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A Virgin on Virticon VI

It had only been two months since I had moved to the planet Virticon VI with my 18-year-old daughter, Marie. My company was so grateful that I’d agreed to relocate that they’d bought us a state-of-the-art home just outside the city of Lexa, and Marie and I were settling in nicely. Granted, there was a […]


It was hot today. There wasn’t any rain. No, I couldn’t see it out the window – I’ve kept the blinds closed, like you told me. Remember when you told me to be naked for you? I promised I wouldn’t let any cloth touch me all week – except for the silk and fur on […]

Scent of Ginger 1

Chapter 01: Taste of Iron The charge against me was so vague that at first I couldn’t deny it. I was told by the head of the household that the other servants had raised concerns about my conduct. They were not mistaken, in one sense. I had been sneaking out to do something –it was […]

The Pre Date Procedure

The early American stone mansion stood majestically in its forty acres of carefully manicured lawns and gardens. The wide cobbled driveway that curved in a wide arc towards the stone portico of the ornate front entrance was completely clear of the usual assortment of limousines and sports cars, which normally made up the transportation needs […]

Special Gynecology Visit

My name is Terry and I am from Chicago. My wife Debbie is from a small town in Western Tennessee. I am open-minded and will try almost anything once; on the other hand, Debbie was raised in a strict home and very conservative. We married at a very young age. The last 8 years I […]

Natural Insemination Ch. 05

This is a continuation of the previous chapter of the story “Natural Insemination.” It is recommended the chapters be read in sequence to properly describe the scene and introduce the characters. None of the characters are real, and this is purely a work of fiction with no basis in actual medical fact. Constructive comments and […]

Romancing Doctors

It was a sort of homecoming for me. Returning to one’s alma mater does qualify for the homecoming feel. To add to the excitement was getting back to the labs and departments that one had spent as a student. It was a sweet surprise when the head of Anatomy Department in the prestigious medical college […]

Doctor Teaches Me To Love Myself

It’s a trip that I have been waiting to make for a very long time, but haven’t had the guts to do it. Today I am swallowing my pride and doing it, regardless of what anxiety I may be feeling. The doctors waiting office is welcoming and the seats are relatively comfortable. But I just […]

Me and Dr. Stephanie

When I was 19, I needed a work physical for a construction job. I didn’t have a regular doctor and my money was tight. But, luckily, my mother was friends with Dr. Stephanie, a general practitioner. Dr. Stephanie was at my mom’s house and when my mother brought up the subject, Dr. Stephanie volunteered to […]


Marc Harmon is an extraordinary person. He is special. I have loved him completely since almost the first moment I met him. I was on holiday with my parents and his family had the cabin next door. The very first day, while my parents were unloading the car I ran off exploring and saw him […]

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