The Perfect Sex Robot 5

Sex robot M3 day three – in the lab.

With my hands and feet strapped to the cold stainless steel medical exam table on all fours, wearing only sneakers and my lab coat pulled over my head I was feeling very exposed.

I felt a sharp prod and clenched my ass cheeks. The three young women shrieked with laughter.

“I think it’s frightened.” Not having seen two of them I struggle to distinguish their voices.

I heard a glass bottle open and felt a hand pat my bare ass.

“Whoa-now little fella… …It’s very small.” Said one of them.

Genie answered,

“Once the electrode is in you’ll be surprised.”

I felt a wire around the base of my dick and some kind of clip bite in. I shouted in pain and immediately felt a very cold wet sensation on my head and face with a very strong chemical smell. I try to shake lose the clip but it just stung more as my bare ass wiggled from side to side.

“Don’t worry, the try choloro methane” The sound of Genies words are clear but fading, I just can’t make sense of them. Then a fluttering sensation and a flicker of light.

I don’t remember passing out, just waking up on my back. The cold steel of the table freezing my ass cheeks. I moved to try to get them off the cold and felt a long piece of metal deep in my ass. I was now on my back, arms and legs strapped tight to each corner of the big examination table. My Lab coat gone and my eyes sticky tapped shut.

“He’s moving.”


“Watch closely”.

I hear from Genie. I’m still woozy, now with a headache.

The electrical current shot through me and I let out a loud:

“Uhg!” noise and shook a little.

“…oops, I ‘ll just turn that down a little…” Genie commented.

I felt each click of the controls jolt my whole body until the last click of the controls and overpowering roller coaster falling sensation and numb pressure. It was like the feeling of my leg being asleep but over my whole body but worse.

“Ow!” and “Fucking hell.” From the two anonymous young women at the same time.

I felt the current shut off. I could feel my hot new hard on resting on my abdomen. One of the women poked it and they all giggled.

“Will it last… you know?” The two women’s voices so similar… …it may have only been one of them speaking.

Genie replied “I’m not sure how long it will stay erect after the current is off. I think it’s safest to use a condom with the current on for that.”

“So you’ve…” One of the two unknown woman made “you’ve” into a long question.

Genie again “Oh god no, I mean, I might, it is impressive don’t you think?”

“Ow-yes and so convenient …like a light switch.” Suddenly I felt hands on my dick. They were rolling on a condom. I was feeling deep embarrassment, but still stupidly thinking about sex.

Genie said, “Kelly, go to autopsy and get that pigs head will you.”

Some time passed and I felt the weight of the very cold moist leathery head on my lap.

Genie said “M3 would you like a blow job?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was too embarrassed to speak even if I did know what to say to that.

“M3, tell me you would like a blow job.”

I said, “Yes I would like a blow job.” In a very meek voice.

The three women sniggered. I felt the electrical current again and a second current thrusting my pelvis. Someone held the pigs mouth over my penis and I felt the teeth graze my dick as I thrusted. Back arching of the steel table the electrical current drove me deep into the pigs mouth. Thrusting uncontrollably about twice a second. Then more laughter and the current stopped. I fell to table and felt the condom slip off and the room went quiet.

I heard Genie say, “M3 Open your mouth and start licking.”

I felt the pigs bristly whiskers and lips press against mine and heard more giggles from the group. I hesitated and Genie whispered in my ear with a breathy,

“These girls want you M3. If you’re a good robot that is.”

I gave it a tongue kiss. The pig head was taken away and I stopped.

Genie barked, “M3! Did I say stop?”

I started licking the air and the women giggled again. I felt something prickly and the taste of soap. Genie roughly washed my mouth out with the bottle brush and left my mouth full of soap foam.

“Lets get some more pictures.”

Said Genie as I felt a marker pen on my chest and heard an anonymous excited giggle.

I felt more writing and heard two or three different types of camera beeps and then marker on my dick. Suddenly the current was on again and I was thrusting. There was laughing and camera sounds, I felt the women lean against me for more shots and I cheer and camera snaps as I climaxed.

I felt the straps loosen and Genie say from the doorway “Get dressed and finish that glass off before you leave.”

I pulled the tape off my eyes and jabbed myself with the ass electrode as I sat up. I finished off the glass wear.

As I left the lab I saw a two girls looking at me, was it the two from the lab? I lowered my head and went home.

To be continued…

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