The Body Sculptor 1

Bobby Joe was a strange sight working behind the counter at Mike’s body building supplies. She was pale, her body soft and round her clothes dark and Gothic. She liked the Gothic look; sometimes she would even wear Steampunk to work. Mike didn’t care; he had spotted her hanging out listening to her cheap mp3 player in front of the local gym almost every day pretending to read. She was very beautiful; he hired her because she obviously liked fit people and had quite a bit of free time. Mike reasoned that the customers would feel better about themselves if the shop staff liked to interact with them, looked attractive but also weren’t any competition in terms of muscle and fitness.

Bobby Joe chatted with the men and women builders, she had no trouble talking them into posing in an empty spot in front of the store window as they considered areas they could work on. She liked that they were almost all attention-seeking exhibitionists. The big mirror beside the empty window display was like a magnet for them. She wanted to pat and rub them as they lifted their clothes and flexed, …but never did.

Store video captured in high resolution the shop visitors and they often admired themselves on the monitor and large mirrors. The pay was bad but Bobby Joe *really* liked to look at the customers.

That morning a new cream was being displayed on the counter. Mike must have come in during the night to set it up. The “free trial” was selected by computer from the customer list. Mike’s regular customers got a free product with every large purchase.

Mike’s mother was a nurse and he loved biology and chemistry from an early age. He studied anatomy along side art and sculpture at Uni. He loved to create but couldn’t really find a field he wanted to work in.

Mike bought the old shop in Burwood and started in body building supplies with inheritance money. He had always liked the human form; especially muscles and he studied them both aesthetically and scientifically.

The first two customers of the day were a husband and wife, they had come in together and the computer had flagged them to receive a free sample of Body sculpture cream. “One coat after morning shower one day before competition.” Was all that was written in the way of instructions, but that seemed clear enough.

The day went on and nothing particularly eventful happened. Just the standard ebb and flow of over tanned under fed gym junkies. “A Job with a view” often thought Bobby.

The next day the couple came back in, very excited wanting to get more of the cream. “They looked better somehow, younger, stronger, no not younger, but more energetic.” thought Bobby Joe. “…and with more expression their faces.”

Bobby Joe explained that the product was just a promotion at this stage and took a note to inform them when it came in full volume. Mikes custom build software was easy to use, with customer profiles and email alerts automatically generated. Mike is quite the inventor:

Mike had developed that cream over some time… …After culturing up some bacteria, he extracted the tetanospasmin, dissolved it in bee’s wax and formed a gel mixed with aloe and GHRH. The cream soaked into wet skin as it dried forming a smooth barrier that shrunk as it lost moisture. The skin was protected and tightened at the same time. As the tetanospasmin slowly made it’s was through the thin layers of fat and into the blood it interrupted the neuromuscular release mechanism. The effect was two fold: The skin became tighter and smoother and the muscles, now unable to completely relax became much firmer and engorged with blood. The GHRG and the testosterone produced from the prolonged flexing promoted very rapid muscle growth. The testosterone also raised libido.

Mike had invented the ultimate body shaping cream, but he had no intentions of marketing his creation.

Bobby Joe liked muscles too. She didn’t mind exorcize, she walked to work everyday, she swam at the local pool several times a week. But like most things she did in her free time, they were mainly excuses to watch others. She rarely looked anyone in the eyes. Most mistook that for the shyness of a Gothgirl, but they were wrong. She was quite brazen in her voyeurism.

She really liked the body building shop, so many fit boys and girls all just a little too eager to show off “problem areas” abs, ass, thighs, they seem to have very little modesty.

At her request, Mike had imported some Tan-thru swimwear and competition posing costumes. She chose them all and it had increased the shop patronage by almost double. She recommended Mike set up an online sales section but he just rejected it without discussion. She was confused but didn’t mind making people come in, in-person.

In a lull, Bobby Joe was using the change room to check out her form. She often did this; she was happy with her look but didn’t have any drive to maintain the super lean bodies of her customers. Looking at herself was fun.

Bobby noticed through the big shop window the couple that had asked about the cream. They were in a phone booth together across the street.

The Woman was holding the phone to the side of her head — no where near her ear or mouth. The man, Bobby guessed husband, but hadn’t bothered to recheck the customer file was pressed against her from behind.

They seemed to be fighting for the phone. Bobby watched as the muscular man pressed his lady into the large grey payphone. There arms joined at the wrists as he wrestled both her arms behind her back. As they shifted inside the little glass box Bobby saw a glimpse of thigh from the very fit lady.

Her long skirt was lifted at the back… “OMG”, “They aren’t calling anyone, …maybe Jesus.” Realized Bobby.

They were having rough passionate sex, right across the street. The partially opaque doors on one side and the aluminum wall on the other shielded view to everyone walking up and down the path. But the totally clear glass walls gave full view to Bobby Joe across the street, and anyone driving who’d happen to look sideways.

Some people walked by and the muscular man threw his partner against the opposite wall and scrambled for the phone receiver. Her palms and breasts pressed into the glass. Bobby desperately wanted to get a picture. But was transfixed, unable to look away from these godlike bodies so publicly mashing their lust into each other.

In a fluid motion Bobby lifted her bag onto the counter with her foot and retrieved her Android phone. The delay in opening apps was usually a pain, but this was agony. The Woman in the phone booth was starting to tire and was now rhythmically pressing her nose, lips, palms, and whole chest into the glass wall of the booth facing Bobby.

Bobby Joe’s camera app opened and she zoomed in tight. The Man and woman in the booth had dropped all pretense of a telephone conversation and were moaning so load Bobby could actually here it: 30 meters away, through the booth, the glass front of the shop and across busy Burwood road. Just a few seconds more of this as the whole booth was flexing in time with these two, insane with passion.

Then in an instant, the glass went silver. And the two were gone from view. A half a second later and Bobby heard the ‘POP’ of the safety glass and the two inhabitants scream together in a primal way that had Bobby instantly wet. The scream was followed by the two moaning and then manic laughter.

A small crowd had gathered behind the booth and gave them a big clap as they scurried off. Bobby Joe was very aroused. She looked over at the Muscle and fitness magazines and thought about a quick relief session in the back stockroom. She had work to do… and though she would save this memory for later.

She went back to the desk terminal and ran Mike’s special customer profile sweep. It was a crawler, looking trough facebook, myspace, Alt, Bondage, collarme, and other “straight” social networks for Australian profiles that matched the email addresses, nicks, IMs and other details the customers gave.

Time permitting she had been instructed to look through the unmatched customer records and compare them with a second DOB only result list. All the customers had social sites, but almost all had kinky profiles as well. The software matched and showed their picture, their phone number was used as a customer reference and the software kept track of the things they bought, even the times and days they came in.

Bobby Joe had thought it was a little weird but Mike said it was public information and no laws were being broken. A thought that gave her comfort as she trolled through their dirty little secrets. And now she was looking at the profiles of the phonebooth couple.

End of part one

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