowed.

“Nothing is expected, Ms. Lena. We are interested in natural responses to stimuli. Just sign here. Now.”

A shock ran up Lena’s arm as Doctor Ellis grasped her hand. His was dry and hot. He pushed the pen into her fingers and pursed his finely drawn lips.

“Sign here.” His voice changed slightly as he said this. It was a bit louder, with an arrogant command snapping through it. He drew her hand over to the paper. Lena signed the sheet and then looked down at herself. She felt hot. Too hot. Her skin felt sticky and she didn’t like it. She watched her fingers reach down and undo another button on her blouse.

What the Hell?

She felt a bit better.

“Undo the rest. ” Lena’s head snapped up. Dr. Ellis was suddenly standing next to her, clipboard in his hand.

“What?” She resisted a desire to run her hands through his mink hair.

Something was happening to her.

“Take. Off. Your Dress. Quickly .” Dr. Ellis gestured towards her.

No sooner were the words out of his mouth then Emma was kneeling between Lena’s legs, briskly unfastening the buttons up the front of her uniform. Lena was confident somewhere in the back of her mind that this was not scientifically appropriate, but the rest of her brain was fixated on Emma’s hands stroking her belly beneath her opened garment. The back of Emma’s hands ran up the inside of Lena’s thighs and cupped her mound with her palm. Then she stood again.

Did that just happen?

“Let’s go to the lab.”

The doctor strode out of the room. Emma eased Lena up from the chair and slipped her arms out of her dress. Lena was led out of the reception room in her black bra and boy short panties and into the back of the facility. A blur of hallways and doors spun past her fevered eyes as Emma moved her along. Then they were in a large, brightly lit room with an examination table, a chair and a tray of cloth-covered tools waiting. The Doctor had his back turned to a counter in the corner, where he gathered a handful of shining instruments.

“Get up on the table now, Ms. Lena.”

Some rational instinct prompted Lena to back away. Just as quickly, Emma grasped her shoulder with a shockingly firm grip and propelled her over to the table. She resisted, but felt loose and shaky. She was soon seated on the edge of a starched white sheet. Emma unfastened Lena’s bra and pulled it off. Just as quickly, she slid her Lena’s panties off her hips and pushed her down onto the table.

“Please put the restraints on this time, Emma.” Doctor Ellis spoke from across the room. Lena felt dizzy. The room spun and she closed her eyes for a moment.

When she opened her eyes again, Lena was strapped down on the table. Her wrists were crossed and clipped to a rest above her head. Her knees were drawn open and lashed to metal rails at her sides.


She wanted to speak, but her mouth was silenced by a rubber probe with a cord running from its back. She felt something clipped to her ear, and cold plastic stuck to various places on her torso.

“Welcome back, Ms. Lena.” Doctor Ellis stepped back into view.

“You are fortunate to be the subject of an exciting experiment. We are investigating female sexual response. Pushing its boundaries, if you will. You’ve been given a supplement to enhance blood flow and nerve response. We will now apply a variety of sexual stimuli to you and monitor your response. There is equipment monitoring your heart rate, your blood flow, your temperature and your muscular reactions. We will also supplement this with more… empirical observations.”

Lena’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Should have insisted on details. This is sick.

She shook her head frantically and pulled against her restraints. Doctor Ellis passed his clipboard over her body to Emma.

“Alright Emma. Please take notes. At 17:46 we are ready to begin. Subject has received 30ccs of Compound #8. She is displaying typical initial resistance but appears to be physically primed.” The doctor reached down, pushing past Lena’s engorged lower lips, and slid his index finger firmly into her pussy. He crooked his finger inside of her.

“Certainly sufficiently lubricated. Her vagina does, however, have the characteristic tightness of underuse.” He forced another finger into Lena as well. She moaned behind her gag. The Doctor began slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her prostrate body.

“Easily remedied. Emma? Please begin the secondary stimulation.” Lena moaned as Emma grasped her nipples in her fingertips and began tugging and rolling them. She circled Lena’s plump breasts with her palms and then continued pulling on her nipples. Lena felt molten fire drip down her torso between Emma’s insistent grip and Doctor Ellis’ plunging digits. He paused, and glanced over at a flickering screen of numbers.

“You can apply the clamps now, Emma.”


Lena pulled at her restraints but was securely fastened. Her nipples were hard red pebbles, held between Emma’s nimble fingers. The nurse trapped one more tightly between her thumb and index finger and pinched it. Hard. Emma gasped, in fear and at the flick of dragon’s tongue desire running down her chest and into her obscenely spread crotch.

Do I like this? I shouldn’t like this.

Emma turned and pulled the cloth covering off of the surgical tray. She retrieved a shining steel alligator clamp on a long chain and closed its teeth around Lena’s left nipple.

Her chest exploded with a kickback of crossed nerves. A whip of pain made her scream into her gag, then a warm, aching joy rolled in behind it, and flooded her drug-enhanced senses. She felt her pussy leaking juice onto the table.

Another nipple. Another clamp. Chains connected and pulled tight. A third trailed down her belly. Lena struggled to breathe. She sobbed, and ground her hips into the unyielding metal.

I want this to stop.

Liar. You want more.

Dr. Ellis reached down between her legs and began to roll her engorged button between his gloved fingers. He glanced up at his computer.

“The response is particularly marked this time, isn’t it Emma? And this is only Stage 1 solo!”

“Yes, Doctor. I think our subject might well achieve all of the project’s parameters. Perhaps even Stage 3?”


The Doctor firmly pulled back the hood of Lena’s clit with his thumb. Then he leaned forward and fastened his lips around the exposed organ. His tongue wiggled fiendishly against her most sensitive spot as he used suction to drag her nub into his mouth. His gloves clutched her inner thighs and dragged her open to his invasion. He coaxed her clit out, forcing the pink pearl to stand thicker and bigger and fill with blood.

Lena felt electric tingles working up her calves, down from her neck, pulsing in her pinched nipples. These shivers raced together like dynamite fuses towards a mighty explosion.

I am going to shatter from the force of this. Here it comes…

Swiftly, Doctor Ellis lifted his head, grabbed the third chained clamp and closed it around her pulsing nub.

Lena dropped into the darkest, most delicious, dripping orgasm of her under experienced life. A wave of liquid lava gushed from her clenching core. Every muscle seized up in fiery ecstasy.

!!!!!!!! I want this always.

The table rattled beneath her as she thrashed in her bonds. A road map of bliss ran from her glowing granite nipples, up the damp trail of her jugular to her pink ears, down the heaving hollow and round of her belly and into the newly opened centre of her physical universe.

Finally, Lena slumped back onto the table. Her cunt was glorious coral, glistening beneath the clamp and the cropped curl of her pubic hair. Her chest rose and fell in shallow rhythms as she recovered.

Emma ran her finger up the other woman’s neck and around the curve of her ear. She stepped back and began to remove her scrubs.

“I think it’s time for Stage 2. Don’t you, Doctor?”

the end

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