Doctor’s Anal Extraction

Not since childhood had I been so excited to open a new toy. After weeks of waiting it had arrived. I cursed myself for choosing standard delivery but was there really a reason to rush order anal beads?

They were glorious – and intimidating. The color was red and there were six beads of increasing size and girth with a handle at the end. It was far too long for my petite ass. I was setting a goal of three beads at the max.

I couldn’t stop myself from slipping off my dark denim jeans and out of my navy thong. I was going to need full access for this adventure. I fumbled through my bedroom drawer for the lube and my favorite vibrator. Success! I spread out a towel on the bed just in case. And then I got on my hands and knees and stared down at the vial of lube, the light purple vibrator and the red silicone anal beads.

The physics were baffling me. I took the lube and slowly dripped some of it at the top of my crack feeling it slide over my puckered ass and then drip down my pussy lips. I congratulated myself on thinking of the towel. I then reached behind to rub the cold lubricant over the outside of my asshole and even teased at my pussy lips. They were wet enough without the lube. I was so excited to try.

I used the lube again- this time spreading the shiny liquid over the first few balls of the anal beads. I reached behind with my coated finger and found my button and started to gently work the tip of my finger into my ass. I had often teased my ass by sliding my finger up to the knuckle while playing using my vibrator but never with as much determination as I did this afternoon. I did not stop until I was working the lube deep into my ass. My moans could not be contained any longer.

When I felt how easily my finger was able to slide in and out of my ass I decided the time was right. I quickly reached for the slicked beads and tried to get comfortable on all fours with one hand reaching behind to put the tiniest red bead at the entrance to my ass. With a tiny push I felt it enter and gasped. I pulled it gently and it came out with minimal effort. I repeated this several times, moaning at the sensation.

Soon I couldn’t resist and attempted to push the second bead past my tight asshole. It was only a slight resistance and then I had it inside. I decided not to stop there and started immediately on the third bead, larger still. When I felt it pass I could not keep myself from moving my hand to my pussy and rubbing my clit. I pulled lightly at the handle, feeling the pressure against my ass as my tight hole kept them locked inside of my body.

The position was frustrating though! I repositioned myself, propping up a pillow and still sitting on the towel. I rolled my hips to where I could have full access to my ass even in the sitting position. The last three anal beads were trailing out of my tight ass like a sexy tail.

I reached for the lube and smeared it across the last beads. Would it be possible to get these in my ass as well? Using one hand I turned the vibrator on and positioned it over my clit while using my free hand to tug and push on the anal beads using the handle. I found I was soon writhing in pleasure, enjoying the sensation in my ass. Without warning I was cumming hard, hips bucking against the vibrator and feeling my insides contract around the beads.

The new toy was worth the wait. Could I take more? Curiously, I tried the fourth bead and found the stretching feeling and subsequent tightening as it slid inside very arousing. I wasn’t sure if I could handle any more. I continued to toy with all of the beads inside, pulling it out and then pushing it back inside harder and harder. I worked up the courage for the fifth bead.

It was much larger and wider compared to the others although this toy was by no means extreme in size. I took a deep breath and moaned through the movement. I found it worked best if my body was relaxed and accepting of the movement. If my ass fought the invasion it would win because it was impossibly tight.

And there I was panting with almost the entire string of anal beads tucked away inside of my ass. I flipped back around to all fours and started fucking myself in the ass with the beads. I used the handle mercilessly driving the beads deeper and deeper. And then the final bead was pressed flush against my anus.

I have enough inside, I thought. I do not need to take all of them to enjoy this toy. But it was so close…I tried to relax but was too excited and failed several times to pass the threshold of my ass with the largest bead. I lay on my side and grabbed for my vibrator. I reached around and began to push the handle firmly and deliberately while massaging my clit with the vibrator.

When I felt my ass open and begin to accept the largest bead I was lost on a sea of sensation and immediately began cumming harder than before. My legs thrashed about and my clit throbbed from the impact. When my thoughts began to steady I realized that the last bead was inside. I had the entire toy embedded deep in my ass.

I was giddy from the thought and exhausted from my orgasm. I looked at the vibrator still in my hand. I could not let this opportunity pass me by. Still lying on my side, I lifted one leg and placed the vibrator against my dripping wet slit. I rubbed the eight inch instrument up and down, lubricating it in my own juices as well as what had dripped down from earlier, and began to push it into my pussy.

The largest bead stretching my ass caused my pussy entrance to become tighter than a vice. I strained my arm to force the vibrator into my pussy and once inside it quickly wanted to fly back out from the pressure of my inner walls. My hand holding the vibrator was the only thing to prevent its immediate evacuation from my pussy. I started to fuck myself, moaning as I felt my body tightening around the two toys. This had become a magical afternoon and I knew what it felt like, finally, to experience double penetration. I was excited to mention this new experience to my boyfriend in hopes he would agree to help me replace the toy dick with a real one this evening…

I knew I did not have time for another orgasm so I reached behind to hold the handle. Taking a deep breath I began to pull on the handle and quickly was moaning and felt my ass fighting against the sensation. I tried again with similar results.

I was trying to puzzle out a way to retrieve the toy from my ass. Was pulling it out the only way? Should I attempt to push it out like a bowel movement (oh please no)? Maybe I needed more lube?


“SHIT,” I cursed, jumping up from where I sat still wearing a white tank top but lacking any pants and a red silicon handle protruding from my ass. As I panicked, I felt my ass tightening in fear. I gave a nervous pull and found the beads unmoving. “Shit.”

I wrapped the towel from the bed around my waist and rushed to the door. There was no one there. A sad flier for Chinese food or pizza or some other service was hanging from the door knob.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” I said, half laughing and half exasperated. I went back to the bedroom, ditched the towel in the hamper, and put one leg up on the bed as I stood. I reached down and started to strain again with removing the beads.

Soon I was sweating. What if these aren’t going to come out, I wondered. That did not help me. The more I worried the tighter my ass seemed to get. The beads seemed to be slipping deeper and the lube was making my hand incredibly slippery while trying to manipulate the handle.



A telemarketer recording. I hung up infuriated, feeling strange walking around with the beads in my ass. I felt cold and sweaty. I was having a panic attack. I desperately felt for the handle and was shocked when I felt only the closed pucker of my asshole, slippery with lubricant.

Okay. Deep breaths. I got on the floor next to the floor length mirror and spread my ass. I looked back and studied the situation. The handle was gone. I could only see my tight button and my pussy still glistening and engorged. Part of me was enjoying this. The other part swallowed her pride, put on a loose skirt with no panties underneath, and got the car keys…

Luckily the nearest hospital was not too far. The drive was a blur as I fought my discomfort and growing sense of embarrassment to stay within the lines and obey the posted speed limits. I parked my car, adjusted my hastily donned skirt and tank top, and walked awkwardly into the Emergency Room entrance.

There were a few people sitting around but none of them seemed to be bleeding or screaming. I was a little disappointed that the ER was not as it appeared in movies. I rushed to the front desk where an attractive black woman with fake fingernails painted hot pink was wearing blue scrubs.

“Hello, I have an emergency,” I said.

“What is your emergency?” she asked. Her tone was polite but her eyes said she did not think I had a valid emergency.

“I need to see a doctor about a problem…a personal problem.”

“Ma’am, please fill out this form and return it to me when you are done. If your emergency is not life threatening your will need to wait your turn.”


I took the clipboard and walked awkwardly to a row of plastic blue chairs. On a normal day, I would complain of their un-ergonomic design; today I was in tears when the handle of the beads jammed further up my ass as I sat down. I attempted to find a comfortable position but it was impossible and continued to arouse me.

Tears stained the pages as I filled out the medical information. I stared for several minutes at the “Reason for Visit” line and finally chose, “Impacted Bowel.” It sounded medical and professional.

I returned the clipboard to Ms. Pink Nails who reviewed the information, took my driver’s license and insurance card, and then walked away without any hurry to her demeanor. I waited, tapping my sandaled foot, for her to return. She handed back my information. “The wait should not be long, ma’am.”

“Wait?! I am having an EMER-gency,” I stressed, adding emphasis. All this stress was causing my ass to constrict and I thought I could feel the handle slipping dangerously deeper into my ass. I learned close to whisper conspiratorially, “Please help me.”

“Ma’am I’m sure your (looking at the page) Impacted Bowel…can wait fifteen minutes.”

“It’s IMPACTED by a string of ANAL BEADS and they are slipping dangerously deeper EVERY TIME you piss me off…”

Was that understanding that shown in Ms. Pink Nails’ eyes? There was suddenly a flurry of movements, a phone call was made, a code barked, and the doors flew open and two female nurses (one fat, one skinny) came out to escort me to a room immediately.

“Remove your clothes, put on the gown, and we will be back in a moment to prep you.”

I don’t know which nurse made the order but I obeyed. My tank top flew over my head and I realized I hadn’t put on a bra. My nipples were hard in the cold hospital air. I carefully removed my skirt, feeling the beads rolling deep inside of me as I lifted my legs and moved my hips. Now that I felt there was a happy ending in sight for me during this story I thought back of the last orgasm I hadn’t achieved.

Once naked I put on the hospital gown, open in the back and stood with my palms on the table and ass pushed out slightly. It was a much more comfortable position than trying to sit on the exam table in any way.

The nurses returned and helped me onto the table, lying on my side, and then the fat nurse pulled my gown away from my ass and the skinny nurse approached with a shiny gloved finger.

“Numbing lubricant, to prepare you for the doctor,” she explained. It didn’t look like nearly enough I thought. Her finger was then tracing the edge of my ass leaving a trail of chilly wetness and adding to my own lube from earlier. I gasped and hoped she couldn’t see my pussy. The wetness would give away my arousal for sure.

The skinny nurse was adept with her lubed finger as she teased open my hole. First she was applying a liberal amount around the outside and then she pressed just the tiniest tip of her index finger past the tight ring of my ass. I faked a cough to hide a moan.

Once her finger was in there was no stopping her. She slid it in further, slowly but deliberately. The lube allowed it to slide in without a problem. I could feel it wiggling inside of my ass possibly searching for some sign of the lost toy. It felt like too soon when she withdrew her finger but I heard the sound of the lube being squirted and without warning two fingers were now pressing into my ass.

I grunted in surprise as they slid in without a problem and she began to push them deeper with steady movements. Once her fingers were as deep as possible she pulled them slightly out and pushed them deeper once again. I moaned in response and was surprised when she repeated the movement. The feel of her fingers withdrawing and pushing deeper was as exciting to me as the beads had been earlier. She pushed them in and left them for several seconds before she withdrew her hand and I heard the snap of a glove being discarded.

“The doctor will be here as soon as possible.”

And then the nurses left me to my shame, sitting with my ass exposed and leaking lubricant onto the paper mat covering the exam table. I had not foreseen this outcome when I got the daring urge to experiment with anal sex toys. I dared to slip a hand under my paper gown and felt my closed pussy lips. My excitement was obvious as my juices were seeping out and moistening my thighs. I hoped the doctor wouldn’t notice.

“Angel? Hello, I am Doctor Randall,” said a voice coming from behind where I lay on the table. How nice, he gets to see my ass before my face.

“Hello Doctor,” I answered, humiliated. I glanced briefly at his face and saw he looked to have just graduated med school. His auburn hair was thick and wavy and he was covered with freckles. He wore a light yellow button down shirt, untucked, and a pair of khakis under his white doctors’ coat.

He was smiling at me with a twinkle in his eye, like we were sharing a secret joke between friends. I felt my pussy drip.

“Now, let me take a look at what has happened here,” he said, and I heard him grab a pair of gloves and then the snapping told me they were in place. He sat on a rolling stool I had noticed earlier and swiveled into position behind me on the table. He reached onto the nearby table where the skinny nurse had left the lubricant. I clenched my asshole from the anticipation of his touch but it did not come.

“Hmm. Angel, would you mind getting onto all fours?” he asked.

I grunted in answer as I repositioned myself no the table and felt the flimsy paper gown fall completely open before falling off my body. I stared at it laying there useless and knew my entire body must be blushing from the embarrassment of being in such a compromising position and naked.

“Spread your legs further.”

Without hesitation, I worked my knees further apart on the table and automatically pushed my hips back to help spread my ass cheeks for the doctor. I thought I heard an approving moan from behind me.

He pressed firmly against my asshole and his slick finger slid in as deep as possible on the first thrust. His finger worked in and out of my ass while I gasped from the feeling. I pushed my hips back on his hand hoping that if his finger could penetrate deeper he could reach the renegade toy. Whether he had the same idea or not is unknown but he continued to slide his finger in and out of my hole for several minutes. He would twist one way or the other with his digit and finally I felt my ass being stretched as his second finger joined the first in the exploration.

I did not want to moan like a slut but it was impossible to hold it back any longer. My hips grinding back on his hand I moaned for the doctor as he jammed two fingers far up my ass and held them there.

“Angel, please explain to me how you got this object impacted in your bowel.”

I struggled to explain to the doctor while he continued to finger my ass slowly. I knew my pussy was spread wide in his view and dripping moisture from how hot I was getting.

“I was trying out a new toy. They were anal beads”

“This was your first experience with anal beads? It is usually safer to experiment for the first time with a partner.”

“My boyfriend is not usually an ass man,” I explained, lamely. I was struggling not to start panting from the continued sensation of his two fingers stretching my ass.

“That is a shame to hear. Your ass looks delicious,” he said and I felt the feather light touch of a gloved hand stroking my pussy. The realization that this was moving in an inappropriate direction was lost on my body which reacted immediately. My legs shook as my need for the continued stimulation took hold of my body.

“It seems that your experimentation got out of hand and I am going to need to open your ass wider to be able to retrieve this toy properly. It may be uncomfortable. I will do what I can to ease that discomfort…” he punctuated the sentence by rubbing a gloved finger up and down my swollen clit. I moaned as the doctor removed his two fingers and called for a nurse.

The fat nurse returned seconds later and stood obediently while the doctor held up his lubed, gloved hands.

“Fran, I need the smallest speculum we have. Please prepare it with plenty of lubricant.”

I kept my eyes on the exam table below me and remained on my hands and knees with my knees spread wide. I could feel the excess lubricant dripping from my tight hole and making slimy trails down my pussy lips. One drop made a sound as it hit the crinkle paper covering the exam table.

Fran was proficient at her job because I heard the sound of a metal object being retrieved followed by the familiar sound of the hospital lubricant being squeezed out of its industrial sized tube.

“Angel, try to relax,” said Dr. Randall. This had the opposite effect as I felt my ass clench together automatically. The feeling of cold metal against my asshole only heightened the fear.

Suddenly I felt the gloved hand back on my pussy, stroking along the outer lips, one finger gently rubbing my sensitive clit, and my body shuddered and relaxed in one sighing moan. The metal instrument penetrated slightly into my body.

My body jumped from the shock but I remained in place, letting the doctor’s patient hand stroke up and down my spread slit, using my natural juices and the lubricant that had dripped there to masterfully manipulate my clitoris. The speculum continued to press into my ass.

After the many applications of lube there was little discomfort associated with the metal instrument being pushed into my ass. I tried hard to relax and accept it similar to the way I had done alone at home with my toy. I wondered briefly what my boyfriend would think of this handsome doctor rubbing my clit while pushing a speculum into my bowels.

The instrument was closed tight and despite Dr. Randall asking for the smallest one I was soon afraid that the impaling would never end. I started to panic and looked back at the doctor and saw his face intent on my spread genitals. The knowledge that he was watching me so intently caused my pussy to spasm. I put my head down on the exam table to hide my shame as I groaned and came hard.

After the orgasm subsided I realized that the speculum was buried in my ass. I peeked back and saw the doctor smiling as he lightly teased my still throbbing clit.

“I am glad that was not uncomfortable for you. Hopefully this next part will not be either,” he said and I felt a strange vibrating feeling as the doctor started unscrewing the speculum slowly causing it to spread my ass hole.

“Nurse, could you please continue to stimulate Ms. Angel so she does not become uncomfortable?”

I had not realized that Nurse Fran was still present. I blushed in shame as I realized she must have been present for my entire climax on the exam table. The embarrassment helped distract me from the feeling momentarily but soon the doctor was still widening the instrument and I started to fear. Nurse Fran’s hand on my clit was not nearly as skilled as the doctor’s had been previously.

With each turn of the screw, I gave a deep moan, growing louder as the feeling of being ripped apart became overwhelming. The nurse’s clumsy fondling while the doctor stared into my depths. A little ass play had turned into something quite extreme unexpectedly.

“There,” said Dr. Randall, pushing the rolling stool away. I was still whimpering and panting from the feeling of having the instrument spreading me apart. “How did you manage to even get the handle of those beads that far into your ass?”

“There were…mmm…a lot of distractions…ooh…”

“Nurse, please retrieve the camera?”

A pain rushed up my body as my ass tried to contract around the cold, metal instrument spreading it wide. The thought of having something so dirty and intimate photographed left me dizzy. The nurse removed her hand from between my legs and I heard a drawer being opened.

“Make sure you get some from further away and others from close up. It’s not everyday we have a patient with this dilemma and these photos will assist further doctors in similar situations.”

The camera was digital and lacking any tell tale clicking sound but the flash shone off the white hospital wall where I sat looking, resisting the urge to close my legs and knowing it would do no good since the metal rod had my ass gaping. The nurse walked beside me, looking at the review screen on the digital camera.

“Impressive isn’t it?” she asked, holding the camera in my eyesight. I was reluctant to look but after a small glance I couldn’t help but stare. My pussy was spread wide, glistening with wetness, and the speculum held my asshole open so wide I thought a dick could slide in and only barely graze the walls. My insides were glistening from all the lube with no sign of filth, thankfully. The sight was actually oddly exciting and I felt that ache in my pussy as I stared at myself.

“Please load those pictures onto my computer immediately. I will be done here momentarily and will check Ms. Angel out myself.”

The nurse nodded and left with the camera and my terrible photo shoot. I was thankful my face was not visible in any of those educational photos. The doctor was reaching for a plastic instrument and I did not feel anything for several seconds until I felt a tugging deep inside of my ass. The instrument he used was pulling slowly on the anal beads.

I moaned as he continued to pull and the beads slowly dislodged themselves. The handle and largest bead were soon edging close to my opening but the speculum was making the fit very tight.

“I am going to remove the instrument now. Please try to relax,” said the doctor before spinning the screw on the metal speculum and releasing my ass from its spread position. The cold metal slipped out quickly with little resistance. I gasped as I suddenly felt my anus tightening around the handle from earlier. The doctor pulled the handle until it was outside of my ass but the beads remained inside.

“I regret that you did not get to use these beads the way you had hoped,” he said. I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. “Try to relax, I am going to remove the rest of the beads shortly.”

I had not realized that the bed was motorized until the doctor was pushing a button with his foot and the bed lowered until my pussy was level with the doctor’s cock. He had taken it out of his pants and was rubbing it with his hand, watching my spread pussy. Any feeling that this was inappropriate bedside behavior did not enter my mind. After the stress of the physical exam, I needed this release and the way the doctor’s cock was straining rock hard in his hand, he felt the same.

The head of his member was pushing at my entrance and after cumming so recently I knew it had to be dripping wet and ready to accept his entire length. He started pushing and then stopped. He pushed with greater force, his hands holding onto the top of my thighs and pulling me back onto his cock. It slipped in slightly past the head and the doctor gave a loud moan.

The anal beads had made my normally tight pussy become so tight the doctor was having trouble working his way in but his fingers dug into my hips and I could feel him repositioning into a determined stance. Slowly he began to thrust gently into my pussy. I could feel the anal beads moving inside of my ass as he made room for his cock deep within my womb.

The doctor’s cock was very large and I hadn’t gotten a good enough look to guess the inches but I could tell I was full to capacity. He was moaning, but he seemed to be keeping his voice in check to not alert others in the hospital. I bit down on my lip to try to follow his lead, but the feeling of being penetrated in the ass and pussy simultaneously was proving too much to handle.

“I’m too full,” I whimpered, and the doctor answered with a deep thrust and a load groan. Then I felt his hand on the handle of the anal beads and he began to push them deep into my ass before pulling them until the largest was straining against my asshole. Soon I was a moaning mess. I leaned down to try to smother my loud moaning on the exam table.

“Get ready for it, Angel…”said Dr. Randall as he continued to pull slowly but firmly on the handle of the beads. His cock began to piston in and out of my tight hole. The feeling of him impaling me while having constant pressure on my ass was too much. I dug my nails into the paper covering of the exam table and moaned as my cunt began to squeeze the doctor’s manhood as I went over the edge into the hardest orgasm of the day. While I was still experiencing the intense waves the largest anal bead popped out of my ass. My knees threatened to give as my body shook from the intensity.

I was a moaning mess as he continued, his cock fucking me completely while he pulled out the remaining balls. The next one caused another aftershock of pleasure through my body and the smaller ones seemed to slide out easily leaving me feeling empty and spent. I was struggling to catch my breath as the doctor withdrew his cock. I looked behind me to see him rubbing all of my juices up and down his cock and staring firmly at my ass.

I was satisfied from my climax and relieved that the ordeal seemed to be over at last. Dr. Randall had one final move to make. I felt his hands, one on either cheek, spreading my ass wide as he stared into my ass. Originally I allowed this thinking he was checking for tearing or some other medical reason. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing into my raw asshole.

“No please, I have had enough for one day,” I pleaded, but the good doctor paid no heed to my whining. His cock started to press forward, determined to breach my defenses. I tried to pull my ass away from the onslaught but was too weak from all the pleasure and stress to get away from his powerful hands as he pulled me back and I felt his dick properly violate my ass.

His moan was powerful and the pain left me seeing flashes of white. All of the stretching and lube of the day could not prepare me for the doctor’s giant cock overtaking my ass. Each powerful thrust pushed me further up on the exam table and I started to moan and then scream. The doctor reached forward, his gloved hand, the same one that had fingered my ass and manipulated my clit, clamped down to smother my cries.

He continued to ride me hard, blocking my air supply to keep me from screaming and giving away his dirty game. It did not take long for him to push his cock in to the hilt and I felt it starts to stab and spurt. For several seconds, his cock continued to shoot hot cum deep inside of my ass. When he withdrew his cock the thick strands followed, dripping down.

I collapsed on the table, in shock from the ordeal. The doctor walked away and I heard his pants zip up and then saw him retrieve the red silicone anal beads and drop them into a biohazard bag. He left the sealed bag on the desk as he pulled the stool over and began scribbling away at some paperwork.

I timidly collected my things, putting my skimpy clothes back on regretting the total lack of underwear since my pussy and ass were both leaking profusely down my legs.

After several minutes of standing there, leaking fluids, and staring at the floor, the scribbling stopped.

“Well Ms. Angel. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson. It is always best to have someone else present to assist when trying new things for the first time. I am prescribing some rest and relaxation but you should be fine in no time.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” I mumbled. I picked up the bio hazard bag that contained my anal beads and was thankful it was bright yellow with a red symbol to keep people from knowing what was there as I walked shamefully out of the emergency room and drove myself home.

My ass was very sore but already I was dreaming of ways to use the toy again, with my boyfriend’s supervision of course. The amazing orgasms made the risks worth the reward.

the end

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