The Perfect Sex Robot 4

Sex robot M3 end of day two.

I waited outside the pie shop for an hour and my bruised feet ached and pulsed. I was relieved not to be getting honks and abuse from passing cars. But plenty of tourists coming in and out of the Powerhouse museum Sydney took my picture and laughed at me in my pink with purple trim fairy costume. Finally I got a text:

Go to an internet café and open yahoo msngr.

I walked around darling harbor looking for an internet café with no luck. I headed back up toward the city and found a convenience store with a few PCs. The Arabic looking man behind the counter just starred at me and did not answer when I asked to use the computers. After a minute or so I gave up and walked up one block to the next convenience store. The Indian looking woman was very friendly and helpful and I got online.

Genie connected straight away but did not say anything. After ten minutes of my sitting in the window, tutu in the air looking at the computer the shop assistant came over to ask if I was OK. I said I was just waiting for yahoo to connect and she smiled and patted my head.

Genie finally sends a message:


I waited… and after I don’t know how long Genie wrote:

Where are you M3?

I wrote just off Sussex street near China town.

A long pause before:

Go back to the library and collect your things. You have 30minuets, if you are late they will close and you won’t be able to get your clothes, wallet and keys.

I logged off and ran out of the store. I ran in the wrong direction for a minute before looking at the time on the phone. 4.55pm I guess it must close at 5.30pm. I took a breath and got my bearings. I up to Pitt street, left and all the way up to the mall and then up along Macquarie to the library.

I looked again at the time as I walked up the stairs 5.08pm. Out of breath I pushed the door but it did not open. Some people in the Library started looking at me. I gestured that I want to come in. They just kept looking. After I tried the other door a woman inside made a point at her watch motion and I made one back thinking that the closing time was 5.30pm. I looked on the door and it said –Saturdays, Sundays and Pub. Hol. 5pm.

I was now stuck in the city with no money, train ticket, wallet or house keys wearing a pink fairy costume and tights with a lace mask glued to my face hand clasped zip-tied around a fairy wand I could not release.

I got a text:

Are you there yet?

I typed:

Yes — it’s closed.

Genie the med student’s reply:

Take a picture of yourself waiting outside the closed library door, make sure I can see your face and the opening times. Then I’ll tell you how to collect your things from the locker.

I took the picture and waited for a response.

The Library Guard moved me on and I walked down to martin place to sit on the bench.

I got a text:

There are three ways:

1.Wait outside the library like a garden fairy until it opens in the morning.

2.Walk home, break into your house and come back tomorrow.

3.Break the glass on the door and run in to get your things and try to run away before you get arrested.

Text part two

Personally I’m happy to let you decide which. This has been fun for me today and I think we got some good data. The Pictures and video of you running around the city in that fairy costume really help illustrate the written section of my report.

Text part three

In future you can think about what happened today. Maybe you will think about obeying my exact instructions, not going outside set test criteria or thinking for yourself too much. You are my sex robot. You do what I want.

I walked home, about four hours I think, my pink slippers worn through. In the fading light I got some honks and whistles, but as soon as it was dark I was anonymous. I climbed in through the back balcony and sliding doors — they are easier to open that I expected — I will need to get a better lock… I fell asleep in costume, over the covers.

End of Day two.

Sex robot M3 experiment day 3

I woke up before 6am Sunday morning. After a night of waking suddenly every few hours still full of adrenaline from the stress of day before then drifting off again. Already I had a message from Genie reminding me to write a journal of my experience in her tests.

I trolled through our emails before our meeting and my “volunteering” to be her robot slave and the emails texts and videos I had with me and started writing.

It was difficult to keep the events of Friday night separate from the shock of watching the videos on Saturday morning. The memory loss from the Codeine / Scopolamine combination was making the order of events very difficult to keep straight. I hoped I was imagining some parts and checked the brands on my balls — no, that part was real. I just wrote what I thought and hoped that honesty over exact detail was as important as she said.

I typed away for about three hours and sent off Friday to now, Sunday morning and made some breakfast. I got a knock at the door and it was a Currier — She asked for “Robot M3” and I said I was. She gave me a stylus and a digital pad to sign. Before handing me a big box with a wink. I had answered the door in the fairy costume.

I put the box on the table and finished breakfast. I was curious about it’s contents, but sure it was not going to be good for me.

I caved to the curiosity and ripped open the box. A new WiFi router / modem 1000m range.

That was a pleasant surprise.

Under it a box of four wireless servo pan and tilt web cams and I felt like I knew where this was going. Under that were some power boards and extension cords and the “Human control harness” from Friday night complete with butt plug and cock ring electrodes and a “Postal Instructions” note:


You are performing well as my test subject. Install this new hardware as follows: Place one camera on the bookshelf to the left of your desk, one on top of your sink in the bathroom, one facing out your front window and one at facing out your glass back door. Do not put the harness on until instructed, the locks will only release via commands from my terminal. You will not be able to remove it without my authorization.

I finished installing the cameras and took a shower and dressed to go into Sydney to collect my wallet keys and clothes from the library locker. Just as I was about to go I heard Genies voice:

“Stop! M3, come to your computer. I want to test your new cameras… …other than the footage I just got of you in the shower… –[low giggle]- Go into the kitchen.”

I walked into the kitchen.

“Good, I can see you from camera 2”

I didn’t even see it turn on.

“You better be off to collect your things from the Library locker, they throw away unclaimed items you know. Just leave your front door unlocked, I will watch to make sure no one robs you. If your keys are gone you will need to get a new set from the land lord tomorrow.”

As instructed I left the place unlocked and went into Sydney to collect my things. The Locker was just how I left it and I got in and out without a fuss. When I came home I found my bedroom door open and a footlocker with a digital lock in the hall opposite a camera.

I heard Genie’s voice much louder now coming through my stereo:

“M3 Welcome home, I don’t think you will need so many clothing choices. All your clothes are in that locker. Left side lid for fancy dress right for normal. I threw away the things I didn’t like and plugged your PC into the stereo. Tonight you will be doing a job for me at the university. Instructions are on your phone. ”

The text popped up on my phone:

At 5.30pm you will go to my university, veterinary science lab 2.

You will wear the Lab coat in the locker and nothing under it except your shoes. You will clean all the glass wear with the following method:

Scrub them with the brush and cold soapy water until the gunk is gone. Use the smaller brush to scrub them with hot clean water. Rinse them with weak acid solution then water then weak base solution then water again. Finally rise each piece with Methanol. Stack the glass as per wall chart.

As I was reading I got another text:

Stand on one foot and take off your shirt.

I did. I heard the web cam pan around.

A few moments went by… Before I heard:

“Good M3 we have an interested party. I was tempted to keep you all to myself, especially considering what happened with other test subjects… Hmm, well, that shouldn’t concern you… You have the day free, but be on time at the university this evening.”

I arrived at the university and checked the map on the sign in the carpark. I was surprised to see the medical science lab open and no one around but I guess on a Sunday afternoon — who would be?

I started cleaning the glass wear; there were 8 or 10 sets of 5 pieces and some metal odds and ends. I was cleaning for about 15minutes when I heard someone come into the lab. The sink I was using was at the back where all the solvents and cleaning stuff is stored. I heard young women talking in low voices but could not catch what they were saying. I cleaned quieter and listened harder:

“…he’s doing all your prep work?”

…something else too soft to hear…

“I told you you’d enjoy it…”

…more things unheard…

“…no, no, ow – well do it then.”

I got a text message:

Don’t turn around.

There was giggling when my phone beeped and:

“shhh, sh-sh…”

Another text:

Lose the coat.

I put the phone down and undid the snaps on the lab coat. I could hear more muffled gigging. I dropped the coat to the floor and continued cleaning naked in sneakers. I could feel this going to end badly.

I heard a camera phone noise along with some loud whispers I couldn’t make out and I got another text:

Put your coat back on, go to the next room. Get up on the exam table on all fours and close your eyes.

I put on the coat and got up on the metal table. I heard someone walk in behind me. They pulled the coat over my head and fastened my wrists and ankles to the straps at the side of the examination table. I heard sticky tape and felt the coat being tapped over my head.

I heard Genie’s voice say:

“OK, come in now.”

I heard two new voices.

Woman one: “Hmm nice rump.”

Woman two: “Yes a proud hind quarter indeed.”

Woman one: “It’s hard to believe you actually got him to get into that harness, Can we see it now?”

Genie replied,

“No, the harness isn’t with me, would you like to see a prostate erection instead?”

I heard no answer. I heard the rustle of plastic wrap and rubber gloves going on and I yelped as the cold gel was squirted in my ass.

To be continued…

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