Jim Goes to Boot Camp

This story is a work of fiction. It’s about an 18 year old boy named Jim (my alter ego) who gets himself in a bit of trouble and ends up in a juvenile boot camp. The story describes Jim’s entrance physical exam as it is given by a female doctor and nurse.

Please let me know what you think.


Jim was silent as he waited with his mother. Normally he wouldn’t want to spend this much time with her. He’d much rather be having fun with his friends. But that’s exactly what got him into trouble. He realized that his time with her, or for that matter, anyone that he knew, was very limited. His 90 day sentence in this juvenile boot camp was about to begin, and once it did he wouldn’t be allowed contact with anyone on the outside.

There were still 2 other late-teenage boys in the waiting room, both of them silently waiting with their parents. Jim nervously looked at the clock on the wall and realized that it had been just over an hour since the inner doors to the facility were last opened and the previous boy was taken inside. There wasn’t much to do in the waiting room. His mother had already filled out all of the required paperwork, which included a detailed medical history. All he could do now was to wait until his name was called and it was his turn to go inside.

A few short minutes later, the double doors leading inside were opened and a woman entered the waiting room. She was the same woman that came out to get the last boy and was wearing a nurse’s uniform. As she entered the room, she looked down at the folder of paperwork in her hand.

“James Johnson” she called. Reluctantly I stood up as it was now my turn to enter the facility.

“I love you mom,” I said as I hugged her tightly.

“I love you too Jim,” she replied. “Take care of yourself and be good in there,” she added, “We’ll see you in 3 months.”

“Is it James or Jim?” the nurse asked.

“Jim is fine,” I replied.

“Well then follow me, Jim” she said as we entered through the doors. I waved goodbye one last time to my mom who was now crying.

“I’m Nurse Smith,” she said as we walked down the narrow hallway. “I’ll be assisting with your entrance processing today”.

I noticed that her name tag had her full name: Angela Smith. Following her down the hallway, I had a chance to get a better look at her. She had blond hair and looked to be around 25 or 30. She seemed to be very fit. Her nurse’s outfit fit her in all the right places. We turned a couple of corners in the hallway and finally entered into a large room. As we entered, the nurse locked the door behind us with a key that she had in her pocket. There were two other women already in the room. One of the women was wearing a white doctor’s lab coat – she had brown hair and was slightly older, maybe in her mid-30s. The other woman was much older and was dressed very business-like in a suit.

“Hello James, I’m Doctor Sharon Cole,” said the woman in the lab coat, “I’m one of the physicians on staff here”.

“And you can address me as Ms Kramer” said the older woman. “I am the assistant administrator of this facility.”

“Wait right here Jim,” said the nurse, “We’ll get started as soon as we make sure your paperwork is in order”.

Nervously, I waited just inside the locked doorway as the three women gathered around a desk at the far end of the room. They were shuffling through the paperwork in my folder. This was my first opportunity to take a look at the room. In the middle of the room there was an exam table, similar to what you would find in any doctor’s office. There was a counter behind the table that had the usual assortment of doctor’s instruments. Just to the left of the exam table was a medical scale and just to the left of it was the desk where all of the women were standing. On the right side of the exam table and against the wall was a toilet and a small sink. It was strange to see a toilet out in the open like that. Anyone using it would do so without any privacy at all. I also noticed that there were three cameras mounted near the ceiling, one at each end of the room and one directly over the exam table. It was very clear to me now that whatever was about to happen to me in this room, it wouldn’t be private at all.

“Alright, let’s get started,” said Ms Kramer as she walked toward me. She immediately began a series of rapid-fire questions.

“Your full name please,” she asked.

“James Kenneth Johnson” I answered.

“And your date of birth?” she asked.

“February 2, 1993” I answered.

“So you just turned 18, is that correct?” she asked. I nodded my head in agreement. “OK, good, we certainly want to make sure we have the right boy with us today. As you are already aware, because your offenses were minor, you have been committed to this facility as an alternative to a more traditional juvenile detention facility, Your record says that you and your friends were in a stolen vehicle, is that correct?”

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

“Well,” she continued, “I can guarantee you that by the time you’ve completed your commitment here, you’ll wish that you had never gotten mixed up in anything like that.”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied.

“Now, let me tell you what will happen for the next hour or so,” she continued. “These two ladies will complete your intake processing, which means that they will make sure you’re fully prepared for your stay here. As part of that processing they will give you a complete physical examination. That is necessary since this is a boot camp facility and during your stay with us you will be participating in more physical activity than you’ve probably done in your young life. When they have finished their examination and processing they will escort you to your drill instructor. Do you have any questions?”

“No ma’am,” I replied.

“Alright then, I’ll leave you in the care of these fine ladies” the administrator said. With that, she unlocked the door and left, re-locking it as she closed the door behind her. Doctor Cole and Nurse Smith now approached me.

“OK James,” said the doctor, “to get things started, please stand over there” pointing to a spot at the center of the room. As I walked over to the designated spot, she continued her orders: “Go ahead and remove your clothing.”

At first I was a bit shocked at her request, but I began to comply by pulling off my shoes and socks. As I did, the nurse stretched out her hands and took them from me. She immediately put them on the counter and began to inspect them. Next I pulled off my polo shirt and the T-shirt under it and placed them in the doctor’s outstretched hands. She began her inspection of my clothes, looking in the pocket of the shirt and closely examining the collar. I hesitated at this point, waiting to see if they wanted me to undress further.

“Continue,” ordered the doctor.

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

I unbuckled my jeans, slid them down and stepped out of them. I handed them to the nurse who immediately pulled out the belt and began to examine it. She handed the jeans to the doctor who pulled out all of the pockets and began to closely examine them. I was down to my boxers now and I once again paused to see if I had to continue. The nurse now looked in my direction and smiled.

“Everything Jim,” she said. “We need to inspect every bit of your clothing, and besides, we will be giving you a complete physical.”

Reluctantly I grasped the waist band of my boxers and pulled them all the way down, stepping out of them in one quick movement. I handed them to the nurse and then placed my hands over my groin area to try and maintain some amount of modesty.

I stood there naked and watched as the two women finished their inspection of my clothes. As they finished each piece, they neatly folded it and placed it in a large plastic container which already had my name on it along with a number. The only thing that didn’t go into the container was my shoes. Those were placed on the floor next to the door.

“We’ll take good care of your clothes Jim,” said the nurse. “You won’t need any of them during your stay with us since we’ll furnish all of the clothing that you’ll need.”

“We are required to do an initial body search now,” said the doctor. “After that we can begin your examination. Please place your feet on the red marks that you see on the floor before you.”

I looked down to see a pair of red foot prints that were painted on the floor in front of me. I placed each foot on a mark, spreading my legs widely about 3 or 4 feet apart in the process. I noticed that both of the women were snapping on examination gloves as I was getting into position.

“Now place your hands on top of your head, palms up,” the doctor ordered.

I immediately obeyed and moved my hands to the top of my head, uncovering my genitals in the process. Both of the women now descended upon me, working as a team to perform a quick external inspection of my entire body. The nurse began by checking my head, running her hands through my hair, looking behind my ears and checking between the fingers of my open hands. At the same time the doctor was looking inside my mouth and up my nose. The doctor then began to examine my groin area, lifting my balls and flaccid penis and running her hands through my thick pubic hair. At the same time, I felt the nurse’s hands moving up and down between my legs, touching my inner thighs from behind me. The doctor finished with my genitals and made a quick inspection of my feet, looking between my toes. I then felt the nurse’s hands spreading my butt cheeks and running her fingers between them.

“Bend over and grab your ankles please,” I heard the nurse say. “Keep your feet apart and on the marks,” she added.

As I bent over and grabbed my ankles, I could feel the skin of my butt cheeks tightening and the cool room air on my exposed ass. Once again I felt fingers running up and down between my cheeks, making contact with my ass hole but not penetrating me. I felt the hands briefly grasp my balls from behind and then release them.

“OK, you can stand up Jim,” I heard the nurse say from behind me. As I stood up, both of the women removed their examination gloves.

“First things first,” said the doctor, “have a seat in the chair James”.

I walked toward a small plastic chair near the desk and sat down. The doctor now approached me with cordless hair clippers.

“Everyone gets the same hair cut when they arrive here, James,” she said. With that, she proceeded to quickly trim off all of the hair on my head.

“There, much better,” she said. I raised my hand and felt my almost-bald head for the first time. All of my hair was now on the floor and was being swept up by the nurse.

“Let’s check your vision now James, stand up over here,” said the doctor.

Still nude, I stood up and faced the eye chart that was affixed to the wall. When instructed, I covered my right eye and read the second line from the bottom with my left eye.

“Good,” she said, “now cover your left eye.” I repeated the line without any problems. “Good you’re 20/20, no problems with your vision at all,” said the doctor.

While the doctor recorded the results of my eye exam, the nurse escorted me to the scales to record my weight.

“Stand up straight with your arms to your side Jim,” said the nurse. I stepped on the scales and faced the wall while the nurse moved the weights. I’ve had my weight checked many times, but this is the first time it’s ever been checked in the nude. It was a very strange feeling knowing that I was completely exposed before these two women and there was absolutely nothing that I could do to prevent it. But I also had the sinking feeling that this exam would get much worse before it was all over.

“Now turn around,” ordered the nurse, “let’s get your height.” I turned around and faced the nurse, instinctively using my hands to cover my groin.

“No, I need your hands at your side Jim, and stand up straight,” she ordered. I moved my hands, uncovering myself in the process.

“OK, we need a couple of other measurements so stand over there,” she ordered. I stepped off the scale and walked a few feet to where she was pointing. She approached me with a cloth measuring tape.

“Go ahead and raise your arms so I can get your waist size,” she ordered. As I raised my arms above my head, she reached around me and ran the cloth tape around my waist. After recording my waist size, she moved the tape up and recorded my chest measurement.

“Just one more,” she said, “I need your inseam measurement.” I had no idea what an inseam was but I was about to find out.

“Spread your legs apart please,” the nurse ordered. As I repositioned my legs she crouched down in front of me and began to measure the instead of my thigh, all the way from my crotch to my ankle. As her hands moved between my legs, I felt the back of her hand briefly brush against my balls.

“Can you please lift your testicles out of the way Jim?” she asked. I reached down with both hands and cradled my balls, lifting them and my penis out of her way. After a few seconds she completed the measurements and stood up to record the results.

“Alright Jim, now I need you to go over there next to the toilet,” said the nurse as she pointed to the other side of the room.

I walked toward the toilet at the right side of the room with Nurse Smith following right behind me. As I walked past the examination table in the middle of the room, I saw that Doctor Cole was preparing for the rest of my exam. She was putting fresh paper on the table and seemed to be organizing her instruments.

“OK Jim, we need a urine specimen from you,” said the nurse as she was putting on a fresh pair of exam gloves.

“You mean I have to do it right here in the open?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid so Jim,” she replied. “We are required to supervise the collection of all specimens.” I just looked at her in disbelief.

“But first I need to clean you to make sure the sample isn’t contaminated,” she added. She opened a package containing a small alcohol wipe and approached me. “Just stand still please.” She reached down and grabbed my penis with her left hand, encircling my shaft with her fingers and leaving just the tip exposed. She held the wipe in her right hand and gently cleansed the tip of my penis.

“There you go, you’re all ready now,” she said as she released her grip on my young manhood. She handed me a clear plastic cup and backed up a couple of steps. But she was still facing me.

I took the cup and positioned myself over the toilet. I held the cup in my left hand and my penis in my right. I stood there for a minute or so. Nothing happened, nothing at all. Finally I felt the urge to pee. I started my stream into the toilet and then filled the plastic cup. I’ve never had to pee in front of someone before. I felt very embarrassed knowing that she was standing right there watching me. When I was finished I handed the cup to the nurse.

“Here Jim, dry yourself off with this,” she said as she handed me a tissue. “When you’re done please have a seat on the exam table,” she added. I watched as she placed the cup on the counter and removed her gloves.

I took a seat on the edge of the exam table, placing my hands in my lap to cover my genitals. I’ve never been examined totally in the nude before. My regular doctor always gives me a gown to wear. I definitely felt very exposed sitting on the table without any covering at all.

“Open please, hold this under your tongue,” the nurse said. As I opened my mouth she stuck an electronic thermometer under my tongue. After just a few seconds it beeped and she removed it. “99.2” the nurse said, “Your temperature is slightly elevated, so we’ll check it again later.” Next she took my left hand in hers and recorded my pulse. After that she placed a cuff over my left arm to measure my blood pressure. She placed the stethoscope in her ears and then pressed the bell of the instrument on my arm. I felt the pressure build in my arm as she pumped up the blood pressure cuff. After about a minute she released the pressure and recorded the results.

“Normal blood pressure,” she said, “I think we’re ready for you now, doctor.”

Doctor Cole now approached me and began her examination. She started by looking in my ears, and then used the same instrument to look in my nose.

“Open please,” she ordered. I opened my mouth and she stuck a wooden tongue depressor in my mouth.

“Say ah,” she continued. “Once more” she said. I gave her my best ah sound.

“Lights off please nurse,” she ordered. The nurse flipped a wall switch and most of the overhead lights went out. “Look straight ahead” the doctor said. She then proceeded to shine a light in my right eye, then my left. “OK, lights please,” she said. The lights were once again turned on.

Satisfied that everything from my neck up was OK, Doctor Cole retrieved a small rubber hammer and proceeded to check my reflexes.

“Just relax your arms please,” she said.

She lifted and repositioned my arms so that each one rested on one of my upper thighs. In the process, my genitals were now uncovered again. I noticed that the nurse was now standing right next to the doctor. I felt very self-conscious knowing that both of them had such a close-up view of all of me, including my exposed genitals. Using her hammer, the doctor tested my left elbow and wrist. My hand jerking uncontrollably as she hit just the right spot. She repeated the same tests on my right arm. Next she used the hammer on my left knee, then my right. Each time my legs kicked as she expected. She now lifted my left leg and used the hammer on my ankle. Once again my leg jerked as if on command. She repeated the test on my right ankle. After the hammer was handed to Nurse Smith the doctor placed the stethoscope in her ears.

“Breathe deeply please,” she said as she pressed the bell of the instrument against my chest. I took a deep breath and then let it out. I could feel the cold metal of the stethoscope on my bare chest. “Again,” said the doctor. I took another breath while she moved the stethoscope to a different position. “Now take a deep breath and hold it” she commanded. This time I held my breath. “Again,” she said. “Now breathe normally,” she said as she repositioned the instrument on my chest. After a few seconds she moved to my side and placed the stethoscope on my back. “Take another deep breath and hold it,” she ordered. After a few seconds she repositioned it. “Again please,” she said.

The doctor now moved behind me, partially sitting on the exam table. She placed both of her hands around my neck and began to press firmly.

“Swallow please, I need to check your thyroid,” she said. I swallowed as she continued to firmly press around my neck. After releasing her grip on my neck she got off the table and moved back to my side. She lifted my right arm high above my head and plunged the fingers of her other hand deep into the area under my arm pit.

“I’m just checking your lymph nodes James,” she volunteered. She moved to the other side of the exam table and repeated the maneuver on my left arm pit.

“Go ahead and lie back James,” ordered Doctor Cole.

As I laid back she pulled out an extension at the foot of the table to support my feet. She used her stethoscope again on my chest, moving it from one location to another. She then began to palpate my abdomen, using the fingers of her right hand to lightly tap me. She did this in several places, each time tapping lower on my body.

“Raise your knees please,” she ordered. I raised both of my knees and she pressed deeply into my left side using both of her hands.

“Take a deep breath and hold it,” she ordered. I held my breath and then released it upon her command. She repeated the procedure on my other side.

I briefly looked up between my raised knees and made eye contact with Nurse Smith. She was standing just to the right of the doctor and seemed to be intently watching this part of my examination. I was fully exposed before her and with my knees up and slightly parted she could obviously see everything that I had between my legs. I noticed that her expression had changed. She now had a slight smile on her face as she was intently watching my examination.

“Go ahead and lower your knees please,” said the doctor. Now the stethoscope went back into the doctor’s ears as she pressed the instrument much lower on my abdomen. This time she pressed it against my groin area just above my crop of pubic hair.

“I’m just checking your pulses now, James,” the doctor explained. I felt the cold metal of the stethoscope just inches above my most private parts. After a few seconds, she finished my abdominal exam and placed her stethoscope on the counter behind me.

“Hop down for me James” said the doctor as she pushed the table extension back into the foot of the table.

As I got up from the table, I saw the doctor pulling on a pair of rubber gloves. Since she wanted me standing up, I had a pretty good idea what she was about to do to me. I’ve had sports physicals in the past and they always included a hernia exam.

“Just a quick hernia exam James, nothing to worry about,” said the doctor. I guess I must have looked scared since she sounded like she was trying to reassure me that the exam wouldn’t be too bad.

“Legs apart and hands at your side,” she ordered. As I moved my feet apart I felt the fingers of her gloved hand press deep into my right side in the area between my penis and balls.

“Turn your head and cough please,” she ordered. I turned my head to my left and let out one big cough. As I coughed she pressed even deeper, making it feel like she was trying to actually lift me up by my right ball. She released and repositioned her fingers to my left ball and repeated the procedure. I turned my head to the right and let out another big cough for her. As I turned my head I looked directly at Nurse Smith who was just a few feet away and still watching my exam. Her gaze was directed downward toward my genitals.

“Good, no hernias,” said the doctor. “You’ll be doing a lot of exercising during your stay here so that’s something we always watch out for. Now back up on the table please, and lie back.”

I climbed back up on the table, still nude and my groin still aching from the hernia exam. Even though it hurt and was embarrassing, I was glad that the hernia exam was over. I was also surprised, and relieved, that she didn’t do a more thorough exam. After all, she hardly touched my balls or penis. I’ve had more extensive genital exams from my pediatrician.

As I laid back, my feet dangled over the foot of the exam table. I was waiting for one of them to pull out the foot extension but they didn’t. Instead, the two of them simultaneously approached me, the doctor on my right and the nurse on my left. They each took hold of one of my hands and quickly fastened them to the table using nylon belts. I didn’t notice the belts before since they were concealed on each side of the exam table.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I shouted. As I spoke, they were pulling another nylon belt across my chest and fastening it to the other side of the table.

“Don’t worry Jim,” said the nurse, “we’re not going to hurt you. We’re required to restrain all patients for the next part of the exam. We’ve had a few incidents in the past and this is now the procedure we must follow.”

“But, what are you going to do to me? You don’t need to tie me down,” I pleaded. “I won’t cause any trouble.”

“I’m sorry Jim, we have to follow our standard protocol,” answered the nurse.

After my chest and arms were secured, the two of them moved down toward my legs. I tried to raise my head to see what they were doing but it was difficult because of my restraints. I heard the sound of metal sliding out of the exam table and to my horror I saw them raising a pair of leg supports from the foot of the table. After locking the supports in place, they lifted my left leg into place on the support and fastened it tightly to the support with another nylon belt. My leg was supported just at my knee, allowing everything below my knee to hang free. They repeated the procedure on my right leg.

“There you go,” said the doctor, “all ready for the next part of your processing.”

The supports were angled outward from the table causing my legs to be spread apart and my knees drawn up toward my chest. Let’s recap: I was totally nude laying flat on an exam table, my arms, chest and legs were bound tightly by restraints, and my legs were raised and spread apart. Oh, and my penis and balls were dangling between my legs, my butt cheeks were now stretched apart and my ass hole was prominently on display. This was not the best day of my young life.

“I’ll prepare the solution for him while you do the preliminaries,” said the doctor.

“Alright,” answered the nurse, “I should be ready for it in about 5 minutes.”

The doctor walked in the direction of the sink behind me and was now out of my line of sight. In the mean time, the nurse put on another pair of rubber gloves and approached me.

“Can’t you release me?” I pleaded, “I promise I won’t be any trouble.”

“Sorry Jim,” the nurse answered, “all of the boys have to go through this same procedure.” “But don’t worry,” she added, “If you cooperate I’ll do my best to make this as quick and painless for you as possible.”

I now watched as Nurse Smith took a glass thermometer, shook it twice, and then dipped it into a jar of clear lubricant.

“Your temperature was slightly elevated Jim, so I need to check it again,” she said. “Just relax please, this won’t hurt a bit.”

I immediately felt her spread my already-parted cheeks even further with one of her hands and insert the lubricated thermometer into my ass hole with the other. The thermometer didn’t hurt, but it felt cold and very slippery within me.

“We’ll just leave that in place for a few minutes so we get a good reading,” she said. At that moment I heard the sound of water running in the sink behind me. I assume it was the doctor preparing the “solution” for me that she mentioned earlier.

Next the nurse retrieved the cordless hair clippers that the doctor used earlier on my head and approached me with them.

“Now to finish the job we started earlier,” said the nurse. Give my current position, I quickly realized what she was about to do.

“No, you’re not going to trim me down there, are you?” I pleaded.

“Yes Jim,” she answered, “we like all of our boys to be completely trimmed. It’s much more hygienic in this kind of environment.”

She immediately went to work trimming my pubic hair. I couldn’t see what she was doing but I sure felt it. I felt the hair trimmer against my skin as she made her way around my pubic area. I then felt her lift my balls out of the way and trim around and below them. Next she took turns grasping each of my balls and carefully removing all of the hair from each one. Finally, she worked her way down even further and trimmed the hair surrounding my ass hole.

“There we go, all done,” she said. “You look much cleaner without your full bush of hair.”

After setting the hair trimmers aside, she took a wet wash cloth and carefully brushed away the remaining hair from my groin. The water on the cloth was slightly warm, and for a brief moment, it actually felt good.

“Let’s see if that thermometer is ready,” said the nurse. The next thing I felt was her removing the thermometer from my ass and reading it. “98.7” she said, “Good, that’s much better than we got orally.” As I watched, the nurse wiped down the thermometer with a tissue and then placed it in a container of alcohol.

“I think we’re ready doctor,” said the nurse.

“OK, you can go ahead and lubricate him,” I heard the doctor say from behind me.

Almost immediately, Nurse Smith smeared a generous amount of clear lubricant on her gloved right index finger.

“Just try to relax your muscles Jim,” she said as she approached me. “I’m just going to lubricate your anus so the nozzle will go in easier.”

Lubricate my anus? Nozzle? What were they going to do to me? I felt a slight pressure as her finger lightly pressed against my ass hole. After a brief second, she easily slipped deep inside of me and I instinctively let out a gasp of air.

“This procedure will be much more comfortable if you’re well lubricated,” she said as she twisted her finger in a circle inside of me.

All of this attention to my ass hole was affecting my penis. I could feel the first signs of an erection as the blood began to flow to that area of my body. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get fully hard, but I really didn’t have any control over what was happening. While the nurse’s finger was still inside of me, Doctor Cole reappeared. She was pushing a long metal pole that was on wheels. At the top of the pole was hung a clear bag that was filled with a clear fluid. A long black rubber hose was connected to the bottom of the bag. She positioned the pole next to my right leg. It was suddenly becoming clear exactly what was about to happen to me.

“Alright Jim,” said the nurse as she removed her finger from me. “I think you’re well lubricated now.”

After positioning the enema equipment, Doctor Cole turned and started to walk away.

“About 15 minutes?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, that should be about right. I’ll take care of Jim and you can catch up on all of that paperwork that’s piling up,” answered Nurse Smith.

With that, the doctor walked over to the desk and began rummaging through paperwork, seemingly unaware of what was about to happen to me on the exam table. As I watched, the nurse uncoiled the full length of the rubber hose from the stand.

“Have you ever had an enema before Jim,” asked the nurse.

“No way,” I quickly answered, “but I know what it’s for, and believe me, I don’t need it. I just took a big dump this morning before I left home.”

“Well,” continued the nurse, “That’s good, but it’s not quite that simple. We need to make sure you’re properly cleaned out so we can continue with your examination. And it’s the procedure that we have to follow with all new boys.”

As she continued talking to me she held up the metal nozzle at the end of the hose and began to thoroughly lubricate it. It looked like it was several inches long and tapered so that the end was thinner than the part that was connected to the hose.

“There,” she said as she held up the nozzle, admiring her work. “That looks like it’s good and slippery. I think we’re ready.”

“Now just try to relax Jim,” the nurse said.

The next thing I felt was her finger entering me again, followed by the cold steel of the nozzle sliding into me. As the nozzle slid in, her finger simultaneously slid out. I felt the nozzle being pushed deeper into me. I couldn’t see what was happening, but it felt like the entire metal nozzle was now completely buried in my ass. Satisfied that everything was correctly in place, Nurse Smith took a step toward the metal stand and reached for the valve at the bottom of the bag.

“Now, you’ll feel the fluid going into you when I release this Jim,” she said. “Just try to relax and it will all be over soon.”

As I watched, she opened the valve and I began to feel the solution rushing into me, filling my intestines with the warm fluid. I was still restrained, so all I could do was watch the bag empty of its solution, hoping that I would be able to hold all of it. As I felt the fluid entering me, I also felt my penis becoming harder. I strained to raise my head from the table and saw that I was indeed getting harder. I tried to think about something else and to take my mind off of it. But that was difficult to do given the position I was in at the moment.

For a brief moment, Nurse Smith walked out of my sight to the counter behind me. She reappeared with what looked like a black rubber plug in her hand. As the bag was still emptying into me, she held up the plug and applied a liberal amount of lubricant to its entire length.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“Well Jim,” she answered, “once the bag has emptied, you’ll need to hold that solution for about 10 minutes before elimination.” She continued: “Some boys are not able to hold it that long, so we now use this to help them.”

“So what is it?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“It’s an anal plug Jim. I’ll insert it after I remove the nozzle. It works just like a plug in a sink or bath tub,” the nurse answered. “It will keep you from leaking, you’ll see.”

As she continued to lubricate the plug, I saw that it was tapered at one end like the enema nozzle. But the wide end was much thicker, and the plug was much longer than the nozzle. Overall, I guessed that it was twice as wide and twice as long as the enema nozzle that was in me right now.

Putting down the plug, she turned her attention to the bag which was just almost empty. She reached up and squeezed the bag with both hands, forcing the last of the solution deep into me. As she did this, I felt a wave of pressure build up inside me as the last bit of fluid was forced into me. Satisfied that all of the solution was now delivered, she carefully removed the nozzle from my ass hole and hung the hose back on the metal stand.

She now retrieved the rubber plug that she lubricated and approached me. It was a similar drill as when she inserted the nozzle, but not exactly the same. This time I felt her finger enter me, quickly followed by a second finger. She then used both of her fingers to stretch the opening of my anal sphincter while she slowly slid the anal plug into me. Her fingers slipped out as she pushed the plug in to its full length. As she pushed it deep into me, I could feel how much wider and longer the plug was compared to the enema nozzle. I felt my ass hole actually being stretched by the larger diameter of the plug. And the end of the plug that was inside of me seemed to be pushing against me, probably making contact with my prostate, but I had no way to be sure of that. I felt a strange mix of humiliation, discomfort, some slight pain and cramping and more than anything else: stimulation. I looked up between my widely parted legs to see that I was now fully erect.

“Alright, Jim,” said Nurse Smith as she was removing her gloves, “you just need to hold that for about 10 minutes. Then I’ll let you eliminate.” As she turned back to face me, she obviously saw my erection.

“Well, it looks like someone is enjoying this part of the exam,” she said with a smile. I didn’t say anything in response. “Don’t worry about it Jim,” she continued, “That happens to a lot of the boys that we see, it just proves that you’re normal.” Nurse Smith picked up my folder and made a note in it before looking at her watch.

“I’ll be back in just a few minutes to check on you,” she said as she walked toward the door, unlocked it with her key and stepped out of the room. I heard the door lock being locked once again.

There was no clock in the room and I certainly wasn’t wearing a watch. All I could do was to stare at the ceiling and moan in discomfort as my intestines churned with solution. I felt periodic waves of severe cramping that would then subside, only to return again a minute or so later.

For the first time, I was acutely aware of the camera that was directly above me. I noticed it when I first came into the room, but now I was directly under it, nude, restrained, and nothing to hide with my legs spread wide for the entire world to see. I wondered who was on the other side of the camera. Who was watching me lay there in pain? I wondered if they could zoom in on various body parts, perhaps my erect cock or even my ass hole. Were they male or female? All of these thoughts rushed through my head as I waited helplessly.

I occasionally heard some papers being shuffled at the desk to my right. Since the desk was to my right and slightly behind me, I couldn’t actually turn to see who was making the sounds, but I assumed it was still Doctor Cole catching up on her paperwork.

Just then I heard a key unlock the door as Nurse Smith entered and approached me.

“How are you feeling Jim?” she asked.

“It’s really cramping badly,” I answered.

“Well, that’s to be expected,” she said. “You have just a few more minutes to wait.”

She started to loosen the belts that were holding my legs to the support beams. She lifted my left leg off of the support and carefully placed the heel of my foot on the edge of the table. She repeated the process with my right leg and then rotated the supports out of the way.

“Just keep your legs parted until I remove the anal plug,” she commanded. I watched as she pulled a rubber glove onto just her left hand.

“I see that the excitement has ended for you,” she said, noting that my erection had now subsided. I didn’t answer her. Another minute passed before she spoke again.

“OK Jim, I’m going to remove the rest of your restraints now, but I need you to stay exactly where you are until I remove the plug. Understand?” she said.

I nodded in agreement as she loosened the restraints around my arms and across my chest. With her gloved left hand, she reached between my legs and grasped the butt plug. She used one quick movement to slide the plug out of me.

“Alright” she said as she helped me get down from the exam table, “head over to the toilet and void all of that fluid.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. My legs were weak from being held in that position for so long, but I managed to get to the toilet in time. As soon as I sat down, my bowels immediately opened up and the first wave of fluid was eliminated.

“Make sure you eliminate all of it,” said Nurse Smith as she walked toward me. “Here, you can clean yourself up with this when you’re finished” she said as she handed me a small box of moistened wipes.

I sat on the toilet for a few more minutes, purging my body of the fluid. Nurse Smith was standing a few feet away with her arms folded across her chest. She was just standing there watching me and not saying anything. At that moment, I didn’t care that I was sitting naked on the toilet in full view of this woman. I was just glad to be rid of the fluid. When it finally felt like all of the fluid was gone, I used a couple of the wet wipes to clean myself.

“All done?” she asked.

“I guess so,” I answered.

“Alright then, let’s have you back up on the table,” she ordered. Reluctantly I got up and walked back to the exam table. I was hoping that the enema was the final part of my exam, but it didn’t look like that was the case.

“Hop on up here,” the nurse said as she patted the top of the exam table, “on your back again.”

I climbed back up on the table and immediately laid down on my back.

“Now, I know you’re not going to like this Jim, but we do have to restrain you once again,” she said as she fastened my left arm to the table.

“You really don’t need to do this, I promise I won’t cause any problems for you,” I protested.

“I truly believe that you won’t Jim,” she answered, “but it is the standard protocol that we have to follow. I’m sure you understand that we’re just doing what we have to do.”

She continued binding my right arm and fastening the belt across my chest. I didn’t try to fight her since I knew that resistance was futile. After repositioning the leg supports, she lifted my legs back into position and fastened them to the supports. I was back in the same position again with my genitals and ass hole prominently on display.

“We’re just about ready doctor,” said the nurse.

I heard the doctor get up from her desk and approach the exam table. As she did, Nurse Smith put on a fresh pair of rubber exam gloves and proceeded to clean my ass with a wet wipe. Apparently, I didn’t do a good enough job cleaning myself.

“Alright James,” said Doctor Cole as she approached me, “are you all cleaned out now?” I didn’t answer her. She also put on a pair of exam gloves. Since I was spread wide for the world to see and they were putting on gloves, I figured that whatever they were about to do, it was going to be done below my waist!

“Alright then,” said the doctor, “let’s do a proper genital exam on you.”

As she was speaking, she grabbed my flaccid penis with her right hand. She began by lifting it up and visually examining it from all sides. Her left hand now joined the party as she began to squeeze, stretch and palpate it. During this intimate exam, Nurse Smith was standing right next to the doctor watching.

“My, you do look much cleaner without all of that bushy hair,” the doctor commented. I didn’t respond to her comment, but I saw that the nurse grinned widely when she heard the comment.

For some reason she decided that right now, when she was examining my manhood — this was the right time to carry on a casual conversation with me.

“Are you sexually active James?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, ah, I mean no,” I answered.

“Well, which is it? Are you currently sexually active?” she asked.

“No” I answered.

“But, you have had sex before?” she asked.

“Yeah, a few times last year.” I answered.

She continued her questioning: “Was that with a girl or a boy?”

“A girl, of course,” I answered, “I’m not gay!”

“Don’t get upset James. I’m not here to make any judgments. I’m merely trying to get your sexual history for our records.” It was then that I noticed that Nurse Smith was busy making notes in my chart. “I’m sure that some percentage of the boys that we see are actually gay” she added.

As the doctor was talking she squeezed the head of my penis and took a look at the opening. That was apparently the cue for Nurse Smith to hand the doctor some type of swab on a long stick. It looked like an extra long Q-tip.

“You might feel a little discomfort James,” said the doctor, “I just need to do a quick urethral swab.”

Before I could let out a big “ouch”, I felt her jamming the stick into my dick head, swirling it around and then removing it.

“There, that wasn’t so bad,” she said as she handed it to the nurse. Yeah, not bad for you, I thought to myself, you didn’t just have someone shove a stick up your dick.

Satisfied that she had groped my penis enough, she turned her attention to my testicles. She began by grabbing both of them at the same time, one in each hand. She squeezed and rolled them between her fingers. But apparently my penis was in the way.

“Nurse, can you hold his penis out of the way?” she ordered. Nurse Smith quickly obeyed and held my penis up and away from my balls.

The doctor then began a similar examination on each testicle, this time using both hands to roll and squeeze a single testicle between her fingers. Throughout the exam, the doctor continued her inquiry into my sexual history.

“What kind of sexual activity did you engage in James?” she asked.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean,” I answered.

“Did you have vaginal intercourse with this girl or was it something else?” she asked.

“Oh, I understand,” I replied. “Yeah, we had intercourse a couple of times.”

“What about oral sex?” she asked.

“Well yeah, that too, she also gave me some blow jobs,” I answered.

After a few minutes, the doctor finished with my genital exam and Nurse Smith released my penis. But I got the feeling that they weren’t quite done with me yet. Doctor Cole began to apply lubricant to the index finger of her right hand.

“Now just try to relax James,” she said as she approached me.

I felt the pressure from her index finger on my ass hole before it slipped into me. I instinctively let out a gasp of air. She twisted her finger inside of me, just as Nurse Smith had done earlier. But Doctor Cole was much more forceful, pressing much harder and deeper into me. As she twisted her finger inside of me, I felt the beginnings of an erection once again. She decided to continue her conversation with me – this time while her finger was buried deep inside my ass.

“Have you ever engaged in anal sex James?” she asked.

“No way,” I quickly answered, “I would never do that.”

“I understand,” she said, “but have you ever tried putting something up here?”

“Um, no, but my girlfriend did stick her fingers up my ass once while we were fooling around.” I responded.

“I see,” answered the doctor, “and did you enjoy that?”

“I guess so, I mean it made me harder,” I answered.

The doctor continued: “Well James, one thing that you need to remember is that it’s all just boys here at this facility. And while most of them are like you and they like girls, some of them may also feel the urge to do things with other boys.” I wasn’t sure why she was telling me all of this, other than to scare me.

As the doctor was talking, Nurse Smith looked up at my face and discerned that the meaning of this conversation wasn’t yet registering with me.

Nurse Smith tried to explain it to me: “Jim, what Doctor Cole is saying is that officially, there’s no sexual contact allowed at this facility at all.”

“Yeah, I figured that,” I said.

“Yes,” continued the nurse, “but we also realize that boys will be boys and that they sometimes need a sexual release.” Suddenly, I was beginning to understand what they were trying to tell me. Nurse Smith continued: “That’s especially true in an environment like this where the boys are living in close contact with each other, wearing minimal clothing, exercising together, showering together and so on.” She continued: “So, while we don’t condone it, we know that some sexual activity does occur between the boys.” The nurse paused for just a moment and smiled as she looked at me. “Don’t be surprised by it,” she continued. “And most importantly, you should never feel like you’re being forced to do something that you don’t want to do.”

As the nurse was talking, Doctor Cole finally removed her finger from my ass. It was now her turn to contribute to my lecture. “And James,” she said, “the most important thing to remember is to always use a condom and plenty of lubricant, for you and your partner – that is, if you decide to do anything. A supply of them should be available from your counselor.”

Doctor Cole removed her soiled gloves and immediately replaced them with a fresh pair. I was expecting one of them to wipe the lubricant off of my ass but neither of them did.

“You’re almost done James,” said the doctor, “the only thing we lack from you is a semen sample. Our insurance requires it in case you’re injured during your stay with us.” Thoughts of me jacking off in front of these two women flashed into my mind.

“No way. You can’t make me do that in front of you,” I protested.

“Oh my, no,” answered the doctor, “we’re not allowed to make you do that. We follow a very strict procedure for obtaining the sample.”

As the doctor was talking, Nurse Smith handed her a sealed condom package. The doctor held it up while she continue talking: “You see, we’re going to place this condom on your penis in order to catch the sample. And then we’ll stimulate you until you ejaculate. We’ll take care of everything, you just need to relax. Most of the boys actually seem to enjoy it.” It sounded embarrassing enough, but hey, I had been naked and on display for the better part of the last hour, so I figured that if they wanted to give me a hand job, that was OK by me.

“What size dildo would you like me to prepare doctor?” asked the nurse.

Dildo? Did she say dildo? Doesn’t that go up your ass, I thought to myself?

“Well, was he aroused at all when you were administering the enema?” the doctor asked.

“Yes,” answered Nurse Smith, “he was semi-hard after I inserted the nozzle and then became fully erect as I was inserting the anal plug.”

“And did you have any trouble inserting the plug all the way?” asked the doctor.

“Well, it was tight, but I was able to insert it completely. I used the medium size plug,” answered Nurse Smith.

“Oh, then I think he can handle either the medium or large size dildo,” said the doctor, “We want to make sure he receives enough stimulation. I don’t think the small size would be enough for him.”

As the nurse left to presumably retrieve the dildo, Doctor Cole opened the condom package and prepared to place it on my flaccid penis.

“We need to get you just a little bit hard to start off, otherwise the condom will just fall off,” she said. As she was speaking, she grabbed the shaft of my penis and stretched if a few times. She then gave me a couple of good strokes with her hand. “There we go, that’s much better,” she said as she rolled the condom on my now semi-erect penis. As Doctor Cole was finishing with my penis, Nurse Smith arrived with the dildo.

“I decided to prepare the medium size,” she said.

She had already placed a condom on it which covered almost its entire length. I don’t know exactly how big it was, but it looked huge. It must have been at least 10 inches long and looked very thick. It was flesh colored and it looked like it was made of some kind of hard rubber. It wasn’t just a smooth cylinder. It was somewhat anatomically correct and had a wider head at the top. It was definitely phallic in appearance.

When I saw it, I immediately protested: “I said I’m not gay and I don’t want something that looks like some guys cock going into me!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way James,” said the doctor, “but this is what we use because it seems to work best.”

“That’s right” said the nurse as she was applying lubricant to the dildo. “Previously we used a much more dignified looking medical instrument that wasn’t as anatomically correct. But we found that most boys seem to receive much greater stimulation when we use something that is more realistic and feels like a real erect penis. And we get a much better sample when the boy is sufficiently stimulated.”

“But, you can’t use that on me, it’s just not right!” I protested again.

“Sorry James,” said the doctor, “but for the next 90 days, we determine what’s right and wrong. You really don’t have a say in the matter. Now just relax so we can get on with the procedure.” As the doctor was speaking, the nurse looked at me and smiled. When the dildo was fully lubricated, the nurse handed it to the doctor.

“You’ll feel some pressure and stretching at first James,” said the doctor, “but then it should start to feel good – otherwise we’ll never get our sample.”

As she spoke, I felt the tip of the dildo pressing against my ass hole. It felt cold and very slippery from all of the lubricant that the nurse applied. I felt more pressure as it started to enter me, stretching my anal sphincter wider as it was pushed deeper into me. The doctor went very slowly, pushing it into me with a methodical and steady pace.

“There, all the way in,” she said, “are you OK James?”

I nodded in agreement. I wasn’t in any pain, but it didn’t exactly feel good. But I was still semi-hard and getting harder with each passing moment.

“Alright then,” said the doctor, “just relax and try to enjoy this James.”

As she spoke, she pulled the dildo out of me, not all the way out but almost. Then she pushed it back in, more rapidly than before. She repeated this motion several more times, steadily increasing the speed with each stroke.

“Now Jim, try not to ejaculate immediately,” said the nurse, “we need you to build up a bit before you let go, so we get a good sample.”

As she spoke, I felt the nurses hand on my balls. She was holding them and began to squeeze and fondle them. I guess she was trying to increase the stimulation. And it was working. The doctor continued to pump the dildo in and out of me, steadily increasing the speed and intensity of each thrust. All of the stimulation was directed at my ass hole and my balls, which were now being held and fondled by the nurse. I was just aching to grab my hard cock and stroke it, but I couldn’t. My hands were still tightly strapped to the table. I was suddenly aware of the sounds that I was making. I heard myself moaning in pleasure and also gasping for air as the doctor continued to thrust the dildo into me. The nurse was still fondling my balls, she was now pulling her finger between them, separating them. It felt really, really good. But now I felt her other hand grab the base of my cock, wrapping her fingers tightly around it. Finally, this is what I’ve been aching for. She was wearing a glove and I could feel that it was lightly lubricated. She didn’t stroke me, she just kept her fingers tightly wrapped around me.

I closed my eyes. I was getting close, very close. My balls started to tighten and pull up closer to my body. My cock felt like it was as hard as I had ever been.

“He’s almost there doctor,” I heard the nurse say.

“Very good,” answered the doctor, “go ahead and ejaculate James, whenever you’re ready.”

The nurse now began to stroke me. Her strokes were synchronized with the thrusts from the dildo. Just a few more strokes and I couldn’t take much more. I arched my back, I close my eyes, I let out a rebel yell, and I let loose and finally came. Wave upon wave was shot into the waiting condom. The doctor picked up the pace and intensity even more, thrusting the dildo even further into me than before. The nurse squeezed my balls with much more force as she switched to a slow and deliberate stroking motion. Her strokes started at the base of my cock and slowly made their way up my entire shaft. She was milking me and she wanted to get every last drop of my cum.

I felt the nurse release her grip on my cock and balls as the doctor slid the dildo out from my ass. Quickly, before I lost my erection, the nurse removed the condom, bending my penis downward slightly to avoid spilling the contents. She took the full condom to the counter behind the exam table to presumably save my sample. At the same time, the doctor was removing the condom from the dildo and placing it on the counter, presumably to be cleaned before it was used again on the next boy.

“I’ll finish processing his sample while you get him cleaned up,” said the doctor.

“Sure thing,” answered the nurse.

The nurse approached me with a container of moistened wipes and began to clean the excess lubricant from my ass. Once she was satisfied that I was clean, she retrieved a fresh wipe and turned her attention to my penis. She gently grabbed my shaft with her left hand and proceeded to clean it with her right. She wiped the excess cum from my penis and also cleaned the entire area around my balls and lower abdomen.

“Alright Jim,” said the nurse, “that should just about do it for you.”

As she was speaking, she loosened the restraints holding my legs, then the ones around my arms and chest. She walked back to the end of the table to lift my legs out of the leg supports and place my feet flat on the table. Next, she lowered the metal leg supports, placing them back into their hiding place at the end of the table.

“Here, let me help you sit up, Jim,” she said as she held out her hand.

I was now sitting on the edge of the exam table, still totally nude, but at least I was free of the restraints. And it seemed that they were finally done with my examination.

“I’ll ring his DI to let them know that he’ll be there in a few minutes,” said the doctor. I watched as she walked over to the desk and picked up the phone.

“I’ll be escorting you to your drill instructor next, Jim,” said the nurse. “Before we go, do you need to use the bathroom at all? You might not get another chance for awhile.”

“No, I’m OK,” I replied.

“Good, then let’s get you something to wear,” she said. “Come over here with me.”

I got up from the exam table and followed the nurse to the far side of the room where they had another counter and several closed cabinets. The nurse had the folder with my medical records in her hand.

“Let’s see what size you need,” she said as she checked the measurements that she had earlier recorded on my chart. “Looks like you’re a medium,” she said as she opened one of the cabinets. “Here you go, put this on,” she said as she handed me a clean white jockstrap, size medium.

“But, it’s just a jockstrap,” I said, stating the obvious.

“Yes, that’s right,” she answered, “I’m afraid this is the only type of underwear that you’ll be wearing throughout your stay here. It’s what all of the boys are required to wear.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I protested.

“Well, just remember that this is a boot camp and they will be working you pretty hard. So you may not like it, but it actually makes a little bit of sense,” she answered.

“But it’s not much good as underwear. It doesn’t even cover you in back,” I complained.

“Yes, but it does provide the support that you boys need,” she continued. “You need to go ahead and put it on now.”

I reluctantly bent over to step into the legs of the jockstrap. While doing so, I noticed that the doctor was finished with her phone call and was now approaching us. She had another folder of papers in her hand. The doctor and the nurse were both now standing just a few feet away from me, watching my every move as I put on the jockstrap. I reached down to pull the jock up to my waist, covering my penis and balls with the clingy mesh pouch. As I pulled the jockstrap up snugly, I felt the rear straps snap against my bare ass. Once everything was pulled up to my waist, I reached into the front of the pouch and adjusted myself, pointing my penis downward as I always did when I wore a jockstrap. The doctor and nurse both nodded in approval as they looked at me.

“That seems to fit you well,” said the nurse, “It’s the right size and looks very masculine on you. You have a good looking body, Jim and you shouldn’t be ashamed to show it off.”

“Your drill instructor is waiting for you, Jim,” said the doctor as she exchanged folders with the nurse.

“You can escort him when you’re ready,” she said to the nurse.

“We’re ready now doctor,” she answered.

“Good,” said the doctor turning to address me, “I hope you have a safe stay with us James. Please take care of yourself.”

“Thank you ma’am,” I politely replied.

“Alright then, let’s go Jim, your DI is waiting,” said the nurse as she walked toward the door.

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something,” I said, “I’ve got underwear, but I’m not finished dressing yet.”

“Actually you are Jim,” answered the nurse. “You see, that’s all you’re allowed to wear for now, just the jockstrap. Additional clothing is something that can be earned for good behavior, but for now, this is it.”

“No way,” I protested, “this is all I’m allowed to wear?”

“For now, yes,” she answered. “All the boys start this way. Most quickly earn additional clothing, but a few stubborn boys never do.”

“So I really have to walk around like this, with everyone seeing my bare ass?” I asked.

“That’s right,” she answered. “And I can assure you that you’ll be doing a lot more than just walking around in your jockstrap. So I suggest that you just accept the situation, because you really have no choice in the matter. And let me give you just a word of advice Jim. I know you’re upset and I really don’t mind you questioning me like this. But I suggest that you mind your manners with your DI. They won’t stand for any back talk from you. And there are punishments for things like that. Do you understood what I’m saying?”

“Yes, I understand,” I answered.

With that, Nurse Smith unlocked the door and opened it, motioning for me to enter the hallway.

“Oh, don’t forget your shoes Jim,” she said pointing to my shoes that were placed by the door earlier. “You will need those.”

“What about socks?” I asked.

“You’ll get those from your DI” she replied. “Now let’s move along.”

She entered the hallway behind me and then locked the door to the exam room behind her.

“Right this way,” she said pointing down the hallway.

We started down the hallway, continuing in the same direction as before, moving further away from the waiting room where this ordeal started. I followed a few feet behind her as we made our way down the hallway past a few unmarked doors. I noticed more cameras mounted at strategic points near the ceiling and suddenly felt very self-conscience due to my lack of clothing. It was one thing to be undressed in the confines of an examination room where a doctor and nurse were examining me. That felt embarrassing, but somewhat normal. This, on the other hand, felt really, really wrong. I was walking down a hallway wearing only a jockstrap! I’ve never done that before. What if someone saw me? What if someone was watching me right now on those cameras? I felt very exposed and vulnerable.

We came to a locked door at the end of the hallway. This time Nurse Smith used a magnetic key card to unlock the door instead of her metal keys.

“Right this way Jim,” she said as she stepped through the door. I followed her through the doorway, letting the door close and automatically lock behind us. We were now in another hallway, unmistakable from the first one with more cameras mounted at the ceiling and more unmarked doors. We finally arrived at a door that did have a label: Physical Training Gymnasium #2. Nurse Smith once again used her key card to gain access to this room.

“We’ve finally arrived, Jim,” she said, holding the door open for me, “go on in.” I walked through the doorway and followed by the nurse. As we entered, I heard the door close and lock behind us.

As the label on the door implied, this was a gymnasium. It wasn’t nearly as large as the gym at my high school, but it was a decent size. But it was very different. Most of the gyms that I’ve seen were designed for basketball or some other game. This one clearly wasn’t. There wasn’t a basketball goal in sight. And the floor was covered in some kind of carpeting instead of a hard wood floor that you typically see. This gym clearly wasn’t designed for fun and games. The wall immediately to my right had several small rooms that looked like coaches offices. Immediately in front of those rooms was a large open area. Next to that was the outside edge of a running track that was painted on the floor. The track formed a boundary around the perimeter of the entire gym. In the middle of the gym floor were various machines and apparatus. Some of them looked like weight lifting equipment, some of them were completely unknown to me. The gym had a high ceiling with a few open windows for ventilation near the top. I also counted 4 cameras mounted near the ceiling, one at each corner of the rectangular gym.

I also immediately noticed that we weren’t alone in the gym. I saw a total of 4 other people. Two adult men along with two other boys that were roughly my age or maybe a bit older. The men were dressed like coaches, one had on a T-shirt and coach’s shorts while the other one was wearing a track suit. I assumed that these men were the drill instructors that were assigned to the two boys. Like me, the two boys were wearing jockstraps and nothing else, except they did have on shoes and socks. They were both exercising. One was running laps around the track while the other was in the middle of the room doing push-ups. Both of them were being closely observed by the two men.

“Right this way Jim, follow me,” the nurse ordered.

We walked toward the group of rooms to the right, presumably to find my drill instructor. We stopped just outside one of the rooms when we heard a voice.

“Mr. Johnson, you’re finally here,” we heard from the room.

I watched through the doorway of the room as my drill instructor approached us. My DI was very different. Unlike the other two drill instructors, my DI was female. And right now, I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

“Oh, hello Kimberly,” said the nurse, “I didn’t realize that you were assigned to Jim. I just assumed that Dave would get the next boy.”

“Hello Angela,” responded the DI. “Dave and I swapped a few of the boys that were on the schedule. That’s how I ended up with Mr. Johnson here.”

“I see, well, here are his papers,” said the nurse as she handed my folder to the DI. “Take good care of Jim,” she added.

“Oh, I will,” responded the DI, “I take really good care of all of my boys.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that,” laughed Nurse Smith.

Nurse Smith now addressed me: “Take care of yourself Jim and stay out of trouble. I’ll see you again for your exit exam, if not sooner.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I responded.

Nurse Smith now turned and left the gym, leaving me in the capable hands of my DI.

“Follow me Mr. Johnson,” she said as she walked toward the far end of the gym. I followed a few steps behind her. As I followed her, I notified for the first time that she was carrying what I guessed was a riding crop. It was a long flexible wooden stick with a leather patch on one end.

“Put your shoes down, stand here at attention, arms at your side,” she barked.

I quickly obeyed and stood in front of her while she silently read the papers in my folder. Since I was facing the middle of the gym, I had a good view of the other boys. Here at the corner of the gym, the boy that was running laps passed close enough for me to see his face. It looked like the boy that was taken back from the waiting room about an hour before me. I didn’t recognize him when I first entered the gym, probably because he was fully clothed before, and now he obviously wasn’t. That meant that he has been working out like this for over an hour. And from the look of him, it was obviously a strenuous workout. As he passed by with each lap I could see that his body was wet with sweat. I noticed that the other boy looked like the one that was admitted just before him. It was beginning to look like I had several hours of strenuous exercise ahead of me.

I also had time to look at my drill instructor. She was not much taller than me, and had short, light brown hair. She was wearing what looked like tight-fitting spandex shorts, blue in color, similar to bicycle shorts, and a white sports bra. Her mid-section was bare, and I could see that she had a nice firm set of abs. It looked like she was very fit and worked out all the time.

“Alright Mr. Johnson, can I call you Jim?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered.

“I am Drill Instructor Kimberly Wright, but you will always address me as ma’am, is that clear?” she barked.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes, what?” she barked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

“Much better Jim” she said. “Now, as you might have already guessed, you will be exercising a lot while you’re here with us, probably more than you have ever done in your life. And my job is simple. I’m supposed to push you until you can’t take any more, and then push you some more. Do you understand Jim?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied.

“The reason we push you boys so hard is so that you won’t have the energy to get into any new trouble. And also because this isn’t supposed to be fun and games. You are being punished for the wrongs that you have committed. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

As she was speaking, I noticed that the boy that was doing push-ups in the middle of the gym finished. He and his DI approached us in the corner of the gym, interrupting our conversation.

My drill instructor now addressed the other boys DI: “What does Kevin think of our little facility so far?”

“Answer her,” the DI he ordered the boy.

“It’s fine, ma’am,” said the boy.

The boy was obviously exhausted from his 2+ hours of working out. His face and body was red and flushed, his body was dripping in sweat and his jockstrap was soaking wet and clinging to his muscular body. As the boy was standing in front of us, his DI retrieved a towel and handed it to him.

“Dry yourself off Kevin,” he said. Kevin immediately used the towel to wipe the sweat from his head and body. His DI continued: “Yes, I think Kevin enjoyed this little warm-up. Now it’s time for his first supervised shower. After all, I need to make sure he gets squeaky clean.”

“Alright,” said Kimberly, “See you later, and you boys have fun.”

As I watched, Kevin and his DI turned and walked in the direction of another door at the opposite end of the gym, not the door where I entered. Kevin was still wearing only a jockstrap which meant that his bare ass was fully on display as he walked away. For a brief moment, I felt sorry for him. How embarrassed he must be to walk around like that. And then I remembered that I was in exactly the same situation, or worse, since my DI was female.

“Alright, where were we?” said Kimberly. “Let’s start by taking a good look at you. Feet apart and hands behind your head, right now,” she ordered.

I immediately complied with her order, spreading my feet shoulder-width apart and raising my hands up behind my head.

“Eyes straight ahead,” she added. “Let’s see what I have to work with.”

Once I was in position she started to walk around me, carrying her riding crop. She looked me over from head to toe and reviewed my body from every angle.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” she said. “You’re obviously in good shape. But after I’m through with you, you’ll look even better.” She moved behind me now.

“My, you have a nice tight ass Jim,” she said. “Has anyone ever told you that before?”

“Ah, no ma’am,” I answered.

“What, not even your girl friend?”

“No ma’am,” I responded.

“Well, trust me Jim, I’ve seen a lot of young boys and it’s very nice.” I didn’t respond.

“But now I want to see everything. Bend over and touch the floor,” she ordered.


“You heard me, touch the floor now, and grab your ankles,” she barked.

Reluctantly, I lowered my hands and bent over for her.

“That’s better. Very nice,” she said as she was still standing behind me. “I hear that the good doctor and nurse give you boys a pretty good workout of their own. Is that right Jim?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

“I’m sure they enjoyed working on you,” she added. I was still bent over touching the floor when she walked back in front of me.

“Now stand up,” she ordered, “and strip!”


“You heard me. Strip! My boys don’t keep any secrets from me.”

Out of pure reflex, I started to argue with her: “But, why…”

“Are you questioning my orders?” she barked, cutting me off in mid sentence.

“No, ma’am” I answered.

As she watched, I stood up straight and grabbed the waistband of my jock, pulling it to the floor in one swift motion. I stepped out of it and instinctively put my hands in front of me to cover myself up.

“Feet apart and hands behind your head, now,” she ordered.

I once again assumed the position before her, this time completely nude. She stood in front of me, staring down at my genitals.

“Very nice Jim, I’m sure you keep your girl friend very satisfied,” she said. “Or are you one of those boys that prefer a boy friend?”

“Girl friend, ma’am,” I quickly answered.

As she was speaking, she took the riding crop in her right hand and extended it toward me. I felt the end of the riding crop under my balls. She was lifting them up with it, fondling me from arms length away.

“I do so love the way the good doctor and nurse trim you boys. It really accentuates your best features,” she said. “Don’t you agree, Jim?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

“Tell me, Jim, did you enjoy your physical exam?” she asked, still fondling my balls with the riding crop.

“No, ma’am – not really,” I answered.

“Well, that’s too bad, I thought most of the boys actually enjoy certain parts of it. You know the parts I’m talking about, right Jim?” Kimberly asked.

“No, ma’am, I’m not sure,” I answered.

“Well, you don’t have to be coy with me Jim. I know exactly what they do to you boys during your entrance physical. I’m sorry that I missed yours. I usually like to watch when they examine one of my boys. I may have to find the video tape of your exam and watch it later when I’m alone.”

As I was standing before her, I noticed that the other boy finished running laps. His DI called him into the center of the gym and he was now on the floor doing sit-ups.

“That’s enough of the pleasantries,” Kimberly said, “it’s time to start your training. Drop and give me 20 push-ups, now,” she ordered.

“Like this?” I asked. “Can I put my jockstrap back on first?”

“I said now!” she barked in response.

Still nude, I knelt down at her feet and started to do push-ups.

“I can’t hear you Jim. Count them out and start over.”

I started over again at one, this time loudly proclaiming each repetition. She hovered over me as I did them, watching my every move.

“See, you’re doing just fine, Jim. There’s no need for a jockstrap right now. Remember, I determine what you can wear and when you can wear it!”

After a minute or so, I finished the push-ups.

“Good, now on your back for some sit-ups. Knees bent, hands behind your head,” she ordered. I rolled onto my back and got into position.

“Let’s start with 50. Count them out, and you better make them good,” she said.

I started the sit-ups, counting loudly as I completed each one. As I began, she moved directly in front of me and took a position standing between my parted legs. My knees were bent, my feet were spread apart and I was still nude. So I assumed that she was enjoying a great view of my genitals.

As I continued to do the sit-ups she addressed me. “You see Jim, You should know that I believe it is always important to enjoy your job. And I wouldn’t enjoy my job nearly as much if you were wearing a jockstrap right now. And personally, I enjoy watching every part of their body as my boys exercise. You’ve got some really nice low-hangers there, Jim. But don’t worry, I won’t let them get injured. This is just the warm-up. We’ll get them back safely in your jockstrap before you start the real workout.”

And so began my 90 days at the juvenile boot camp.

the end

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