It was hot today. There wasn’t any rain. No, I couldn’t see it out the window – I’ve kept the blinds closed, like you told me.

Remember when you told me to be naked for you? I promised I wouldn’t let any cloth touch me all week – except for the silk and fur on the bed. When I lay down on it, I can feel every wrinkle.

No, I haven’t touched myself, I promise. I’ve been so good. I thought about it, but then I remembered…you wanted me wanting. It’s a dream you had – a dream where I was there, panting in a dream, and a river flowing out of my cunt. It was just a dream, of course, but you wanted to make some of it real. Telling me I had to wait two weeks before I could even touch myself didn’t seem that bad when you suggested it.

You called a few minutes ago to say you’d be here soon. Thank god. I just can’t wait anymore. I’ve been dreaming about cocks left and right, and I keep waking up to a throbbing wet cunt. I remember how you wanted it – Me, asleep on the bed, legs open wide, far too ready to feel you. Now of course I can’t sleep. I’m too excited. For the last hour, I’ve noticed the juices on my legs whenever I move them. Can’t sit anywhere without leaving a puddle – but I’m perfectly happy to walk.

I climb up into the obstetrics chair like we agreed. It’s a strange thing, this wood and red velvet chair; It looks like a throne, except for the stirrups. You tried to act like it was just a whim – that the chair happened to be yours, and it might suit us for the fucking. I don’t buy that; You acquired it at some sort of sale. You said that you collect antique medical equipment, but you don’t seem to have anything else in the collection. I know you got it to fuck someone in. And I am someone.

I slide onto the chair. I gasp, and then I wonder if you’re recording the sound. But it can’t be helped; I haven’t touched myself in two weeks, and now this velvet is feeling me up. I promised I wouldn’t cum, either, until you were fucking me. I lay my head back as I lift my legs into the stirrups. Suddenly I feel overcome with weakness, as if I could never move from this spot. The straight back chair is a bit uncomfortable, but the cloth feels so good. I can feel my cunt pulsing already, and I wonder if I’m about to cum. I lay still, hoping to repress the feeling. When it passes, I reach for the blindfold and the earplugs. I pull the lever that swings my legs up and apart. My arms slide into the fur lined restraints. And then I wait.

I wonder if I am in some sort of delirium. Sometimes I think I feel it – I think I feel the tip of a cock pressing against my cunt. I feel the soft heat of your skin pushing against the wet warm flaps of mine. But then it passes and I wonder if I imagined it. The rhythmic tightening begins again, and I groan, trying to hold off. I can’t cum until you get here, until I know for sure. I want to wait until your cock is jammed into my cunt. I want to make sure you can tell me how tight it was.

I begin to wonder whether you were serious. Maybe you just want to leave me here going crazy. I’d be more angry with you if the throbbing hadn’t started again. I bite my lip and groan, pulling against the arm cuffs. I waffle between trying to figure out if I feel something or not, whether that warm fillng sensation comes from something physical – and then I decide I don’t care. I move my hips, rubbing my ass against the velvet. And then it happens. And then the glorious, glorious thing happens.

The walls of my cunt strain against an intruding object, having shrunk a little in the weeks of inactivity. The pain doesn’t matter, though, and I call out for more. I expect thrusting, but am instead rewarded by the thing in me widening. Then I realise it isn’t a cock at all. I would have recognized the speculum right off if I had been in my right mind. Suddenly a sharp pain shoots through my abdomen – something I can’t decide whether I really love or hate. I try to swing my legs closed, or move my arms, but find them stuck fast. I try to relax. Despite the pain, this is the first thing I’ve had in me for a long time…and that feels good.

A large firm hand grabs hold of my breast. Your hand. I remember it from when we shook hands. You pinch my nipples, which I normally hate. I feel you bite them…and something changes in me. I want this. I want more. I ask you to widen it. You do, and I joyfully reward you with moaning. I ask again, but then you remove it. I pout. I bet you love the pouting. I feel nothing for awhile, and then…ah, the thing I’ve been waiting for. I thought your cock wouldn’t hurt after the speculum, but it does. You must be huge; I had no idea. I breathe deeply as you plunge into me, my mind reeling. I babble. I shout. I thrust my hips as much as I am able. I want to touch myself and end the deprivation – but you’re in charge, and you don’t seem likely to flag anytime soon. I start to ask you to touch me.

And then you pull your cock out of me. Without warning, you open my mouth and thrust in. You remove my earplugs and tell me you’re giving me a dose of medicine – that I need to relax and swallow it. I miss the thrusting, but I do as he asks; I want to know what happens next. I hear him grunting, and feel satisfied that he is enjoying my body. Tears fill my eyes, and I half choke on his member. I feel his balls against my chin, and then thick warmth pours into my mouth. I can’t stand it at first and choke. He holds me steady until I swallow it. He pats me on the head as I drink it. He says I am a good patient.

I tell him I wanted him to cum in my cunt – that he promised. He says not to worry, he will deliver. The earplugs go back in, and I don’t know where he goes off to. A minute, two minutes…I don’t know how many pass.

Finally, his hand is on my thigh, and I sigh with relief. His hand glides up my stomach to my breasts. I breathe unsteadily as he squeezes one of them. He brushes something against my clit, which draws a shout from me. I bet he’s laughing. He can laugh all he wants if I can get off. Something slides in me, a bit smaller than his cock. He removes the earplugs again. babbles something about treatment. I try to talk, but he shoves it further in, and then I groan. It gradually goes up in size, much larger than his cock. He warns me I’m about to feel cold – and then a gel flows into me. I don’t complain. He laughs, and begins thrusting the thing in and out again, letting the gel leak out the sides. He says he bets I might want to cum now, but that he won’t let me . Not yet. Time for the big finale, he says.

He assures me the toy is five inches in diameter, and 13 feet long. I wouldn’t have believed that something that large could feel remotely good, but here it is inside me. He presses gently against my stomach, and tells me he can feel the hard sides of it. I don’t say anything. I am beyond words at this point.

Finally I hear a familiar buzzing. I feel a familiar vibration against my clit. Familiar moans come out of me – louder and stronger this time. My cunt squeezes against the enormous toy as best it can, and if it weren’t an involuntary process I don’t know how I’d manage it.

A minute or so later the toy is gone. I shiver where I am, still lost in my post-orgasm reverie. I hear him leave and ask where he is going. He insists I’ll need a bath, dinner and a proper bed. I don’t know what ‘proper’ means in this case – or anything else this man says, for that matter. I do know that the restraints are tightly closed against my arms and legs now, and that I wouldn’t be able to get up in any case.

Somewhere from the back of my brain, a thought reverberates. “I wonder what we’ll do next weekend.”

The End

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