Primal Reproduction

Dr. Emeril Cox sat at his desk, watching Linda Foster, waiting for her response to his long description of his group fertility procedure. He’d delivered this speech so many times, each time altering it for his audience. In this instance he hadn’t even been entirely sure about offering this technique to Mrs. Foster. He felt he was a good judge of character and intelligence, able to pick those who would be willing to undergo the group fertility procedure, rather than waste his time on those who wouldn’t be able to understand it. A long silence always came at this point.

Mrs. Foster was looking at him, trying to process what he said and then finally spoke.

“It sounds like a gang-bang,” she finally said.

Dr. Cox was surprised at first, not expecting her to respond with such a crude word, but he covered it with a light chuckle.

“Well, I can see why you’d think that, Mrs. Foster,” he responded. “In fact you’re not the first person to say that. And in a way you’re right.”

Now, she looked at him somewhat surprised.

“Of course I would prefer for you to not think of it in those terms. That has pornographic undertones and what we’re discussing is not pornographic. We’re discussing reproduction,” he said and paused, seeing if his words were having any effect. “Fertility,” he added and nodded his head.

“The procedure is just me being…” she stopped, her eyes glancing around his office, obviously about to say a curse word, but trying to find something less profane, “… well, excuse me, for saying it, but it’s just me being fucked by several men, one after the other.”

He repressed his urge to sigh at her for deciding to actually use profanity in his office, disappointed she hadn’t corrected herself, disappointed that perhaps he had actually been wrong this one time in judging her character, her intelligence, her ability to see past her own prejudices and to that which was exceptional.

“I understand your misgivings, Mrs. Foster,” he said. “As I said I’ve heard these very things many times.” He heard he was repeating himself and sat up straight. “And I’ve heard much worse I assure you.” He smiled, waiting for his smile to spread to her lips, but it didn’t. “We are not discussing pornography, or rather I am not.” He heard the bitterness in his voice and caught himself, making his face more serious. “We are discussing a scientifically proven fertility treatment. You have the documentation in front of you.” He pointed to the binder laying on his desk in front of her. “In there you will find the papers I’ve published, containing years of research, rigorous scientific research. Research that is peer-reviewed and published in the most respected journals covering the fields of biology, reproduction, and fertility treatments.”

She looked down at the binder, but her brows arched disapprovingly.

“And of course there’s also a video disc presenting much of that material in less scientific terms, explaining the procedure and its very strong basis in research and scientific method,” he continued, holding himself back from wanting to drill this information into her head, to make her understand, wondering why she didn’t understand as he had expected. “As you know I’m the leading fertility clinician in the country. I received the award for top fertility and reproduction physician from the National Association of Fertility Treatments and Reproductive Medicine in 2027 and the each of the four years following.” Of course he didn’t mention he’d paid for it, at least paid for it that first year, the other years had come from merit he told himself.

“So you won… that award,” she said, “for five of the past six years. What happened last year?”

Dr. Cox sighed deeply. How many times had he had to answer that question?

“This last year it was won by a Dr. Benson,” he replied. He forced a proud grin on his lips as he continued. “He is actually a former pupil and at one time even a partner of mine. But we split ways…”

“What did he win the award for?” she asked with real interest.

Dr. Cox waved his hand as if to shoo away the question and the completely irrelevant answer that would follow. “Oh, it was something completely undeserving of the award and the committee is already finding themselves embarrassed as Dr. Benson has found himself in a lawsuit for the very technique he received the award for.” He hoped that would be enough to end the conversation.

“And what was that?” she asked anyway.

Dr. Cox sighed again, showing this discussion was only wasting their time. “He developed a technique, a new age technique involving hypnotism that many have construed as mind control and he’s received charges of rape from some,” he blurted out quickly.

“Oh… I hadn’t heard of that,” she said. Dr. Cox looked at her disapprovingly. She seemed to know very little about the field from which she was hoping to benefit.

“It’s an embarrassment to all those in our field and a somewhat personal embarrassment to myself since we were once… so close… But he strayed. I’d like to say I saw it coming. I saw something… wrong coming from him, so we parted ways, but I had no idea the direction he would go.”

Dr. Cox put on his friendly smile again, hoping to bury the discussion on Dr. Benson with that last comment and turning it to this own embarrassment so she wouldn’t want to continue with the discussion. She nodded and smiled signaling she was done with that.

“Look, Mrs. Foster, you came to me knowing you’d receive only the best, most advanced, most effective information on reproduction techniques.” She was looking at him, her face starting to show she was sorry for her initial response to his ideas and his upfront discussion about an embarrassing situation for himself, seeing him now as more trustworthy. “And I assure you, Mrs. Foster, I am not a pornographer,” he finished and chuckled as he sat back in his chair.

She actually smiled this time and looked down, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry Dr. Cox, I never meant to imply you were,” she said, looking up at him, her shoulders squaring, overcoming the embarrassment with a smile. He thought he was winning her over finally.

“I know you didn’t Mrs. Foster. I’m just making a joke,” he responded lightly.

“I guess I’m just confused. This isn’t what I expected when I came here,” she responded.

He knew that had to be a lie. Everyone that came here knew of his procedures, especially the group fertility procedure. He’d been in the news several times. He’d been vilified by religious leaders, politicians, and anyone with an ill-informed opinion and a way to voice it. Of course he’d made the news on other occasions for his innovative research, so it’s possible she only knew his name but not the reasons why.

“Well we offer many different procedures, all tailored for our patients’ specific needs,” he said, using the word ‘we’ though he was the only doctor there. “We don’t offer the group fertility procedure to everyone, only those whom we think it will offer the most benefit and to those we deem open-minded, logical, reasonable, and dedicated to personal reproduction enough to attempt it.” He let that last part sink in, a slight poke at her pride. “But we offer more traditional procedures as well. Though, nothing we do here is traditional. My research has led to techniques and methods far beyond what anyone could consider truly ‘traditional.’ But by traditional I mean the more common, and less successful, techniques such as in-vitro fertilization.”

“How much more successful would your group technique be as compared to the more ‘traditional’ techniques?” she asked.

“It depends Mrs. Foster,” he answered. “For certain fertility problems the difference is negligible and in such a case I wouldn’t recommend it. But for cases such as yours I’ve documented up to 30% increase in successful fertilization and up to 50% increase in full term and healthy pregnancy.”

“Wow,” she said, her eyes growing larger.

“Yes, the numbers don’t lie,” he said, smiling at her. But of course numbers don’t lie, people do, and people, especially those good with numbers, can make the numbers come out as they want.

She touched the binder as if she was going to open it but she didn’t.

“I guess I should read about it. I need to talk it over with my husband. But I’m very reluctant to even consider it and I know he will be as well,” she said.

“I understand that, Mrs. Foster. I’d be happy to talk to both of you… if he can find the time to come in to talk with us,” he said, the smile never leaving his lips. “These are issues you’d have to discuss with each other.”

She was silent, looking at the binder, then to the side, questions obviously in her mind.

“You can ask me anything you want. That’s why I’m here,” he reassured her.

“Well,” she said, obviously searching for the right words to ask. “I don’t understand how having sex with many men is necessary to increase my chances of fertilization and successful full-term pregnancy. How is that better than in-vitro?”

“I understand,” he said, nodding. “Well, with in-vitro as you know we take one of your eggs from your body, we fertilize it, then place the fertilized egg inside of you, roughly speaking. The problems here are easy to see, all involved with the more unnatural side of this procedure: removing the egg from its environment, fertilizing it mechanically, then placing it back. All of these steps require force and none of these have anything to do with how the human body naturally reproduces. Now, this doesn’t mean this isn’t a good technique for many women. But no matter the specific situation, the group fertility technique offers marked improvements.”

“I still don’t understand,” she said. Of course she didn’t. He was being deliberately vague, trying to lead her to his way of thinking.

“Let me continue then,” he said. “Evolutionary reproductive biology has made tremendous strides in the past couple of decades. I myself have been a leader in this field.” He smiled proudly. “First and foremost we must always remember that sex is merely a method for reproduction. That it’s very pleasurable is an evolutionary development. Naturally those species that find that act of reproducing the most pleasurable will reproduce more. We as humans have separated the act of sexual pleasure from that of reproduction but biologically speaking they are very much linked.”

She nodded, listening but waiting for him to get to his point.

“But,” he continued, “while we humans may often have sex for physical pleasure, the true purpose, the underlying biological need is for reproduction, for sending a sperm into an egg.”

“So,” she interrupted, “the idea is to just pump as much sperm into me as possible?”

Dr. Cox held back a disappointed frustrated sigh, and smiled instead. This woman was really trying his patience.

“In part yes,” he said, taking her by surprise again. “But this is not just a matter of pumping large amounts of sperm into you.” He chuckled and continued. “If we were to compare the group fertility procedure to a method inserting an analogous amount of sperm into a woman, the group fertility procedure shows much higher percentage of success, up to 40% greater.” He smiled to himself, seeing interest come back into her eyes.

“So what’s the difference?” she asked.

“I’m glad you asked,” he said, leaning forward, enjoying explaining his science to her. “In part we have sperm competition. We know that males are aroused by watching other males have sex, even having sex with their own mates. That’s why men watch pornography. They don’t necessarily imagine themselves with the woman they are watching, though they do that as well. But they are just aroused by watching other people having sex. And they have a desire to compete against that male and inseminate that woman themselves, spreading his own genetic code. And this desire allows a man to create more sperm in a single ejaculation than he would otherwise.”

He paused letting the impact of that last statement make his point. She nodded but didn’t respond, so he continued.

“So each man involved in a group sex situation will create more sperm per ejaculation. Also he’ll become aroused sooner than he would alone and will find it easier to become aroused enough to ejaculate more times as compared to being alone. Also, my research has determined that the individual sperm are more viable. They have increased mobility and motility.”

“So this is all about having men creating more and better sperm?” she asked, interested but still very skeptical.

“In large part, yes, but there’s more to it. We only have to compare the male and female orgasms. Men typically have a single orgasm during a sexual experience. The group fertility procedure allows them to have more orgasms and more fertile ejaculations. The same happens for a woman. Women have evolved the ability to have multiple orgasms.” Here he paused as he always did when he reached this part. “Of course not all women have multiple orgasms. It’s possible for most women, even for those who have not done it yet.” He looked to see her response and could tell that she did not have them. “So women are evolutionarily designed to have intercourse for longer periods of time than a single man, naturally leading to the idea that they should have multiple partners. And my research has found that as a woman’s pleasure increases, and as she’s penetrated by different partners during a single sexual experience her body unleashes more of the hormones necessary to create a womb friendly to a fertilized egg.”

She looked at him skeptically so he wound up his explanation.

“So while having multiple male partners increases the number of viable sperm on the male side, on the female side it creates a womb better for that fertilized egg. I’m sure you can see how this would create an increase in successful reproduction as compared to the more mechanical and much less natural in-vitro.” He made sure to stress the word ‘natural,’ knowing how people were drawn to those things described as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ despite what the words meant in a specific situation.

“I think I understand what you’re saying,” she said, leaning back in her chair, thinking about it. “I guess I just don’t understand why it would be that much better than in vitro which ensures that an egg is fertilized.”

He smiled and nodded. “I understand your reservations. All I can do is point to the research.” He pointed to the binder on his desk. “The research doesn’t lie.”

She nodded.

“So how exactly is the procedure performed?” she asked.

“I’ve found the best way is to separate the woman from the male insemination volunteers. I’ve devised a simple divider wherein the woman is basically laying in one room with her lower body in another room where she cannot see the men and they cannot see her. While not ideal from an evolutionary and scientific standpoint, I’ve found the anonymity makes it much more comfortable for all parties, especially the female,” he said.

She frowned, obviously not liking the image in her head.

“Pictures are included in the binder. Nothing pornographic I assure you,” he said.

“But I don’t want to be impregnated by just any man. I want my husband’s child,” she responded.

“Of course you do,” he said. “I was assuming you had read of my research in this area.”

“I guess I haven’t,” she said.

Dr. Cox hid his growing anger at this woman who seemed to have no knowledge and no respect for him and his work.

“After certain political and religious institutions put a stop to research on fertilized eggs, thus stopping all research on altering and improving eggs in the womb, research continued on altering the genetic code of the sperm and the eggs. As you know we were able to greatly lower the chances for certain diseases and illnesses by altering the sperm and unfertilized eggs, which no one could argue successfully was tampering with actual life.”

She nodded.

“Good,” he said, “We extended this research and we can actually inject the genetic structure of one man into the sperm of other men.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, sitting up straight, interested again.

“We can take a sperm sample from your husband,” he said. “Then we can insert that genetic information into the sperm of the insemination volunteers involved in the procedure so that all of their sperm contains your husband’s genetic information.”

“Wow,” she said, now genuinely surprised again.

“Yes,” he smiled. “Now, this we can only do to sperm that are already formed, not every sperm the volunteers will make. So the men we use must be injected the day before the procedure, then they are good for a day or two.”

“That’s interesting,” she said.

“Thank you,” he responded proudly.

He sat there quietly, letting her think. He was feeling his frustration with her dissipate as she now finally saw at least some of the genius in his work and perhaps would be persuaded to undergo his group fertility procedure. In his mind he was already seeing her laying on his table, her upper body only visible, moving back and forth from the force of the men fucking her on the other side of the barrier. He saw a group of men, each man naked with erection standing out, waiting patiently for his turn, while one man then another then another, entered her, thrust into her again and again, until each man plunged deep inside her, emptying himself into her. He felt that squirming in his stomach and shifted in his chair. He was becoming aroused. He tried to not look at her low-cut blouse showing two ample breasts that would surely shake wonderfully as she was fucked and forced himself to look over her shoulder, still lingering longingly on the curve of her bare neck.

“I still don’t think this is for us,” she finally said.

He looked back at her, the shock of a negative response washing out those luscious images.

“Pardon me?” he asked, letting a bit of anger and disappointment come out in his voice for the first time during their discussion.

“I just don’t think this is something I’m willing to do. And I know it’s something my husband wouldn’t want,” she said. “It just sounds… disgusting.”

He looked at her and imagined himself leaning across the desk, yelling at her, telling her she was disgusting, that she didn’t understand, that she was a stupid cunt who didn’t understand the exceptional gift he was offering her.

“I understand,” he said, pushing away all emotion, feeling himself becoming cool towards her, but unable to do anything about it. “We can certainly work with you on that. We can perform the in-vitro. We have developed some exciting techniques analogous to what we’ve just discussed that will increase your chances for successful pregnancy as well.” He couldn’t stand to have her in his office anymore. He stood up. “All of the information is in the binder. Please look it over with your husband and get back to us when you determine what you’re comfortable with.”

Dr. Cox was looking down at her, wanting her out of his office before he became more angry with her, with her ignorance and lack of respect.

“Thank you, doctor,” she said, standing up nervously.

She grabbed the binder, shook his hand quickly, and left his office.

Dr. Cox stood still by his desk for several minutes, images flooding his mind of things he would do to her, none of them pleasant for her, all punishment for her treatment of him and his genius. He clenched his jaw and hoped that she would call back. He’d get her back. He’d prove who was disgusting.

The next day Dr. Cox was feeling much better. After his meeting with Linda Foster he’d cancelled his other appointments for the afternoon, too angry to be able to talk reasonably with his patients. But the next morning he had no consultations, just a procedure to perform with Mrs. Angela Davis. She was a beautiful 25-year old woman whom he’d judged perfectly on their first meeting and who had been entirely open to everything he said. Her husband, George Davis, had been hesitant, but he was used to doing what his wife wanted and had agreed.

He was looking forward to this procedure, to seeing Mrs. Davis, to helping her achieve her desire for motherhood, to show his genius that he felt all should have accepted by now.

He’d selected the male insemination volunteers last week himself. He enjoyed selecting the men for each patient, finding those that would be aesthetically pleasing together. He had a pool of men he chose from, many were actors in pornographic movies, some were husbands and boyfriends of former patients, some were even colleagues. All were carefully screened and blood tested for diseases. His assistants had prepared them all the previous day with the injections to alter their sperm to have the genetic code of Mr. George Davis. George Davis himself had declined to try to impregnate her as well, but Dr. Cox thought he might change his mind once he sat there beside his wife, watching her being fucked by several anonymous men behind the barrier. Competition would kick in. Dr. Cox laughed and nodded. Yes, he was sure George Davis would change his mind.

When he arrived at the clinic, he went directly to the group fertility procedure patient room. Mr. and Mrs. Davis were waiting for him, already prepared by the assistant.

Mrs. Davis was laying curled up on the bed. It wasn’t really a bed, at least not an entire bed. It was half a bed, the head of a bed, with the lower part ending at a wall. There was a short burgundy curtain drawn across the wall, concealing a hole in the wall. It was designed so the woman could lay the top half of her body on the half bed with the lower section of her body disappearing through the curtains and into the insemination room on the other side of the wall. On that other side were leg supports mounted firmly to the wall. The leg supports were similar to those used in gynecological examination tables but more complex and abundantly padded. They were entirely adjustable so the woman’s legs could be put into any position that was most comfortable for her. She could have her legs laid straight out and spread, or straight up with her feet in the air, or bent comfortably. She could lay on the bed on her stomach and the leg rests would hold her legs in the air behind air at whatever angle she wanted or lowered so she could rest on her knees. He was very proud of his design, as he was with most things in which he was involved.

He admired Mrs. Davis as she lay on the half-bed, her head resting on the pillow and her legs drawn up in a fetal position. She was wearing a lush velvet robe she had brought from home, her smooth legs pulled through the opening down the front of the robe and pressed to her chest. She looked almost child-like, but the look on her face was that of a woman expecting and wanting to be a mother. She was radiant. Dr. Cox smiled broadly and bounded over to her, offering his hand.

She sat up, letting her legs slip down the side of the bed and opened her arms for an embrace. Dr. Cox hesitated for a moment, not used to hugs or close contact with people, then stepped into her arms and hugged her. They hugged each other warmly and affectionately. Dr. Cox felt so much pride and love for this woman, one whom was clearly ready to be a mother and so respectful of himself and his work, not at all like that awful woman the day before. He wanted to lift her off the bed and twirl her around but restrained himself, squeezing her hard once more and stepping back.

“You look absolutely amazing today, Mrs. Davis,” he said.

She smiled, slightly embarrassed, but too happy to feel anything much more than just that happiness. “Thank you, Dr. Cox,” she said and then added, “and it’s Angela as I’ve told you many times.”

Dr. Cox nodded, “Yes, Angela.”

He stepped back and looked down, noticing she was wearing what looked like white cowboy boots. He laughed and said, “I didn’t know you wore boots with your robe,” he said.

She smiled and kicked her feet up in the air. “I don’t. It’s just so cold in here and I didn’t bring slippers. I just didn’t think about it. My feet were cold.” She swung her boots in the air once more then dropped them back down.

He thought she looked adorable with her tanned legs flowing from her robe and the white cowboy boots on her feet. He felt a stirring in his gut and inhaled deeply. Then, he realized he was staring at her too much and forced himself to look at her husband, standing behind her with his hands resting on the bed.

“And Mr. Davis,” he said, walking around the bed, offering his hand.

Mr. Davis shook his hand and pushed a smile on his lips.

“Hello, Dr. Cox,” he said. “Nice to see you again.”

“Always nice to see you, Mr.Davis,” he responded, shaking his hand perhaps too roughly. He looked at George’s face, trying to discern what the man was feeling. He had seen many emotions on the partners of the women in this room. There was much less anger or embarrassment than one might imagine. Dr. Cox worked hard on the partners of his patients before the insemination day, making sure they understood the procedure, understood that this was purely science, and for the male partners that the insemination volunteers were not replacements for him, but instead were just different versions of him, many bodies holding his DNA.

Mr. Davis seemed uncomfortable, but Dr. Cox could feel what he always did from the partners and that was arousal. Deep down they were interested in seeing their wife or girlfriend during the procedure and were anticipating it, but they all dealt with it differently. Some didn’t try to hide it, some hid it with shame, some with detached scientific interest in the procedure. But all the time at some point during the procedure all of the pretenses would fade and their own arousal would come to the front. Dr. Cox knew what to do at those moments and knew that it would come quickly for Mr. Davis. But he would have to let it come in its own time.

He smiled reassuringly, then patted Mr. Davis on the shoulder, a fatherly pat, meant to reassure him that he was doing the right thing and that he was proud of him for realizing it.

Dr. Cox turned to Angela and smiled at her broadly.

“So,” he said to her. “My assistant told me she had inspected you. She said you’ve been taking your hormones and that you are as ripe and ready as you can possibly be.”

“I think so, doctor,” she said. “I’ve done everything you’ve told me, taken everything on schedule.” She smiled guiltily and glanced at her husband. “With George’s help. He’s much better at organization than I am.”

George laughed, lightening his own mood. “It’s what I’m good at,” he said.

She touched his arm softly, smiling up at him, and continued, “And I feel like this is going to be the day.” She turned back to Dr. Cox.

“Well,” Dr. Cox said, “I’m glad you feel that way. That’s a wonderful attitude to have, keep that in your mind, and in your body. The body knows when you’re ready. Leave the rest to us.”

Dr. Cox looked around the room. He had worked hard to make the room look more like a comfortable bedroom in a high-class hotel room than a medical room. There was a lush burgundy carpet. There was a small sitting area with a couch, chairs, and a television. He sometimes would show the patients videos with information about the procedure here, finding it a comfortable way of getting them used to the procedure and the room. Through one door was a bathroom with a large soaking tub. There was a small kitchenette with cold drinks and snacks as requested by the patients. There was even a small dining room table with chairs so the patients could have a bite before or after the procedure. The point was to keep them as comfortable as possible, to make this procedure seem not like a procedure but a part of life, a continuing of life.

The only anomaly was of course the half-bed meeting the curtained hole in the wall.

Dr. Cox turned to George specifically and asked, “Do the two of you have any questions before we continue?”

George looked down, then back up and said, “I still don’t understand… I know you’ve gone over this with us… many times,” and laughed nervously, “but I don’t understand how we can be sure that… um, the other men, will have my sperm… I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Dr. Cox smiled like a teacher at his student that he knew could answer a question but was over-thinking it. “I understand Mr. Davis. It can be confusing.” He sat down on the couch, leaning forward to give his officious but warm posture. “The analogy I use, though I really hate analogies, is that of stem cells. You’re familiar with stem cells right George?” He used his first name to give the impression of a teacher explaining an easily understood concept to an intelligent student who just needed a small poke.

“I’m familiar with it, but don’t know much about it, besides all research was outlawed years ago,” George responded.

“Well, you know that a stem cell can basically take on the properties of any cell it’s put next to… in general terms. If you put it next to cells from a spinal column it’ll become a spinal column cell, if you put it next to a skin cell they’ll grow as skin cells, taking on the properties and shapes of the body part it’s replicating.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of that,” George replied.

“Well, this is similar. We introduce the DNA from your sperm into these men. We kind of put it next to, really inside of, but the idea is similar and their sperm then morphs its DNA into that of your sperm. So in the end their sperm is your sperm.”

“I guess I keep being… skeptical of that,” George replied. “I’ve read the papers. I’ve watched the video. I believe you that it’s true, but…”

“But, you’re afraid,” Dr. Cox said.

“Yes,” George said and sighed.

“You’re afraid that there will be a mistake and your wife will be impregnated with another man’s baby.”

“Yes,” George nodded.

“Completely understandable, George. It’s entirely natural to fear something we don’t understand and to fear the possible bad outcomes from our decisions.” Dr. Cox rose and put his hand on George’s shoulder again. “But I assure you. I’ve done this procedure hundreds of times. I’ve studied it. Many other scientists have studied my research and techniques. Any child born from this procedure will be your child.” He then turned to Angela and looked at her with a loving grin. “And your wife’s child.” Still holding George’s shoulder he led him over to Angela who reached out and took George’s hands in hers.

“It’ll be fine George,” she said, concerned for her husband but too happy to be sad about his fears. “We’re going to have a baby, and it’s going to be our baby.” She pulled him in towards her and they hugged deeply.

Dr. Cox stepped back, smiling, with nobody looking at him the smile became one entirely of pride, pride at having manipulated these people, manipulated this very scene here. He beamed inwardly at himself and knew the rightness of all of his thoughts and actions.

Once they slipped out of their hug Dr. Cox smiled warmly at them and asked again, “Are there any further questions?”

They both shook their heads, looking from each other to him.

“If at any time during the procedure you have questions please feel free to ask me. I’ll be here the entire time, observing everyone involved. If you need anything at any point, all you have to do is ask me. If you’re ever uncomfortable with anything we can stop immediately. This isn’t like some operation where we have to finish once we started. This is a very basic, but miraculous, medical procedure that requires, that demands, your full participation, understanding, and ultimately, your very happiness, to be successful.”

He smiled to himself, relishing every word in that speech, loving how it came out differently each time, tweaked for the patients in the room, modified for most impact, and seeing the reassuring trusting faces looking back at him.

“Good,” he said and nodded. “Now, Angela, I need you to lay down on the bed and place your legs and lower half of your body through the curtain and the hole there. Remember the bed is fully adjustable. You can raise and lower it as you want. Tilt it however you need to be the most comfortable.”:

“Is there a preferred position?” she asked.

“Well,” he replied, “the best position would be to have your legs in the air however much is comfortable and your lower body angled down to the floor slightly. This allows for gravity to help the flow of sperm, it’s a minor help, but not negligible. But the most important thing, and I cannot stress this enough is for you to be the most comfortable you possibly can be. You need to feel as little stress as possible, preferably no stress at all, we need you happy. And stimulated. We need your body to want your womb to be ripe and ready and waiting. So just play with the controls. I’ll go to other room and help you position your legs in the rests.”

Dr. Cox nodded at them both and left the room. He walked down the hall and then turned the corner to the door to the connecting insemination room. He had not put in a door between the rooms, feeling it necessary to keep the two rooms as separated as possible. He didn’t even want the doors to be visible in the same hallway. The rooms should be entirely disconnected. The patient should not see anything of the men in the insemination room and the men should only see the lower body of the patient. This kept them disconnected and also alleviated any potential problems if they should happen to somehow see each other in normal life situations. It wouldn’t due for the patient to see one of them men in a social situation and then have to explain to someone how they knew each other. This was to be as anonymous as the act could get.

The insemination room was different than the patient room. He’d made no efforts to make it like a lavish hotel room. It was very antiseptic, looking exactly like a room where a medical procedure occurred with cold tiled floors and walls. A sink and cabinets were on one wall so the men could clean up some if needed. There was the hole to the patient room where Angela’s legs still with the white cowboy boots were just now emerging, parting the curtains, and the cushioned mechanical leg rests. Also there was a very small lift in the floor in front of the hole, a three foot square plate on a pneumatic lift beneath it, with a flip button so the men could raise or lower the lift to place them in the needed position to mate with the patient without having to crouch or stand on tip-toes, to be as comfortable as possible, which was just as necessary as the patient. The lift was whisper quiet so the patient would never hear it as the men adjusted it to their heights.

Dr. Cox approached the leg supports and unbuckled the straps that held them to the wall. He swung them out and adjusted them down, eyeing her legs as they hung from the hole. He gently held her left knee and placed her leg on a leg support. He adjusted the support down some, and then did the same with her right leg.

“How is that Angela?” he yelled through the hole. “Would you like your legs higher or lower? More bent? Straighter? Tell me what’s best for you.”

“I’m going to try tilting the bed back just a bit,” she said, “But I think too much will make me light headed. So please raise my legs up a bit.”

Dr. Cox tilted the leg supports up to raise her thighs higher up, then tilted them back at the knee so her feet could rest down.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“Wonderful,” she said. “If I wasn’t so excited I could take a nap.”

Dr. Cox smiled and mindlessly stroked her inner thigh appreciatively. “I’ve done as much as I can to make something that could be awkward very comfortable.”

“You’ve succeeded,” she yelled back and giggled a bit, childishly but devious.

“Yes, she’s definitely ready,” he said to himself quietly.

“Okay, Angela,” he said, making sure his voice was firm, authoritative, but warm. “I’m going to get you ready now. So you’ll feel me touching you. I’m going to prepare you for the procedure. Anything you feel for now will be me touching you and no one else. If I do anything that bothers you then let me know. Okay?”

“Yes, doctor,” she said. “I’m fine.”

“Good,” he said. “You’re a wonderful patient and will be an amazing and patient mother.” He could almost hear her smile in the other room.

Dr. Cox moved between her legs. He slid his hands down her firm inner thighs. She didn’t tremble or flinch at all. Her robe covered her upper thighs and waist and he gently pushed the robe back through the curtain.

“Wrap your robe around yourself as comfortable as possible, but don’t let it come through the curtain,” he said.

“I’ll just take it off,” she said. Her legs shifted some as she sat up and pulled off her robe.

“Could you take this please,” she said, Dr. Cox assumed she was handing it to her husband. She settled back down.

Dr. Cox crouched down and looked between her legs. She had a beautiful pussy. Her labia majora were a dark pink, slightly puffy, probably from arousal. She had trimmed her pubic hair neatly like a light down fur covering her mons pubis. Her clitoral hood was a bit larger than normal but not overly large.

He moved his hands under her legs and reached up to grab her waist lightly.

“I need to pull you this way just a bit, Angela. So that you’re closer to the edge of the bed,” he said.

The bed was more firm at the end, as it met and covered the wall opening to keep the patient’s pelvis held firm but comfortable. He pulled on her hips and felt her pushing with him, sliding until her butt was just on the edge of the bed, her pussy just off of the edge of the bed.

“Is that comfortable, Angela? Do you feel like you’re going to slide off over here?” he asked.

“No, I feel fine,” she said.

“Good,” he replied.

He absently licked his lips, checking that she was held firmly by the bed support and the leg supports, but his eyes also lingered along the curves of her thighs, how her legs were held on the supports, the white cowboy boots seeming so out of place making them that much more erotic. He was about to ask if she wanted to remove the boots but decided she probably wanted them on, some sort of fetish or role-play, which was fine and healthy.

He adjusted the curtain to cover her belly so that just her waist was visible. He connected the bottom of the curtain to ties at the bottom of the opening to hold the curtain in place so no one on either side could easily open the curtain intentionally or accidentally. Anonymity was a necessity.

“Okay, Angela,” he said, hearing himself slightly breathless and closing his eyes to take a deep inhalation, calming himself. “I’m going to apply some lubricant now so if you feel something cold and slick, that’s just me preparing you for the procedure. Okay?”

“Yes, doctor,” she said, her hips shifted subtly.

“George,” the doctor said loudly, “If you’re not already, now would be a good time to hold your wife’s hand or whatever is most comfortable for you both. Remember this is about both of you.”

“I already am, Dr. Cox,” George answered.

Dr. Cox was happy to hear that George sounded relatively at ease, even a bit excited, but still reserved. All as Dr. Cox expected.

Dr. Cox washed his hands at the sink. He opened a cabinet beside the sink which contained various items from lubricants to towels to soaps. He took a towel, dried his hands, and dropped it into a laundry bag. He took a water-based lubricant from the cabinet, remember she had reactions to oil-based lubricants. He uncapped the tube and walked back to her. He lowered the lift so he wouldn’t have to squat between her legs, only bend over some. He squeezed some of the lubricant onto his index finger.

“Okay, Angela, this is just me,” he said.

She didn’t reply but he saw her buttocks tighten slightly and her anus clenched. He smiled to himself and licked his lips. He touched his lubricated finger to her labia majora lightly. He slowly and gently slid his finger up and down, not penetrating between the labia at all, just lubricating them on the outside. Then, he slowly let the lubricant and slight pressure allow his finger to slide between her labia majora to her labia minora, working them apart. He curled his finger up slowly and over her glans clitoris and then under and along her clitoral hood. Her thighs clinched and he heard her sigh.

“It’s okay, Angela,” he said. “It’s just me still. If it feels good then it should. Don’t be afraid to hold George’s hand as hard as you need.”

He squeezed more lubricant onto his index finger and slid it between her labia, separating the lips, watching them come apart much more easily now, revealing her vaginal opening. He methodically slid his finger up and down, over her clitoris, between her labia, stroking the labia minora, over her vaginal opening, but not penetrating, letting her relax, and enjoy the sensations.

“George, how is she doing?” he asked, flicking her clitoral hood a bit harder than he intended but smiling as she gasped and her buttocks clenched.

“Um, she seems fine, Dr. Cox,” he said.

“Adjust the bed for her if she needs. You want your wife and the mother of your future children to be comfortable and happy,” he said. Giving the partners something to do was very important. Make them a part of it. George had declined to participate in the insemination but Dr. Cox was sure he would consent once the procedure started. The drive to compete, the arousal of seeing his wife inseminated by other men, would urge him to do so as well. Dr. Cox was sure of it.

Dr. Cox slid the full length of his finger down her pussy, between her lips, satisfied she was sufficiently lubricated there. He squeezed some more lubricant on his finger, parted her labia then slowly inserted the tip of his finger into her vaginal opening. The opening squeezed his finger hard and he pulled it back just a bit, then slid his fingertip back in. The lubricant allowed his finger to slide in a bit more. He slid his finger in to the first knuckle and held it there, moving the finger inside of her a bit, pushing against the restrictive opening.

“Relax, Angela,” he said. “Lay back, close your eyes, hold George’s hands. This is your moment.”

“Yes, doctor,” she said, and he immediately felt her vaginal opening relax some around his fingertip.

He pushed his finger into her to the middle knuckle. He turned his hand palm up and curled his finger up.. He used his other fingers to spread her labia apart more and noted her urethra and Skene’s glands. There was already some moisture though she had never said anything about ejaculating before.

“There’s always a first time,” he said silently.

He slid his finger in and out, feeling it work in more easily with the lubrication and the muscles relaxing, giving into his intrusion. He curled his finger up, feeling for her Grafenberg spot. He stroked her there with his fingertip several times, feeling her vaginal opening become tighter, seeing her thighs clenching. He could hear her breathing become shorter and harder. He didn’t want to make her orgasm just from the lubrication procedure, just start arousal, so he removed his finger slowly, satisfied she was at least properly prepared.

He went to the sink and washed the lubricant from his hand. Some would say it was more professional to use a glove for the lubricating procedure, but Dr. Cox believed that the reduction in his own sense of touch wasn’t worth it. He washed his hand again, took another towel from the cabinet, dried his hands, and dropped the towel in the laundry bag.

He walked between Angela’s legs, placing his hands on her soft knees and spoke to her glistening, lubricated pussy. “I’m going to start bringing in the insemination volunteers, Angela. I’ll let you know before we actually start. Are you ready for the procedure to continue?” he asked.

“Yes, doctor,” she said, trying to sound professional but he could hear the excitement and arousal in her voice.

“Remember the basic rules I went over before. Both of you. Once the insemination volunteers enter the room I want neither of you to say your names. You can use my name of course. I will not use your names. The volunteers in this room will not talk to you at all. You both are free to talk as much as you want, just refrain from using your own names. If you must use a word to refer to each other then use your pet names: honey, sweetie, whatever you normally use. If you are uncomfortable at any point then speak up immediately. If one of the volunteers does something you don’t like or makes you uncomfortable then speak immediately. Don’t wait and don’t think you’re being impolite. This is all about you. Everything from here on should be pleasurable and remind you only of the life we hope to create here.”

He paused, waiting for any questions, but they said nothing.

“Okay, are you both sure you’re ready?” he asked once more.

“Yes, doctor,” they both said in unison.

“Okay, George, give your wife a deep kiss to keep her occupied until I come back,” he said.

George didn’t reply, but Dr. Cox knew George was doing as he said.

Dr. Cox went to a door in the room that connected to the waiting area for the insemination volunteers. The volunteers were to never walk the hallways of the facility so they could never run into the patients. They came into the facility through a back door and arrived in the waiting room which had lockers for their clothes, showers to clean, a television, and was stocked with food and water and anything else they’d need to prepare themselves for their part of the procedure.

Dr. Cox opened the door and stepped inside. Ten men were sitting and standing around, some talking to each other, some watching the television showing some baseball game, some playing on portable devices, and all in various states of dress and undress, some entirely nude, some fully clothed, none aroused yet as they waited for Dr. Cox’s arrival.

They all looked up as Dr. Cox entered the room and quietly closed the door behind him.

“Hello, gentlemen,” Dr. Cox said. “The patient is ready and waiting. I have prepared her for the procedure and she has stated she is ready for the insemination.”

Various grins appeared on the faces of the men. At one time Dr. Cox found some disgust in those looks, but then his scientific mind realized that those lascivious grins and smirks were all a part of the basic science of his theories. They were displaying the lust and greed of a group inseminating a single female, of injecting their seed (not their seed, but George’s seed, though the primitive mind didn’t know this) into a young, willing woman.

“The patient is very comfortable and I don’t foresee any problems with the procedure. However, as always I must tell you that I expect the utmost professionalism from each of you. You are not to talk to the patient and only talk to each other if necessary, and even then quietly. I will talk to anyone I need to. I will not refer to any of you by name and I will not refer to the patient by name. Once in that room, you are there for the patient.”

He looked around the room to be sure he had everyone’s attention, which he did. They were listening to him intently.

“Also, your arousal is very important too of course. I’m sure just the sight of what waits for you in that room will be enough to bring your appropriate arousal. But you should feel free to do what your arousal demands. Have sex with her as you would your lover. You are allowed to touch any part of her body that is visible to you. However, if she protests at all then you will stop doing what is bothering her. If you don’t stop I will have you removed from the premises, you will not be paid, and you will never return.”

They all continued watching him, some nodding at his statements.

“You will all enter the room as one group and leave the room as one group. Feel free to watch those that go before you. Get as close as you want. Study and observe. If she seems to enjoy something that one subject does then do the same thing yourself. This is about making her aroused as you can. You can each go as many times as you are able to. There will be no fighting or pushing. Everyone will get as many turns as he wants. The patient is calm and accepting and I don’t think she will call an end to the procedure until all of you are satisfied as long as you stick to my rules.”

Dr. Cox stopped, thinking if he had anything else to say.

“Are there any questions?”

All the men shook their heads. He knew they were just ready to fuck.

“I know you’ve all given your paperwork and blood test results to my assistants. If needed, you are to use only water-based lubricant and I have already opened one. The husband has declined to participate in the procedure…”

Some men made disparaging grunts and Dr. Cox turned to them.

“But I am sure he will change his mind and when he does I will bring him to the room and you will all step aside when he wants. However, as long as he is only watching you can continue in your own rotation. Show him the respect and dignity that he deserves, and that his wife deserves.”

They all nodded, some with those smirks on their faces, and Dr. Cox noted them for later.

“As you all know, when the partner of the patient enters the insemination room this does breach privacy, so if any of you are uncomfortable with it you can come back in this room until he leaves. However, I assure you that he will probably not remember any of your faces.”

They all laughed at the last line and Dr. Cox was pleased with his own joke. Lightening the mood after the strict professionalism was necessary.

“Okay,” he said and smiled. “Strip entirely and come as a group into the insemination room.”

They all stripped and put their clothes neatly in the lockers. Dr. Cox noticed that most of them were in relatively good physical shape. Only Dr. Webster, a colleague that had supported his theories from the start, had a large gut, but that was small compared to Dr. Cox’s own prestigious belly. Dr. Webster had been doing this as long as any of the insemination volunteers, part of the deal the two had made for Dr. Webster’s support. A couple of the men had slight paunches but the rest varied from fit to muscular to ripped.

Dr. Cox looked at Johnny Marr, another insemination volunteer that had been doing this from the start. He always liked to have Johnny go first. Johnny worked in the porn industry and knew how to lead off. He took his time. He knew to be tender at first and was good at reading the patient’s reactions, finding the right stroke, rhythm, depth, and technique.

“Johnny, you’ll be going first of course,” Dr. Cox told him.

“Okay, Dr. Cox,” Johnny said and nodded professionally.

Dr. Cox opened the door to the insemination room and walked towards Angela’s legs.

“I’m back,” he said and softly laid a hand on her knee.

He looked between her legs and saw she was still lubricated and her labia still slightly separated and puffy. She actually seemed to be even more aroused than when he left. Probably Mr. and Mrs. Davis had been kissing like he had told them.

“The insemination volunteers are coming into the room and the procedure is about to begin,” he said. “If you have any reservations then please say so now.”

“No, we’re fine,” they both said, breathlessly.

They might have been doing more than just kissing the doctor suspected.

Dr. Cox looked towards the doorway as Johnny came out first. He was stroking his penis, which was already mostly erect. He grabbed the opened tube of lubricant and applied a generous portion to his penis. He laid the tube back down on the counter by the sink and stroked himself to complete erection. He walked between Angela’s legs and looked down at her. Dr. Cox watched as Johnny’s eyes moved over her legs, lingering on the cowboy boots, bringing a sly grin to his lips, and then down to her sex. Johnny licked his lips, then he touched the lift button and raised it slightly. He lined his penis up to her vaginal opening, making sure he had the correct height, then looked at Dr. Cox and nodded.

“Okay,” Dr. Cox said loudly. “This is the first insemination volunteer. I’m sure he’ll be gentle.” He looked back at Johnny and nodded.

Johnny laid a hand on each of her knees.

“That’s him now,” Dr. Cox said through the curtain.

“Okay,” was all she said.

The other insemination volunteers filed into the room and closed the locked door behind them. They stood naked, stroking themselves, watching intently, waiting.

Johnny slowly slid his hands down her thighs, leaving a small trail of lubricant on her left leg, until his hands met at her hips. He massaged her hips softly, his thumbs working in towards her pubis. He looked along the length of her left leg, up her thigh to her knee and then back down to her feet and the cowboy boot, laying on the lift. He sighed heavily, that sexually frustrated noise a man makes when he sees a woman he wants, that he wants right then.

He slid his hands between her legs and over her pussy, his fingers probing gently, one finger slipped easily between her labia, exposing her vaginal opening. Johnny stepped forward, his erection pointed directly at the opening, and glanced at Dr. Cox again.

Dr. Cox felt that cold ball of anticipation in his stomach turn and rise, then he nodded back at Johnny and that cold ball melted, spreading warmth to his groin as Johnny guided his erection into the opening that awaited him.

Johnny spread her labia apart gently, letting the head of his cock press into her. He stepped forward a bit and pushed softly again, the head sliding into her easily, her vaginal opening gripping him tightly but yielding to him. He wrapped his left arm around her thigh as he held her labia apart gently with his right fingers, watching as his penis entered her, as she gripped him, held him firmly. He pulled back a bit then slid back in, letting her wrap herself around him, not just shoving in, letting her fold open to him, find space for him inside of her.

Dr. Cox stood to Johnny’s right, looking down as Johnny penetrated her, watching her body tense and relax. He could hear her holding her breath as Johnny slid out a bit and then back in, sliding in very easily, so easy he could have pushed deeper but giving her time to become accustomed to his cock, not a huge cock, but bigger than average, well rounded with a nice curve, perfect for this initial intrusion.

“Remember to breathe, ma’am,” Dr. Cox said.

Dr. Cox laid his had on her thigh and started stroking up and down, his fingers searching across her inner thigh, starting behind her knee and moving down almost to where Johnny and she were joined, then back, a reassuring touch perhaps but just enjoying the feel of her skin, warm and soft, firm muscles beneath soft skin.

Johnny slid in most of the way and sighed to himself, looking down at his cock engorged inside of this faceless woman. He slid both hands up to her waist, pressing his elbows into her inner thighs, and Dr. Cox pulled his hand away. Johnny began moving in and out of her with more force, just a bit, just a bit more than gentle, his slick lubricated cock gliding in and out of her, held firmly with a soft static clinging sound, and after several strokes he was deep inside of her, and he held himself still, his hands gripping her waist tightly, his body seeming to vibrate. He glanced at Dr. Cox again for his approval.

Dr. Cox looked up, his eyes trained on Johnny’s penetration, on the firm legs spread wide around the man. He cleared his throat and called out, “Is everything alright so far?”

There was no response, only Angela’s harsh breaths, then George responded, “It’s fine… she’s fine.”

Dr. Cox nodded at Johnny. Johnny nodded back and began sliding in and out of her in long evenly paced strokes, his slick cock gliding in and out of her pussy as it clung to him tightly and smoothly. He stepped forward so that his hips met her pelvis each time he thrust into her. His hips slid along her thighs, her knees raised in the air, almost to his shoulders behind him, her boots laying on the leg rests shaking slightly with each thrust. He slid his hands up and down the outside of her legs from her waist up to mid-thigh and back down, his fingers grasping her, pulling her towards him slightly each time he thrust in, relaxing when he pulled back, his eyes trained on his penetration of this woman, on her pelvis, legs, her clinging pussy, the burgundy curtain draped across her stomach.

Angela started making soft grunts and moans. Her hips rose and fell slightly with Johnny’s thrusts, wanting him inside of her, trying to guide his cock into her. Johnny slid his hands under her butt and gripped tightly, lifting and tilting her hips then sliding in and out, letting the head of his cock almost come out of her then thrusting back in, stroking her Grafenberg spot.

Dr. Cox nodded his approval. This was why he always chose Johnny first. He responded to the patient. This was necessary before the procedure could continue, when the men would care less about giving pleasure and more about taking pleasure, which was also necessary for the procedure. Dr. Cox stepped closer and laid his hand on her pelvis, feeling Johnny’s cock moving in and out of his patient, feeling her body rising and falling, feeling the muscles constricting, tighter and tighter. She was going to have an orgasm already.

Dr. Cox touched started rubbing his index finger over her clitoris, stroking in rhythm with Johnny’s thrusting, his finger touching the top of Johnny’s cock then back up over her clitoris, spreading the moisture that was now as much from the patient as from the lubricant.

The other men huddled around the scene, stroking themselves, getting excited, but not wanting to get too excited, trained to find that equilibrium, with just the sight of Johnny fucking this woman, just half of her body poking through a hole and curtain, this anonymous woman, wanting to be fucked, wanting their seed inside of her, enough to keep them highly aroused, more aroused as they watched, wanting her, wanting to thrust themselves inside of her.

Angela began to pant louder on the other side of the curtain and both Johnny and Dr. Cox increased the rhythm of their stroking. Johnny kept using those long strokes, bringing the pleasure slowly, building it, crouching a bit to thrust his cock up and into her, his arms now wrapped around under her thighs, lifting them from the leg rests just a bit, leaving her boots dangling in the air, the heels clicking against the leg rest, pounding with Johnny’s thrusts.

“Let yourself go,” Dr. Cox said to Angela through the curtained hole. “Grab onto your husband, kiss him deeply, touch him, and let it go. This is what you need to do. This is what we all want you to do.”

He slid his finger along the top of Johnny’s cock, pulling the moisture up to her clitoris and began flicking it quickly. Johnny grunted and strained, having to hold his own orgasm, trying to bring hers first, his head down, focused on that clinging pussy and tight thighs, the pelvis rising and falling, listening to her panting, waiting for the tense moment that would precede her orgasm.

He started going faster as she tightened around him, having to really push into her, her muscles constricting, her body tight. He felt her thighs tense and dug his fingers into her thighs and threw his head back, his teeth clenching, trying to hold on, the tightness making it so hard, so hard to hold on, to wait. Then he felt it, felt her muscles pushing down on the head of his stroking cock, felt her body go still and he jabbed into her as Dr. Cox rubbed her clitoris, and she started to cry out but it was cut short as she came. Her body tensed even more and then her hips twitched and a thin spray of fluid came from her, streaming across Johnny’s thrusting cock. He thrust faster, making the stream rise and fall as he pulled out and pushed in until he jammed himself into her and cried out, his hands grabbing her waist, shoving himself deep inside her.

“That’s it,” Dr. Cox said excitedly. “That’s it. Push it deep inside.”

Dr. Cox stopped manipulating her clitoris and laid his hand on her pelvis, feeling her muscles shaking with her orgasm, feeling for Johnny’s cock jerking inside of her, imagining he could feel the semen squirting into her, imagining it spurting from the head of his cock, the milky fluid spreading inside of her, coating her insides, filling her.

Johnny leaned forward, his head down, and jabbed into her, shoving each spurt of his come into her again and again, grunting to himself, his body tense then relaxing with each small thrust. Her body shook with his thrusts and with her own post-orgasm tremors, still writhing through her body. Liquid dripped from their bodies onto the lift mat.

“That’s perfect,” Dr. Cox said loudly to both his patient and the insemination volunteer. “Absolutely perfect.” He grinned at no one but himself, looking at the two joined bodies, the cock still moving in slow thrusts, pushing the last of the precious semen into her.

Finally Johnny stopped and stood there panting, feeling the last bit of his semen trickle into her. He took a deep breath and looked up at Dr. Cox dreamily. Dr. Cox smiled back at him and held his hand up, telling him to hold still. He didn’t want Johnny removing his cock and possibly allowing any semen to drip from her. Some semen loss was inevitable but there would be less as long as his cock was still inside of her.

“Are you ok ma’am?” Dr. Cox asked through the curtain.

“I’m fine,” she panted. “Did I….”

“Yes, you ejaculated. I told you that might happen and that it would be optimal if it did. You thought you had once before. Remember what we discussed. It’s not urination. It’s female ejaculate, very similar to male ejaculate. You didn’t hold it back and I’m very proud of you. Very proud.” Dr. Cox smiled broadly, proud of his patient, proud of his insemination volunteer, proud of himself.

He looked down and saw Johnny’s cock softening, starting to slip out of her. He looked at the other insemination volunteers, four of them were entirely hard and ready to go. He wanted a cock slightly larger than Johnny’s but not the biggest yet. She would still be somewhat tight and tense, a slightly larger cock would help. He motioned toward Glen, another porn actor, physically larger than Johnny, with a cock that was nicely shaped, not curved as much as Johnny, more straight, but a bit thicker and longer. Glen nodded and stepped forward, his eyes wide and alert, hungry.

“The next subject will proceed,” Dr. Cox said loudly. There was no response from the other room but he could feel the anticipation.

Dr. Cox tapped Johnny on the shoulder and Johnny quickly stepped back, holding his cock as it slipped from her, and he stepped to the side. Glen quickly stepped forward and inserted the tip of his erection into her, blocking the vaginal opening. Glen pushed the lift switch, lowering it just a bit, but still kept his knees slightly bent. He pushed into her until his head disappeared entirely inside of her and then sighed deeply, holding himself from thrusting into her. It wasn’t time for that yet, not quite yet. He was more impatient than Johnny, not quite capable of being a first, but Dr. Cox saw he could be trained.

Dr. Cox slid his hand up and down her thigh, now moist from her own ejaculation, lubrication and sweat.

“You’re doing fabulous, ma’am,” he said. “We’ve just begun but I’m already very proud of you and your husband.”

He touched Glen’s shoulder and Glen started moving in and out of her, not as slowly as Johnny at first since she was more lubricated and loose, but he was being gentle while also maintaining her current arousal, trying to not overwhelm, but keeping her highly excited and open to him. Glen looked down and saw just a pelvis, hips, and a pair of legs, and the most important part, the pussy. That’s all this woman was, just a pussy, just the important part, he thought to himself. He grinned and sunk his cock slowly into her making her gasp as the head of his dick touched her cervix and he pulled back, knowing it was too soon to stroke against that part of her, not yet, not yet.

Dr. Cox knew she was could be overwhelmed now emotionally, having just ejaculated, having been inseminated by a man she didn’t know and now feeling a second man inside of her. He knew he should go into the patient room to see her. He touched Glen’s shoulder who stopped, leaving his hard penis halfway inside of her.

He whispered into Glen’s ear, “I’m going into the patient room. Do it as you know how to. Ejaculate as soon as you want to. Take your signs from the patient. You know how to do that. After you, pick Daryl if he’s ready, Louis if he’s not. If I’m not back after then, all of you use your own discretion. I’ll give any needed commands.”

Glen nodded, glad the doctor was leaving. The doctor just crept him out. Glen began sliding in and out of her at an even pace, not going all the way in. His hips still pressed against the patient’s thighs and the sides of the leg rests. He hated when their legs were this close. He was physically larger than most of the other guys and preferred the woman’s legs spread further, or even better to get rid of the leg rests and just put her legs on his shoulders. He couldn’t do that now, but maybe on his second turn.

Dr. Cox slapped Glen on the shoulder and smiled as Glen was thrusting into her like he wanted. He looked over the rest of the men. Johnny was leaning against a back wall using a towel to dry off of his genitals and finely sculpted stomach. Dr. Cox gave the okay sign to the men, who nodded at him in ascent, and he left the room.

Dr. Cox loved the hallway between the two rooms that comprised the group insemination procedure rooms. Out in the hallways this was just a normal medical facility, all cool, hard hallways and over-bright clinical lighting, sterile and cold. But behind these doors incredible things were happening, clinical science far beyond what these bland hallways would suggest. His heels clicked on the hard tile floor as he approached the door to the patient room. He knocked and waited a polite number of seconds before entering the room.

“Hello, folks,” he greeted Mr. and Mrs. Davis as he entered the room with a large, proud, reassuring grin.

Angela was laying back on the bed, her head on a pillow, one arm gripping the side of the mattress, the other hand inside her husband’s shirt who was sitting next to her, having pulled a dining chair to the side of the bed, his shirt unbuttoned, his chest bare, her hand stroking his chest and stomach. George had one hand laying on her chest, probably fondling her breasts previously, his other hand on the side of the bed, as he leaned over her as if rising from a kiss.

Dr. Cox approached them in large proud strides. George started to rise, slightly embarrassed, but Dr. Cox motioned for him to stay seated.

“Please, don’t mind me. I’m just here to check on the patient,” Dr. Cox said.

He pulled another dining chair to the other side of the bed and sat down so he could look in her eyes. He laid his hand on her tense arm, her hand still gripping the mattress as her body moved with the thrusts of the man behind the wall. Dr. Cox stroked her arm comfortingly.

“You’re doing remarkably well,” he told her, grinning proudly.

She looked at him dreamily, smiling at him, her head rocking back and forth.

“Thank you, doctor,” she said breathlessly and then pursed her lips.

Dr. Cox looked over at George. George was breathing heavily himself, obviously aroused by watching the procedure. There was no jealousy or anger, no negative emotions on his face at all. That’s why it was so important for the couple to be close during the procedure, to be touching. Dr. Cox saw that George’s shirt was unbuttoned to his waist and his pants were unbuttoned. Perhaps Angela’s hands had roamed further south. Dr. Cox smiled to himself. This was their moment and they knew it and embraced it and embraced each other. They truly understood him. He couldn’t be more proud.

Angela groaned loudly as her body was pushed forward further than before. Glen had just sunk himself into her deeply.

“Does it hurt at all?” Dr. Cox asked, searching her flushed face.

“No,” she said, shaking her head, her eyelids flapping, “Not at all.”

“Good,” Dr. Cox said. “If it ever does, please say something. This is not a time to be coy.”

He could hear Glen grunting now, moving faster, and Angela’s body moved back and forth with his thrusts, her hips rose and fell, her stomach writhed, her breasts shook and rocked in circles. She grabbed George’s hand and placed it on her breast. George glanced up at Dr. Cox, not sure how to react, but squeezed her breast hesitantly.

“Do as you please,” Dr. Cox reassured him, giving him the eyes of a father that not only understood but wanted his son to have everything he wanted and more. “I’m just here as your doctor. Inhibitions don’t belong in this room.”

George nodded and then looked back down at his wife, not lovingly, but hungrily. He squeezed her breast hard and she cried out. George grabbed her hair with his other hand and pulled her head back and she opened her mouth and groaned. He bent down and kissed her deeply, pressing his mouth to hers.

Dr. Cox was almost surprised at the ferocity George was displaying. He had gone from being embarrassed to dropping pretension and taking his wife as he wanted. He had seen some of that in George, but not entirely. He should have studied the man more.

Angela was grunting into George’s mouth, her neck stretched and lean, her chin pointed in the air as George’s hand held her hair in his fist. He massaged her breast and pinched the nipple, causing her to squeal. Her body shook with the pounding from the other side of the wall as Glen increased his thrusting, pressing against her cervix with each thrust into her, not grinding into it, just pressing against it, bringing that delicious pressure, that need for release.

Dr. Cox slid his hand down Angela’s arm and pulled her hand from the mattress and held it. She grabbed his hand tightly, seeming to try to pull him towards her, but he held himself back and held her hand in both of his hands, letting her hold onto him, but not allowing himself to move too much closer, his eyes watching her body jerking, grunts being pushed into George’s mouth. Glen was making low grunting noises, pushing into her harder, sliding into her, trying to maintain some control, not wanting to jam into her, not this time, but sliding his length in and out of her, as deep as he dared, feeling her tightening around him, feeling her about to have yet another orgasm, knowing he had to hold on now, let her orgasm come before his.

“Let yourself go,” Dr. Cox whispered to her, finding himself starting to lean towards her to kiss her long, strained neck, but pulling back, and just watching, as if every thrust into her was sending the tension through her rippling body to her taut neck.

Angela broke the kiss, her lower lip protruding and cried out, and her hips bucked as she pressed her legs down on the leg supports, lifting her buttocks and hips, crying out, and George squeezed her nipple between his fingers tightly, knowingly, and looked into her face as he pulled her hair. Her cries went silent, her mouth still opened, her face clenched, and Dr. Cox knew she was coming again, squirting onto Glen, probably a much stronger stream now, being her second orgasm, and Glen’s penis being larger, restricting the spray, since he hadn’t pulled from her from the way her body was still being pushed and pulled back and forth, her spray being forced out of the restricted hole in a tight forceful stream.

The thrusting sped up as Glen pushed himself towards his own orgasm, now shoving himself into her with less regard, the slap of his hips against her pelvis loudly audible in the patient room.

“Oh, god,” Angela sighed as she got her breath again.

George slid his hand from her breast and under her chin, forcing her to look up at him as he looked down at her possessively. Angela’s hips rose a bit as Dr. Cox figured Glen was lifting her in the air slightly, maybe his hands under her buttocks or wrapped around her thighs and she began being pulled behind the curtain a bit, pulled onto the thrusting cock again and again. Angela grunted hard with each thrust, then arched her back as Glen cried out and shoved deep inside her, spilling into her in a large burst, then shoving again and again, squirting deep inside her each time, rubbing against her cervix, his body instinctively trying to force his semen into her womb, send it deep into her.

Angela’s body shook slower and less forcefully as Glen pushed into her again and again, his excitement ebbing with each increasingly smaller spurt inside of her. Angela relaxed back onto the bed and closed her eyes, her body twitching noticeably. George released her hair and chin, sitting back in his chair. Dr. Cox patted her hand and set it back on the mattress. George started stroking her chest and neck and stomach softly. Angela sighed contentedly then a slight gasp as Glen withdrew from her.

She tensed a bit as another erect penis was inserted into her. She was pushed forward a bit, then settled onto the bed again. Her body rocked back and forth softly as the next insemination volunteer began fucking her. Dr. Cox could easily hear the sloppy wet clinging sound of his penis sliding in and out of her. She was definitely so wet and open now that any of the men could slide into her easily and deeply.

George continued stroking her breasts and stomach, his hand gliding up and down her torso, trailing beads of sweat that had broken across her skin. He was looking at her not just as a man looking at his wife, but also as a man looking at a woman he wanted to fuck, a pure and simple emotion, and one Dr. Cox knew well and expected.

Dr. Cox stood up, patting Angela on the shoulder as he walked around the bed. He touched George on the shoulder to get his attention. George looked up, that hungry look still in his eyes, but forced back down as he focused on the doctor.

“Come with me over here for a minute, please, George,” Dr. Cox said quietly and motioned to the living area of the room.

George nodded and looked back down at his wife. He stroked her torso once more, his eyes watching her breasts rolling as her body moved back and forth. Her eyes were closed and she was laying back limply, resting from the two strong orgasms, her body completely pliant to the hard penis moving in and out of her on the other side of the wall. George stood up, brushing her neck, and then followed Dr. Cox across the room.

Dr. Cox touched George’s shoulder and leaned in a bit as of talking to a colleague. “You know George,” he said. “If you want to take part in the group insemination you can. I know you declined during our pre-interviews, but as I told you then you can always change your mind about that.”

Dr. Cox waited, letting it sink in. George looked at him, then down, then over at his wife, her body now moving more harshly but lazily.

“I understand the misgivings you had before now, but I think now that you’re here, now that you see what we are doing here, now that I see just how close you are to your wife,” Dr. Cox said, turning to Angela, then back to George, “and how close she is to you, I think it would be a shame if you didn’t participate.”

George looked at him and licked his lips, still unsure.

“I know you want to George,” Dr. Cox said. “I understand what you’re feeling.” George looked up at him, his eyes not quite so shy now, that hunger Dr. Cox had seen earlier burning beneath. “Everything your feeling is exactly what this is all about. Right now you’re feeling everything I’ve described about this process. That primal desire to take her, to use her, to spread your seed inside of her, to make her yours. That’s all so natural. That’s exactly what this procedure is about. You are what this procedure is about. Don’t run from what you’re feeling George.” Dr. Cox reached out and touched George’s shoulder, straightening his back, making him stand tall and proud. “Embrace it. Become it.” Dr. Cox looked George in the eyes, seeing that fire take control, that need.

Angela started groaning and George looked over at her. Her body was moving back and forth, her head rocking with her chin pointing into the air and falling down. There was the slight sound of the smack of skin against wet skin as hips met pelvis. A man was grunting loudly. It was definitely Daryl. Dr. Cox could tell from the grunting. Daryl was one of the louder insemination volunteers, which Dr. Cox didn’t mind, at least as long as he was no sooner than the third subject. At this point the grunting of the male could easily increase the arousal of both the patient and the other inseminations volunteers. Daryl was a former student of Dr. Cox when he taught reproductive biology before he opened his first clinic. Daryl had done some research with him but didn’t have the aptitude for it and eventually ended up as a college professor teaching entry level biology. But he knew the procedure and was an avid and respectful insemination volunteer.

George was watching his wife on the bed, licking his lips repetitively. He turned back to Dr. Cox and said, “Okay,” and nodded his head.

Dr. Cox smiled at him, a congratulatory grin. “Good,” he said. “Let’s tell your wife.”

He led George over to the bed where Angela was gripping the sides of the bed, letting her body rock with the thrusting of the man behind the wall, groaning, her eyes still closed, tired, but Dr. Cox could tell she was getting highly aroused again, her nipples hard, her skin flushed, her tongue licking across her bottom lip.

Dr. Cox lightly touched her shoulder and she opened her eyes, looking up at him. He smiled down at her.

“Your husband has decided to take part in the group insemination,” he said and then added, “If that’s alright with you.”

She looked to her other side when George approached. He looked down at her and said, “Yes, I’d like to be a part of this, honey.” Dr. Cox knew he meant to say that he wanted to fuck her, wanted to show his sperm was stronger than that of the other men, but the loving phrases are what partners use with each other.

“I’ve love that,” she said and then gasped as her body was shoved forward.

She raised her arms and George lowered himself down to hold her. They held each other tightly, starting as a loving hug, but soon she was clinging to him and crying out as Daryl began thrusting into her hard, jabbing himself into her. She writhed in George’s arms as he held onto her, his hands coming up her back to pull her hair again and he kissed her neck deeply, sucking at the skin as her body was shoved back and forth. Daryl’s knees banged against the wall. George pressed his wife back down to the bed, still clinging to each other, now biting at her neck, as Daryl seemed to growl form behind the wall and Angela squealed into George’s ear, her body shoved roughly as Daryl came inside of her. His knees banged against the wall again and again, her body shoved harder and harder as he shoved into her, spurting into her.

George released her and she let go reluctantly, her body being shaken and Daryl groaning behind the wall, spilling himself into her. George looked at Dr. Cox and nodded. Dr. Cox motioned for George to follow him and they left the room. Dr. Cox closed the door behind them and then stopped George in the hallway.

“I’m glad you’ve made this decision,” Dr. Cox said. “There are just a few things you should know first.”

“Yes, doctor,” George said, irritated they were stopping to talk instead of going straight to the insemination room.

“At the moment you and the insemination volunteers have complete anonymity. But once you go in that room you will see them and they will see you. I will tell no one to use their real names and will not use yours, and ask you to not use your wife’s name, but still sometimes people slip. So by going in there you risk the anonymity you have by staying in the patient room.”

“I understand, doctor,” George said.

“Also, what you see in here could come as a shock. There are ten nude men in there. All of whom have or will inseminate your wife. There will be some anger with that. That’s natural and expected. In fact I’m counting on it. They will be feeling some of the same things, except to them your wife is just what they see in that room. She’s not even a complete woman, just a womb to be impregnated.” Dr. Cox hesitated and then added. “She’s just a pussy to be fucked.”

George squinted at him, his lips turning up, some anger coming across his face. Dr. Cox was proud to see it.

“But that’s the point of this procedure. We want what happens in that room to be primal as we can allow, in a civilized manner, but still harnessing that primal instinct to fuck, to use, to impregnate. So realize what you’ll be experiencing in there is natural, that competition, it’s the very essence of this procedure. Don’t be afraid of it. Go with it and use it. But at the same time, take that out on your wife, not the men in the room. I will not tolerate any roughhousing. And I’m sure the subjects will all be just as respectful to you.”

George nodded, calming some from that previous burst of anger, but still determined.

“Let me go in to the insemination room to talk to the volunteers and let them know you’re coming in. Some of them may want to maintain their anonymity and choose to leave while you’re there. I doubt they will, but they deserve the option,” Dr. Cox said.

He patted George on the shoulder then went around the corner and entered the insemination room. Louis was now fucking the patient. He was a tall, muscular man of Dominican origins, the husband of a former patient. His wife had only had one treatment and become pregnant. She had been an especially beautiful woman, even the lower half of her just visible to the insemination subjects, all of whom had finished quickly but in large amounts and gone many times. Louis himself had participated and had been convinced it was his semen that had impregnated her, though there was no way of proving it and all the sperm were the same no matter whom they came from. Still, he had decided to become an insemination volunteer with his wife’s approval, to help those that had been like her and he had been a welcome addition. Extremely physically fit, he also produced the largest ejaculations of any of the subjects.

Louis had his hands on her inner thighs close to her groin, his fingers digging into her skin, pushing her thighs apart, while he slid in and out of her, long nicely paced strokes, his eyes focused on that penetration, panting already.

“Gentlemen,” Dr. Cox announced and everyone looked at him, even Louis, who continued thrusting in and out of the patient. “The husband has decided to join the group insemination.” There were many grins and a few smirks. Dr. Cox noted those that smirked. “You all know the rules and all have performed with a patient’s partner before. But if any of you would like to leave the room while the husband is here then you can go back to the waiting area until he is finished.” No one moved as Dr. Cox had expected. “While he should in some regards be treated as one of you, he also deserves respect befitting that of the partner of the patient whom you are inseminating. He is a client first and foremost, but also here he is competition. He goes when he is ready and no one will dispute that. Understood?”

Everyone nodded their heads. The men who had already inseminated the patient were standing on one side of the room, a bit apart from the rest, having wiped themselves off, and Johnny was already firmly erect, but some of the volunteers who hadn’t gone yet were already hard so he’d have to wait. Those that hadn’t gone were huddled around the patient, surrounding her legs, watching intently, stroking themselves slowly, not wanting to get too aroused, just wanting to stay hard. Dr. Cox knew it took great control.

Dr. Cox turned back to the door and opened it. George was standing outside waiting confidently.

“Please come in, sir,” he said.

George walked into the room and Dr. Cox closed the door behind him. The volunteers all looked at George, nodded at him, and he nodded back. Louis glanced up at him, then turned back to the patient. He had his hands on her hips, his forearms resting on her thighs and was thrusting into her, pushing his full length into her. His powerful buttocks flexed with each thrust as if he was urging his penis deep into her, pointing his entire body to her womb, deep inside of her.

George stood still, looking around the room, but his eyes were continuously drawn to his wife’s legs sticking out from the curtained hole and the man standing between them, humping and grunting, seeming more to be working between her thighs than enjoying himself.

Dr. Cox touched George on the shoulder and George turned to look at him, his eyes large with no malice, the hunger subdued by interest and curiosity.

“Come on,” Dr. Cox said and led George toward his wife.

The subjects standing around her legs parted for them, leaving just enough room for the doctor and the husband. George was standing by her thigh, titled up in front of him, resting on the leg rest. He looked down the length of her thigh to her hips and then to the penis emerging and disappearing inside of her, the pubic hair of the man meeting with that of his wife, seeming to intertwine for a brief moment before separating. The man huffed and puffed with the exertion of sliding the entire length of him in and out of her at a rapid pace. It was almost workmanlike, the driving of a piston into a cylinder rhythmically, mechanically, just the lower portion of his wife’s body visible dehumanizing her so she was just her lower body and more precisely, just her pussy, just that opening, the opening that was meant to be filled again and again, that was designed for it. This wasn’t his wife, this was barely a woman, it was a pussy, and one that needed to be fucked and filled.

“You can go to the volunteer room over there,” Dr. Cox said quietly, not wanting to interrupt George’s thoughts, “There are some lockers. You can place your clothes in them and come back in when you’re ready.”

George nodded, not looking up, and slowly walked back to the room with Dr. Cox who unlocked the door, letting him inside. The insemination subjects closed back in around the patient, filling the space George and the doctor left. Dr. Cox watched George go into the volunteers’ waiting room, closed the door behind him, and then turned back to the patient. Louis was leaning forward, his forehead almost touching the wall, his hands pressing down on her hips, poised on his toes, his whole body stiff as he rocked back and forth, pivoting on his toes, almost falling into her with his full weight then pulling back, sliding the lower section of his shaft and frenulum on the bottom of her vaginal opening, his body shivering each time his head slid into her.

Then, Louis grunted and hunched over her further, dropping to his feet and started shoving into her faster and harder, huffing loudly. Angela cried out in the other room. Her legs tensed and pushed down on the leg rests, pushing her hips up against Louis’s hands pushing back down. Her feet shook, banging the boot heels against the leg rests. One of the subjects, Brodie, a former college football player, now burgeoning actor with only some print ads in his resume, touched her right boot and then kissed it, licking the leather. Dr. Cox smiled. She had worn the boots obviously as a fetish and the men, some more than others, would naturally respond. On the other side of her Dr. Webster was sliding his hand up and down her thigh, leaning into her.

Yes, the mood was changing, becoming less clinical and more primitive, as Dr. Cox wanted. The introduction of the husband was accelerating the change. The other subjects that hadn’t inseminated her yet were standing just a bit further back, nude, stroking themselves, staring intently, watching Louis pumping, grunting, straining, but their eyes always wandering to each other, measuring each other up, even flexing slightly and glaring. Dr. Cox approved.

Louis grunted, his buttocks flexing tightly, as he came, jabbing into her in short deep thrusts, making the patient squeal, her legs squirming on the rests, as he held her hips tightly, pulling her against him, jabbing again and again, until he stopped and stood there trembling as the last of his semen leaked from him. He stood still, breathing heavily, moving his hips slowly, getting a couple more squirts inside of her, then stepped back, his slick wet cock slipping from her.

Her vaginal opening was wide and Dr. Cox could see the white semen starting to leak from her. Before he could point to anyone, Hassan stepped forward, bumping Brodie out of the way as he started to come around the leg rest. Hassan’s large uncircumcised penis slid into her easily to the root, making the patient groan loudly in the other room. Brodie stared at Hassan angrily but stepped back around the patient’s foot and watched.

Hassan started thrusting quickly, the patient’s vagina so wet and open making it easy to go hard like he enjoyed. He stood between her legs barely touching her, except where they were joined, his arms hanging at his sides, his hands making fists, as he pumped in and out of her, his low-hanging testicles slapping against her buttocks.

Dr. Cox watched Hassan pounding into the patient, a determined mating, intent on spilling his seed into her, and knew he wouldn’t last long, which was why he moved forward so quickly, too aroused to wait any longer, needing to come inside of the patient. Hassan was the one subject that Dr. Cox was not entirely convinced should be there, but he felt he didn’t have much choice. Hassan was the son of the partner and initial financier of Dr. Cox’s clinic, Kahlil Nasser. Without Kahlil’s early involvement and financial assistance the clinic would have never been built. Kahlil himself had taken part in the group inseminations for the first several years, but eventually had stopped, supposedly to age, though Dr. Cox had offered medicines to help with that, but Kahlil had insisted and also insisted on Dr. Cox taking on his son. Dr. Cox had agreed, feeling there wasn’t a choice, and he had to admit that Hassan had not been a disappointment. He was too uncontrolled to go early, but he did obey well enough, and his intensity helped increase the competitive nature of the other subjects.

Dr. Cox moved to the side, watching Hassan’s uncircumcised penis sliding in and out of the patient, marveling at just how well the uncircumcised penis worked compared to circumcised. The foreskin provided a sheath for the penis to slide in, itself inside the sheath of the woman, a perfect design. Dr. Cox himself wished his parents hadn’t been uneducated enough to have him circumcised as a child, a practice still preformed far too often, an atrocity in his opinion, unnatural.

Hassan seemed to have little regard for the patients, though that seemed to be the same for all the subjects as the sessions grew longer. He had little to no desire to touch the patients. He wanted only to be inside of them, to fuck them, to come inside of them. He looked down with total focus on the motion of his cock moving in and out of the pussy splayed before him, wide open to him, gaping for him. He put his fists on his hips, his elbows brushed her thighs and he turned his elbows back a bit. He leaned back, pushing his member up and into her, moving quickly inside the slick opening.

The patient was moaning loudly and Dr. Cox wondered if she would come again. He hoped so, that would be very good for the procedure. Dr. Webster, still standing at her side, stroking her thigh, seemed to have the same thought, and started rubbing his thumb over her clitoris.

The patient started to exclaim loudly, “Oh oh oh oh,” over and over again. Hassan was dripping sweat with the exertion of rocking his hips in such large arcs, dipping down slightly each time he pulled out, then pushing up as he thrust into her. Dr. Webster rubbed his thumb over her clitoris, thoroughly slick from her own come and juices, while he slid his other hand up and down her inner thigh in time with the motion of his thumb and the thrusts of Hassan’s hips.

Brodie stood on her other side, one hand gently laying on her boot as it rocked back and forth, his other hand playing gently over his frenulum, keeping himself hard, but not too stimulated. Jim Slade, a black porn actor, who obviously went by his porn name, had stepped forward, his penis hanging low but stiff, peering at the curtain, enthralled by the exhortations coming from the patient. Duane and Anthony, the other two subjects still waiting their turns, stood back still, both firm but limp, content to wait, but both with eyes large, taking in the scene.

Dr. Cox’s attention turned from Hassan’s frantic thrusting when George appeared from the volunteer waiting room. He was nude with the natural softness of a man who worked at a desk, but not unfit. He was somewhat hesitant, but came forward intently, glancing at everyone in the room, those who had gone already watching him, the others too intent on Hassan and the patient. Dr. Cox motioned George over to him and he walked over.

Dr. Cox leaned in towards George and whispered, “It’s fine. Put away your inhibitions here. Don’t be self-conscious at all. We’re all here for the same goal.”

George nodded at him, his eyes switching back to the man coupling with his wife.

“Come on,” Dr. Cox said, touching George’s shoulder and moving him forward.

They stood beside Dr. Webster, who was rubbing Angela’s clitoris slower now, flipping it with his thumb tip while he licked his lips. Her hips jerked each time his thumb slipped over her clitoris, out of rhythm with Hassan’s manic thrusting, jabbing up and into her. Her thighs quivered and shook while her hips writhed on the edge of the mattress.

“Watch this,” Dr. Cox whispered to George. “It’s coming…” Angela’s body bucked under Dr. Webster’s rubbing thumb and around Hassan’s plunging erection. “Almost…” Dr. Cox raised his hand, holding it for a few seconds. Angela squealed loudly then Dr. Webster flipped her clitoris while Hassan shoved up and into her, his cock head appearing for a moment before sliding up and into her. “Now,” Dr. Cox said, bringing his hand down, and Angela went suddenly silent, her body stiffened, and a tight spray of fluid was ejected into the air in a misty arc.

Dr. Cox shook George’s shoulder with joy. “Yes,” Dr. Cox almost yelled.

Her body started bucking stiffly as Hassan plunged into her, making the stream stop and start again, going from full hard stream to nothing and back again, splashing against Hassan’s stomach. Dr. Webster slid his hand up her hips and lower stomach, feeling her muscles tighten with the ejaculation. Hassan jammed himself up and into her and made a grunting noise, alerting Dr. Cox that he too was coming, the only sign as he continued thrusting into her in the same long hard strokes, pounding into her squirting pussy, each thrust shoving his semen into her deeply, until his body began to shake, threatening to break his rhythm, and he thrust into her hard, leaned forward, then pulled out and shoved in again and again, his hands coming from his hips and falling onto her thighs as he caught himself from falling onto her, jamming himself deep into her, his scrotum drawn up, pushing his seed into her.

“How about that?” Dr. Cox said to George proudly.

The stream died down and stopped as Hassan made his final lunge inside of her. Dr. Webster slid his hand back and forth over her lower stomach, admiring the feel of her slick skin, her flat stomach, the bone of her hips rising slightly above her luscious smooth pelvis and pubic area. Hassan trembled once more, took a deep breath, and then stood up straight, taking his hands off of her.

Dr. Cox looked at George, who had a quizzical but determined look on his face. He had never seen his wife come like that Dr. Cox knew, and it was arousing him, not just exciting him but arousing his need to dominate. Dr. Cox looked down and saw George’s penis was fully erect, painfully so.

Hassan pushed into her once more and looked behind him as he stepped back, his long penis sliding out of her sloppily. Dr. Cox nudged George’s shoulder, pushing him forward.

“Go ahead,” he told him, friendly but sternly.

George glanced at him, then back at his wife’s lower body and the men standing around her, who were now watching him. Hassan stepped away revealing his wife’s widely open, red, and dripping wet pussy. Her pelvis and thighs were shiny and drenched. Her pussy was so open, it seemed to be waiting, to be wanting. Her body shook as Dr. Webster stroked her public hair and a small drop of white fluid poked out of her vaginal opening, leaking to her labia.

Brodie stepped forward, his hard erection in his hand and Dr. Cox started to tell him to stop, but George stepped forward, nudging him aside again. Brodie looked as if to push back but stopped and went back to his spot, his large chest muscles flexing angrily. Dr. Cox nodded at Brodie, who glanced up at him and scowled before turning back away. Dr. Cox knew Brodie was pissed for bringing someone else in, even if he was the husband of the patient. He wondered if it was worth noting, but decided it wasn’t. He was feeling the competition and was probably about to come just from being in the room and aroused. Dr. Cox would let it slide if he held on.

George stepped between his wife’s legs which were now jerking spastically. Dr. Webster kept his hand on her stomach. George stood on the mat and looked at the lower body that was his wife and yet not his wife. He had gone down on her many times, been between her legs looking up at her, but this was so much different. This was just her lower body, a lower body, just hips, a pelvis, legs, and a well fucked pussy, a dripping wet, red, swollen pussy, filled with the semen of five men already.

“Sir,” Dr. Cox said, “You really shouldn’t wait.”

Dr. Cox saw some pearly white semen seeping from her vaginal opening, starting to dangle down, hanging from her swollen labia. If her hips hadn’t been tilted up that slight drip would be a stream and soon would be if George didn’t insert his penis.

George looked at the spread thighs of his wife, now not his wife, just a woman, just a woman’s pussy, and stepped forward, clenching his cock in his hand. Dr. Watson pressed the switch to raise the lift some, but George didn’t notice as he stepped forward, his eyes taking in the sight of such a ripe, well-fucked pussy, that opening seeming to draw him, pulling him in like gravity.

He slid in easier than he ever had and groaned loudly as he bottomed out in her immediately, his hips meeting her pelvis. He swayed on his feet at the sensation of her pussy engulfing him so easily and quickly. She groaned loudly from the other side of the hole at being filled again. George laid his hands on her raised thighs for balance then pushed in harder, mashing his hips against her, pushing her thighs further apart.

He regained his balance and pushed her legs apart, almost off of the leg rests. Then, he began fucking her in short deep thrusts, pushing himself against her and barely pulling back again before shoving into her again, jamming into her as deep as he could. She made soft grunts from the other room, too tired now to do much more.

George dug his fingers into her inner thighs and shoved his cock into her, pounding at her, shoving her further onto the mattress. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her back with him, still shoving into her, grinding into her. Dr. Cox moved to one of her legs and motioned to Dr. Webster on the other side. They loosened some thumbscrews on the leg rests and then carefully lowered them out of the way until George was holding the weight of her legs in his arms.

All the men except Hassan moved in closer, forming a tight group of sweaty nude men around her lower body and the man thrusting himself into her. It wasn’t a husband making love to his wife, it wasn’t a man fucking a woman, it was a cock thrusting its seed into a pussy.

Dr. Cox stood against the wall and looked at George, holding the patient’s legs in his arms, jamming his cock into the pussy, shoving and grinding, making wet squelching noises as it found room inside among the semen and come and lubricant already inside of it. He grunted through heavy breaths with each punching thrust. He slid his hands down her legs so he gripped her buttocks, lifting her hips up slightly, and her legs slid down to the crook of his arms, her boots dangling at his sides, jostling with his manic thrusting.

George’s eyes were trained on the pelvis and pussy in front of him, imagining he could see his cock inside of her, punching into her, seeing it lengthen inside of her, pushing towards her cervix, urging it beyond and into her womb. He slid his hands to the side of her buttocks and hips, her thighs resting on his forearms, and he was moving her back and forth as he thrust in and out of her. He was perspiring heavily, dripping sweat onto her pelvis and thighs. His grunting became louder as he pierced her again and again, jabbing into her.

Dr. Cox could feel the strong competitive tension in the room. He saw the men gathered around in a tight group and backed out, stepping between Daryl and Duane, who both stepped in closer. Dr. Watson was pawing her lower stomach and pelvis as she shook back and forth. Brodie was slapping his penis on her jostling thigh. Daryl moved in closer and touched her side, his hand approaching the curtain, almost going beneath it and stopping there. Jim lifted her foot to rub his dick on her boot.

Dr. Cox stepped to the back of the room where Hassan had finished toweling his body off and now stood still, watching. Johnny who had been hovering behind George, almost touching him, stepped back, and looked at Dr. Cox. Johnny seemed to understand the process and often looked to Dr. Cox for verification. Dr. Cox just nodded and Johnny grinned and then looked back at George.

George was panting now. His body was stiff and tight. He was grunting loudly, punctuating each hard thrust into her. He was pulling her towards him with each thrust in, jamming himself into her, pressing his groin to hers, having slowed down but now going faster again, building to orgasm, feeling the tip of his penis now pressing against her cervix and she cried out, in pleasure and pain it didn’t matter as it was all the same by that point.

Brodie slid his dick on her thigh as it moved back and forth with George’s thrusting. He was so close to finishing that he wanted to squirt all over her thigh but knew that would be a huge mistake and he’d likely be banned for some time, a punishment he didn’t want to endure, so he clenched his jaw and enjoyed the feel of that smooth jostling thigh rubbing the underside of his penis. Jim rubbed the rough design on the boot on his dick, almost painful but making him harder and harder. The other men groped what skin they could or watched intently.

George shoved into her hard once twice three more times and then pulled her tight against him and grunted through clenched teeth, erupting inside of her, and shoved again and again, convulsing inside of her, becoming lightheaded, overwhelmed by an intense orgasm and physical exertion. He grunted with each hard thrust, discharging each spurt of semen as deep into her as he could, spraying inside of her, coating her cervix with each discharge of semen that trailed down the length of his penis as if being pulled on a tight string. She squealed as she felt her insides being coated again, feeling so full of semen and thrusting cock. There just couldn’t be enough room.

George swooned as he stopped thrusting and stood shivering, his penis seeming to be rippling inside of her with the last small ejaculations. He held her legs tightly in his arms, leaned down and kissed her lower stomach. She shivered from the touch.

“Leg rests,” Dr. Cox said softly.

After a moment Dr. Watson snapped the leg rest on his side into place. Daryl fumbled with the leg rest on his side then Glenn helped him and snapped it into place.

“Wider and straight,” Dr. Cox said and they adjusted the leg rests to be straight, no longer bent like before, and spread wider.

George straightened up and stepped closer, pushing his cock into her, not wanting it to slip out. Without instruction Brodie and Jim each took a leg from George’s arms and placed them on the legs rests gently. Jim slid his hands up her leg, his fingers digging into her skin. Brodie slid his penis along her shin and then moved around her foot, ready to step in when George left.

George stood still for awhile, relishing the feel of his penis softening inside of her, feeling the gobs of semen packed around him, starting to trickle out. He sighed deeply and stepped back, his penis sliding from her, a drop of semen dripping from the head of his penis and onto the mat.

Brodie stepped in quickly, squeezing between George and a leg rest as George stepped back, looking at her drenched pussy before Brodie moved in the way, shoving his cock into her and immediately began hammering into her, groaning in relief of finally entering her.

Dr. Cox touched George’s shoulder and led him to the back of the room. He handed George a towel and pointed to the sink. George took the towel but didn’t use it. He leaned against the sink and panted, looking at the floor.

“Take it easy,” Dr. Cox told him, rubbing his shoulder. “It’s quite an experience isn’t it?” he asked.

George looked at him, his eyes hazy from the effects of not just an orgasm, but a powerful one, one that seemed to drain him entirely. George could only nod in reply. Dr. Cox gave him a fatherly smile.

Brodie’s powerful buttocks were clenching and unclenching rapidly as he thrust into the patient. He had his hands on her upper thighs, leaning forward, almost leaning on her. He felt like he could come already, but wanted to hold on, enjoy it for at least a bit.

Dr. Watson was watching her body being shoved with Brodie’s thrusting and squirt some lubricant onto his penis, stroking it hard. Jim Slade held her boot in one hand and was rubbing it over his penis, getting it harder, feeling it make his penis raw and getting off on it. Duane and Anthony had both moved in closer on the other side of her, each touching and stroking her leg, both getting harder now.

Brodie looked down at his washboard abs, contracting and crunching above the sight of his cock emerging from the well-fucked red pussy and plunging back in. Despite her firm thighs and stomach, her jutting hips and tight waist, Brodie watched his own body flexing and his cock pounding into her, her pussy despite being soaking wet and swollen still sucking on his cock, making sloppy squelching noises as he plunged in and out of her.

He couldn’t hold on any longer, didn’t want to hold on any longer, and let himself come as he continued thrusting, not jamming into her deeply, but coming in long continuous spurts, spraying her insides, groaning deeply, long deep strokes that made his body shiver and strain, made his muscles bulge which pleased him and made him shudder as his cock trembled inside of her, seemed to swell as another large load of sperm gushed into her.

“Oh yeah,” he sighed in relief and settled down, his abs jerking with his penis inside of her, spilling the last of his seed into her. He stopped, holding himself inside of her, and looked around and behind him.

Dr. Webster was lubricated and ready to go, but was further away than Jim who rubbed the head of his cock over her boot heel then set her foot back down and stepped forward. Brodie slid out of her with a despondent sigh, always hating that feeling of pulling out of such a nice slippery pussy and watched as a stream of pearly white come emerged from her vaginal opening and started to drip to the floor. Jim pushed him to the side against the leg rest.

“Hey,” Brodie exclaimed, stumbling into the leg rest, grabbing her thigh in surprise, making her yelp.

“No time,” Jim grumbled and rammed his thick uncircumcised cock into her in one slick motion making her yelp again, this time in surprise at the size of the penis suddenly thrust deep into her.

“Oh baby,” Jim said and grinned as she lifted her hips, almost like she was pulling away from him, her body trying to find room for him.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him, impaled mostly inside of her, just an inch of the root of his cock showing, and held himself still, letting her get used to him, letting his own throbbing cock calm down from the rubbing on her boot and the sudden entry into such a slick pussy, seeming to squelch around him as she twisted her hips.

Dr. Cox watched in deep fascination as Brodie moved away, obviously angry at Jim, but too satisfied from having come to do much with it. The way the men acted always intrigued him. The trick was to allow some of that competitive anger to arise, but not too much that they broke into fighting or worse hurt the patient. The experience should remain pleasurable to the patient not stressful. He worried somewhat about having Hassan, Brodie, then Jim go in a row. They were the most forceful and uncontrollable of the men in the room, but because of that very reason they wouldn’t wait any longer. That’s the way it tended to happen.

“I should check on the patient,” Dr. Cox said, though nobody seemed to be listening to him, just watching as the patient’s pelvis and legs stirred, still trying to find room for the cock impaling her.

Dr. Cox looked at George, standing next to him, watching intently, that fire coming back into his eyes.

“Sir,” Dr. Cox said to him. “I’m going back into the patient’s room. You can join me if you want. There are showers and towels in the waiting room.” He motioned to the subject waiting room where George had undressed. “Or you can stay here and watch… or even go again if you feel you can.” He smiled at George broadly.

“Okay,” George said and then turned back to his wife’s lower body and the man standing between her legs.

Dr. Cox walked to the door and turned to watch Jim pull his cock from the patient slowly then slide back in hard, snapping his hips, making the patient cry out and groan, lifting her knees as she pressed her feet into the leg rests, raising her hips to take him inside of her.

“Raise the leg rests,” he commanded, but only Dr. Watson looked at him, gripping his slick cock in one hand.

Dr. Cox sighed heavily and walked forward. He raised one leg rest up so her thigh was almost completely vertical, tilted to the side, her knee hooked over it so her lower leg could dangle freely. Glen watched him and did the same on the other side. Both of her legs were now raised, her knees in the air and thighs spread in a V, her feet hanging. She appeared as just a pelvis, a pussy, and two dangling boots. Jim reached around the leg rests, grabbed her thighs and began plowing into her, his hips banging into the leg rests and side of the mattress. She panted as he drove into her, her feet shaking, the boot heels clicking into the leg rests again and again.

“If that’s not comfortable for her I’ll tell you to change it and do it this time,” he said loudly, getting everyone to look at him. He frowned at the group of them.

He understood being distracted by the procedure, but they must obey him at all times. This was his procedure. He was in charge. Those that didn’t know that could leave and never come back. He made sure they all saw that in his eyes before he turned away and walked to the door.

He looked back again at the men now all watching Jim thrusting in and out of the patient in long hard strokes, making the leg rests shake. With the patient’s legs in the air the men could gather in closer, just George, Brodie, and Daryl hanging back. It really did look like just a hole in the wall, just a pussy exposed through a hole, awaiting any cock that happened by. Just a wet warm hole waiting to take every man inside of it, to be used, to be filled. Dr. Cox nodded to himself, opened the door, stepped into the hallway, and closed the door behind him.

He breathed deeply in the hallway, relishing that antiseptic clean smell again then walked around the corner to the patient’s room. He knocked on the door loudly.

“It’s Dr. Cox, ma’am,” he said loudly through the door, waiting a moment, before opening the door and entering the room. She of course didn’t respond. She was grunting and panting as her body shook on the mattress, pushed back and forth by the man on the other side of the wall.

She looked to the side as he closed the door and walked towards her, giving her his biggest, most friendly, most proud grin.

“It’s going wonderfully,” he assured her.

She nodded her head and closed her eyes. Her face was flushed a dark red and soaked with sweat. Her blonde hair so well tended when she had arrived was now matted with sweat and hung in loose strands and clumps, pasted to her forehead and tossed about the mattress, the pillows thrown to the floor. Her chest rose and fell with the gasping breaths. Her breasts shook with her body, being shoved back and forth roughly.

Dr. Cox went to the kitchenette and opened the small refrigerator. He took out a bottle of cool water and opened it. He opened a cabinet and took out a bendy straw. He dropped the straw in the bottle and walked over to her and sat in the chair he had left beside her earlier. He stroked her forehead with his free hand, looking into her eyes like a proud and loving father.

“Have a drink,” he said, holding the straw close to her lips.

She took the straw between her lips and drank a bit, then let it loose with a grunt as her body was shoved forward. He stroked her forehead, smoothing her hair back, pushing the straw to her lips. She took it again and this time drank deeply, taking several swallows, even as her body shook back and forth, her lips clamped on the end of the straw making the straw rise and fall inside the neck of the bottle.

“That’s my girl,” he said.

She let the straw drop from her lips and sighed breathlessly, “Thank you, doctor.”

He set the bottle down by his chair and then took her hand in his. She held onto him tightly.

“How are you doing?” he said, still stroking her warm forehead.

“I’m fine,” she said, her throat tight and then clamped her lips blocking another squeal as her body was shoved hard again.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his eyes now looking her over, appraising her.

Her nipples were still rigid. Her skin was flushed. He saw goose bumps on her upper arm. Yes, she was still feeling much pleasure, perhaps some pain now, sore from the procedure, even uncomfortable from Jim’s large penis which was now plunged deep inside of her, but this was the most painful it would get. Jim was the largest, perhaps not quite as long as Johnny or Hassan, but close and definitely the widest. Plus he was uncircumcised and liked it rough. She was only about halfway done, most of the men had gone once, but some still had to go, and some would go again, but if she could handle Jim’s pounding at this point then it would all be fine.

“Oh yes,” she said breathlessly, her body now moving rhythmically, not so forcefully as Jim found room inside of her and fell into a steady hard rhythm. Dr. Cox wasn’t sure if she was answering him or responding to Jim’s movements, but suspected both.

Her hand held his tightly as he ran his other hand through her hair, forming it in a more settled shape around her face and head. She closed her eyes and parted her lips, whining now, her tongue flicking at the air. Dr. Cox looked at her wet red lips, her tongue seeming to search for something, and started to bend down to kiss her, then snapped back straight in his chair.

“You’re one of the most compliant and obedient patients I’ve ever had,” he told her, mostly to distract himself and his own desire to kiss her, to devour her mouth. “If there’s anything you need,” he hurried on, “then you must tell me.”

“Yes, doctor,” she said, her eyes opening to look at him, her body jerking roughly forward then relaxing back as Jim grunted on the other side of the wall.

Dr. Cox lifted the bottle of water up and placed the straw between her lips.

“Drink some more,” he told her and she did, drinking deeply with several gulps.

He set the bottle down and stroked her cheek. She was such a beautiful woman. He had thought so when he first met her, but now, having given herself to him, to his procedure, her body humming, writhing, filled, she was even more beautiful to him. Her eyes were closed and he touched them lightly with his fingertips. She opened her eyes, hazy, seeming to focus on some spot behind him. He looked into her deep blue eyes and felt that stirring in his gut and even lower.

“You’re beautiful,” he sighed to her.

His fingers moved down from her cheek, stroking her neck. She stretched her neck and sighed deeply. She leaned her head back into the pillow, closing her eyes again, arching her neck. Her chest rose and fell with the thrusting. Dr. Cox’s fingers slid up and down her neck, under her chin. Her skin was so warm, so smooth, he wanted to lick it, to maybe even bite it.

“Such a beautiful patient,” he said softly.

He stroked her chin with the back of his fingers. Her full red lips were parted as she panted sharply. Her body was being pushed back and forth faster now. His finger lingered near her lower lip then slid down her chin. She arched her neck more, lifting the curve of her neck to his fingers. Jim was breathing heavily on the other side of the wall and curtain.

Dr. Cox traced the curve of her neck down, feeling her swallow deeply, then moan loudly. He licked his lips as he watched her neck, her jaw line, her chin, down to her chest, his fingertips catching a bead of sweat racing along her skin.

“So obedient,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she sighed, her eyes closed tightly, her tongue slipping along her lower lip.

His fingers moved from her neck to her supple shoulder. She gripped his other hand in hers tightly and pulled it against her side. He felt her body moving against the back of his hand, shaking with Jim’s thrusting.

“The perfect patient,” he said.

She nodded her head and arched her back, crying out softly as Jim sunk into her deeply. Her body settled still for a moment as Jim adjusted the lift on the other side, then pulled almost all of the way out of her, making her sigh at the emptiness.

“My perfect patient,” Dr. Cox said, his fingers stroking her shoulder.

“Yes, doctor,” she sighed.

Her body moved slightly towards the wall as Jim pulled her buttocks tightly against the leg rests. Then he shot his hips forward, shoving his cock to its deepest depths and she yelped, her hand gripping Dr. Cox’s hand even tighter. Her other hand grabbed the side of the mattress, twisting the sheets. She began shaking back and forth rapidly as Jim thrust into her hard and fast.

“Yes yes yes yes,” she uttered again and again, her voice shaking, broken with each thrust into her.

Dr. Cox placed his palm on her shoulder, feeling her body moving against his hand, then slid it up to her neck, his fingers going around the back of her neck, his thumb stroking her throat. She arched her neck into his hand.

“Please,” she begged.

He tightened his hand on her neck, gripping her firmly. He pressed his thumb to her throat and felt it vibrating as she grunted each time the hard cock pierced her inside, pressing into her cervix, searching for that spot deep inside of her.

“Yes yes yes yes,” she continued against his hand. He watched her intently, her body shaking, being shoved back and forth, her neck curved long and lean, and slid his thumb over her throat, feeling the warm sweaty skin.

“So perfect,” he sighed. “You understand me. You trust me entirely.”

“Yes, doctor,” she sighed, then squealed as Jim pulled from her in a large stroke almost coming out of her then slammed into her, grunting loudly.

He began pounding into her harder and faster. She felt like she was too full, her body couldn’t take it, that she would burst open in a wet ecstatic detonation, and only the doctor’s hand on her neck could contain her, keep her reaching for some point just out of touch. She pulled his other hand to her chest, wanting him closer, to hold her, to restrain her. The thrusting member inside of her seemed to expand further, to swell, the head jamming against her inside, and she twisted her head side to side, trying not to fight the driving force inside her.

“My beautiful most perfect patient,” Dr. Cox said, his lips now close to her face.

With her eyes closed tightly she could only hear him and moaned “yes” once more, feeling her throat vibrating against the doctor’s hand and let go. Instantly her back arched, pulling her hips towards her, hands gripped her thighs tightly pulling her back, she cried out, and it gushed from her, a hard stream flowing from her, constrained by that cock inside of her, which was now spewing inside of her, filling her as she emptied herself.

Dr. Cox sat back when she cried out, feeling her neck taut in his hand, and watched her intently, almost lovingly, her body rigid and shaking, her back and neck in a lovely arch of submission.

“Yes,” he sighed, “Let it go,” holding her hand, pressing down on her chest softly.

Her whole body constricted ejecting her own fluids in a potent stream compressed by the thick spurting member inside of her. She let out a silent shriek and tossed her head side to side, needing that release, drawn out on a tight line as the cock inside of her thrust and pushed back against her contracting muscles. Dr. Cox lifted her head by the neck slightly and she stopped shaking it, breathed out deeply, and then felt it finally gush from her, hard and steady. The hardness inside of her twitched and spewed, swelled and constricted, and she flowed around it.

Dr. Cox watched her body being shoved back and forth from Jim’s short, surging thrusts, so tight, focused on the spot inside of her where their bodies joined and came together. He pulled his hand from hers and she grabbed back at his wrist as he slid his hand down her taut side to the curtain, wanting to feel that tense exertion with both of his hands as his other hand held her neck, his fingers digging into the far side of her neck, his thumb pressing into her throat enough to feel her suck in large deep breaths.

Then her body suddenly fell to the mattress and began jerking both from her own twitching muscles and Jim’s declining thrusts. Dr. Cox slid his hand up her side then pulled it from her, shaking her hand from his wrist, letting it fall to the mattress. He slowly let go of her neck and sat up straight in the chair, his hands in his lap, observing her twitching, the last of the fluid ejected from her body, the penis inside of her spurting its last.

He wondered what he had been doing, touching a patient like that. He had never done that before even if he’d had the urge. He thought of the woman, Linda Foster, he’d met with the day before, the one who’d rejected him, mocked his ideas, and here was this woman, this patient, so accepting, so willing, the perfect embodiment of what he knew to be true.

“So beautiful,” he said once again.

Her head turned and eyes fluttered open to look at him. She was breathing heavily now, panting for breath, barely able to focus on the doctor. She felt drained but elated, her body coursing with an excitement she had never felt before and was all due to this man. She knew he could give her what she wanted. She tried to give him a weak smile, then closed her eyes as the softening erection inside of her squelched deeper into her, drooling the last of its seed inside of her and then became still. They both became still and both rooms were quiet accept for their combined panting.

Angela lay there, letting her muscles ripple beneath her skin, feeling so weak but so alive, so fertile. She felt special, like a goddess laying on an altar. She smiled to herself and sighed deeply, running her hands down her sides, then letting her arms fall, dangling off the bed.

She let out the softest sigh of regret as the penis slid from her and an even softer squeal of surprise as another replaced it. It was smaller but urgent, stabbing into her in deep short, almost panicked thrusts.

It was Dr. Watson who had been on the edge of ejaculating for too long, watching Jim pounding that lovely pussy through the wall, then the huge stream she ejaculated onto the man standing between her legs, splashing him with a hot musky spray. He had almost brought himself off then, but had stopped touching himself and focused on the scent of the liquid coming from her and how much he wanted to be inside the woman that had just done that. As soon as Jim had pulled out of her Dr. Watson had slid into her. She was wet and open but still held him firmly and he pushed in and out of her quickly, his hands reaching underneath her to hold her wet buttocks.

Dr. Cox picked up the bottle of water from the floor and lifted the patient’s head to the straw.

“Take a drink,” he told her.

She did as he told her, not realizing she was thirsty until the water hit her tongue and then drinking deeply. Her body shook and shivered from the thrusting from Dr. Watson but she continued to drink, his penis inside of her welcome but not overwhelming her like the one before, comfortable and warm inside of her. When she had finished the bottle of water, Dr. Cox stood and dropped it in a waste basket.

He watched her, slightly uncomfortable with what he had done, but contented with himself anyway. He’d had some kind of breakthrough, not just with the patient and the procedure, but with himself, a reclamation. He walked over to her, pushing aside the awkwardness he was trying to feel.

“You’re doing wonderfully,” he told her, getting the friendly authority back in his voice.

She looked up at him, her head rocking, and said, “Thank you, doctor.”

He looked down at her, wanting to brush her hair with his fingers again, but not daring to touch her. He heard Dr. Watson grunting on the other side of the wall. Dr. Watson was the loud grunter of the group and from how loud he already was he wasn’t going to last long. The patient’s body was jolted back and forth but moved lazily as she lay there limp and tired. Soft moans came from her wet parted lips. Sweat streamed down her face and to the pillow.

Dr. Cox went to the bathroom and got a towel from the closet. He should have brought a towel out for her sooner. Of course she would be sweating profusely. When he got back her body was jerking rapidly as Dr. Watson grunted louder and faster. Dr. Cox gently pressed to the towel to her face, patting her dry. Dr. Watson cried out and her body shot forward once more then shook, her breasts rocking in looping circles. Dr. Cox patted the towel down over her neck and chest.

She felt the penis inside of her spurting its come into her and felt like she was taking it into her, not feeling overfilled, but that she could soak it all into her, even pull it out of the spasming member, and she heard the man on the other side of the wall cry out as her muscles clamped down on him as if to pull him further into her.

Dr. Cox slid the towel down her arms, then folded it and laid it on a chair next to her so she could reach it later if she wanted it. He could hear Dr. Watson now ejaculating into her, letting out a noise so loud that he knew it was an especially large ejaculation.

“Yes,” he said softly, truly proud, of himself and the patient.

Her body shook as Dr. Watson came inside of her in long writhing streams. His fingers dug into her buttocks as he strained to hold her against him tightly, feeling her pussy rippling around him like it was stroking the ejaculate from his body.

“Oh god,” he exclaimed and hunched forward, jabbing and squirming inside of her.

Dr. Cox reached down and touched her cheek to get her attention. She opened her eyes and looked at him, her eyes tired but bright and alive.

“I’m guessing your hips and legs are tired now,” he said. “Would you like to lower them? Or perhaps change position all together?”

She looked at the doctor and thought for a moment. She searched for her legs to feel if they were tired and they did felt a bit numb, from being held in the air for so long, and her hips were getting tight.

“Yes, doctor,” she said, “Please lower my legs.” Then she stretched her body out, her arms lifting past her head, catlike, “But I’m comfortable laying like this.”

The doctor watched her stretching, his eyes enraptured with the strain of her body, so taut, so vibrant and fertile. He started to groan but held it in his chest.

“Fine, I’ll lower your legs and bring them together just a bit, to lessen the strain in your hips,” he said, just to be talking.

She nodded at him and closed her eyes, feeling the penis inside of her squirming and spurting, pushing its seed into her, and she drank it up greedily.

Dr. Cox left the room, having to force himself to look away from her, not allowing himself to look back at her as he closed the door behind him and entered the hallway. He walked quickly down the hallway, not enjoying it as he had earlier, his mind now distracted, and entered the insemination room. Dr. Watson was still standing at the hole, his flabby belly mashed against her pelvis and the leg rests, still inside of the patient, still gripping her buttocks, feeling the last of his semen trickle into her.

“Lower her legs before going next,” he said loudly, closing the door behind him.

All the men were bunched around her, even Jim who was still gleaming wet. They looked up at him, hesitated, saw the look in his eyes, and remembered his look earlier and immediately moved to the leg supports. They fumbled at the soaked leg rests, lowered them, the left one falling quickly before Johnny caught it.

“Bring the legs in some, not so wide as before,” he said, “the thighs tilted up at the hips just a bit but feet titled down.” He felt just giving commands, exact commands, and watching the men follow them. He breathed deeply, taking in the scent of sex and sweat, smelling her ejaculate so strong in the room, and felt his chest swell with pride again, replacing any confusion he had been feeling earlier.

Johnny helped Brodie and Louis put the left leg in the correct position and instructed Hassan and Glenn to do the same on the other side. Dr. Watson stood still, watching the patient’s legs being lowered, sliding his hands up and down her slick thighs, his penis shrinking inside of her and then falling out as her hips shifted down.

Dr. Watson stepped away and Duane and Anthony both started to step forward, both hard and eager to finally have their turn. Anthony pushed Dr. Watson behind him, getting between the legs. Duane grabbed Anthony’s shoulder pulling him back.

“No,” Dr. Cox said sternly.

Duane held Anthony’s shoulder a second longer then let go of it and stepped back. Duane looked at Dr. Cox as he backed away, his hand holding his erection firmly. Dr. Cox had let the men shove each other for position before but wanted to be in control of them now. He eyed Duane who nodded at him and stepped back, his free hand sliding along her boot. Duane was surprised at Dr. Cox’s command. He had almost got into fights before, he seemed to always end up last, but Dr. Cox wasn’t having any of it today. He hoped it wouldn’t count against him and then looked back down at the patient’s leg next to him, the cowboy boot now soaked in her own juices and knew he just wanted to be inside of her now. He sighed knowing he’d have to wait.

Anthony Grimaldi stood between the patient’s legs and took a moment to admire the splayed legs and glistening pussy with a stream of white semen leaking from it. He knew Dr. Cox wouldn’t want him standing there looking too long so sunk his cock into her, feeling it slide into her to the hilt immediately and he inhaled sharply.

“Wow,” he hissed, feeling his body tremble like he wanted to come inside of her already.

He was the newest volunteer of the group. His wife had been a patient of Dr. Cox just a year ago and had become pregnant from the procedure. He hadn’t wanted her to do it. The thought of her being pounded by a bunch of guys disgusted him, but Dr. Cox had talked him into it, even talked him into taking part in it like the guy today. But afterwards he hadn’t felt right about it and had agreed to become an insemination volunteer after Dr. Cox had surprised him by asking him to become one. Dr. Cox had seen through Anthony, seen his desire to get back at his wife for fucking those other men, and thought he could harness it and use it as a volunteer, even if only for the little while it took to burn that anger out, and so far had been pleased.

Anthony slid his hands up and down the pair of legs spread around him, titled up just a bit, resting on the supports, the feet laying on the supports, titled down, so her knees were bent slightly and in the air a bit higher than the hips. She had great legs. He looked at his own stomach getting paunchy, knowing this was the only way he’d get to fuck a chick with legs like this. He felt he wasn’t going to come anymore and slid in and out of her, groaning at the feel of such a wet sloppy firm pussy. He slid his hands up and down her upper thighs and hips as he moved his cock in and out of that willing hole.

He looked over his left shoulder at the husband standing not too far behind him, watching him. He wanted the guy to watch him fucking his wife, but the guy didn’t seem to mind, and in fact was getting hard again, without even touching it, from watching guys fuck his wife. He figured the guy must be a freak, then remembered that the same had happened to him, and shook it out of his head, turning back to the pussy in front of him and sunk his dick in until his hips pressed against her thighs and pelvis.

Dr. Cox watched as Anthony started sliding in and out of the patient at a moderate pace like he was trying to hold himself back, but he wouldn’t be able to do that for long. At this point the men were too stimulated. The desire to breed, to come in the patient, was too strong now to hold themselves back. Basic instinct would overtake mental control easily. He could feel and smell their stimulated competition in the room. Right now their bodies just wanted to empty their seed into the womb spread out so willing in front of them and that drive would over take whatever control they tried to maintain.

Anthony adjusted the lift, raising it a bit, then nodded to himself as he slid into her the way he wanted, slightly down with her hips just turned up to him. He slid his hands up and down her inner thighs. Her legs were perfect, firm but not too firm, still soft and shapely. He groaned and shoved into her deep and hard, watched his slick cock slide out of her, her pussy lips clinging to him, then shoved back in , jamming his hips against her. He watched his penis move in and out of her as his hands slid up and down her thighs again and again, moving faster each time until he was breathing harder and feeling that tightness in his groin, and he gave himself over to it. He moved his hands to her hips, pressing his forearms to her thighs and pounded into her again and again, grunting loudly, his eyes on their joined bodies, watching as her hips were shoved with his thrusts, pulling her back against him.

Duane stood behind him, his arm laying on her shin and boot, his hand gripping he knee, watching Anthony’s clenching buttocks, hearing the sloppy wet sound of skin against skin, skin inside of skin, and groaned to himself, barely fingering his erection. Johnny, Glenn, Louis, and Brodie were all grouped around them, stroking her legs and their own penises in various stages of erection. George hovered against the wall with a view of the coupling, feeling himself getting aroused again. Hassan and Jim stood back but both watched intently.

Dr. Cox watched how all of the men were reacting and was pleased. He was trying to be analytical about the experience, but felt a stirring in himself ever since he had been with her, touching her as she was bred, as she ejaculated. A stirring would be how he would term it, but he was getting hard. He wanted her too. He felt it but urged himself to push it down.

Anthony snapped his hips and thrust into her deeply, jamming into her, his hands now clenching at her hips, pulling her to him, his head down, panting, teeth clenched, eyes focused on her body and how it was wrapped around him, and gave into it. He let out a large groan of relief as his cock surged and exploded inside of her, sending his semen deep into her. He shoved into her again and again, feeling like his cock would split at the opening as the semen spilled from him in large spurts.

The patient made some quiet sighs from the other side, still too tired to respond, but luxuriating in the feel of more semen filling her, another cock surging inside of her. She wrapped her arms around her head, holding onto herself, closing her eyes to the light, just feeling vital and electric.

Anthony shook and stopped moving, panting to catch his breath. He stumbled away, feeling lightheaded and was pushed to the side by Duane, who stepped between her legs, saw her pussy dripping semen now for a moment before shoving his swollen dick into her with a loud sigh of relief.

Dr. Cox watched Anthony stumble away to the back of the room, looking tired and dizzy. He nodded to himself. That type of reaction after ejaculation showed just how excited he had been and how much he had ejaculated. That was very good. He watched Duane now having sex with her. Duane was a researcher in his clinic. His skin was darker even than Jim’s. He had to raise the lift some as he was the shortest of the men and had a paunch he sucked in to watch himself thrusting in and out of the patient.

Duane reached under the pair of legs spread before him and lifted them, resting her calves on his shoulders, her knees almost touching the wall. He held her thighs tightly and began thrusting into her hard. Her boots jostled and shook in the air behind his head. He leaned back slightly and slid in and out of her rapidly but deep and hard.

Soft grunts came from the other room as she felt yet another penis plunging deep inside her. She felt her legs being held on someone’s shoulders and tried to straighten them, but was too tired and content to let the man hold her and do as he wanted. She took him in and held him, wanting him to come in her, wanting it soon, wanting more.

Duane felt how pliant her body was and held her legs tightly against him. He drove in and out of her, his body slapping into hers. He was already panting heavily from the exertion of the rapid fucking while holding her legs up, but was too excited, too close. He looked down between her thighs at his cock plunging in and out of the anonymous pussy, soaking wet, dripping, his cock slathered in semen and juices. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, straightening her legs, her boots in the air and he shoved into her in short hard thrusts.

He groaned through clenched teeth as his semen burst from him, then grunted with each short deep thrust, pushing his seed into her as hard as he could, pulling her back against him. He could feel his come squirming down the length of his cock and out of him with each spurt.

Angela soaked him inside of her and tried to tighten around him, wanting to pull his seed from him, wanting to suck it deep inside of her.

“Give it to me,” she sighed to herself, her arms still laying over her head and eyes, “Give it all to me.”

Duane shuddered as the last squirt came out of him. He let her legs slip from his shoulders with Johnny and Daryl each taking a leg from him. Johnny laid her leg down on the table, but Daryl held onto her left leg and began licking her knee and upper thigh.

Duane had barely stepped away, trying not to stumble, before Glenn stepped in, slipping past Johnny, and thrust into her for his second time. He lowered the lift, then placed his hands on her hips, his thumbs close to her pussy, almost holding himself up, and pounded into her hard and fast, so hard the patient’s grunts could be heard from the other room again.

Dr. Cox looked around the room, studying the insemination volunteers. They were all in the state he wanted, focused, competitive, and aroused. He knew this was due in large part to the patient. She had taken to the procedure with such zeal.

“I’m going to the patient’s room,” Dr. Cox said.

A few men glanced at him before returning to the sight of Glenn pounding into the patient. He left the room and walked slowly to the patient’s room, his mind churning. He was proud of the successful procedure, of the compliant enthusiastic patient, of her husband that was just as compliant and enthusiastic, and of the insemination volunteers that were performing with appropriate vigor, but he was also feeling that something was wrong.

“Not wrong,” he muttered to himself in the quiet hallway. “Missing. Something is missing.”

He stood before the door to the patient’s room, his hand hovering over the doorknob. The whole procedure was almost perfect, but something was definitely missing. He pondered the problem before opening the door, having to allow himself to rationalize what deep down he knew he was already going to do, the thing he would convince himself was needed to make this procedure perfect.

He opened the door without announcing his presence this time. He saw the patient laying on the bed moving in a hectic motion from the thrusting on the other side of the wall, her head turned towards him like she was looking for him. A genuine smile came across his lips as he closed the door and approached her.

“You’re doing fabulously well,” he said to her.

“Thank you,” she sighed through a grunt.

Dr. Cox got another bottle of water from the refrigerator, put in a new straw, sat beside her, and offered her a drink which she took and drank deeply. Dr. Cox leaned over her, placing his elbow on the mattress beside her head and caressed her hair. He looked down at her, watching her, but his mind still turning over the problem.

She was taken by each man again, each pumping into her hard and fast, pushing themselves to orgasms, driven by a need to thrust their semen into the pussy in front of them, to just come. Each squirming ejaculation inside of her spread into the next until she felt she was in a daze, only able to focus on the doctor hovering over her, giving her water, smiling at her, encouraging her. She was feeling sore, but too tired and aroused to care about it.

After each of the volunteers had inseminated her a second time, including the husband, some were ready for a third time. Those that were too tired leaned against the wall, watched, waited, and wished they could get hard again. Some even put their limp dicks into her, moved them around, hoping to get hard, some even came again limp.

Eventually Dr. Cox could tell the mood was falling. The patient’s body was barely moving as the men became tired and drained. The excitement had faded. The patient however was still glowing. She had taken everything the subjects could give her and seemed ready for more.

“So beautiful,” Dr. Cox said again, still stroking her hair.

She looked up at him and nodded.

“I’m going to go to the other room again,” he said, sitting up, taking his arm from the bed. “I’ll check on things over there and let you know how it’s going. Is there anything you need?”

“I’m fine,” she said and closed her eyes.

Dr. Cox left the patient room and stood in the hallway thinking. Actually he had thought plenty while he hovered over the patient and had figured out what was missing and had convinced himself what he needed to do. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time he had done it. But this time would be different. This time he hadn’t given himself the injection. He wasn’t carrying genetically altered sperm. He would be inseminating her with his own sperm, which was the main reason he was going to do it.

He was going to put his own seed into the patient. And if she was lucky his seed would be stronger than that of the other men and her child would receive the genetics it deserved.

He walked to the insemination room with purpose now. He opened the door and entered, closing the door strongly behind him.

Brodie was between her legs, moving his soft penis in and out of her, gripping the base with his fingers to keep it from slipping out of her well-fucked hole. The other volunteers were positioned around the room, leaning against walls or crouching on the floor, waiting to go to back to their locker room, shower, and go home. Dr. Cox wouldn’t unlock the door and allow them to leave until they were all entirely done. It kept the atmosphere more competitive and kept them focused.

Brodie was agitated. His dick just wouldn’t get hard again and he really wanted to fuck that pussy a fourth time. He wanted to come inside of her just once more. He slipped the head of his dick in and out of her, rubbing his glans on her vaginal opening, trying to get the most feeling he could, willing himself to get hard again.

Jim walked up behind him and looked over his shoulder.

“It ain’t happening, buddy,” Jim said, slapping Brodie on the shoulder.

“Fuck off,” Brodie said, angry and agitated. “It’ll get hard.”

Dr. Cox sighed heavily and everyone looked at him except Brodie. Talking was bad enough in the insemination, but cursing just wouldn’t be tolerated.

“Out of here now,” Dr. Cox said. “All of you.”

He walked to the door to the volunteer waiting room, pulling his keys from his pocket. All of the men but Brodie started walking to the door. Jim nudged Brodie to get his attention.

“Don’t fuck it up anymore,” Jim whispered to Brodie and walked to the door.

Brodie slid out of her, slapped the head of his dick on her pussy once, and walked away, wanting to yell at the doctor for making him stop. He looked at Dr. Cox holding the door open as the men filed through and choked his anger back down. Dr. Cox looked back at him and Brodie suddenly worried that he had messed up for good this time.

“I’m sorry, Doc,” he said, no anger in his voice, only apologetic, as he looked into those eyes that bored through him, seemed to peel him back. “I’m really sorry,” he stuttered.

Dr. Cox didn’t reply, just pointed into the room. Brodie dropped his head and walked through the doorway. Dr. Cox followed him and looked at the group of eleven men standing nude and tired, their skin shining from sweat and ejaculate.

“You all did well,” he said, then turned to look at Brodie, “Most of you.” Brodie grimaced and looked at his feet. “This was a big success for the most part. Now, shower, relax, get dressed. I’ll see to the patient. All you volunteers can leave through the back door where you came in. The patient’s husband can wait here until I come back.”

He looked at George who nodded his head. He was so tired and now that he had spent himself inside of his wife three times was feeling confused by what had happened.

“Yes, doctor,” George said, then looked into Dr. Cox’s stern focused eyes and quickly added, “Thank you, doctor.”

“Take your time. You’ll be with your wife once I have seen to her,” Dr. Cox said.

He turned, left the room, and closed the locked door behind him. He walked to towards the patient, her lower body still sticking through the hole in the wall, her legs spread. He loosened his tie as he approached her.

“We’re almost through, ma’am,” he said to her, looking at the curtain. “How are you doing?”

He walked back to the cabinet on the back wall, removing his coat.

“I’m fine, doctor,” she said softly.

He draped his coat and tie over an open cabinet door. He stepped out of his shoes, took his socks off, and put them in the shoes. He turned to face her as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“I think there might be one more subject,” he said.

He draped his shirt over his coat, removed his undershirt, and draped it over the shirt.

“Okay, doctor,” she said so he could barely hear her.

He looked at her spread legs. Her labia looked red and swollen, partially from arousal but also from friction. She was probably sore and would be even more sore tomorrow. Semen that had spilled from her was pooled on the floor beneath her. Her labia and pelvis were smeared with semen, lubricant, and her own ejaculate.

He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and removed his pants and underwear together, draping them over the other clothes. He stood nude in the insemination room, his penis erect, not just erect, but engorged, painfully so.

Just the sight of such perfect firm legs spread in front of him was arousing, but knowing they belonged to this patient and he was going to inseminate her with his own sperm really got him excited.

“She’s perfect,” he said, walking towards her.

He stopped between her legs and slid his hands from her boots up to her thighs, her skin breaking out in goose bumps. He moved his hands up and down her thighs while he leaned back, looking at his erection pointing just above her vaginal opening. He stepped forward a bit and slid the underside of his dick over her pelvis and clitoris. His body shook at just that touch.

She sighed and rotated her hips, pushing up and rubbing back against him. Dr. Cox looked down one leg to her boot, up her leg to her gyrating hips, then down the other leg to the other boot, her legs so firm and soft. He could feel his heart hammering in his chest at the anticipation of this moment, aroused at the sight of a woman’s lower body laid out in front of him, urgently wanting him and the thrill of knowing he would inseminate her with his own sperm.

He reached for the lift switch and lowered the lift slightly, his penis sliding down her labia and over her opening. She moaned softly from the other room and shifted towards him, her lower belly appearing through the curtain.

He slid his hand over her thighs to her hips then slid into her slowly, his eyes rolling up in his head as her vagina enclosed him, wrapped around him, until he was entirely inside of her, his hips against hers.

“Mmmmm, yes,” she sighed softly.

She began lifting and raising her hips, moving around him, keeping him inside of her deeply. Dr. Cox stood still, watching her body, studying the motion of her hips and thighs, her stomach flexing as she moved. He slid his hands over her thighs, feeling them flexing and relaxing as she moved slowly, intently.

She slid her feet towards her, raising her knees, and placed the soles of her boots flat on the leg rests. She raised and lowered her butt, churning her hips, moving his cock inside of her, grinding against him. Dr. Cox laid his forearms against the outside of her thighs and held onto her hips, feeling her muscles as she rose and fell, watching her taking him inside of her.

He started moving with her, sliding in and out of her, following the motion of her hips. She groaned loudly as she twisted her hips and the head of his penis touched her cervix. She pulled her hips back and pushed against him again as he pushed into her, pressing into her cervix again. He held onto her hips tightly, not guiding her, just feeling her, letting her move, letting her move around him, watching his shaft sink into her, her slick pussy grasping him.

She began moving faster, each time she lowered her hips towards him and he pushed towards her the head of his penis rubbed against her cervix. He slid his hands up and down her flexing thighs and butt as they thrust together, making a wet sucking slapping sound to mix with their sighs and groans.

Dr. Cox watched her pumping her hips and wondered where she’d suddenly found the energy. She had seemed so tired and limp before, he had expected her to just lay still while he inseminated her. He began to wonder if she knew it was him and that had energized her and thought that maybe he shouldn’t have spoken before starting. She might have figured it out that it was him. He decided it was too late to worry about it and besides that she was obviously enjoying it, whoever she thought he was.

He could hear her groaning louder, even crying out when the head of his penis would jab into her. It was almost uncomfortable for him. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so long and hard. She had truly aroused him.

He grabbed her hips and began pulling her against him as he thrust forward, pushing her away just a bit as he pulled back, then back against him again, shoving into her. She squirmed her hips against his grip, gyrating, turning him up and into her. The exertion and excitement were causing him to pant audibly, his heart hammering in his chest, focused on his penis emerging from and plunging into her sloppy wet opening, her labia red and swollen.

She tightened around him, her pelvis muscles pushing down on him, and he knew she was going to ejaculate again. He sped up, pulling further from her and shoving into her hard, pushing her to that point, pushing himself to that point. Her hands appeared through the curtain and grasped the edge of the mattress. She shoved her body back against him. Her thighs strained to keep the rhythm. His fingers dug into her tightly flexed buttocks as he forced her to move with him.

She suddenly became silent as her vaginal muscles constricted around him and he had to force his cock into her tight pussy, each time he pulled out a bit having to shove into her harder, make room, pushing to go deeper, but she clamped down harder, almost painfully. Her body became stiff and a stream of ejaculate squirted from her, the stream rising and falling as he thrust into her until she pushed him out of her and the stream erupted onto his chest and stomach. He held her up as she came, watching the steady stream, his red strained cock pointing at her narrowed opening.

When the gush of liquid started to subside he rammed his erection back into her, her vagina still tight but his drenched cock slid into the hilt and she squealed as the head of his dick hit her deep and his hips slapped into her pelvis. He laid her hips down on the mattress, her butt hanging off the edge, slid his hands up her thighs to her knees, and placed her legs on his shoulders. He pushed the button to raise the lift a bit, then leaned over her, placing his hands on the leg rests, and began thrusting into her in long, hard, fast strokes.

His hips and scrotum smacked against her butt and hips loudly. Her vaginal opening squished around his thrusting shaft. She was so tight and wet he could feel he was going to come very soon. He plunged into her faster, urging himself on, wanting to come inside her, wanting to fill her, spread his semen into her.

Her legs shook on his shoulders, jostled by his thrusting, her boots shaking in the air. Her hands grasped at the edge of the mattress, trying to hold herself still for him, her body becoming slack as her orgasm faded. He huffed for breath and dripped sweat onto her stomach as he moved in and out of her, taking long strokes, enthralled in the feel of her soaking wet pussy enclosed around him.

He looked down between her legs, his forehead brushing against the wall, watching her thighs shake as his shaft emerged from her, the head almost coming out then sliding into her in loud wet squishing smacks. He thought of holding her neck earlier, of sitting beside her as her body moved by the force of the men on the other side of the wall, of how she took each of them one after the other until they were all spent, of how she looked at him, trusting him, knowing he knew what was best for her, for everyone, and then he jammed into her hard as his body constricted sending a stream of his semen into her, making him grit his teeth and cry out.

He barely pulled back then slammed into her again, his cock spurting into her in a constant flow. She felt his seed pouring into her and found enough energy to pull herself against him, urging him inside of her, to come in her deeply, to fill her again. His penis squished and strained inside of her, his thrusts becoming smaller and harder, still coming in one long stream that felt like it was being pulled from him as much as ejaculating from him.

She pressed her knees into the sides of his head gently like she was imploring him to send his seed into her deeper and he shoved into her again and again until he finally had to stop, gasping for breath and unsteady on his feet, his hands on the leg rests, holding him up. His cock still twitched and surged inside of her as she constricted and loosened around him, milking him.

The doctor stood still for a short while, feeling the last of his semen dribble from his penis into his patient, then touched his cheek to her leg, tired and drained. She rubbed her leg against his cheek and sighed contentedly through the curtain. Reluctantly, he stepped back from her, his softened penis slipping from her. Semen dripped from her spread opening and he quickly raised the leg rests, placing her legs on them to keep her legs high in the air and her hips turned up.

Then, he slowly walked away, feeling so sweaty and tired he just wanted to shower and lay down, but knew he couldn’t. He forced himself to towel off, knowing he would still smell like sweat and sex, but couldn’t do anything about it. He cleaned off as much as he could then dressed quickly, looking at her the entire time, her legs in the air, his sperm somewhere inside of her, searching.

He got himself as put together as he could and went to the patient room to see how she was doing. She was laying limp on the bed, her eyes closed, looking like she was napping. He sat beside her and held her hand in his lap. She stirred and looked at him, smiling.

“You did wonderfully,” he said.

“Thank you, doctor,” she said, then perked up a bit, “Do you think it worked?”

“We’ll know soon,” he said, “But you gave it the best chance you could. You gave it the best anyone could.”

He looked into her eyes and she smiled at him, squeezing his hand. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, still wondering if she knew that had been him at the end, he stood up, placing her hand on her chest.

“I need you to just rest here for a bit longer,” he said. “I’ll go get your husband and he can sit here with you.”

He left the room and went to the insemination volunteer waiting room. Everyone had left but George, who was freshly showered and changed, waiting. Dr. Cox took him to his wife and then walked back to his office, to leave the two of them alone and get away from them to be alone to think.

In his office he checked his appointments and messages. He was startled to see that Linda Foster had made another appointment for next month. He sat back in his chair and remembered how she had responded to him at the interview the day before, how she had questioned him, disrespected him. He smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to see her again now. She would understand him. She would respect him.

The End

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