The Taming of Dane 4

Jack and I ate dinner at a lovely little bar near the outskirts of Casper, recommended by the desk clerk at the hotel. I urged him to have two steaks, pointing out his recent over expenditure of protein, and his coming husbandly duty to keep my protein need well supplied. The conversation turned to the house Jack had in mind for our love nest. We talked about bathrooms, guestrooms (being assured that all of Jack’s siblings would be obliged to visit), the quietness of the neighborhood, and the proximity to our works.

He ordered only one steak, and he devoured it. I watched as his lips caressed the steak as he feasted on the succulent meat, and I thought back to the last time his lips feasted on my flesh, and my skin began to tingle. By the time we got to dessert, my cunt was so hot and my cleft was so wet that if I wasn’t wearing jeans I would have slipped right off the barstool, and landed flat on my back with my legs flung wide. We finished desert and asked the waitress about local chapels. She told us about one, but stated that it was probably shut up for the night. The manager saw us chatting up the waitress, and decided to come over. When he found out the topic of discussion, he scuttled off to the other side of the restaurant and came back with a doddering old man in tow.

Magistrate Elijah Whitman took us to his office and shuffled around for a good half-hour looking for the ‘proper paperwork’. He found it, and giggling all the while, legally bound us in marriage. His blustery crone of a wife, and his adult daughter stood up as witnesses. The daughter was entranced by the man that married me that night, and I found it quite funny to watch the sodden little cow try over and over to catch Jack’s eye. But, that night, Jack only had eyes (as well as other things) for me.

So, in Casper Wyoming, I became Mrs. Dane Tinney.

We raced, literally ran, back to the hotel. We entered the room, somewhat out of breath, and as soon as the door closed, I wrapped my arms around Jack and kissed him most enthusiastically!

“You’re mine Dane! And I am yours!”

“Take me, Jack. This night is ours! I want you to have me every way you want me! Don’t hold anything back!”

“Dance for me Dane! Let me watch you move your body, entice me!”

I moved Jack to a chair beside a small table in our room. He sat down and reclined back to watch me. I turned on the radio in the alarm clock. As the music began, I ran my hands down my body as I began swaying my hips to the beat of the music. I moved to the center of the floor, and began to free my polo from the top of my jeans.

I pulled my shirt off and allowed my hair to fall across my upper body. I caught a glimpse of Jack watching me, and it turned me on. I pulled my jeans down slowly, bending over very far and freeing my legs one at a time. My bra came off next and I held it strategically over my titts as I swayed my way behind Jack in his chair. I lowered the brassiere in front of his face and dropped it onto his crotch. I placed my hands on his shoulders and ran them down his chest and nestled his head between my breasts.

I circled around him, and lowered my silk panties onto his jeans and began to grind against his lap in time to the music. Jack placed his hands on my ass and began to caress, slipping his fingertips under the edge of my sex packaging. He traced the edge of my panties as I gave my husband a sordid lap dance.

Jack gave me a loving, but firm, swat on my honey colored cheek, and it the sting sent a ripple of pleasure through my flesh. “Ooo! Baby! You gonna spank my ass tonight?”

“I’m gonna do things to your ass tonight your NEVER gonna forget! Are you going to be a good girl while I have fun? I promise to please you, and to enjoy every pleasure of your body.”

“Yes Sir. I’ll be your good girl. I belong to you! Use me as you will!”

“Stand up.”

I stood and presented myself to my lord and master. Proud of my body, and the skill that I had acquired in the art of pleasing my man. I was anxious to please him, anxious to serve him, and just plain anxious. My nipples were erect, my pussy extremely wet from the lap dance and eager to get into the game, my ass was ready and willing to report for duty, my mouth was, as always, ready to expound its oratory skills. I would serve him tonight, all night, and he would reward my expert service with loving sexual ecstasy. He would cum over and over tonight, all at the hands of my service. While serving him I would cum over and over, and I would enjoy it all, more than I can put into words.

“I brought a few toys that I want to use on you. But first I want to put my dick in your mouth for a little while, get on your knees, and give me a blowjob worthy of our wedding night.”

I was on my knees in a single breath, “May I undo your pants, Sir?”

“You may.” I undid his braided elk hide belt, and pulled free the buttons of his 501’s with my teeth, one at a time. Jack was wearing no underwear, so I immediately found his cock stiff and waiting for its first release of the night. I began to run my tongue around the rim of his cock’s head. Feeling my husband’s cock straining to get into my hot mouth was like standing naked outside during a thunderstorm and waiting for lightning to strike.

Jack grabbed the sides of my head and drove his lovely cock into my mouth. Filling my mouth completely with his lovely cock, over and over, my husband was fucking my face. His lust was relentless, he thrusted into my throat with savagery and the need to fill my mouth full of his cum. And, he didn’t take long to do it. His cock unloaded into my throat quite unexpectedly, his first shot filled my mouth and before I could swallow it, he was pumping more between my luscious lips. I drank it in, and he gave me more. It was sweet and ample, and I feasted like a fat lady at an all you can eat buffet.

“Get up and take off your panties.”

I pulled the silk wrappings over the cheeks of my ass as I started to stand, and dropped them to the floor as my knees came to full extension, still tasting the remnants of my white chocolate dessert.

“Get your sweet little ass on the bed, I’m gonna get some toys for us to play with.”

“Close your eyes.” Jack said as he routed in his suitcase. I closed them and waited, lying on our marriage bed, naked and eager.

Jack grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me toward the foot of the bed. He put my hands above my head and tied them with what felt like his belt and pulled them into full extension. He put a blindfold on me, and said “Would you like something of muffle your moans, and squeals?”

“Yes, please.”

As Jack placed my panties in my mouth he had folded them so them the pussy wetted crotch was laying directly on my tongue. I was savoring the tangy sweetness of my own twat still infused with the essence of my mans last deposit, when Jack said quietly “Lift your legs, knees up to your chest.” As I lifted my near trembling legs, my extremely wet pussy lips separated slowly, and the sensation was enough to make me moan.

“Oh, this is going to be fun! Hold still.” Jack looped something around one of my knees and he pulled it taught toward my head and after some movement on the bed he tied something around my other knee. Then he pulled my knees up enough to barely lift the back of my ass off the bed. I was near the foot of the bed, arms tied above my head, my legs bound in position with my thighs almost touching my chest. Jack pulled my breasts free so they rested between my restrained knees.

“You’re going to feel me experimenting with my newly married pussy, feel free to let me know how it feels.” And his tongue landed on the back of my left thigh. He licked and kissed the length of my thigh then he deftly avoided my yearning flesh and started up the other thigh. When he had completed my thigh circuit, I was incredibly hot and needing VERY BADLY to be fucked.

I gasped as I felt something small wet and cold delicately slip inside my ass. It probed past the muscles of my willing tail and it began to swell inside me! Then I felt Jack separating the lips of my lower mouth. My orgasmic heat was already building when something cold and wet touched my inner folds! What the fuck was he doing? Was he cathing me? Oh my GOD! I was so engulfed by the pleasure of him licking my thighs that when he put something inside my piss hole it had taken me completely by surprise. Whatever he was fucking putting inside my urethra was only adding to my erotic excitement, and was turning up the burner on my boiler like I could have never imagined.

HOLLY FUCK!!!! Jack was penetrating my urethra with something, and now he was tonguing my clit while he slid ‘what the fuck ever’ in and out of my water works.

I came hard, and quite abruptly. And he didn’t let up, he kept stroking my tiny hole, sucking on my clit, and now he was starting to finger my cunt. I came again, no warning. I let my silk panties fall from my mouth as I panted out my second orgasm. “Fuck Jack, I LOVE what you’re doing, but I’m afraid I can’t keep it up long.” He relented the clitoral sucking long enough to say “We’re gonna find out how long you can keep it up!” He slurped my swollen clit back between his lips, and sucked very hard on it – tonguing the end while his decidedly talented snatch licker, while he increased the pace of his fabulous stroking of my sexually untried urinary tract.

I lost all track of time, and I lost count of my orgasms at six. All I know is that over and over Jack elicited orgasm after orgasm from the only virgin hole my body had left. And all I could do was have them one after another. The feeling of pleasure was so intense, so overwhelming, that I didn’t realize that he had stopped until he shoved his cock into my dripping hole. I exploded when my husband thrusted his penis into me. I screamed with pleasure, I came almost non-stop the whole time he was enjoying my overloaded pleasure center. I was so far gone that I couldn’t even get my thoughts together enough to beg for more. And then the finale.

“I’m gonna cum inside your hot little pussy!” Jack sang out, he thrusted deep, held very still, and as he began to cum, he yanked the first inflated catheter out of my ass, and I lost my grip on reality, again. I saw stars. Every muscle in my body contracted, and I sucked in a huge breath, and held it as my body tried to maintain its grip on life.

Jack pulled out of me, and I felt nothing until he was kneeling over my face saying “Clean my cock up for the next round.” I took his cock into my mouth and the restraints that held my legs in place let go. My legs fell like limp noodles, and my feet landed firmly on the floor, as I mouthed the sweet nectar of our climax from his manhood. His cock was soaked, nearly dripping with sweet juice and I could sense there was more to come. His cock was still rock hard when he pulled it from my mouth.

I felt the restraint that pinned my arms above my head release and my hands were free, “Get on your hands and knees! I want more of that sweet pussy!” My head was still reeling, but my body knew what it wanted. I was in position ready for more with no knowledge, or memory of getting there. My ass in his loving thorough hands, and his cock was thundering inside the canyon of my sex before I had barely caught my breath. He was plowing me with relentless abandon, hands firmly on my hips, and all I could do was moan as I played with my rock hard nipples. I felt his hand in my hair and he pulled me up to him as he pounded me into oblivion, “You like the way I’m fucking you?”

“Uh Huh!”

“Cum for me again Dane!” As he picked up the paced and lowered me back down. My breasted rocked back and forth, swaying in the breeze, as he pulled another mind-numbing orgasm from my weakening flesh. “Lie down and put a pillow under your hips.” My body was responding to his commands as if it was an extension of him.

Jack pushed the cheeks of my ass apart and put the head of his meaty cock inside my ass with no resistance at all. He laid all his weight into me and pushed himself through my backdoor. I clinched the sheets into my hands and began pushing my ass against his stiff rod. My husband rode my ass for what felt like an hour, stroking my backyard hole while telling me what a “good girl” I was, how “happy” he was with me, and how he “would always know where to come” when he needed a “good girl”. He poked me, he probed my depths, he fucked me hard, he made love to my ass, all while I came quietly several times being ridden by him.

“I think it’s time to fill up this hole as well.” And Jack squirted a large helping of his love butter into my buns. It is amazing to me that each and every time his prostrate contracts and rockets out a glob of thick, sticky cum, that my body feels it so completely, and it feels so fucking GOOD! When he collapsed beside me, I felt totally infused him the essence of Jack. I could feel his lusty spend in every crevice of my aching body, and it felt as though this was the state of being I was meant to exist in. Saturated with his liquid love, and exhausted by our frivolities.

Jack lay on his back, and I nestled in beside him. I kissed him passionately, and rested my head on his shoulder. He was breathing heavily, but his wife pleaser was still bobbing gently up and down with his slowing pulse, and I wrapped his sticky member in my slightly trembling fingers, and began to tease out another dose of my favorite drug.

I teased him gently with my fingers and licked and sucked on his manly nipple that lay on the near side of his chest. His hands caressed my body as I endeavored to jack off my husband right in front of my eyes. I moved up slightly to suck on his nipples equally, and continued to stroke his engorged rod. This had the effect of bringing my recently expended bottom well within reach of his talented hand, and Jack seized the opportunity to finger both my leaking holes. He slipped two of his talented finger into my sloppy wet pussy, and his thumb pushed its way inside my dirty hole. I relished him fingering me, and he executed his digital excursion with the skill and determination of a lover, and tenderness and love of a husband.

I lowered my head onto my man’s stomach and continued to work his wonderful shaft, and I arched my back to makes sure that my body was open to him to.

Jack moved his exploring hand to the front of my wanton cleft, and began to massage my engorged clit. “OH JACK! You’re gonna make me cum again! Oh Fuck Yea!”

“I’m gonna get your pussy off, while I cum for you! Are you watching my cock?”

“Uh Huh! Shoot you’re cum on my face Jack!”

The orgasm shot up through my body, my stomach muscles contracted and nearly pulled my steamy snatch from his hand, but my man kept up with it, and worked my eager cunt in to a quivering wet lather. All the while, he built up a big surprise for my flushed face.

His cock exploded. Jack erupted his load onto my pretty face, one shot at a time. Over and over he bathed my face with a tremendous amount of his love seed. His cum was all over my face and I turned over to let him see his artistic creation. I rubbed his cum into my face, neck and chest as he watched, licking my fingers, and rutting my cum soaked face and hair against his chest.

I crawled back into his arms, and we drifted off holding each other, the last thing I heard before exhaustion claimed me was, “I love you Dane.”

“I love you too, Baby.”

I dozed for a few minutes, and then I woke with an overwhelming urge to pee. I trotted to the bathroom in our hotel room. My urine burned its way into the cold water below me and finally ended without the burn I feared would take drugs to get rid of.

I opened my eyes with relief to find my husband standing in front of me, “Spread your legs.” Jack said softly. As my knees parted my new husband let go of his saved up golden river and his urine flowed into the gap between my thighs. I watched Jack clean out his inner plumbing, as I reached over and turned on the shower. “Care to get into the shower with me?” I asked.

“The night is young, and you’re still able to speak, so we’ve still got a lot of fucking left to do. So, let’s clean that pretty face, and soap up those phenomenal breasts, so “Daddy” can get some more of that juicy pussy.”

I stood up and firmly grabbed his limp noodle “I think that you need to get your ass in the shower and clean this up, because “Momma’s juicy pussy” is starving for anything that you can spare to feed it tonight.” I leaned into the shower to test the water, and Jack gave me a loving swat on the ass. “Oh fuck yea, that’s what I’m talking about, Baby!” I stepped through the shower curtain and pulled him along by his cum spigot.

I grabbed the soap I had unwrapped earlier in the evening, and began to rub it into Jack’s chest. When I had him well lathered I lay my erect nipples on his chest and my hungry mouth joined his strong lips and we slid around on each other. We soaped each other up, hands rubbing over bodies, gazes lingering, tongues wrestling. It took only a few minutes of the grooming ritual, to get Jack hard, and my own lusty well in need of a good pumping. As the soapy water drained from the shower Jack backed me against the shower wall and knelt in front of me, looped his arms around my legs just below my ass cheeks, and began to suck my titts. I cradled his head as he feasted on my breasts.

Jack worked my titties over with a certain intensity, that can’t be replicated by any means other than his warm hungry mouth. He liked to suck my nipple deep into his mouth and hold it there, teasing the end with his tongue, then rolling the somewhat sore buds of flesh between his lips reinforced by his pearly whites. As he suck started my sex engine, my legs desperately wanted to do their flying apart trick, but his arms were firmly holding them together, so all I could do was rub my burning bush against his chest.

My husband was sucking my titts, and began to raise my right leg until my heel landed on the handrail. His mouth and tongue trailed their way down to munch on my muffin. I pushed my hungry pussy into his face, Jack’s tongue was poking into my bush and I started to shift my pelvis to rub my clit over it. I held him by his ears and used his tongue as a dildo to fuck my anxious clit.

I’ve always dearly loved to have my pussy eaten, and while Jack was spectacular at eating me out, he just couldn’t hold a candle to Ressa.

My sophomore year at UCLA I moved into the dorm, with Teressa Ortiz. A raven haired beauty from Puerto Rico. Teressa, for the most part was a mild mannered girl. Quiet, studious, and a stone cold fox. Guys were always sniffing around her, and she was always running them off. We went to a party together off campus one night and she asked me to help her fend off the guys.

“OK, tell them we need to go home and wash our hair?”

“No, silly, tell them we’re together!”

“You mean, like together, together?”

“Sure. That OK with you?”

“Yea, I guess.” I must confess that I have often thought about her that way, she was really gorgeous. I had watched her shoot down many guys’ advances, I know (for a fact) that she had enjoyed the company of a select few guys since we began sharing a living space. But you know, come to think of it, the few times she had allowed a guy into her bed, it ended quickly, and she always hopped out of bed, and ushered the guy out the door rather hastily and commenced a lengthy shower, followed by an ice cream social with me. I had never seen her kiss a guy, and she always seemed very comfortable walking around semi-nude when we were alone (we both were, truth be known). I had had a one night thing with another girl in high school, but she only wanted to experiment, and after she said it was ok, but she liked guys better, so we parted ways and didn’t speak of it again, though we stayed decent friends.

“I might want to hang on you a little. Is that OK?” Teressa mused trying to hide a grin.

“I’d be thrilled to have the sexiest girl in the place hanging on me!”

Teressa looped her arm in mine and into the fray we went. We got some drinks, and settled into conversations with people there. We partied together, we drank, and then we would drift apart. After a few minutes, we would drift back together, and very easily we would fall into each other’s arms, quite naturally. We even got a few compliments on ‘what a good couple we made’, ‘how good we looked together’, and ‘how well suited we were for each other’. One guy even told us that ‘the two of you together were the stuff dreams are made of.’

Through the course of the night I found myself searching the crowd for Teressa if she wasn’t standing beside me. Having her arm around me felt good, it felt good to have my arm around her. “Come on Baby, let’s dance!” I said, as I looked deep into her eyes.

Without response, my ‘girlfriend’ took my hand in hers and led me to the living room where people are dancing, just as a song was ending. The next one started and it seemed the party plan was drifting into a slower grind, as the first ‘belly rubbin’ song of the evening spun us into each other’s arms. As we swayed to the music I could tell that Teressa was really getting into dancing with me. Could she really be interested in me sexually? I felt the old familiar twinge between my hips, and my nipples were firm and definitely anxious for some attention. I shot a glimpse at my dance partner’s chest to find her headlights were most decidedly on high beam as well! This could be a very interesting night. As her head lined up with mine during the dance, I offered her a gentle, passionate kiss. Her arms pulled me closer as her tongue passed my lips, and began dancing with my own.

We left the party shortly thereafter, and walked back to campus, arm in arm. As we neared our dorm, her grip on me loosened, and our bodies parted ways. She hadn’t spoken at all since we left the party, ten blocks away. We took off our shoes and climbed the two flights of stairs that led to our floor and emerged from the stairwell right in front of our room. She leaned against the wall as I removed the key, and opened the door. I stood aside and motioned for her to go in. Teressa entered the room, and I followed eying her beautiful body from behind. I closed the door and she began to shed her clothes, I joined her and soon we had stripped down to our silky unders.

“What do you want to drink?” I asked.

“A taste of the lovely white wine you keep around here.”

“Tasty white love juice, coming up.” As I patted over to the frig, making a point of bending WAY over to get the bottle, showing her my warming tail, hoping she would notice.

“You were really convincing tonight, thank you, I’ve never had a better time at a party.”

“Ressa, what did you think about those comments people made about us being a good couple?” As I handed her a glass and plopped onto the couch.

“Truthfully?” She asked then sipped her wine.

“Of course truthfully!” Reaching back, I undid the clasp of my bra. Her pupils grew bigger immediately, and her mouth dropped open a tiny bit as I shrugged it off, setting my titts and fully erect nipples free.

“It was like having my feelings for you validated. Dane, can I be perfectly honest with you?” Leaning forward now, the distance between us cut in half.

I leaned forward, closing the distance, and when she showed no signs of retreating, I kissed her mouth gently and cooed out softly, “You had better, I expect nothing less from a lover.”

She jerked back ever so slightly, and looked into my eyes, searching for something, “You’re attracted to me?”

“Yes ma’am! I certainly am!” I kissed her gently again, and gently brushed the back of my index finger over her cheek.

“Is this going to be a one night thing?” she asked.

I thought about she and I in bed together. Touching. Exploring, Making love. “I hope not!” And I put my hands gently under her arms, and pulled her to me as I reclined, continuing to pull as her weight settled onto mine, our eyes locked on each others.

Teressa kissed me passionately, and began to move her luscious body against mine. The feeling was exquisite, her hands began to explore my breasts as our tongues danced in the heat of our hungry mouths. My nipples responded with joyous exhilaration as her short nailed fingers touched and lovingly fondled them with great enthusiasm. My honey hole was eager to be harvested, and a thrilling warmth spread through me as I anticipated tasting her tender flesh.

Teressa lowered her face to my chest and began to suckle from my breasts, gently nibbling, licking, sucking air in over my wet nipples, then exhaling her hot breath back over them, and I made sure that she understood that I was enjoying her exploration. It was clear to me that Teressa enjoyed my titts, and that she was very good at multitasking, as she lingered on them for a long time, her mouth working over one breast while her hand would keep the others pleasure going, then she would switch off to the other. I moaned out my excitement as she feasted, “Ressa, take off my panties, I wanna feel you eating my pussy!”

My first true girlfriend pulled my panties off, and laid her semi-nude form between my spreading legs. As her tender flesh touched mine, a rush of biochemical pleasure filled the damp flesh of my crotch. Wanton pleasure exploded as she began to run her delicate fingers over the sensitive skin of my finely trimmed fiery mound. Her tongue began with slow circles around my clit, and worked into quick lashing strokes of my excited little love button.

Her fingers entered me, and I gasped aloud, as she took my stiffened clit between her lips and sucked hard. She explored my cave as she mouthed off my muffin. The warmth spread throughout my loins and threatened to leave me melting. My orgasm came like a tidal wave and washed over me completely, drowning me, and I fought my way to the surface, breathing hard, and moaning loudly.

I opened my eyes to find my new lover looking at me as if I were about to scream at her. She was obviously afraid. I sat up slowly, and nearing her face I said, “You are really good at that, I loved the way you made love to me. And, I would very much like to make love to you now. Kiss me Ressa, and let me take you to my bed!”

She kissed me tenuously at first, then with much more passion. The taste of my pussy on her lips was one of the most intoxicating flavors I have ever tasted. We snogged there on the couch for probably a half an hour, I pulled back and said “Really, will you come to bed with me?”

“Yes.” She said bashfully.

We walked slowly to my bed and I took her by the hand. “You are very sexy Ressa, I’ve been lusting after you for quite a while.” And I kissed her gently. I stood naked before her, with her own body still wrapped in the lacey undergarments that had been enticing my imagination. “May I undress you?”


I ran my hands over her skin as I circled behind her. I gently undid the clasp of her bra, and ran my fingers over her deeply tanned shoulders, pushing the straps off of them and enabling her brassier to fall, freeing her 38C’s. Teressa’s hands traced their way backward and found my hips. She pulled me by those recently spasming hips against her beautiful ass. I gently ran my fingers over her shoulders and down her well toned flanks, and further, right to the top edges of her sexy black lace boy shorts. I tucked my thumbs into the top of her waistband, and I began to slide the shrink-wrap off her undercarriage. As her panties inched their way down her thighs, my trimmed bush rubbed against her as she ground her tender ass into my mound. When her pussy wrapper fell free of my hands I raised them gently running my short nails over her trembling flesh up her body, tantalizingly close to her own juicy flesh, then up to her ample bosom. I teased her breasts, with gentle circles growing ever closer to her nipples until I found them erect. WOW! Not only were her nipples hard, but her entire areola’s were erect. Almost an inch across, and taller than wide! I took her high beams between my thumb and index fingers, and began to gently but firmly squeeze and twist.

Ressa was breathing very hard now, her fingernails gently digging into the flesh of my buns, and grinding her ass into my pelvis as I pushed back into her own eager tail. I lowered my hand to her hips and began to slowly inch them toward her precious little orgasm factory. I found her cunt cleanly shaven, and sopping wet. Her labia couldn’t hide her stiff clit, compared to mine, it was HUGE! Twice as big around, and nearly twice as long. I fondled my way to wetting my finger in her honey hole and began to play with her throbbing little erect clit.

Ressa moaned very loudly, as I fingered her clit, and I buried my face in her long black hair and routed until I found her ear.

“You have an incredible body”, I whispered into her ear, “And I want you, Ressa! I wanna suck your titties, I wanna eat your pussy, I wanna put my fingers inside you, and I wanna make you cum over and over.” She moaned out again VERY loudly, and her lovely little quif began to spasm right there in my hand. When she came, she squirted down her legs, and orgasmic juices flowed from her like water from a fountain.

I spun her around and tried to kiss her, but she was breathing so hard she couldn’t close her mouth on mine. I looped my arms around her and pulled her close, and said “Lay back on my bed.” I watched hungrily as she slowly spread her sexual buffet out in front of me, and I dove into an incredible feast. I moved first to taste her lips.

“Dane, that was incredible, but I understand that you like guys, it’s OK if you don’t want….” Breathy words flowed from her mouth and I stifled them with my own. I fondled her erect nipples, and rubbed my thigh in her cunt as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her long and passionately and pulled back long enough to breath out “Ressa, shut up and let’s make love!”

She returned my passionate kiss, and I pulled free, “You’re a VERY good kisser, and I want to kiss you many more times, but right now I wanna suck on your titts, and I REALLY want to dine on your hot little pussy! Is that OK with you?”

My Ressa only smiled and nodded.

I found her nipples erect and ripe for me to pick, I took one of them into my mouth and it was like it was meant to be sucked, it fit between my lips perfectly, and responded to being suckled by engorging and eliciting a long low moan. I gave her a good long titt sucking, and Ressa moaned, squealed, and eagerly rubbed her hot crack against me as I did it.

“My pussy is really hot Dane, Eat my pussy, PLEASE!”

I repositioned my frame and found her quif wet, willing, and exceptionally tasty. I tongued her crack, and eagerly lapped up the juice as quickly as her snatch could ooze it. I latched onto her stiff clit with my lips, and tongued the end of it and relished the effect of her quivering, while I dined on her sweet cunt. As I began to finger her slippery hole, Ressa’s stomach muscles began to spasm and I quickly switched out my fingers and tongue. My fingers went to her swollen clit and I drove my hungry tongue into my lady lover’s hot hole.

Reesa screamed aloud as she came, and I lapped up the sweet nectar she sprayed all over my face. As she came, I worked her clit, and licked her crack. Her orgasms slowly subsided as I licked that sweet bald pussy clean. “Hold me Dane!”

We fell asleep in each other arms, with Teressa’s head resting contentedly on my shoulder, and our legs entwined. We woke that way, and we became lovers. We were exclusive from that night for more than 3 years.

Ressa Ortiz could illicit an orgasm from my tongue friendly crack with very little effort. One fateful night she made me cum nine times in the course of thirty minutes. She was quite tasty herself, and her pussy was always hot and eager for my attention. When we finished our studies at UCLA (she was a Business Admin major) she accepted a job overseas, and while I would have had no problem going with her, she told me she needed some time to get her career established and she didn’t feel she could do that with us together. She moved to England, and I moved to San Francisco to start my nursing adventure. It was a full year before I started dating again and quickly stared moving around to experience the country and what it had to offer.

It was in Kansas City that I met Jack, and there that my life changed forever.

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