A Virgin on Virticon VI

It had only been two months since I had moved to the planet Virticon VI with my 18-year-old daughter, Marie. My company was so grateful that I’d agreed to relocate that they’d bought us a state-of-the-art home just outside the city of Lexa, and Marie and I were settling in nicely. Granted, there was a bit of culture shock, as Virticon is a very… uninhibited sort of place. Public nudity is one thing–that was actually quite easy to get used to. Marie hardly blushed at naked strangers at all any longer, though we both prefered to go clothed, even at home.

But things were a bit more shocking for Earthers like ourselves than mere nudity. For one thing, here on Virticon VI, no one goes to kid-friendly venues unless they’re a child, or currently taking care of one. Kids are mostly sheltered from the rest of society until they come of age. So your average restaurant is adult-only, and offers more than food. Typically recreational drugs and sexual services–high-priced hookers at a 5-star place, perfunctory quickies at a fast food place. Our first day here, Marie and I stopped off for a burger at our local Mickey D’s–and there were glory holes beside the condiments counter! The cashier looked at us funny just because we were both fully clothed. When we sat down, the woman at the table next to us pulled a large dildo out of her bag and fitted it to a port on her seat. The dildo started vibrating, and she slid her naked pussy down onto it and sighed happily, then started eating her burger. She came–quietly, politely, but unmistakeably–just as she finished her meal. Marie nearly choked on hers.

If you think mixing sex with food is shocking, you’d be astounded at the other parts of life the Virticonians manage to sexualize. Real estate agents always offer to have sex with you in the home you’re looking at, so you can “try out the sexual energy of the place”. When you’re waiting in line to register your vehicle, chances are the stranger standing next to you will offer you a bit of oral to pass the time.

For Marie, who’d always been the shy sort, adjusting to our new life here was a little overwhelming. She did her best not to be a prudish Earther, but Virticonians aren’t the least bit shy about getting erections, and around Marie, even a clothed Marie, many of them did–and they flaunted it. Practically every establishment is adult-only, and people will blatantly stare and even masturbate if they find someone else arousing enough. Marie didn’t mind compliments, and with her long blonde hair and slender figure, she received a lot of them, but when shoppers started staring at her while diddling themselves right in the mall, she got very red in the face.

Virticonians are very polite about not ejaculating on you without your permission, though. I have to give them that.

Well, after two months. the shock of life on Virticon was starting to become manageable. But then Marie got a response from her preferred college. She’d applied to the Lexa City College of Liberal Arts, hoping to have a career as a painter. We’d been assured that with her grades she’d get in easily, but the message indicated that there was some problem.

“Dad, what’s this Verification of Maturity they’re asking for?” Marie said, frowning at her datapad.

“Hmm? What do you mean, darling?”

“My message from LCC. It says I need to submit my verification of Maturity by next week, or I can’t get in!”

“Let me see that.” I took the datapad from her and perused the note. As I did, something clicked in my head, a tidbit about life on Viriticon that I’d heard somewhere but hadn’t quite taken to heart. “Oh. Ah–I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that this would be an issue. It seems that here on Virticon, most schools won’t accept people who aren’t verified as, ah… mature. That is, sexually mature. You have to have lost your virginity,” I finished awkwardly.

Marie’s hazel eyes went wide. “But–but I haven’t! I’m still a virgin. I haven’t even had a boyfriend or girlfriend.” She sank down onto the couch, her face falling. “I always thought I’d wait until I fell in love.”

“You can, darling! Don’t let this stop you. You don’t need to start college right away. If you need to wait a year, or even a few years, before you meet someone and fall in love, that’s fine with me.”

Marie shook her head. “No! Studying painting is what I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember. I don’t want to wait! And LLC is my dream school. I’d get to study under Lucia D’Orleans herself! If I wait too long she might retire.”

“Well, honey, I don’t see how you’re going to find love in less than week.”

Marie’s eyes filled up with tears, and her sweet features lost some of their glow. I couldn’t bear to see her like that. I cast about desperately for some solution, and thankfully I had an idea.

“Wait, darling–don’t cry. I thought of something. My old school friend, Marcus Richards, is a doctor, and he has a practice right here in Lexa. I bet he can give you a waiver! After all, you can’t be the first immigrant to be thrown by the culture here on Virticon.”

She looked up at me, hope dawning again.

“Oh, yes! Let’s call him right away,” she said. Of course, I did. I can’t deny my dear daughter anything.


Marcus was happy to give Marie an appointment that week, even though I was sure he had to bump another patient in order to fit her in. I sat in the waiting room, by now not even fazed by the two men having vigorous anal sex on the coffee table. I contented myself with a financial magazine. About thirty minutes after Marie had been led away by a nurse, another one came out and called my name.

“Dr. Richards would like to talk to you, sir,” said the nurse. Zie had round, pert breasts and a rather fat penis, and wore nothing but sensible shoes and an id card on a cord around zir neck. I tried not to stare like a clueless offworlder and followed zir into an exam room where–

Where my daughter was lying naked on an exam table, her legs spread and secured in the air with padded cuffs, electrodes attached to her clitoris and vaginal opening. I gulped.

“Ah, Steve, there you are! You did the right thing bringing Marie to me,” said Marcus, looking up from a monitor near the table. Another man, taller but younger-looking, hovered over his shoulder. I hastily averted my eyes from Marie’s flushed pink pussy.

“What do you mean? I thought you were going to give Marie a waiver so she could get into college!”

Marcus sighed. “Yes, I thought so too, but when I examined her I realized that her situation is more complicated than that.”

“Is–is she ok?”

“She will be, if we act quickly,” Marcus said. “Steve, your daughter is on a cusp of a psychosexual dysfunction. She’s got more libido than most people ever have, and she’s successfully repressed it since she hit puberty. If she continues repressing it, she may lose sexual function forever–and all that sexual energy will turn against her, potentially leading to depression or other serious mental illness. She’s got to start expressing her sexuality soon, and as much as possible–her libido really is off the charts. A woman like her will likely need sex with multiple partners on a regular basis to stay satisfied. Frankly, I’m surprised she’s managed to repress it as long as she has. Giving her that waiver would be the worst thing I could do for her.” He motioned me over to the foot of the table, where Marie’s pussy was on display. “Look at this, Steve.”

As a I watched dazedly, my old school friend lightly touched the tip of my daughter’s clitoris with one finger. At the touch, a breathy moan escaped from her lips, and a line on the monitor spiked. Another line rose even higher, and stayed there. “See that?” said Marcus, pointing. “The slightest stimulation sets her off, but she clamps down on it.”

My face, at this point, was as red as Marie’s. I could see that she was avoiding all of our eyes, and her breathing was fast, her cheeks pink. But I couldn’t let embarrassment stop me–my daughter’s health was at stake. “I think I know why that is,” I said. “All her life, Marie has been told the story of my love for her mother, Jane. Jane and I had an epic romance, but–well, she died. I don’t want to get into the details. But Marie has grown up with this story, and I think she believes that anything less than that kind of love just isn’t good enough.”

The other man who seemed to be assisting Marcus nodded. “A perfectionist,” he said.

“Yes, that would probably describe her,” I agreed, glancing at him.

“Oh, I apologize,” said Marcus, “I should have introduced you. This is Dr. Daniel Carter. He’s a first-year resident under my supervision.” I nodded to Dr. Carter briefly, and turned back to Marcus.

“So, Doc, what should we do?”

He shrugged. “You need to convince her to have sex right away. If it’s love she needs to feel ok with losing her virginity, well, you love her, don’t you?”

I gaped at him. “But I’m–she’s my–”

“Ah, right. You Earthers have an incest taboo, don’t you?” He chuckled. “No better time than the present to get over that.”

I shook my head furiously, and was about to tell him exactly where he could go, but a soft moan from Marie stopped the words in my mouth. I could see that she was very aroused, and the monitor confirmed it. What would happen if she never got past her inhibitions? I had to do something for her.

I went over to the exam table and stroked her hair lightly. It calmed her a little, but from the corner of my eye I could see her nipples hardening at my touch. “Marie, the doctor is right. You’re going to have to lose your virginity. But it won’t be without love, I promise you that. Because no one loves you as much as I do, and I’m willing to do this for you. What do you say, darling?”

She looked up at me, her breath coming quicker as we locked eyes, and just that small intimacy seemed to somehow push her over the edge. “Oh, yes, daddy, please, yes, do it. I need… I need release. So badly. Please.” She started to writhe on the table, her round, pink-tipped breasts heaving with her suddenly unleashed passion.

“It needs to be now,” said Dr. Carter, staring at the monitor. “Her psychosexual energy is past the point of no return.”

I hesitated, not knowing what to do.

“Touch her!” Marcus hissed in my ear. Taking a deep breath, I reached out and cupped my daughter’s breast, stroking the erect little nipple with my thumb. She gasped and wriggled.


I stroked more boldly, teasing her nipples, sliding my hand down her tummy. She moaned, and I took it as an encouragement to lean in and take her left nipple in my mouth. She nearly bucked off the table as a wave of pleasure rocked her. I sucked gently, and with my other hand I stroked down to her hip, caressed her thigh. I hadn’t made love to anyone in a long time, but it was coming back to me. I didn’t touch her pussy just yet, but let my fingers approach it and withdraw, testing her arousal. I needn’t have, though, because she was clearly revved up and ready. I moved to the foot of the table and could immediately see how erect her clitoris was, and how wet she was. I stroked the sparse blond hairs of her labia, loving how it made her quiver. My own arousal was growing fast.

“Let her see you,” Marcus murmured. “She needs to react to the sexual energy of another person.”

I undid my pants, freeing my cock from its confines with some relief.

“Marie, look at your father’s cock,” Dr. Carter urged. “You did that to him. He’s responding to you.”

Marie turned her head and stared. Her lips parted reflexively, as though she was thinking exactly what I was thinking. I hurriedly ditched the pants and underwear, and went to stand at her head. I didn’t think about it, I just acted. I rubbed my cockhead on her lips. Her eyes went wide, and so did her mouth.

“That’s right, darling. Open up,” I whispered. The tip of my cock disappeared into her wet pink mouth, and she moaned around it. She didn’t have much idea of how to suck it, but just feeling the hot wetness was enough for me. I thrust gently a few times, pleasuring myself with her mouth, letting her feel how hard I was. When I pulled away, she whined and tried to keep her mouth on me.

“It’s ok, Marie. I’m still here. I’m just going to return the favor.”

I got between her spread legs and studied her pussy. Normally I’d start with the inner lips, licking and stroking, but she was too far gone. I went straight for her clit, sucking on it just as her mother had loved me to do. The electrode felt strange in my mouth, but otherwise she was silky and sweet, like any pussy.

“Oh god!” she cried. I took hold of her hips to keep her steady. My tongue circled her clit and then massaged the very tip of it. The sounds that came from her then were indescribable. Like she was out of her mind with bliss. But I was only getting started.

I worked her clit with my tongue until she was near coming, and then continued rubbing it with two moistened fingers while making my way down to her cunt, which was flooded with her juices. I lapped at the entrance, avoiding the electrodes. I thrust my tongue into her, just a little, and she started to tremble. I knew she was on the brink of coming, and I pressed my face to her pussy and stabbed my tongue as deeply into her vagina as I could, my fingers keeping their rhythm on her clit. She came instantly, screaming out her ecstasy as I, too, moaned into her wet cunt.

The waves of pleasure shook her like a storm passing through her lithe young body, but her arousal wasn’t even close to sated. I knew what she needed. My energy. My arousal.

My cock. At this pointed I need to take her as much as she needed me to do it. My daughter was ready to lose her virginity, and I had to admit, I was desperate to do it. I’d never let myself think about it before, not consciously, but in the back of my mind I knew I had noticed her shapely body, round ass, and full, sweet tits. Her tiny waist and gently curved hips swaying as she walked. As she’d grown into a woman, she had become as lovely, as enticing, as her mother had been. I’d always wished I could have been Jane’s first, though I wasn’t. But to be the first man to plunge his cock into Marie’s virgin pussy? It was making me even harder just thinking about it.

Oh, I realized I’d have to share her with other men. Marcus had made that clear. With a libido like hers, Marie would need several lovers. But I’d be the first. She’d a hot little slut, but she’d be *my* slut, because she loved me and because I’d be the one to initiate her into the pleasures of sex.

I rubbed my cock on her dripping pussy, so excited it took an effort not to simply take her right then. My efforts apparently weren’t appreciated, though.

“Oh, daddy, please. Just do it. Take me! I need to feel you inside me, now!”

“This is your first time, darling, sometimes there’s a bit of pain–”

“There won’t be,” Dr. Carter interrupted.

“She doesn’t have much of a hymen,” Marcus confirmed. “It’s uncommon, but not abnormal.”

“You’re really just prolonging her frustration,” said Dr. Carter. “You need to fuck her now.”

I looked into my baby’s eyes and slid my cock into her cunt, slowly but smoothly. In one thrust I was buried balls-deep in her tight little pussy, marvelling in the amazing sensation. Marie made a noise of astonishment, and her pussy clenched around my cock, nearly pushing me over the edge.

“Yes…” she gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head with the pleasure of it. “Oh, daddy, you feel so good inside me…”

“It’s going to feel even better, baby,” I told her as I started to pump my hips. Her pussy was so wet it was practically gushing, but somehow it seemed to get tighter with each thrust. The edge of the electrode rubbed against me every time I pulled out, but I ignored it and concentrated on fucking her as deeply as I could. We set a vigorous rhythm, but soon she was urging me to fuck her faster and harder. She was insatiable, begging for my cock to pound her again and again. I could feel her second orgasm approaching, and when the screams of pleasure started, I put my hands on her luscious tits, shut my eyes, and followed her over the edge, shooting my cum deep into her no-longer-virginal cunt. We both came for what seemed like ages. When I finally pulled my cock out of her, some of my cum started dripping out, mixed with her own juices.

I collapsed, exhausted, into a chair.

Marcus and his resident were glued to the monitor, watching Marie’s readings with amazement.

“My god, Steve,” Marcus said, glancing at me.

“What?” I grumbled. I’d just had some of the best sex of my life, and I wished I had a bed to fall asleep in.

“She’s not done.”

“What do you mean? She came twice.”

“Yes,” Marcus said, “It was a good start. She’s not repressing the energy anymore. But she hasn’t found satiation, either. All that energy could still turn on her. She needs to be fucked again, right away.”

I stared at him. “I’m not a machine! I can’t go again for… at least a few hours!”

“Please…” moaned Marie. “I need it. Someone… please…”

Dr. Richards and Dr. Carter looked at each other for a moment.

“It sounds like she’ll accept our help now,” said Dr. Carter.

“Agreed,” Marcus said.

He already wasn’t wearing much, just a speedo and a lab coat, but he shucked those off without hesitation. His cock was already erect, no doubt from watching me deflower my daughter. Now he was going to fuck her himself.

I spluttered as I realized what was going on, but I could think of no rational objection. Marie needed to be fucked right away. I’d already given her a loving initiation, but now she’d have to get used to fucking other men. It was her nature.

Marcus didn’t waste much time, and Marie seemed just fine with that. She watched him hungrily as he approached her. His cock was a bit shorter than mine, but thicker, and his overall build was stocky. Marie and I were both fair-haired and relatively smooth-skinned, but he had thick, dark hair on his chest and groin. There was no way for her to ignore that this man wasn’t me, her loving father, but a veritable stranger. She actually seemed to be turned on by his novelty. If she could have spread her legs wider, she would have, but the restraints held her ankles in place. Marcus smiled as he noticed this, and adjusted them for her, pulling her legs wider and higher over her head. Then a thoughtful look came over his face, and he quickly restrained her wrists as well, and added a soft strap around her waist.

“The restraints will help you relax and surrender,” he said, giving her a hint of a grin. “Ready for me to fuck you?”

He didn’t wait for her answer, but simply positioned himself and pushed in. It made a wet noise. Marie squealed. Marcus grunted happily, and started pistoning his hips with practiced ease. I wondered how many women he had fucked right here in his office. I wondered how many girls he’d fucked right in front on their fathers.

He was really giving it to her, and she was loving every minute of it. At first she struggled against the restraints, her passion forcing her to writhe and wriggle and tense every muscle, but just as he’d said, her inability to move more than an inch in any direction soon channeled that energy into pure pleasure. She went limp and did nothing but moan and breathe and gasp and beg and moan. She babbled incoherently, with only a word here and there making sense: “Yes,” “Fuck,” “Deeper.”

He made her come twice, his cock stuffing her pussy and his fingers working her clit and and her nipples, and then he came inside her with a shout. An orderly came into the room sometime while Marcus was fucking her and starting sweeping out the office. No one paid him any attention. None of us could take our eyes off Marie. By now her face was wet with tears of delight and ecstasy, and she plainly just wanted more, more, more.

Dr. Carter was watching her reactions on the monitor, so he already knew what she needed. There was no discussion this time. Marcus came, pulled out, and then stepped back so that Carter could take his place. Carter’s cock was longer than either of ours, 8 inches and about as thick as mine. It disappeared into Marie’s cunt without hesitating. She didn’t seem to have noticed that someone new was fucking her, only that she was getting fucked like she wanted.

He paid more attention to her tits than either of us had, sucking and licking at them as he thrust into her. Marcus sat tiredly at the monitor, checking on Marie’s progress.

“Gentlemen, I think we might pull this off. She’s starting to near satiation,” he said softly.

Dr. Carter nodded, and slowed his pace so he could keep fucking her as long as he possible. Somehow her voracious appetite had to be satisifed. This time she had three orgasms, and he still wasn’t done. He pulled out of her cunt, and she moaned in protest, but he was only moving to her head. He got on the table, straddling her face, and lifted her head so she could suck his cock. Marcus quickly found a pillow for her. Dr. Carter fed her his cock, wet from her own juices and the semen left in her vagina by myself and Marcus. He got less than half of it into her mouth, and fucked her face for a few minutes.

“That’s good, that got her energy flowing faster,” Marcus told him, watching the lines moving on the screen, “But she’s going to need you inside her vagina again.”

He nodded and pulled his cock out of her mouth. He couldn’t resist rubbing his cock on her tits for a minute, but then he got down from the table and stood between her legs again.

“Fuck me,” Marie gasped, and he did so. She came as soon as he put his penis in her cunt. Then he fucked her to the brink of another orgasm, but came himself before she could. I could tell each time he spurted into her, because her stomach muscles clenches every time.

“Damnit, Daniel, she was almost spent!” Marcus complained. “Where are we going to find–” He glanced around, noticing the orderly for the first time. “Hey, would you mind fucking this patient? The three of us aren’t quite recovered yet,” he said.

The orderly barely looked older than 18 himself, and he grinned as he let his eyes drift across Marie’s naked body and spread-open pussy. “Happy to help,” he said, peeling off his coveralls. He was naked underneath. He washed his hands at the sink in the corner and practically bounced over. “Do you mind if I take her doggy style, Dr. Richards? It’s kind of my thing.”

“Sure,” said Marcus. He and Dr. Carter got the restraints off her, lowered the table, and put her on her hands and knees. Once the trodes were back in place, he nodded to the orderly.

He grabbed her hips and slid right in. Semen from three men ran down my daughter’s thighs.

“Fuck, that pussy is tight,” he exclaimed. “Never had one that tight. Especially not a slut in a gang bang like this!”

“It’s her first time,” Marcus said. “She just lost her virginity about an hour ago.”

“Fuck,” the young man said again, his eyes widening. His grip on her hips tightened. “Um–what’s your name, baby?”

“Marie,” she whispered. She was bent forward on her elbows, her tits hanging down, her face hidden.

“You have an amazing cunt, Marie,” he said. She only sighed happily.

He came after fucking her only a few minutes, but he just kept going. Ah, the vigor of youth. She came two more times, and then at last Marcus confirmed that she was done, and the orderly blew his load deep inside her.

I wrapped her up in blankets and she fell asleep on the table, a contented smile on her lips. I sat there watching her for a long while, amazed at her beauty and at the passion I’d seen from her.

My reverie was broken by Marcus handing me a datapad. “Sign this,” he said.

“What is it?”

“Her Verification of Maturity. You took her virginity, so you can verify that’s she mature. And she can go to that college.” His eyes twinkled at me.

“Oh. Right,” I laughed. What with Marie’s health scare, I’d nearly forgotten all about that.

“She’ll need a lot of rest today, but by tomorrow she’ll be ready to go on the prowl.”

I sighed. It would be quite a change, but if it would make my darling Marie happy, then I wanted her to have as much cock as she could handle. Besides, I knew she loved and trusted me, and she would gladly accept my guidance in choosing who she had sex with. I foresaw years of sexual bliss ahead of us both, orgies where I would introduce her to sex with women, parties where I could impress my boss by offering him my daughter’s pussy–and of course, nights spent with just the two of us, her cunt tight on my cock. Her nineteenth birthday was next month–I was already imagining which of our friends I’d invite to watch me take her anal virginity, and then enjoy her ass themselves. I knew who I wanted to join me in giving her her first double penetration–my old pal Marcus, of course.

“Want to get dressed?” said Dr. Carter, jolting me out of my thoughts. He was holding the clothes I’d been wearing when I came in.

“Nah… I don’t need ’em,” I said. I dumped my clothes and Marie’s into a bag, and gentle shook her awake. The two of us went home naked.

The End

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