The Specialist

I arrived early and stood reading the notice on the green door. “Please ring the bell and enter the waiting area.” Taking a deep breath, I rang the bell and with my heels sounding loud in the hall, went through to the waiting area.

I had been waiting for this appointment for a while but it is not easy to get to see a specialist. The questionnaire I had to fill in online, before seeing the doctor, was very long. Some of the questions seemed a bit intrusive to me but I answered as many as I could. I knew I left a few gaps in it but hoped that I would be able to explain why.

The waiting room was warm so I shrugged off my jacket and taking a seat, looked around. It wasn’t as clinical as my own doctors’ room, there were paintings on the walls and the magazines were recent.

I checked my watch, 10 minutes until my appointment was due, and I hoped he doesn’t mind me being early. I sat on the edge of my chair; eyes closed trying to relax. . . .

The sound of the consulting room door opening brought me quickly back to reality; I looked up, into the bluest eyes I had ever seen. . .

“Mrs Jones,” he said with a voice that sent a tingle down my spine, “please come through.”

The consulting room layout was much the same as any other, a desk, computer and the examination couch. My eyes were drawn to the couch and he followed my gaze with a smile on his face, “Let’s get you seated and go through your notes shall we?”

I seated myself on the chair he indicated and took a deep breath. “Yes Doctor, thank you.”

He turned to the screen, bringing up the questionnaire I had filled in. “I see you have had quite a few partners, has this number changed since you sent this back?”

I looked at the floor in shame, “Yes, it has Doctor; I met someone new last week.”

“And I can see you have listed a few things on here that you think may help with your treatment, would you like to go over them now or discuss them with the practice nurse at a later date?”

“Later, please!” I managed to blurt out.

“Ok, Mrs Jones, no need to be worried about it. Can you tell me what drove you to finally come and see me?”

It was something I found hard to put into words, the longing, a need to get things sorted, to find out once and for all if . . .

“Mrs Jones!”

“Sorry Doctor, I just can’t explain it very well.”

“Never mind, let’s start by checking your weight & height.” Slipping off my shoes, I stepped onto the scales and stood under the height marker in my stockinged feet.

“Well that all seems normal enough. Now your blood pressure, if you wouldn’t mind removing your top?” With trembling hands, I undid my blouse and offered my left arm. I felt the usual squeeze of the cuff as he placed the stethoscope in the crook of my arm. He said nothing to me as he noted down the reading.

“I had better listen to your heart now, if you could remove your bra please.” I slid the straps off my shoulders, undoing my bra, revealing my breasts to him. The stethoscope felt cold against my skin, a contrast to the warmth of his hands.

“If you could lift your arms, so I can check your breasts.” I tried not to meet his eyes as his hands gently palpated my breasts, moving in circles. His fingers brushed over my now erect nipples. I felt sure he could tell, by the change in my breathing, how aroused I was. He turned again to write up his notes.

“Ok, all seems normal there, would you please stand up, remove your skirt, then turn so you are facing away from me. I would like to check out your spine.” His hands started with my neck feeling his way down until he stopped, just above my buttocks, leaving me with a shiver that ran down the length of my back.

“Now if you wouldn’t mind removing your stockings and panties, then hopping up onto the examination couch for me, we can continue with your medical.” I tried to stay calm as I did as he asked, hoping he hadn’t noticed the damp patch in my discarded underwear. Soon I was lying back on the couch totally naked.

“Let’s check out those reflexes.” Bending my knees, he gently tapped each one with a little hammer. “Reflexes normal,” he murmured, “now are you sure you’re ready for the rest of your exam?”

How could I say no, he was already reaching for the stirrups, inserting them in the sides of the table. Lifting my legs into them, he dropped the table end, leaving me with legs wide open, my pussy totally exposed.

“Please relax Mrs Jones, nearly there.” I heard the scrape of his chair as he moved it closer; I felt his breath, hot on me as his fingers ran down my now wet labia, gently opening me. “Well your external genitalia looks normal but I need to look internally.” He went to the cabinet and bought out a speculum, covering it with lube. Positioning it in front of my wet lips, he deftly twisted it as he inserted it, sliding it inside me. I felt it, spreading me wide, filling me, and exposing more of me to him. I moaned and tried not to wriggle on the couch.

“Ah, I can see you have an IUD fitted, it looks fine to me, no problems there then.” The speculum was withdrawn, leaving me with an empty feeling.

“Now if I can just check out one more thing . . .” His hand reached up to my abdomen as he inserted two fingers in me. I could hardly contain myself; it felt so good.

“No signs of any swelling or abnormality there.”

I heard no more for he had lowered his head, his mouth buried into my waiting flesh, tongue darting over my clitoris. I groaned as a hand reached up to pinch my nipples. His fingers within me found my G spot, pressing urgently against it.

He lifted his head and murmured, “There’s one more place I’ve not examined yet!” He moved his hand away from my nipples and began to insert a finger into my anus; a second one, making me gasp in pleasure, quickly joined it. He kept on tonguing me, sucking and nibbling at my clitoris. His fingers thrust into me wildly, my very being felt alive, every nerve twitching at his touch. I found my body tensing as I gave myself to the most explosive orgasm I had ever had. He kept it rolling like waves over me, repeatedly.

Afterwards I lay there drained with a big smile on my face but he hadn’t finished with me yet. As he started to undress, I could see the hardness of his erection, straining at the fabric of his pants.

Gently he lifted my legs out of the stirrups, holding them up, he positioned himself and with one big thrust, he entered me fully. I could feel the heat from his balls as they brushed against my arse cheeks. Leaning forward to kiss me, he whispered, “Are you enjoying your medical?”

I couldn’t speak as he began to thrust into me with long slow practiced strokes. His cock throbbed as he drove it in harder, hands holding onto my hips. I felt my clitoris come alive again and heard him groan as he came deep inside me. I came as well, not as powerfully as before but it was just as enjoyable. We lay locked together until I felt him slide out of me.

After a while, we both dressed and sat down next to the desk. “Seems to me like you are in perfect health,” he chuckled with a smile on his face, “no problems at all in reaching orgasm. Now would you like to make a follow up appointment?

the end

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