The Perfect Sex Robot

“Female med student seeks male for sex robot project.”

This is my honest recollection of how I got to this position: When I’m bored I do Internet searches based on whatever fantasy elements are running around in my head at the time. Last week I saw this ad in the free Sydney online classifieds. I like technology and have always been fascinated with robots. I answered the ad and after a few non-specific emails back and forth and a photo of me – Genie the med student and I met up on campus in one of the engineering storage rooms.

I was very excited to see the sex robot project and felt with my background in physics and computing we could really make something great. I was a little disappointed to see on the table just a bunch of thin friction buckle belts with wires, contact electrodes hanging from what looked like a stripped out hiking backpack and a bunch of electronics in boxes. The biggest box read “StockStill TM”. I had never heard of it before that evening.

I looked Genie the med student up and down. She was a little curvy with long brown curly hair tied back in a bun high on the back of her head. Her skin was pale but her features looked Middle-eastern or maybe Indian. Her eyes were dark, almost black and her long lashes made them look very sultry. Her breasts were very nice, I studied them in depth, round and full and tonight she was showing just a peek of cleavage.

Trying to sound smart I asked — “Is this some sort of motion capture suit?”

Genie nodded, “Yes, to capture your movements, very cleaver.”

She pointed to the aerial and the WiFi router and the computer and said “…it all runs through a standard LAN network so I can use it over the Internet anywhere in the world.”

She hid a little grin behind her hand.

I was a little confused as to why that information was relevant at this point. I was too excited, my mind was racing with sex and robots and possibilities to really care, and there was that look in her eyes that was deeply sexy.

She continued: “The rig is ready. Would you like to try it on now?”

[me?] I thought. [well I guess I could try it to check data flow and set up a model or whatever we were doing] so I nodded.

Genie gave me a glass of water and two large pills. One pink and square and the long and white. “Take these, they will stop you from feeling any.. …discomfort from the electrical current.”

I took them in my hand and asked, “What do you mean?”

Genie explained, “The rig uses a very small electrical current with your muscles to capture your exact movement. It’s safe.” and she grabbed a part of the rig with a metal contact on it and turned the machine on and off to demonstrate.

Seemed reasonable, I downed both pills with the water.

“Now, we need to get the contacts… in contact-

(Genie hid a giggle with the back of her hand and gave me another sexy look)

-with the skin on your arms and legs. Just take off your jeans and you can put them back on over the top.” She turned to face away from me in the small utility room.

About 10 minuets went by as I struggled to put on the harness, tighten up all the buckles and get back into my clothes. I started to feel my lips buzzing. And a strange kind of distanced feeling.

Genie saw me repeatedly licking my lips as said in a stern voice, “Stop that!”

I stopped.

“Stand at attention!”

My body moved to attention before I realized she was speaking. The room was flickering and trailing a little, my eyes seemed to jump slowly around the room on their own. The lights in the room seemed to be dimming or like a tunnel was forming around my head.

Genie explained, “The pills you took were ‘Codeine’ and ‘Scopolamine’. Separately they are pain and travel sickness medication for animals, but once metabolized together they make the drug ‘sodium pentathol’ you have probably seen in movies about spies. It’s called often truth serum but it actually does more. You are now fully under my control.”

I continued to stand at attention. Genie moved over to the big workbench and positioned a web cam on a laptop I hadn’t noticed before.

“During this test I will be administering several physical and electrical challenges to subject M3.” She turned to me and said you are M3, repeat your name for the camera.”

Once again I acted before I understood what was happening and said, “Yes, I am M3”. Looking straight into the webcam. I was hearing myself but taking some time to realize what I was saying. I thought about sitting down but could not move. Or could not make myself move at least.

Genie forced back a smile and said, “Remove all your clothes. ”

I took off my shirt and jeans, shoes and socks but my boxers were on under the harness. I fiddled with the harness but could see no way to remove it.

Genie just watched me struggle for thirty seconds or so. She covered her face before saying, “Stop. Hold still.” She was grinning madly, really getting excited.

I stopped and she took a pair of side cutters and snipped off my shorts. “Put these on.” She handed me a cock ring and attached butt plug.

I put the cock ring on, she shot some electro-gel into my ass as lube and slipped in the plug. When she clipped the strap at the back I felt the ring and the plug pull tight.

“This is the Gen 3 human control harness”, she said to the camera as she locked the ring and plugged the wires into the box at the back. “It can both unstoppably flex, rigify or relax the limbs, modify speech, induce pain or unconsciousness and produce or block erections and ejaculation.”

Genie lowered a winch with a large carabina and hooked it to the back of my harness. It took a few seconds for what she said to sink in and I started to say, “I don’t want-”

“Stop. Silence!” The orders hit me like a slap.

Once again I froze unable to control my body, like in a dream when you want to move but you just don’t.

Genie took a collar from the back of the harness and clicked it around my neck. ” This attachment allows modulation or arrest of the larynx. Allowing control over both pitch and volume of the subjects voice to the upper limit of hearing and to complete mute.”

I was confused and I did not say anything. Or try.

Genie continued, “Test one, Friday the 12 of June 2010 7.55pm, Total limb relaxation at 60 volts.”

Genie tapped her i-phone and I fell instantly into the harness dangling from the winch line like a fish. My arms and legs totally jelly. An intense itching all over.

“Lift your arms!” Commanded Genie, I couldn’t but I was trying to push my legs down to take the weight off the harness that was cutting into my thighs. I could feel a little give in my legs but no strength at all.

Genie took a g-clamp from the workbench and clamped it on my ear hard. I could feel the pain but I was having trouble taking a breath.

“Take the clamp off your ear!”

I tried to move but nothing happened, I was starting to feel very short of breath.

Genie looked closely at my face and said to the camera “Test ended, evidence of early asphyxia 8.01pm” and tapped her phone again.

I immediately gained control of my legs and could breath normally again.

“Stand at attention!” Ordered Genie “Confirm your name.”

“M3” came out as I snapped to attention.

Genie added, “Now repeat: M3 is ready for Test 2”

“M3 is ready for Test 2” but I wasn’t.

I reached up to take the clamp off my ear-

“Stop! You can take that off in the next test.” Genie’s face a glow with lust.

To be continued…

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