Getting Physical

While he despised going to the doctor’ office, Louis realized that, in August, another year will have passed since his last check-up. He has always been reportedly healthy, save for a slight iron deficiency. He had been taking the supplements regularly, and felt healthy and strong. He couldn’t help but notice, however, that his 30th birthday was coming up and it wouldn’t be long before he would have to worry about aging.

He kept most of his phone numbers in his cell phone, but he had opted to keep the number for the doctor’s office to spare himself from seeing it each time he went through the contact list to text his Dad or his friend Eric. Or, that red-head he hadn’t spoken to since high school, but planned to call eventually, one day.

Skimming the phone book, he quickly found the number, ominously circled in red ink. Louis hesitated, then tapped the numbers into his phone and waited for it to start ringing.

His call was picked up on the third ring, by the husky voice of the 50-something, widowed receptionist.

“Oh hi Rita-” Louis vaguely knew the woman as one of his mother’s friends. “Fine, fine. No, not married yet, but I’ll be sure to invite you-” he humored the woman modestly. “Yeah, I just wanted a check-up. Will Dr. John be in this week?”

The voice squawked, slightly erratically, at the other end of the line. “Cocaine, huh? I never would have thought. How long ago? Is he okay? Died on Christmas Eve? That’s a shame. Well who can see me?”

“…No, I wouldn’t mind a female doctor.” Louis tried to keep his cool, but he had never actually had a female doctor before.

Thursday came sooner than Louis anticipated, and as he drove himself over to the office, he couldn’t help but think of the stories and videos of horny female doctors that he had enjoyed over he years. He imagined a sweet, young, doe-eyed doctor in a skimpy uniform eager to take care of his every need. He couldn’t help but get a little hard thinking about it, but he shook away the fantasy before entering the office.

After about twenty minutes, the receptionist called his name and a tall, blonde doctor in a uniform appeared at the doorway to lead him to the examination room.

She was just a little bit taller than him, and though her buttoned lab coat and collared blue shirt beneath were modest, it was blatantly obvious that she had a rich, curvy shape underneath.

When she turned to lead him to the tiny room, he could see her buttocks, round and firm against the thin white cotton of her lab-coat. He doubted she was wearing anything between her skin and the coat. But that was impossible; of course she was wearing something.

“Sit,” was all she said as she patted the waxed-paper-like covering on the examination table with the palm on her hand. He obliged, hoisting himself up and sitting on the edge. He could feel a drop of cool sweat making its way down the back of his neck.

“I’m Dr. Emily. Any questions, concerns, symptoms?”

“No, I’m just here for a physical.”

“Okay. I’m going to check your blood pressure and we’ll go from there.” She was professional, and a little stiff, but not unkind. However, Louis couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated when she looked into his eyes.

She checked his heartbeat with the stethoscope about her neck, and weighed him.

“You’ve lost a few pounds since last year.” She noted in a formal tone, checking the clipboard.

“Now, lay on your back please.”

Louis cooperated easily, and she pressed her fingertips along his stomach and chest.

“A bit firm, but no signs of obstructed bowels or unusual lumps,” she noted as she began to undo his belt buckle.

While his usual doctor had never examined him there, he quickly submitted to her authority. She knew what she was doing, there was no reason for him to make himself look stupid and question it.

He felt tingles in his groin as she pulled his pants to his knees, her fingers running down his thighs as she did. When she pulled down his boxer shorts, his penis immediately responded to the stimulation of the cool air.

She seemed to ignore his partial erection, and rolled and caressed his testicles in one hand. Louis was uneasy, but tried to convince himself the procedure as routine. He couldn’t help but regret not trimming his pubes that morning, however.

“Nothing unusual here,” she smiled coyly. “Undress and get on your hands and knees. I’ll be right back.”

Louis’ stomach dropped. He slowly slipped his tee over his head, but couldn’t help but feel as though he were doing something very wrong. Totally naked? Would he do something wrong, and feel stupid when she came back? Hands and knees? HANDS AND KNEES?

He slowly stripped, and settled on his hands and knees, extremely aware of the loud crinkling of the paper liner on the examination table.

As he kneeled there in the buff, he couldn’t help but feel cold, and very vulnerable. The chill in the room made him have to urinate. He glanced at his balls swinging gently between his legs. After a very long ten minutes, he flinched as the door suddenly opened.

A loud, feminine laugh bounced off the walls of the small room.

“Really? Seriously? I was just joking, do you really listen to what everyone tells you?”

Ashamed, Louis started to sit up and clutch his shirt to his bare chest.

“Nevermind, I’m sure there’s something I can do for you.” She said, getting behind him. He shivered, and went back on his hands and knees. She caressed his balls with a gloved hand. The rubber felt sticky and strange against his skin.

Then, she began to stroke his shaft with a light, rubbery touch.

“What are you doing?” he trembled, reaching down to touch her gloved hand.

“Just relax,” she said, “relax and give me total control over you.”

She caressed his whole body, starting from his neck and shoulders, and his legs, avoiding his very aroused genitals.

As she eased him onto his back, he could feel the chill and the fullness of his bladder. He ignored it, unsure if he could protest if he wanted to. It was as though he was in a trance.

“Relax,” she said, slowly pressing her fingertips into his lower belly. He felt a wave of pleasure as she pressed his full bladder. His penis became slightly erect again, and he felt a warm dribble on his balls as the urine began to leak out of his dick.

“Stop, I’m peeing,” he said softy, almost a whimper. But she pressed harder, and the urine stream became an arch, pattering loudly over the waxed paper and splashing onto his thighs as it became a steaming yellow puddle, growing as the piss noisily squirted all over the place.

The cool air and the exhilaration of peeing all over the place made him extremely aroused, but terrified as well. Who was going to clean all of that up? It couldn’t be sanitary. But he pissed on, and watched the thick, hot stream arching over the end of the table and splashing onto the floor.

She took her fingertips off his stomach, and the flow diminished to a small, gentle river streaming down the underside of his erect cock. She unbuttoned her lab coat, and revealed her nakedness under it, save for a blue dress shirt, which she quickly stripped off. In an instant, she straddled him, and pressed his abdomen fiercely again so a hard, sudden squirt hit her on her hot, ready pussy.

Louis felt himself reach full erection as he felt that lusciously silky pussy at the tip of his penis. She didn’t allow him to penetrate her, though, as the steaming yellow stream washed over her pinkness. As his stream finally diminished to a trickle, she moved forward to straddle his stomach, just below his waist.

She began to hump him viciously, smearing her slick pussy juices all over his belly. She pleasured herself on his pubic bone and pubic hair. Louis felt a tiny, hot squirt, followed by a sharp stream. He could hear the hiss of her pee as it exited her body and pooled around his sides, soaking the paper beneath them, then dripping rhythmically as it coldly dripped to the floor.

Continuing to grind him, she pissed and rode him hard, though still didn’t allow him to penetrate her. He was just beginning to consider trying to fuck her when she started to rock forcefully and moan in short gasps, almost silently as she pleasured her clit on his body. So roughly, it hurt.

Finally, she began to slow down, panting as her pussy juice oozed out of her in a creamy puddle that filled his bellybutton. He was still very erect, anticipating a great cum.

To his surprise, she replaced her shirt and jacket, and buttoned up.

“Hey, I didn’t get to cum…” He said tentatively, wondering if it was in fact his own fault. His piss covered cock was at full mast, and bursting to cum.

“Nope, my examination is finished. Now put your clothes on and get some exercise.”

She turned her back towards him and washed her hands casually, showing just how little she cared.

Puzzled, he slid off the table, splashing in the cold piss. He couldn’t believe he had to go home smelling so strongly and completely of urine.

He dressed slowly, the feeling of his clammy, cold skin against his dry clothes very irritating. He was going to have to fuck himself after a long, hot shower.

the end

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