The Servant 6

Officer Eve Bousquet woke up just before sunrise. Trish was still asleep. That morning was the very last time she would have the luxury of sleeping while her Mistress was awake. Starting on Friday, she’d have to wake up and have her owner’s breakfast ready and her uniform cleaned and pressed. However, there was no point of her getting up early until she had been trained, something that would be taken care of over the next several days.

Eve would be responsible for most of her servant’s training, with a single important exception. She felt that it would be better if someone else taught Trish how to do the daily chores; that it would be preferable to for a third person to teach the American what she needed to do around the house. Eve’s next door neighbor was the perfect candidate for that task: a strict older woman who was an immaculate housekeeper.

Eve got dressed and entered the living room. Already the sun was up, with the promise that the day, as always, would be infernally hot. The police officer clapped her hands, startling her still-sleeping ward. Trish was disoriented, but immediately rolled off her cot and got on her knees. She was very nervous, because so far, seeing her Mistress in uniform always had meant something unpleasant or painful was about to happen.

“Good morning, Servant Trish!”

“Good morning, Mistress Bousquet.”

“Today is training day for you. You’re going to do something you’ve never done in your life: work. As I’d imagine you realized last night, I’m leaving you in the hands of my neighbor, who’ll be teaching you what you need to know. When you’re with her, you will show her the same respect you’d show me. When you’re with her, you will kneel, just like you would with me, and refer to her as Mistress Flora. Her husband’s name is Pierre, and he is to be called Master Pierre. Do you understand?

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet”

“Good girl. Now, remember. Mistress Flora and Master Pierre are very good friends of mine. I’ve known them since I was a teenager. Mistress Flora was one of my teachers in school. She helped me get settled after my divorce. She means a lot to me, and you’d better never forget that. Simple and easy for both of us. Yes?”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

Eve was ready to take Trish over to the neighbor’s house, but there was something she had to do with her servant first. She knew that the seduction would have to wait until the evening at the earliest. However, the temptation of having that lovely body within her reach for the past day was overwhelming. She needed to at least touch her. In a commanding cop’s voice Eve ordered Trish to put her hands against the wall and spread her feet. The servant’s knees trembled as she obeyed.

Eve took a few moments to admire Trish as she stood in that submissive position, a position that anyone ever arrested is familiar with. The officer noted the American’s exposed bottom. The whip marks from the interrogation had faded to faint bruises. The girl had a bikini line from a thong she liked to wear at her pool in Baton Rouge. The tan-line was fading as well. The pale line across her waist probably would be gone by the end of the day, given that she would be working outside for several hours.

Eve did not want any distractions for that evening, including sunburn. She dabbed some sunscreen on her servant’s shoulders, using that as an excuse to massage the girl’s back. She wiped off her hands before massaging her ward’s stomach to make sure it was not swollen. Of course, she also had to make sure the bruises on Trish’s bottom were healing, so she sensuously ran her hands over the American’s trembling backside. Her heart raced as she finally touched and explored that lovely bottom that had so tempted her.

“You have healed nicely. I hope I won’t have to punish you again, because you really do have a lovely bum.”

Eve ordered Trish to turn around and stared into her eyes. She pinched the servant’s chin with her thumb and forefinger.

“You will be on your best behavior today. Don’t disappoint me. Simple and easy for both of us. Yes?”

Trish, her eyes wide with fear and her knees trembling, managed to get out:

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

Eve led her servant next door to the neighbor’s house. To her dismay, Trish saw the older woman holding a freshly cut switch. She later learned that, when she was still working, the switch had been an important part of Mistress Flora’s teaching. All of her students, including Eve, had felt the switch on their bare bottoms at some point during the school year.

The retiree tapped her neighbor’s new servant with the switch and ordered her to follow her into the house. She spent several hours teaching her how to do various household chores. In spite of the implied threat from the switch in her hand, Trish had to admit that Flora was fair as an instructor. She was good at explaining tasks and showing through example what a servant needed to do. She made sure Trish completely understood how to perform a chore before moving on to something else. She did not take it for granted that what she was teaching was easy for someone who had never done any housework.

The next thing Flora wanted to teach the younger woman was how to pick fruit and harvest mangos. For the rest of the morning Trish wandered around both yards picking up mangos, sorting the good ones from the damaged ones, cleaning them, and boxing them for the local fruit vendor. When all the mangos were picked up from the ground Flora handed Trish a pole with a basket and a hook for pulling ripe mangos from the upper branches. Trish got up on a ladder to pick fruit from the lower branches, and used the pole to get mangos from the higher branches. She spent several hours collecting fruit, but she only harvested a small fraction of what was on that tree.

Several neighborhood boys showed up and watched her as she moved about the yard with her harvesting pole. The boys didn’t say anything rude, but being forced to work in the nude in front of an audience was totally humiliating. Flora was not sympathetic to the servant’s plight: she ordered her to carry boxes of mangos to the front of the property and stack them on the sidewalk, right where her spectators were standing. By then, one of the boys had brought a digital camera and started taking pictures of her. Trish glanced at Flora, silently pleading to either be let off or for her to chase off the boys. Flora responded by flexing her switch. Tears welled up in the naked servant’s eyes as she silently continued working and the camera continued to click.

When noon came around, Trish was weak from hunger. Flora called her onto the back porch and told her how to boil rice with vegetables and cut up fruit for salads and juice. After serving the two older people, she sat on the back steps and ate her portion of the lunch. Then she had to clean up, not only after herself, but also after Flora and Pierre. It was the first time in her life she ever had to clean up after someone else’s meal.

By mid-afternoon Trish was exhausted, but Flora was not about to let her rest. She ordered the servant to return to her Mistress’s house and supervised her as she cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. She then had to finish both rooms by getting on her hands and knees and scrubbing the floor. As she was working, Flora gently tapped her vulnerable backside with the switch.

“This position suits you. You look really good, naked on your hands and knees. It’s where you belong.”

Trish knew that Flora was taunting her, but with a switch rubbing her exposed bottom, she dared not react. She forced herself to reply “Yes, Mistress Flora” and continued working.

Finally, Trish had to go into Eve’s bedroom, where Flora taught her how to make the bed. The retiree commented:

“There’s a lot more you’ll have to learn, but we got off to a good start. I’d imagine you don’t know anything about laundry.”

“No, Mistress Flora.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll fix that the next time your Mistress sends you over.”

“Yes, Mistress Flora.”

“Very well, young lady. Time for you to get cleaned up. Your Mistress will be home in a few minutes and you need to make yourself presentable for her.”

Yes, Trish did need to get cleaned up. She had spent an entire day working and sweating in the tropical heat. Her muscles ached from fatigue and her back hurt from picking up and carrying all those mangos. A cold bath and several glasses of water made her feel a lot better.

Trish was on her knees in the living room when her Mistress returned to the house. Flora was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper. Eve warmly greeted her former teacher. She walked up to the servant and put out her hand. Because the palm of Eve’s hand was facing down instead of up, Trish understood that she was not offering to help her get up, but instead was holding out her hand so she could kiss it. Yet another sign of submission and humiliation, but Trish complied, knowing that she’d face the whip if she didn’t.

The policewoman took a seat in an armchair. As was the custom for servants, Trish knelt by her side. Once again, Eve ran her fingers through her hair and caressed her shoulders. The two Islanders discussed the servant’s performance during the day and her progress learning her new duties.

“She knows how clean the kitchen and bathroom. Your bathroom and kitchen are now clean, a lot cleaner than you left them this morning. Eve…I really don’t know how you could leave your house in such condition. If you weren’t an adult and wearing that uniform, I’d take this switch to that black bum of yours.”

Eve blushed, but forced herself to smile.

“Anyhow, your servant knows how to prepare fruit, make a salad, make juice, and boil rice. She made your bed, which, dear girl, you didn’t. She still doesn’t know anything about laundry. I figured we’d take care of that the next time you send her over. She picked mangos and took them out for the vendor. Here’s your share…” Flora handed Eve two Florins.

“Anyhow, I think you made a good purchase. You’re right: this girl doesn’t know anything, but she learns quickly.”

Flora stood up. “Dinnertime. Come along, love.”

The three women returned to Flora’s house, where she had dinner waiting. The older woman already had the table set…for three people, not four. As always, the servant would have to eat sitting on the steps of the back porch. Trish served her Mistress and the older couple with plates of spicy rice mixed with fish and corn; then poured rum into three glasses. Flora noticed Trish looking at the bottle. To keep her out of trouble, she ordered her to leave it on the table.

Trish took the remaining rice and sat on the steps. She ate out of the pan, figuring there was no point in dirtying yet another plate that she’d have to wash.

Rice…rice…it looked like every meal the Islanders ate consisted of rice. Fuck. That was going to get real old, real fast. Housework…mango picking…constantly being stared at by every boy and teenager in the neighborhood…sweating in this horrible heat…her entire life was going to get real old, real fast.

Was there any chance she could get away? Trish pondered her options. She quickly realized that physical escape was impossible. The neighborhood was watching her. Even if she managed to get out of the neighborhood, the collar marked her as a slave. If she managed to steal some clothing and get dressed it would be very clear she was a runaway. She had no money and no way of getting any. Even if she could get to the beach and steal a boat, that wouldn’t do her any good. She knew nothing about navigation or operating an outboard motor. Even if she did know how to operate a boat, Santa Eduviges was out in the middle of nowhere, halfway between Panama and Jamaica with no other islands close by. No outboard motor could make it that far.

Her only hope was trying to get on the Internet and tell someone where she was. She’d have to be careful that her aunt Beatrice didn’t find out about her plight. OK…so…who would she contact? Her friends? No…probably not. They were a bunch of drug-addled flakes. Her boyfriend? Maybe. Why just maybe? Trish wasn’t sure about that, but doubt rose up in her mind…perhaps contacting her boyfriend wasn’t such a hot idea. She had gone out with him because he was exciting and presented her with a challenge, not because he was dependable. Then she realized something. She didn’t love him and he didn’t love her. There was no commitment, just “fun”.

For the first time, Trish understood something about her life that was truly frightening. She had a large social circle, but out of all those athletes and partiers, there was not a single person whom she could rely on in a crisis. She couldn’t figure out who to contact, because none of her “friends” was worth contacting.

The only person left was her financial manager. The problem was…she didn’t know his e-mail because she was used to talking to him on the phone. She’d have to try to call him, but there was no way she dared try to call from either Eve’s house or Flora’s house. She’d have to find a public phone somewhere else. But then, she would need to sneak away for a few minutes and figure out how not to be caught. That brought her back to the problem of the neighborhood watching her every move. Also, she’d need money to make an international call. She wouldn’t be able to hide any money, even if she could get some, because she was naked and had nowhere to conceal anything.

Trish felt sick. She had gone over her options for escaping, and realized she had no options at all. She finished her rice and returned to the dining room to clear the table.


A few minutes later, Eve led her exhausted servant back to her house. Her heart was pounding, because finally she was going to fulfill her sexual fantasies, satisfy the real reason she had spent her entire savings to purchase the prisoner. She started by ordering Trish to fill the bathtub. Once the tub was full, Eve ordered her servant to undress her. With shaking hands, Trish obeyed, slowly taking off her owner’s police uniform, and finally her underwear. She noted Eve’s muscular arms and thighs and her firm stomach. In spite of her constant exercising and police training, Eve had a very feminine body, with large breasts and an ample curvy bottom. Trish had to admit her owner was very attractive when she was out of uniform.

Eve got into the bathtub and ordered Trish to shampoo her hair. She then stood up and instructed her servant to rub soap all over her. For the first time, Eve felt the hands of another woman on her skin. Oh…it felt so good. Finally she sat down and ordered the servant to massage her shoulders and arms.

“I’m going to need to get a massage manual and have you study it. Massages are going to be part of our nightly routine.”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

When Eve got out of the bathtub, Trish could tell she was aroused. Her eyes were wide with desire and her dark nipples were hard. Eve ordered her servant to go into the bedroom and place her hands against the wall with her feet spread. She was told to arch her back so her bottom would stick out. Eve spent a long time running her hands along Trish’s body. She reached in front to fondle her breasts and sensuously caressed her thighs. However, Eve was most interested in her servant’s “bum”. She massaged and rubbed the girl’s trembling backside, and traced between her bottom-cheeks. She squatted and kissed Trish’s bottom.

Eve ordered her servant to get on her elbows and knees on the bed. Trish complied and followed her Mistress’s command to spread her knees and arch her back, so her bottom-hole and vulva were fully exposed. Eve gently ran her fingertips over the tightly spread bottom-cheeks before tracing the girl’s exposed anus and pussy. She massaged her ward’s buttocks, enjoying the feel of her skin and muscles against her fingers.

Abruptly she made Trish lie on her back. She grabbed the servant’s wrists and pinned them to the mattress. She knew that she was a lot stronger than her ward and could do with her as she pleased. That thought totally excited her. She looked into the American’s terrified eyes.

“You are mine, Servant Trish. I want to hear it. You belong to me. You are mine. Say it.”

“I…I am…yours, Mistress Bousquet. I belong to you.”

“I am your purpose in life. Say it.”

“You are my purpose in life, Mistress Bousquet.”

Eve said nothing more. She ran her hands over Trish’s stomach and explored her hairless pussy with her fingertips. There was something totally exciting about that detail of her servant; that her crotch was totally stripped and totally exposed. The American’s bald vulva made her look younger and very vulnerable. The skin was so smooth. Eve was totally fascinated and totally aroused. She licked the servant’s nipples for a few seconds, noting with satisfaction that the holes from the rings were already starting to close. She turned her attention to Trish’s hairless vulva and kissed her smooth skin.

Eve lay on her back and spread her legs.

“Servant Trish. Look at me. Take a good look at my body. Touch me.”

Trish took a deep breath and followed her Mistress’s instructions. In spite of her terror and the fact she had never been with another woman, a hint of arousal welled up in her. Out of curiosity, she touched one of Eve’s large firm breasts. Eve grabbed her hand and pulled her servant’s face close to her own.

“Put your face between my legs, Servant Trish. Kiss my thighs. Take a good look at me. Learn every detail of my pussy. Then you will bring me to orgasm. Do whatever you need to do, but make sure I climax.”

Reluctantly, Trish obeyed. For the next several minutes, her life would have a single purpose: bringing her Mistress to orgasm. She didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately in her own past several boyfriends had performed oral sex on her, so she knew what excited her. Not knowing what else to do, she’d use those experiences to guide her with Eve.

Trish started by running her fingers through her owner’s pubic hair. She massaged the insides of her legs and played with her labia. Eve responded, groaning and shifting around. So far, so good. The servant pushed aside her fear of sticking her face into another woman’s pussy. She kissed and licked the insides of Eve’s thighs before moving her tongue onto her owner’s clit. She gently licked and teased. Eve immediately climaxed…moaning with total pleasure. Trish continued licking, before remembering that she also liked having guy’s tongues pushed into her vagina. She tried it with Eve, wincing at the salty, musky, gooey liquid coming out of the woman’s pussy. Eve grabbed her by the hair and moaned again. It seemed a very long time passed before she calmed down. Trish’s tongue was tired and her lips were sore by the time her Mistress finished climaxing.

Eve felt wonderful. For the first time in her life, another person had given her an orgasm. Finally…finally it had happened. She had enjoyed a real orgasm with a lover. She told her servant to rinse off her face and to get back in bed with her.

Trish rinsed out her mouth, desperate to rid herself of the taste of orgasm. She washed all that sticky liquid off her cheeks. She was disgusted, but she knew that she’d better get used to it. She understood that Eve had bought her, not to do housework, but for sex. Regardless of whether or not she found it disgusting, she’d have to perform the same task every night.

Trish got back in bed with her Mistress. Eve was satisfied for the moment, but she wanted to take a better look at her servant’s body; to see up close what exactly she had purchased the day before. She carefully studied and touched every part of Trish. No detail escaped her notice. She started with her ward’s face, tracing her eyebrows and lips, and looking carefully into her mouth and eyes. She noted small imperfections such as the occasional freckle and the small scars left over from her various piercings. She moved to her servant’s chest and arms before ordering Trish to spread her legs so she could get a good look at her pussy. She inserted her finger, noting that it went in very easily.

“How many lovers have you had, Servant Trish?”

“I think…I think I’ve had around 45, Mistress Bousquet.”

“45? And you’re only 24. Why so many?”

That was a complicated question. Why did Trish have so many lovers? The only thing she could guess was that life had given her so many options, she easily got bored. After a short time with each partner she was ready to move on and try something different. Her lovers were exactly the same as far as relationships were concerned: they were not the sort to commit. Most of the men she had slept with had been college athletes; rough uncouth types, many with criminal records. The seamy underworld fascinated a spoiled girl like Trish, who had come from a safe environment and was always on the lookout for excitement and danger. Her current boyfriend, besides being a linebacker, was also a drug dealer on campus. Trish’s fascination with drug dealers and their lifestyle was what had landed her into her current predicament.

Trish tried to answer as honestly as she could, partly to make sense for herself why she had been with so many men and why it was always the same type of man.

When Trish finished with her explanation, Eve responded:

“I’ve only been with one man, my ex-husband. He was the only one. I wish I could have stayed with him, but I couldn’t. I’m sure you realize why.”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

Eve pulled Trish over her lap. She spent a long time exploring her servant’s bottom with both her eyes and her hands. At some point, she wanted to give her servant a long hard spanking, which she’d do as soon as she messed up. As she rubbed and fondled the American’s pale bottom-cheeks, Eve thought about how much she was looking forward to that day. She’d be fair about it, however. The spanking would have to wait until she had a legitimate reason to punish her ward.

the end

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