Brown Eyes

The clinic was spacious, spa-like, with all the latest in OB/GYN technology and pampering. It was where the incredibly wealthy Los Angelinos sent their surrogates, or for the occasional brave ex-starlet-cum-agent’s-wife, went themselves. For this and a host of other reasons, I was surprised to find myself so quickly hired on, brought on to replace a previous masseuse who’d started his own maternity spa. I was surprised to be hired by such an exclusive place at my young-ish age and lower experience level, but I was also a little surprised that the doctor interviewing me had seemed pleased rather than troubled when I blushed and stuttered at his very forward, “So are you attracted to pregnant women?” I had stumbled out something poetic about “voluptuous womanhood in full bloom,” belying the main and clearly obvious fact of why I was there: I have a thing for pregnant chicks. Which isn’t to say I don’t care very much about being professional, providing the comfort and service of massage, etc, etc, but once I left the pristine space of the clinic, I planned to yank my dick out and jerk it using the sweet round ass of every preggo I rubbed that day as spank fodder. I don’t know how clear this intention was on my face when I answered the doctor, but he chuckled and asked me if I could come in the next day for a run-through of the procedure at the clinic.

“We are a very elite place, Mr. Hamrick, and we are VERY good to our clients. They expect the very best in treatment and care and that’s what you would be here to provide,” Dr. Dubois intoned solemnly, folding his hands over his glistening brushed aluminum desk, in the midst of his spacious office, well-lit by the wall of frosted windows on its north side. “I hope we can count on you.”

I quickly assured him that he could, promising to be prompt the next morning as I shook his hand.

I awaited my first client in the sedate yet ultra-modern massage area the next morning. I’d been briefed that she was a surrogate for a very famous producer and his young ex-model wife and that she was currently 2 weeks past her due date. The nurse who conveyed all this smiled and said a good massage should be more than welcomed by a woman in such a condition and that she was sure I’d do a great job. I thanked her for her vote of confidence and then waited, a little nervously, to meet the client, a Miss Benson.

As she entered, escorted by Dr. Dubois himself, I was a little taken aback. Firstly by her size– it was obvious that her past-due pregnancy was uncomfortable on her slender frame. Her belly, girded only by a delicate white silk robe, was a massive globe beneath her two swollen breasts. Another thing that threw me was how tall and gorgeous she obviously was– long blond hair, fair skin off-setting her dark brown eyes, and long, lovely legs peeping out from beneath robe and belly. Why would such a woman bother taking 9 months out of her life to grow a baby for some producer? It must pay handsomely. Finally, I was struck by… how out of it she seemed? I mean, you can’t indulge in any of the normal LA activities when you’re carrying precious cargo, can you? So why did she seem like she was xann exed out of her gourd? She managed, however, to focus two dark brown pools on me, look me up and down, and inquire a little slurrily of Dr. Dubois, “Well, what have we got here?” Dr. Dubois led her to the massage table, specially outfitted for those in her condition, and helped her out of her robe and to lay face down, covered by a white towel.

Dr. Dubois pulled me aside and in a whispered conference, informed me that he had developed a special blend of herbs, Chinese medicine, etc, etc, to help a woman relax, perhaps even become aroused and sensitive to suggestion. He had let Miss Benson soak in just such an aromatic bath, in the hopes that we could urge her into labor naturally, without the use of harsh and damaging labor inducing drugs.

I was baffled, entirely uncertain what my role in this was. He urged me toward the massage table where this beautiful, heavily pregnant fantasy awaited me. “Help her to relax,” he urged, “and we’ll see where this goes from here.”

Nervously attempting to appease him on my first day, and anxious to make this poor woman more comfortable in her current state, I dimmed the lights and moved toward the table. I began on her back and moved downward, her gentle moaning urging my way. It was obvious that whatever kind of “soak” Dr. Dubois had given her had more riled her up than relaxed her– she was incredible sensitive to my touch, writhing her sweet, round rump in response to every stroke. Rather than sink into the table, she pushed against my hands and her back became a lovely flush beneath the towel.

Throughout the procedure, Dr. Dubois sat professionally to one side, taking notation on a clipboard. Finally, he suggested that I finish the massage by rubbing the clinic’s special shea butter blend into Miss Benson stomach to reduce stretch marks. Miss Benson responded enthusiastically to this suggestion, rolling onto her back and throwing off the towel. Now her entire naked glory was exposed to me– her tight, globe-like belly, her lovely gravid breasts gracing it on either side. She writhed on the table and locked eyes with me. “Please,” she almost panted, rubbing down from just beneath her breasts to just above her neatly shorn pubis, “put your amazing hands on me.” Her brown eyes were languid and she ground her hips against the table, seeming to stop just short of moving her hands to her own breasts.

I was shocked– never had I been so unprofessional with a woman. Never had I let a client be so seductive, though I had gotten a number of offers in my career– happy endings are a popular offering among a certain kind of masseuse. But this woman, this woman… oh, god help me– with the doctor looking on in complacence that was obviously encouragement, I couldn’t resist. I squirted the clinic’s special shea butter mixture onto my hands and moved toward Miss Benson, my eyes locked on hers. Her eyelids dropped slowly closed and she stroked down her lovely body once more. Whatever Dr. Dubois had given her had clearly helped her physically transcend her rather uncomfortable state– her animalistic behavior was making me crazy. My unprofessionalism was finalized as I felt my cock stiffen.

I started to massage the cream at the crown of her belly, where the belly button had popped long ago, then worked my way down toward her Brazilian-waxed sweet blond bush, then back up toward her heavy breasts. Her eyelids just barely fluttered and she breathed deeply and moaned, her hands on either side of her, thrusting her body up into my caress. This was clearly beyond any kind of normal office procedure and I glanced briefly at the doctor, calmly taking notes on his clipboard. I couldn’t mirror his coolness by a long shot and my erection began to strain my crisp white khakis.

“Pay attention especially to the lower half of her belly, Mr. Hamrick,” Dr. Dubois instructed, seeming extremely disengaged, “That’s where the marks tend to develop most.”

Following him, I moved my hands downward, trying my best not to focus on Miss Benson’s obvious arousal.

“Yes, now be sure to include her perineum in the massage. She’ll be giving birth soon and we’ll want that structure to be as flexible as possible,” the doctor gestured with his pen, indicating that I spread Miss Benson’s legs.

I glanced at her face and noted that she seemed entirely lost in her own world, but was very obviously enjoying herself. I brought my hand smoothly off her rotund belly and onto her shapely upper thigh. With gentle pressure, and seemingly unnoticed, I pulled her thighs apart.

“Very nice, Mr. Hamrick,” Dr. Dubois made a note, “Now, it’s always good to begin with a little light pressure on the labia before you move downward, just to get the patient comfortable.”

Obediently, I cupped Miss Benson’s labia, massaging it with the cream before moving downward to her perineum, which I rubbed eagerly in a circular motion, seeming to bring her to a new level of arousal. Her hips bucked and the lips of her labia became noticeably pinker. Intoxicated, I cupped them again, then brought the heel of my hand up to caress her clitoris while my fingers worked her lips and taint. Unconsciously, my middle finger worked into her slit, which was sweetly wet and inviting.

“Mr. Hamrick,” Dr. Dubois was stern, shocking me back to myself, “Please, pay attention to the task at hand.”

Mortified, I immediately withdrew my hand. Miss Benson, eyes lolling, sank back on the table.

Dr. Dubois chuckled, “Mr. Hamrick, it’s procedure that the attending physician attempt the first round of insertion therapy on a patient as past her due date as Miss Benson.” He chuckled again, and as he stood, setting aside his clipboard, I noticed with shock that he himself was sporting an enormous erection. Unzipping the fly of his trousers, he moved towards the table.

“Pull her to the end of the table and we’ll attempt this therapy. If we can help her to reach orgasm naturally, labor should be rapidly induced.” His eyes met mine with a twinkle as his straining cock was freed of his pants. “Don’t worry, Mr. Hamrick—it’s best to have at least two orgasms, and you’re next in line. We want to be certain she’s induced.” He gestured to me, “Now, move her to the end of the table.”

I guided Miss Benson toward the end of the table as Dr. Dubois sidled up to it, his surprisingly large cock sprouting fully at attention, thick and veiny, the huge head showing a tiny bead of pre-cum. Miss Benson moaned again, grabbing and caressing her own swollen breasts as I shifted her toward her awaiting sire.

As he adjusted himself to her sweet, slick cleft, Dr. Dubois apprised me, “The herbs I soak the patients in are an ancient Chinese blend. They’ll remember nothing of this but relaxation and possibly the greatest arousal they’ll ever experience. They’ll never say anything to anyone. It’s far better than any drug inducement,” he explained huskily as he slowly began to thrust into her, feeding his great cock in inch by inch.

“Oooooohhhhhh, aaaarggggghhh,” Miss Benson moaned as she rubbed her great globe of a belly, every inch taught over the swelling womb within. Her hips bucked up as she rose to meet Dr. Dubois’ slow thrusts. She reached to pinch her nipples and liquid dribbled from them.

Dr. Dubois grunted, holding her legs high so that he could fuck her as deeply as possible in her extremely pregnant state, “Clean that up, man. Anything you’d like to do to arouse her is helpful here.”

Forgetting clinical formality, I eagerly brought my lips to Miss Benson’s nipple, first the right, then the left, massaging each enormous breast as I suckled it. My cock ached and throbbed and I finally freed it from my pants, caressing it avidly with the hand that wasn’t on Miss Benson.

“No, no,” Dr. Dubois scolded, grunting over his own work, “We’ll need you to provide her with another orgasm as soon as I complete.”

Obediently, I took my hand off my own aching dick and went back to work on our patient, massaging both breasts, then rubbing down her swollen belly, bucking against Dr. Dubois.

“Can you reach her clit?” he panted, either hand gripping a milky thigh for anchorage.

I coated my fingers in the cream I’d been using on her belly earlier and reached between her and the doctor, rubbing her clit in a firm, circular motion. Miss Benson responded immediately, nearly wailing and clutching her enormous breasts as the doctor fucked her all the more vigorously. This proved to be the end for them both and Miss Benson came in a screaming frenzy, both hands clutching the sheets on the table for dear life as her head rolled back and forth and her ripe, swollen body met every thrust the doctor brought it. He expired less glamorously, with a few grunts. I stroked her hair and helped reposition her on the table, seemingly too far gone in her own ecstasy to fully grasp what was going on.

“Now your go, old boy,” Dr. Dubois panted as he zipped himself up. He repositioned himself in the chair and resumed his clipboard, “Remember, several orgasms will assist the patient in a quick and easy labor. Do your very best.”

I was absolutely astounded. The entire scenario was unreal and incredibly illicit. But my throbbing cock begged me for release. And after all, it was doctor’s instructions and for the good of the patient. The firm bobbing head of my dick caught the attention of the still woozy Miss Benson, who reached out a well-manicured hand to caress it, slurring, “C’mon, one more time around. I gotta get this kid outta me.” As she stroked my cock, she rubbed her oiled belly and up onto her enormous breasts, her face flushed with arousal. Without further consideration, I fully unbelted my pants and dropped them and my undies to the floor. I grabbed her pendulous breasts in either hand and almost crushed them with desire as I bent to kiss her deeply. She pushed herself up into me and mewed softly. I moved one hand down to fondle her slit, drenched in her and the doctor’s juices. She moved against me, but her size seemed to prevent her from truly satisfying her urges. Clearly, she needed a little assistance.

Breaking our kiss, I rolled her onto her side, lifting her thigh into the air so that I could continue to finger her sweet pussy. I kissed the back of her neck and made my way up onto the table behind her, positioning my dick at her slit. “Oh, god,” she murmured huskily, “put it in me.” Needing no further invitation, I pulled back, still raising her thigh with one arm, and slowly fed my dick between her sweet pussy lips, groaning deeply as I thrust into her. I thought I’d blow my load immediately, but I paused and restrained myself, wanting to bring this beautiful fantasy woman to climax before I let myself blow sky high. We reached a glorious rhythm quickly and Miss Benson moaned murmured huskily, “Fuck. That feels great.”

Dr. Dubois evidently felt the need to re-administer the medication and got up from his comfortable chair and came toward us, unzipping his trousers to let his cock reemerge, rapidly regaining its former rigidity. He pulled a glass vial from his pocket, opened the stopper, and held it under Miss Benson’s nose. I could feel her tensed body relax beside me and her groan deepened into something animalistic.

“Very good, my dear,” he said soothingly, “Just relax and let Mr. Hamrick do all the work. Your only task is to have the biggest orgasm you can to help you begin labor.” With one hand, he stroked his cock and with the other reached forward and tweaked her nipples and rubbed her heavy breasts. Then his hand moved down over her tight, swollen belly toward her clit. Her head dipped back and her eyes rolled upward, but in her newly relaxed state, she only groaned mildly. “Hmmm,” said the doctor, seemingly a little pensive. “Perhaps try her from behind. I’d be afraid to go more than two orgasms with her in her condition, so this climax needs to bring us results.”

I obediently, albeit reluctantly, pulled out and stood, then the doctor and I helped Miss Benson into a kneeling position on the table, propping her up with some couch pillows. I climbed into position behind her and with a great sigh, thrust my cock back into her well-worked hole.

“Make sure you get her clitoris, Hamrick,” and with that admonishment, the doctor resumed his seat and went to work on his own stiff cock, watching our display through half-closed, seemingly bored eyes.

Obediently, I reached beneath her heavy belly and rubbed her clit. She bucked against me and groaned, murmuring, “Fuck. Oh, god.”

My other hand grabbed her sweet ass for dear life as I thrust into her in rapid rhythm.

“That’s very good, boy,” the doctor observed, his own cock nearly purple. “Now, Miss Benson, when you come this time, I want you to push down as hard as you can, mimicking the actions you practiced in our Lamaze class.” His voice was just above a whisper, and I observed out of the corner of my eye as he spurted another great load out over the gray-blue carpet.

Miss Benson was clearly nearing a second climax, grinding against me and grunting the dirtiest stream of words I’ve ever heard from any woman, let along one as deliciously made as her. A final deep thrust and tweaking of her clit brought her to, and she came in a whimpering frenzy, her cunt throbbing around my cock and pulling from me the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had. I grabbed her ass with both hands, fucking her without mercy as I spurted my load into her sweet pregnant cunt. She panted and I felt that she was pushing down as the doctor had instructed. I pulled out quickly, suddenly nervous that I would be in the way. When I did, she rolled onto her back and rose up a little on the table while rubbing her belly and groaning, “Doctor, doctor, I’m pushing. Something’s happening.” A slow trickle of clear liquid appeared between her spread thighs.

The doctor stood and zipped himself, chuckling, “Very good, Miss Benson, very good. You’ll have this baby out of you very soon.” He clapped me on back and I started, still astonished at all that had just transposed. “Excellent job, Hamrick. Well executed. I do believe you’ll be a great asset to my clinic.”

As he assisted Miss Benson back into her robe and helped her, still woozy, out of the room, I got dressed as quickly as possible. I was rather shocked at what I’d entered into, but I’d just had the greatest orgasm I’d ever had. I needed to go home and think about this. And jerk off about 5 more times while thinking about it.

The End

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