A Very Thorough Checkup

One day my Master decided that I should go to the doctor and have a check up. He said that my health was very important to him, so he wanted to make sure that I was in tiptop shape. I thought that was impeccable logic, so I agreed to go (like I could say no).

My Master told me that I needed to make my best impression so that I wouldn’t make him look bad. So, I took a long hot bath, meticulously shaving my legs and washing every inch of my skin. I made sure that my waxed pussy lips were smooth and silky, washed my curly blond hair, and reveled in the warm soapy water.

After toweling off, I went into my room to dress. My Master had laid out my clothes for me, as always. I pulled on a pair of white stockings and a white lace garter belt, clipping the tops of the stockings firmly in place. Then I slipped on a sexy matching white lace bra that pushed my breasts high, creating maximum cleavage. I picked up the short grey pleated skirt, thankful that it would at least be long enough to cover the tops of my stockings and slipped on a white button up blouse that my Master had strategically taken the top four buttons off of so that I couldn’t button it any higher than just below my breasts.

I dried my hair quickly, letting it dry into a mass of bouncy curls, and applied some makeup. Just a touch of eyeliner and mascara to give me a polished look. Then I went downstairs to my Master.

He was waiting in the living room for me, reading the newspaper. I came in and knelt at his feet and he fastened my black velvet collar around my neck. I smiled; I never really felt comfortable without it on. He told that me that I looked presentable and wouldn’t be embarrassed to take me out. I beamed as I slipped on my black pumps and we left.

My Master drove us to a part of the city that I was unfamiliar with. The street was lined with brownstones and I didn’t see any signs anywhere, but I knew that “exclusive” private practice doctors don’t always need a sign either. We parked and walked up the street a bit before entering one of the buildings.

The office seemed normal enough inside. A young woman in a nurse’s outfit was talking on the phone as my Master motioned for me to find a seat. Since there was no one else there, this wasn’t a problem. My Master came and sat across from me after he let the receptionist know that we were there.

As we waited, he motioned for me to spread my knees a bit. Since he was very much a fan of public display, this didn’t surprise me at all. I parted my knees a bit for him, very aware of my lack of panties as the cool air brushed my hairless pussy lips. He frowned a bit, so I pulled my skirt up to just a few inches below my pussy so that he could see better.. he smiled and motioned for me to stay like that. I waited for a long time like that.. the minutes ticked by, while I stayed very aware of my exposed pussy. I hoped that the woman at the desk would stay there, because I always dreaded being called out on public “lewdness”. Embarrassed as I was by the possibility of discovery, I could feel a trickle between my pussy lips. My body always betrays me, even when my mind is reeling with shame.

While I was fixated on being mortified and aroused all at the same time, the receptionist came around the corner of her desk with a chart in hand and called my name. She momentarily glanced down at my lap; though she couldn’t see up my skirt from her angle, she could certainly see that my thighs were spread open. She smiled at me, and gave me a long lingering look that smacked of assessment. I followed her into the doctor’s examination room where she put the file on the desk and left the room and shut the door.

I sat on the examination table, as there was no chair in the room except the one at the desk and waited.

After about ten minutes, the doctor came in and plunked himself down in the chair. He picked up the file, glanced through the paperwork and then up at me. He stopped and smiled for a moment and then stood up.

“I understand that you’re here for a full physical?” he asked. I nodded, “Yessir.” He cocked an eyebrow at my response. Old habits die hard, and I found it very hard not to call any adult male “sir”. He glanced back into the file, flipping to the next page, and then grinned, putting the folder back on the desk.

“It says here that you’re to have a very thorough physical, there is some concern about some reflexes.”

“If that’s what it says, then that’s what I’m to have,” I answered.

The doctor came up and stood close to me, taking his stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff, strapping the cuff around my arm. He took my blood pressure, weighed me, and had the nurse come in to draw some blood. Then he put his stethoscope to my exposed upper chest, “Inhale deeply and let it out slowly”, he said. To facilitate his listening, he had me remove my blouse. He put his cold stethoscope all over my exposed skin, making me breath in and out slowly.

Next he had me remove my bra and lay on the exam table. I felt a bit odd, laying on the exam table not dressed in a paper robe, but I didn’t complain. He called his nurse back into the room as I layed back on the narrow padded table. He explained that it was an especially small table to fit in the little room, but there was safety straps so I wouldn’t fall off. His nurse leaned over me and pulled a thick leather strap from the far side of the table and fastened it just under my breasts so that they were pushed up against it. She smiled and asked me to put my hands up above my head and hang on to the handles there to give me some more stability.

I reached my hands up and felt a smoothly worn handle and grasped it with both hands. The doctor told the nurse that they needed to do a breast exam and would she like to do it. She said that it would be good practice for her, as she had mostly assisted in them before. She ran her hands over the cool skin of my right breast, my exposed skin was a little chilled and my nipple had puckered in the cold. She gently pressed all around the outer edge, working in towards my nipple. She repeated with the other breast, working around and inward. The doctor told her that was a good start, but that she wasn’t quite done yet. He illustrated the same exam, but them stroked each nipple in turn, pinching them between his fingers, telling her that she needed to look for any abnormalities there too. She nodded and then took her turn, pulling and squeezing my cold hard nipples between her fingers.I gritted my teeth, trying to not moan outloud, feeling my pussy throb from the attention to my aching nipples.

Once the nurse was done, I realised that my thighs were spread open a little and my skirt had worked it’s way up a bit. I could smell my wetness in the room and felt rather embarrassed that I likely wasn’t the only one who could. The doctor informed me that he needed to do a pelvic exam. He apparently had noticed my lack of panties, because he just flipped up my skirt so that it was folded back over itself, exposing my steaming hot cunt. He put up the stirrups at the end of the exam table and lifted my legs one at a time onto them, slipping a pad under my ass as I lifted it to scoot down the table a bit.

The doctor snapped on some rubber gloves, telling me the same lines that they always tell you when they do a pelvic exam. He put some lube on a big metal speculum (overly large I thought..) and very slowly stroked the opening of my pussy with it before sliding it in. I closed my eyes, preferring to not watch someone while they do the exam. He then spread the speculum open, little by little.. until I felt like I was spread wide open. I could feel my pussy throbbing hard around the big cold metal contraption and had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. The doctor brushed his lubed gloved finger over my stretched open pussy lips and across my throbbing clit, seemingly by accident and I gasped.

The nurse reached up and buckled a cuff around my wrists, telling me that it would help keep me still so that I wouldn’t fall off the table. The doctor released the speculum and slipped it out of my pussy. I groaned involuntarily, arching against the leather strap across my chest as he teased my lips with his lubed fingers. The nurse stroked my naked breasts as the doctor slid his fingers into my greedy cunt, fucking me with two and then three fingers. I moaned, pushing against the stirrups that had me spread wide open. She started rolling my hard nipples between her fingers, pulling on them hard, making them hurt so much I could feel my clit throb harder. The doctor pushed his fourth finger into my pussy.. rubbing my clit with his thumb. Then he tucked his thumb in, and worked his whole fist into my pulsing cunt. I groaned loudly, feeling my cunt stretch around his hand. He turned it back and forth inside me, his knuckles rubbing against the walls of my pussy. The nurse leaned over me and pushed my tits together, sucking both nipples into her mouth, sucking and biting them hard. The doctor rubbed one of his other fingers around and around my clit while he fucked my cunt with his fist.. until I came hard, with shaking legs and a squealing orgasm.

As my orgasm subsided, and my breathing slowed.. I felt the doctor pull his fist out of my pussy slowly, as it was still clenched tightly around his hand. The nurse smiled at me and unbuckled the strap around my wrists and chest, telling me what a good patient I was. The doctor snapped his gloves off and lifted my legs off the as the nurse unstrapped me from the table and told he me I could get up off the table as we were all done.

I put my bra and blouse back on, my nipples were sore and pink from rough abuse. I pulled my skirt down and smoothed it over my thighs; my inner thighs were sticky and wet with lube and my juices. The doctor wrote in my file and then smiled at me, “I think that all of your reflexes check out just fine, we’ll see you again in six months.” I left the exam room, shutting the door behind me.

My Master was waiting for me in the waiting room, looking very bored while some other patients waited across the room from him. The couple looked up at me and grinned with flush pink cheeks, flush with excitement and embarrassment.

Even with the exam room door shut behind me, I could hear the doctor and his nurse talking quietly as my Master and I left the office.

The End

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