Granddaughter’s Treatment 3

Emily let Conrad lead her into the lavish dining room. Normally fit for dinner parties, Josiah insisted on using it for family dinners as well. Rachel would not be dining with them that evening, and Josiah was clearly surprised at her absence. Conrad smiled charmingly as he steered Emily to a chair and had her sit down. She blushed furiously under Josiah’s gaze.

“Rachel is undergoing treatment, and is unfit to attend dinner.”

“Unfit! What happened to her? I thought she–” Josiah was silenced as Conrad raised a hand.

“She’s quite well, she’s simply undergoing an intensive treatment at the moment and is unable to join us. I assure you, you will notice a marked difference in her demeanor when you do see her.” He turned to Emily, seated next to him, “Emily is assisting me with Rachel’s treatment. She is perfectly suited to the role, and quite obedient. I simply cannot manage her alone, and I require someone who is dispassionate and able to quickly follow instruction; you understand why I could not ask you.”

“I — Of course,” Josiah said, glancing once more at Emily, who seemed to hunch herself over all the more in an effort to make herself less noticeable. “Well, sit up, girl!” Josiah bellowed. Emily sat, arrow straight, and staring ahead at her plate. Josiah was unaccustomed to girls following his commands, and he wasn’t sure he liked it. Rachel would have arched her back, slowly, displaying her small breasts. Emily, however, looked like she was straining to maintain her posture.

Despite her inelegance, Emily was appealing to the eye. Though she lacked Rachel’s delicate features and bright eyes, she had a handsome face. Her eyebrows arched very prettily over large, doe-like eyes. Her mouth was full and sensuous, and her breasts were large as her hips were wide. It was probably a godsend that she carried herself with a complete lack of grace, or else a simple switch of her hips would have every man in the household distracted and agitated.

Josiah maintained conversation with Conrad, but he took in how the young man treated the maid. While Emily didn’t shift as Rachel had done, she remained flushed and flustered easily if anyone spoke to her.

“I would very much like to see how Rachel’s treatment is progressing, being a student myself,” Josiah mused near the end of their meal.

“I would love to have you up to my rooms later in the month to see, however, I must warn you that Rachel is in a precarious position at the moment. I believe she manipulated your affection for her and was able to retard her progress these past few years. If she sees you, it may well have an adverse effect on her treatment.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

After dinner, Conrad sent Emily to her room, telling her that he would require her services again in an hour. She nodded, and without a word, walked uncomfortably up the stairs, gripping the metal balls inside of her as tightly as she could. With every step, they gently bumped against each other, sending vibrations through her, and causing her muscles to shudder uncontrollably. When she finally made it to her tiny attic bedroom, she was shaking and her palms were damp. Conrad lingered only a moment to watch her progress before turning and going up to his private wing.

Rachel was nearly unconscious when he found her, and he watched, silently, the room lit only by moonlight, as the machine started up again. She had hardly any voice left, but let out a soft moan as the eggs began throbbing inside of her. Her back arched involuntarily, and as it did, he saw the chair below her was drenched. As the machine wound down, he turned it off with a click.

“Were you able to achieve release?” He asked.

Rachel shook her head, her hips pushing up, almost imperceptibly, with need.

“That’s a shame,” Conrad replied, and left, closing the door behind him, leaving her with the now dormant eggs deep inside of her. In the adjoining room, he waited for Emily. When she arrived, exactly one hour from when they had parted, he pulled her into the room by her shoulder and shut the door quietly. He had pushed the pommel against the wall, and had set up a simple padded table.


Emily did as she was told, quickly stripping.

“Please have a seat.” Conrad glanced over his shoulder at the woman. Emily’s physique was grotesque to him; she had big, heavy breasts with little pink nipples that stiffened in the sudden cold, making her breasts tighten and rise up, as if offering themselves out to whomever might be interested. Her waist was narrow, but her hips and buttocks were wide and full. If anything, he thought her legs were her best feature. She had long shapely legs, and small narrow feet. Her hair was pulled up tightly, and her cheeks were pink with embarrassment and fear.

“Lie back. I have a device I would like you to use on Rachel, but it requires some preparation.”

Trembling, Emily did as she was told, pushing herself back onto the table and lying down, with her legs together. Conrad pushed them apart firmly, and she didn’t dare to pull them back. He gently felt around her sex, swiping two fingers around her inner lips. She shivered, and stared at the ceiling. Satisfied, Conrad slicked his fingers with lubricant, and slid one gently into her tunnel. She gripped him tightly, on instinct, and Conrad slapped her sharply.


She took a deep breath and tried to lie as still as possible. Conrad felt inside her until he grasped the little balls he had asked her to wear, and pulled them out, replacing them inside the little wooden box. He then lifted a leather harness up, and attached a thick black rubber phallus to it, extending a full seven or eight inches. Emily was already shaking her head in fear, but he then turned it around, and attached a more slender, curved phallus to the other side. Emily watched with a mixture of fascination and terror.

Conrad slicked the smaller phallus with lubricant, and gently but firmly slit it inside of her. It was cold and hard in her hot tunnel, and she gripped it instinctively, feeling herself ache with need. Obscenely, the thicker phallus was now jiggling softly from her pelvis, as though she were a man. Emily’s stomach did somersaults as Conrad efficiently belted and locked her into the harness with a little key.

“Sit up slowly and carefully. Don’t hurt yourself.” Conrad held out an arm to help her, and Emily did as she was told. He helped her off of the table, and retrieved her corset.

“Put out your arms.”

He proceeded to lace her tightly into it, reaching around once to adjust her breasts so that they nearly overflowed. With every pull of the laces, the large phallus on her harness bounced. A long black cord extended from the harness to a box with switches and dials on it.

“Wait here.”

Emily waited as Conrad went into the adjoining room. Rachel was lying with her eyes closed, and breathing deeply. Conrad quietly and gently released her from it, sliding the eggs from her dripping sex. He freed her from her bondage, and gently lifted her into his arms. She was small, a delicate creature, with fine bone structure, small breasts, and large blue eyes. He carried her, sleeping soundly, into the adjoining room where Emily stood waiting, the thick black phallus swaying gamely from her pubis. He laid her upon the padded table and gently secured her arms and legs, pulling her thighs apart, and fastening her ankles to her thighs, so that they were bent at the knee. He adjusted the height of the table, and saw her eyes fluttering. He gestured frantically to Emily, and positioned her so that the phallus was at the entrance to Rachel’s vagina. The tip of it was absurdly large, and hit Rachel’s clitoris bluntly. Conrad swiftly lubricated it, and guided it in. Rachel’s eyes snapped open and she thrashed passionately, but Conrad pushed Emily’s hips hard, and saw the phallus sink deep inside Rachel, to the hilt.

Emily stopped, unsure of what to do, and Conrad held her hips and guided her, rocking back and forth so that she fucked Rachel with the dildo. Emily seemed in shock, but when Conrad let go, she kept moving at the same pace. Rachel was staring up at her drunkenly, unsure of what was happening. Conrad stepped over to the box attached to Emily’s harness, and paused to watch the women together. Emily’s buttocks was firm and shapely, and he saw with pleasure that she was standing on tiptoe to reach the table. Her delicate little feet were arched beautifully. Rachel’s feet arched with Emily’s every thrust.

Conrad flipped a switch and turned the first dial, watching eagerly. Emily jerked back, pulling out of Rachel, gasping, and Rachel squealed. The outward phallus was visibly vibrating. Emily thrust forward, with vigor, and Rachel arched against her, trying to pull her legs together, and around Emily. Conrad turned the dial up a notch, and he saw Emily’s leg shake, as she too felt the vibrations deep inside of her. The insides of her thighs were slick, reflecting the light. She increased her tempo, with every thrust, the dildo inside of her pushed deep into her. Conrad turned the dial up three notches, and adjusted the second dial, the pulse setting. Both women moaned wordlessly, and he could see them thrusting against one another. Emily was reduced to leaning over Rachel and humping against her, like a dog. As each climaxed, sometimes together, sometimes alone, they uttered animal-like howls and whimpers. He turned both dials up, as far as he dared, and Emily collapsed on top of Rachel, kissing and sucking her small breasts, frantically. The tools vibrated powerfully inside both of them, and their hips continued to rock together in manic bursts. Quickly, Conrad shut off the machine, and pulled Emily roughly off of Rachel.

“Go into the other room and wait there,” he barked, furious. Legs shaking, she went as fast as she could, almost tipping over into a wall. With the door shut, Conrad unbuttoned his trousers, and once again, slid deep inside of Rachel. Her ravaged tunnel was hot and throbbing, and tremors of vibration still ran through her entire body. His erection was painful, it was so hot and thick, pulsing with need. He thrust wildly into her, without care or consideration, and let out a yell as his testicles tightened and released his seed deep inside of her. Rachel lay gasping for breath, sweat dripping over her breasts and belly.

Conrad panted, unaware of what he had just done. Then leaned down and began to kiss and suck madly at Rachel’s sex, sliding his tongue deep inside of her, tasting himself and scooping out his seed with the tip of his tongue. Rachel’s thighs shook and the buckles that restrained her rattled. She moaned hoarsely, her fists clenching and gripping ineffectively.

From the other room, Emily knelt, staring through the keyhole at Conrad’s treatment. Conrad stood up and walked away, leaving Rachel alone, trembling. He returned with a small, oval shaped bowl. It had a black rubbed seal around its edge, and a tube at its center, which Conrad attached to a hand held pump with a gauge. He placed this firmly over Rachel’s quivering sex, and began to pump. He focused on gently pumping and watching the gauge. Emily could see Rachel’s sex enlarging grotesquely, pink and slick. After a moment, white liquid gushed from her, and Conrad kept pumping. Her sex kept filling the bowl, more white seed pushing out of her and into the device. Rachel whimpered, too exhausted to care at what happened to her. When it seemed no more semen would come out, and Rachel’s sex was pushed against the sides of the bowl, Conrad released the suction, breaking the seal and removing the bowl. Rachel’s genitals remained obscenely engorged, however, and Conrad leaned down, flicking a tongue over her lips and clitoris, making Rachel shudder and squirm.

Emily stared, feeling her own sex throb and lubricate, the slim phallus inside of her not sufficient to meet her needs, not without the vibration. She fumbled at the harness, trying to undo the belt, but looked down and remembered, to her dismay, that she was locked into it. She gripped the large black phallus protruding from her, and pushed it hard against her sex, causing the slightest of thrusts inside of her. Frantically, she did this as she watched Conrad and Rachel through the keyhole.


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