Special Gynecology Visit

My name is Terry and I am from Chicago. My wife Debbie is from a small town in Western Tennessee. I am open-minded and will try almost anything once; on the other hand, Debbie was raised in a strict home and very conservative. We married at a very young age. The last 8 years I have tried to get her to try a threesome or to have sex with another man and allow me to watch. She refused every time the subject was brought up.

Last year we moved back to my old stomping ground where I got a lucrative job at a high profile company. I contacted a few of my old friends and we started to have an active social life. I got in touch with my best friend Tom Moore from grade school, and we started to go to the gym together after work and were once again as close as we were in the past. When I found out he was a gynecologist the wheels in my head started to turn. I had an idea and confided in Tom, and told him my fantasy about seeing my wife having sex with another man. It didn’t take long for him to say yes when I described Debbie. She is a petite 5’4, weighs 115 lbs, blond hair, and has an hourglass shape topped of with 34 C breasts. I am lucky to have a wife that’s a squirter. When she is very aroused and climaxes7 times more cum than an average man. The plan was ready to be set into motion.

It had been well over a year since my wife’s last Pap smear and check up. Breast cancer runs in her family so she had to look for a new doctor. Being a caring husband I told her that I would check on-line at health grades and see which doctors had good patient ratings. Guess who had all 5 star ratings? Dr. Tom Moore. I told her I booked an appointment for the following Saturday at 4:30. Tom was not normally open on Saturdays but would be that weekend. Tom has an open relationship with his girlfriend and told her about my fantasy. She happily agreed to play receptionist for my wife’s visit. Later

The following Saturday I went with my wife to her appointment. After filling out all the required paperwork we sat and waited for her visit. About 5 minutes later the receptionist called my wife’s name and brought her to examination room 2 and told her to undress, put on a gown and that the doctor would see her shortly. At this point I toad my seat in the adjoining room and waited. At this point I could hear but could not see what was going on.

Tom came in and introduced himself and they talked for a couple minutes and I could tell Debbie felt comfortable. Tom is 6’2 in great shape and has always been a ladies man. He told my wife that he would explain each procedure and if she was uncomfortable at any time to please let him know. He started out by checking her ears, nose, throat, etc… Next he performed the breast examination. There were a couple minutes of silence and by this time I knew she must have been getting wet. She has very large, and extremely sensitive nipples. At this point he told her lay down on the exam table and place her feet in the stirrups. He then asked her to scoot forward towards the end of the table…He then explained that most of his patients were apprehensive and uncomfortable during the speculum and internal examination. He said that he has found that his patients feel much better when they wear a mask covering their eyes during the exam. He said it was his policy that his patients wear one but if she felt uncomfortable she did not have to. To my surprise and happiness she said it was a good idea and that she did not mind at all. He helped her don the mask and it was time for the show.

At this point I quietly entered the room. He explained what he was doing as he palpated her abdomen. He then took a seat between her legs and asked her if she had any problems with intimacy and if she had sensitivity in her genitalia. She said she thought she had normal feelings. Tom looked at me and smiled and told her he would perform an examination of her outer genital. He slowly rubbed up and down each side of her labia. I noticed that her ass slightly rose up in pleasure. She quickly maintained herself. Tom told her that she had a normal reaction to her labia being stimulated. He next gently touched her clitoris as it was already protruding from the hood. She took a deep breath and at this point I could tell she enjoyed the exam. Tome asked her if it hurt or felt good. She said it was nice. He then started rubbing her clit in tiny circles. No talk, just my wife’s increased tempo in breathing. He reached up with his other hand and pinched her nipples, alternating between each. After a couple minutes Debbie moaned and a thick stream of fluid flew out of her pussy. She was drenched and so was the table and Tom’s arm. She apologized to Tom and he said that her response was normal and that many of his patients had the same reaction. I saw the huge lump in his pants and knew he wanted my wife.

He then told her he had two more tests and would do the internal exam. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a dildo about the same size as my cock, 6 inches. He turned it on and it vibrated with a dull hum. He rubbed it up and down my wife’s slit. He then slowly buried it into her inch by inch. When it was all the way in he turned the vibrations all the way up and slid it in and out. With his free hand he once again played with her pink rosebud. At this point she was breathing louder and louder, finally she let out a load moan and came again, this time squirting so hard she hit the front of Tom’s pants. He turned off the vibe and told her he had one last test to administer. Debbie laid silently, her chest ring up and down. Her pussy was so wet that her juices were running down her leg. Tom unzipped and let his pants fall to the floor. Debbie heard the zipper and slightly raised her head from the table as if she wanted to look, and then lay back down. Tom said the last test was a deep test and to let him know if she felt uncomfortable. She said ok. Her nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers. She had to know what was happening but played innocent.

I looked at Tom’s penis and hoped my wife could take him. He was at least 2 inches longer than me and had a very thick dick. Thicker than most of the guys I have seen in porno movies. He moved into position between her legs. He rubbed his member back and forth over her clit. She squirmed and let out a loud moan when he pushed the first 2 inches in. The moan was not from pain but from pure pleasure. Tom picked up the tempo and I could tell Debbie was close to her third climax in 30 minutes. At this point her breathing was uncontrollable. I could not believe my eyes when I saw her pinching and pulling her nipples. Tom told her the test was almost complete. She began to tense for yet another powerful orgasm, which sent Tom over the edge also. They climaxed at the same time. As Tom pulled out of her a flood of juices came out too. His seed mixed with her cum puddled up at the end of the table. Tom told her all the sensory tests were normal and that it looked like she had a yeast infection. He smiled at me and shook his head no. I hurried back out to the waiting room and lay back as if I had fallen asleep. I asked her how the appointment went and she said he was a very good doctor and seemed to be knowledgeable. She said she had a yeast infection and that the doctor gave her some cream samples he had and told her to come back in 2 weeks. And that is another story!

The End

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