Schooling the Stepford Husband

This is not a story that will suit many of you. I therefore urge you not to read it, unless you are one of the very few people in the world who enjoy the extreme humiliation of young men at the hands of women. This story, along with others I have written, has no redeeming features for the uninitiated. So I beg you, don’t read it. Don’t vote and don’t comment.

I have had comments that my stories are placed in the wrong category, but there is not a category for female domination (or Femdom as it is sometimes referred to.) All of my stories (apart from one) are in this genre. They are repetitious and will bore you to tears if you are not of a like mind… and few are.

There are some fine writers on this site, that are very much in the mainstream. I enjoy their work. So I recommend that you do the same.

Part One

Peter was in shock. He had never known or experienced such humiliation in all his young life. Peter was eighteen years old, and had up until now, led a happy and reasonably unhindered life. The death of his father and the subsequent insurance payout had allowed his mother to do something she had always wanted for her young son… to send him somewhere that would give him that certain finish and polish.

His mother had searched everywhere without being successful. There were many finishing schools for girls, surely she thought, there must be something for boys too.

Had she known then, the consequences of her subsequent choice – and exactly what her young son was to experience, she might have changed her mind.

“Stand still boy until I tell you otherwise.” The voice of the young female prefect echoed across the courtyard. Her voice was clipped and well modulated and had the ring of someone who was used to wielding authority, although she was yet to turn nineteen years of age.

Peter shivered as he stood to attention, his face colouring to a profuse and deep shade of crimson. His young cheeks were burning as the pretty young prefect positioned him and three other naked boys into a square formation in the middle of the school’s large courtyard.

Two of the boys, each standing side by side at a distance of exactly two arms-lengths apart, had been made to stand facing the two other boys at a distance of two arms lengths. A vaulting horse had been placed on the stone cobbling of the yard, the leather covered padding of its surface showing the results of constant use. The legs of the vaulting horse had been shortened many years ago, to enable young men to be bent over it with their legs spread apart and their heads and shoulders hanging down over the other side, ready for their punishment.

Duty monitors, had placed a metal cabinet by the side of the vaulting horse. It stood on four sturdy rubber wheels and contained two drawers at the top with a cupboard underneath. The surface of the cabinet was encased in a heavy lid, which had been provided with two handles. The handles not only facilitated the lifting of the lid, but also provided a convenient grip for steering and accurately manoeuvring the heavy medical cabinet; although it had seen as much use as the vaulting horse, the mirror like surface of the electroplated nickel silver, shone so brightly in the sunlight that Peter was unable to look directly at it.

Hilary looked at her young charges, their naked bodies thrilling her as she walked between them. Their bodies displayed not a single hair, apart from that which grew on their heads. Nonchalantly she lifted the long cane she held in her hand and turned to a slim blonde haired boy who was standing opposite Peter. She lifted the cane further so that the tip of the slim bamboo was touching the underside of his flaccid penis, raising it up and away from his body.

“Well, Gerald my boy, you know what Miss Trent will do with this once you have been caned, don’t you? Does it not make you feel ashamed, to be made to ejaculate in front of all the girls?” She moved forward and lowering her cane, took hold of the young boy’s flaccid penis. She squeezed the soft pale flesh between her slender fingers, before pushing the foreskin back until it would stretch no further.

“Keep still.” Her hand moved steadily backwards and forwards until she felt the flesh harden and begin to throb. The boy’s slim body shivered and shook with embarrassment and humiliation as well as with his sexual arousal, as she casually stimulated him to a full but involuntary erection.

Suddenly, she let go of his stiffened flesh, watching the plump column bob up and down as it stood out rigidly from his body. She cupped her hand and brought it up between his legs, closing her fingers delicately around his testicles as her palm touched his scrotum. She heard him gasp at the sensual contact as she fondled the soft orbs within the tightened scrotal sac.

It was not by accident that Hilary had been able to make the boy erect so quickly. She, like all the young prefects, had been taught thoroughly how to handle the genitalia of young boys. At the age of eighteen she was an expert, not only in the physical handling of all of the young men in her charge, but also in verbal humiliation.

She was one of twelve prefects who had all been chosen because of their aptitude and… in the experienced view of Miss Marchbank, the vital ingredient… their stunning beauty.

Miss Marchbank had long since discovered the extra control a pretty girl could exert over young men. The school had seventy-two female pupils and only six boys. The boys’ ages ranged from eighteen to twenty-one years old, whereas the girls, who also started at eighteen, were allowed to stay on until they decided to marry. The imbalance in male to female pupil numbers was entirely deliberate and was part of a long established tradition at the expensive and exclusive finishing school.

Hilary was dressed in her school uniform of white shirt and tie and pleated navy blue tunic, which was worn very short. The tunic was beautifully tailored to a length well above mid-thigh, showing most of her long and lightly tanned legs. Her blonde hair was drawn back, amplifying the exquisite definition of her young features. Her face was lightly made up, which accented the beautiful cobalt blue of her eyes and the perfection of her finely shaped lips. She was well aware of the effect her looks had on the young boys at the school and used her beauty at every opportunity to cause them the maximum of embarrassment.

“Argggghhh.” The boy gasped as she deliberately let her fingernails score over the underside of his scrotum, making him shiver and shake. She looked into his blushing face, noting the anguish in his eyes as she toyed with his body.

Abruptly she let him go and walked to stand by the caning horse.

“Right all of you… Quickly now, hands on your heads and legs spread at shoulder width.”

She watched as the naked boys struggled to obey. Although they all obeyed promptly she moved behind the boy standing next to Gerald and casually delivered a crisp stroke of the cane to his bared bottom.

“sssssSSSSSSS”. He hissed, as he struggled to maintain his position. She reached around his waist and took hold of his penis, aware that the two boys opposite could not take their eyes off her slender fingers as she casually handled his timid flesh. They watched her every move, perhaps fearing that they themselves would soon be subjected to the same treatment. To her delight she noticed that their penises did not seem quite so flaccid as she pulled the boy’s foreskin back and exposed him fully to the stares of the other boys. She moved her fingers from side to side, making his captured penis slap against his hips as she forced him to a full and reluctant erection.

“I really don’t understand why you boys can’t control yourselves better.” She chided the unfortunate boy, as she slapped his erect member with the tips of her fingers. “Now all of you stand straight and arch your backs, you already know that Miss Trent will have no hesitation in adding to your punishment.”

Hilary could feel the boy shiver as she let go of his penis and placed her hand gently on his hip before slowly moving her delicate fingers over his goose-pimpled flesh and around to his buttocks. She let her fingertips slide between the deep crevice of his bottom cheeks, feeling him flinch and gasp in anguish as she explored the soft contours of his flesh.

She was interested in the new boy, but had decided to observe his reactions as she demonstrated her power over the other boys. She could see that he was already shivering with anguish and embarrassment, but was delighted to see that his penis, which was much larger than that of the others, was already beginning to stiffen.

She felt sure that this involuntary erection was perhaps causing him the most distress. With a light slap on the boy’s buttocks she moved away from him and moved to stand in front of Peter. He blushed immediately as he was confronted by the close proximity of the startlingly pretty young prefect. He looked down at the floor, the humiliation almost too much for his timid nature as Hilary stood in front of him and raised his chin with her slender fingers so that he could not avoid looking into her eyes.

“Well, what have we here? A new boy… Peter isn’t it? Well Peter welcome to Rochville! So tell me young man… what have you managed to do in such a short time to deserve punishment mmmm?

The young boy started to stammer and shake as she held his head up so that she could look into his eyes. “Well, I am waiting for an answer.”

“I d’don’t know miss. The nurse told me to go out and join the others… I mean these boys here!”

“Well I can tell you, young man, that unless you learn to obey the rules, you will be attending quite a few of these little punishment sessions.” Although she was dying to handle the pale plump flesh of his penis and testicles, she resisted the temptation; instead she moved to stand in front of the fourth boy. She looked down at his penis in a leisurely fashion, watching his eyes follow hers, before she nonchalantly took his penis delicately between her finger and thumb.

She was not surprised to feel the turgid flesh pulse with the sudden intimate contact. She did not move her fingers; instead she held the flesh lightly as she looked into his eyes. Her pretty face was only inches from his as she spoke to him.

“It seems Ian, that you have lost control of yourself already. Why is your penis stiff, come along, I want an explanation?”

The boy blushed profusely, his cheeks turning bright red as he stammered a reply. “I am sorry miss, I d’don’t know why.”

Hilary smiled at his discomfort, feeling his penis stiffen between her fingers as she moved forward slightly so that the material of her short pleated tunic could rub across the very tip of his erect member.

She felt him shudder as she swayed her hips gently. She closed her fingers over his flesh and grasped his penis firmly so that he could not escape the acute sensation. Once more she let the material brush against the sensitive opening of his erect penis, this time he shuddered uncontrollably, trying to force his hips back to escape her torment. To his dismay she held him firmly and looked into his eyes. “Stand still young man, I won’t have disobedience.”

Once again she swayed her hips, making him shiver and gasp in anguish at the acute, almost torturous, stimulation to the very tip of his penis. At last she let go of him and stood back, smiling with satisfaction as she observed his erect penis was now bobbing up and down as it pulsed with sexual arousal.

She returned to her original position by the vaulting horse and apprised the pale bodies of the four naked young boys. Three of the boys she had handled were displaying erect and throbbing penises, which stood outwards and upwards from their bodies. She noted that the new boy’s penis was already larger than the others and, although not fully erect, was engorged and hanging down heavily between his legs. She also noted that his eyes were glistening with the trauma of his embarrassment.

Hilary was aware that his earlier experiences of the hurried induction that morning would have been a severe cultural shock to him. She examined his body leisurely, noting his beautiful slender physique and his extreme good looks. She knew that he would, over the next two years, probably be the centre of attention for her and her fellow prefects as well as for most of the all-female teaching staff employed at Rochville. His physique and handsome face was unusually perfect, even for the high physical standards that Miss Marchbank insisted upon before admitting any boy to the finishing school.

Peter felt a tear run down his cheek. His embarrassment was such that he could hardly see. His ears were ringing with shame as he contemplated his fate.

It had been very early that morning that his mother had delivered him to the school. The headmistress, the surprisingly young and quite beautiful Miss Marchbank, had greeted them both. Peter had already attended the school three weeks ago for one day, so that he could sit an entrance exam and undergo a school medical.

The medical exam had embarrassed him so much that he had been very guarded in his answers when his mother had asked him how well he thought the exam had gone. The beautiful young female doctor that had conducted his intimate and thorough examination had unnerved him to such an extent that he had spent the rest of the day with a blushing red face.

His mother had been somewhat relieved when at last a letter came to inform her that Peter had been accepted into the Rochville Preparatory School and Academy. It was a further relief to her when she read that Peter would be allowed to start straight away, even though the new term had already started. She had made Peter dress smartly in his existing college uniform and had driven him, and his suitcase packed with the school’s list of requirements, to Rochville. She felt a huge sense of relief that her plans for her son Peter had gone so smoothly.

It had been a rather wishful impulse that had made her apply to Rochville. Mary Hart had never had the money to raise herself to the standards of which she aspired. Although she had enjoyed a comfortable life style; her late husband earning a substantial salary in middle management, she had always wistfully observed the lives of the quietly wealthy Boston society. She would constantly read, in the rather reserved magazines that catered to the wealthy Bostonians, of the balls and galas that that society enjoyed.

It had been in one of these magazines that she had read of the marriage of the daughter of a well-known and extremely wealthy family. What had taken her eye amongst the glittering description of the wedding – was the fact that both the bride and groom had attended the Rochville Academy.

On impulse she had applied to Rochville, not even knowing the fees that the Academy required for their tutelage. Fortunately for her, she had enclosed a photograph of Peter along with her letter. It was a complete surprise to her that she had been invited to bring the boy for an initial interview and an even greater surprise when she had learned that the fees were entirely within her means.

Mrs. Hart had been so delighted when her son’s acceptance letter came, that she had had no thoughts that perhaps the fees were rather low for such an auspicious foundation.

The speed at which Miss Marchbank had investigated every aspect of the lives of Mary Hart and her son Peter, would have surprised even the most astute detective agency. Within three days she knew every detail of the family income, their medical history, including that of the late husband and father. She had even obtained a complete psychological profile of Peter Hart. Miss Marchbank had been delighted with the results of her research and had decided that Peter would indeed be a most suitable boy for her purposes. The boy’s school medical had confirmed her opinion that the boy was quite unusually good looking and that his character was one that would be suitable for shaping to her needs – or rather the needs of her girls.

She had tailored her fees exactly to that of Mrs. Hart’s income so that there would be no hardship incurred in paying them. She had also decided that if Mrs. Hart decided to marry in the near future, she would offer an Academy scholarship so that the new husband would see the benefit in keeping the boy at Rochville.

Mrs Hart, although concerned that her son Peter would be happy at his new school, was already anxious to start her new life as a single mother. She fully intended to marry again and although she loved her son dearly, she realised that she would have complete freedom to socialise while he was away at boarding school.

On arrival they had been given tea in the beautiful sitting room of the Headmistress. Miss Marchbank had talked with Peter’s mother for over an hour about the benefits of the school and the certainty that Peter would easily achieve the required grades in the new subjects he would be given.

Peter had sat on one of the beautifully upholstered armchairs, aware that soon he would be left alone in a completely new environment. After a while Miss Marchbank stood up and brought the meeting to a close. It was with further assurances by her, that ‘Peter will love here it here at Rochville’, that Peter’s mother had announced that she would be more than delighted to leave the boy in the excellent care of the school. She had kissed him goodbye, noting the tear in his eye as she turned to leave.

It had only been a few moments after his mother had departed, that the extremely young and capable school matron had arrived and taken him to the medical centre where his abrupt and complete humiliation and embarrassment had commenced. The Matron was slim and attractive and had made him blush as she took hold of his hand and led him through the maze of corridors to the examination rooms.

The Medical centre was large and well equipped and Peter had stood in awe of the array of equipment as well as the two pretty school nurses who had been preparing the examination table. He had stood quietly looking down at his feet when suddenly the Matron had turned to him and casually told him to strip until he was naked. He had flushed a deep shade of red as he fumbled with his clothing, divesting himself of his blazer, shirt and socks and shoes. He had hesitated as he got down to his underpants, only to have one of the nurses kneel in front of him and casually hook her slender fingers delicately into the waistband of his shorts and pull them down to his ankles.

It had been one humiliation after another as they laid him face upwards upon the table and without preamble raised his legs so that his knees were almost pressed against his chest. Deftly and swiftly the nurses had prised his bottom cheeks apart. Matron had casually slipped a lubricated finger up through his sphincter and into his anus, nonchalantly she let first one finger, and then, with a quick thrust another, roam about inside him. He had gasped and cried out in alarm as the enema nozzle had been gently but firmly inserted inside his bottom, only to cry out again with embarrassment as one of the pretty nurses had casually taken hold of his penis and then cupped her other hand around his testicles, before lifting his captured genitalia upwards from between his legs.

His face had been one long flush of shame as they had made him expel into a bowl, before diligently repeating the procedure three times. He had shivered in embarrassment as they lifted his legs and begun to shave his genitals. Their hands were everywhere as they parted his buttocks and moved his penis and testicles this way and that until he was completely denuded of hair, not only between his legs and buttocks and around his pubis, but also underneath his arms.

The deft and well-practised humiliation had continued… he had shivered uncontrollably as they had made him stand in a large metal bath while they washed him. The matron as well as the two nurses had bathed him intimately and thoroughly; Matron’s delicate fingers had penetrated his anus and retracted his foreskin, allowing one of the nurses to slide her fingers over the exposed rim of his penis. He had felt utterly ashamed and belittled as they left him with his penis fully erect while they fetched towels to dry him. The final humiliation had come as he was made to stand with his legs stretched wide apart and his hands on his head as Matron casually examined him from head to toe.

Peter had stood as instructed, his mind in a haze of utter embarrassment. The nurse and the Matron had ignored him as they tidied the examination room. He had been left to stand there for perhaps ten minutes when to his horror, the door had opened and a young schoolgirl had entered. She had shown no surprise at his naked body or his erect penis so lewdly on display, as he stood with his back arched and his feet astride with his hands clasped firmly to his head.

Instead she had carefully looked him up and down before handing matron the note she was carrying. She could have been no more than eighteen years of age – and yet none of the nursing staff showed any surprise as she stood in front of the naked and trembling youth, blatantly examining his erect penis and plump testicles.

Her deep blue eyes almost mesmerised Peter, as he stood rooted to the spot in horror at the indignity of the situation. The girl seemed unconcerned at his embarrassment; instead she tossed her beautifully groomed ash blonde hair to the side and continued with her leisurely inspection of his naked form.

The matron had not hurried the young girl as she read the note. Instead she addressed her in a kindly fashion. “Well done Geraldine, take him through to the duty prefect and he can go and see Miss Trent with the others.”

Peter had been instructed to follow the young girl; he had stumbled rather than walked behind her as she led him towards the door. He had instinctively clasped his hands to his groin, holding his penis against his tummy to hide his shameful erection. Once in the corridor she had turned and looked at him, her face mischievous and impudent although her voice and words had a certain naivety to them.

“I hope you can learn to control your penis better than some of the other boys. You really have a big one, and it will make it very noticeable if it gets hard like it is now. I should warn you that boys get caned on their bottoms if they are caught touching their penises.”

Peter had blushed, his face colouring immediately to a deep dark purple as the young girl looked at him, without a hint of embarrassment. He had never in his young life known such abject and deep humiliation as she causally looked at his freshly shaven groin.

“I am telling you this as a friend… don’t cover your penis, walk with your hands at your sides if you want to avoid the cane. I will walk slowly and perhaps it will go down a bit before we get to the courtyard.”

She had talked about his penis in such a forthright way, and yet had such an innocent expression on her face, that he was utterly shocked. He had blushed and trembled as the young girl turned away and walked in front of him, he let his hands fall to his sides, hoping that she would not turn around again and look at him.

Although his erection had begun to subside it was still plump and turgid as they exited the corridor and turned into a wide doorway where three other boys were standing; their naked bodies were shivering as they cowered against the tiled walls of the small annexe. They were looking apprehensively at the young prefect standing in front of them. She held a long rattan cane in her hand and looked demure and perfectly at ease as she casually examined the nakedness of the young men she had in her charge. Her neatly arranged uniform and well groomed appearance contrasted starkly with the trembling trio of bare young bodies.

She turned to Peter and looked at him. Her eyes travelled the length of his body, noting every detail of his nakedness before she gestured for him to stand alongside the other boys. It was all who he could do, not to clasp his hands against his groin to hide his shame.

“Thank you Geraldene, he wasn’t any trouble was he?” The young girl had shaken her head as Peter moved to stand by the side of the other boys. His face was burning so much that he felt near to fainting. The young prefect took time to examine the new boy from head to toe. Peter stood trembling, his body suffused in goose bumps as she leisurely appraised him, her beautiful eyes examining every detail of his genitals before she beckoned the four boys to follow her outside and into the courtyard.


Now, as Peter waited with the others, his face burned with humiliation as he stood naked with his the palms of his hands pressed to the top of his head. He did not dare to look at the other boys or the pretty prefect, who was half sitting upon the vaulting horse; instead he stared at the sky, engulfed in total confusion and utter shame.

From somewhere inside the impressive stone buildings that surrounded the courtyard, Peter heard a bell sound and soon afterwards, he heard the sound of schoolgirls entering the courtyard. He closed his eyes in shame as their excited chatter became louder. Eventually he opened his eyes to see that the courtyard had filled with young girls, most of them heading towards himself and the other boys. It did not take many minutes before the four naked boys were completely surrounded by giggling girls.

Peter felt his face begin to burn as his cheeks flushed to a deep and vivid red. He could see that the boys were as equally embarrassed, as young girls formed a square formation around them. The smaller girls stood nearest to the boys, while the taller and older prefects stood behind them. By the time they had all settled into their places they were several rows deep. Peter could not help looking at them, noticing immediately that they all seemed to be extremely attractive and far better groomed than any group of schoolgirls he had ever seen.

Had he been able to form coherent thought, he might have pondered as to why every girl in the school seemed to be unusually pretty. There were none that were overweight, or had spots, or who seemed to have any imperfections at all. They all wore the same immaculately tailored uniforms, their skirts worn extremely short to show most of their bare legs, their tailored shirts, crisp and white. All of the girls wore delicate rope sandals upon their feet, the ties criss- crossing their calves before being tied just below the knee.

Had he known the true purpose of the admission of young boys to Rochville and the raison d’etre of the school, he might have understood how this strange phenomenon had come about and perhaps ultimately his intended fate.

The youngest girls who had joined the school at eighteen were obviously amused and intrigued at the sight of the four naked boys, although certainly not surprised. Peter watched in horror as the girls hid their mouths with their hands as they made remarks about the physical attributes of the boys to each other.

There seemed to be no embarrassment amongst them as they pointed and commented on the appearance and the erect state of the trembling and utterly humiliated boys. Peter flinched as he saw one of the girls reach out and stroke her hands lightly over the naked bottom cheeks of one of the boys. The boy immediately groaned in dismay as several of girls standing nearest to him followed suit, their hands, impudently feeling between his buttocks.

Peter was soon groaning too, not daring to turn around as he suddenly felt a hand touch his own bottom. Almost immediately, there was another and another and he felt the cheeks of his bottom being spread apart and a small hand dip in-between the parted flesh. He gasped and groaned as others joined in, their hands stoking over his buttocks and his hips and thighs. He looked across at the young prefect in despair, only to see her smile at the girls standing behind him as they continued their intimate exploration of his body.

“Oooh” he gasped reluctantly as he felt the slender hand of a small girl slip impudently in-between his legs and her gentle fingers delicately and deliberately cup his testicles. He could not help shivering as his scrotum was lifted and the soft orbs of flesh inside, sensuously fondled by her delicate fingertips. The voice of the unseen girl whispered to him.

“I bet this makes you stiffen up a bit”

The sensual probing and stroking of his body had the inevitable result. He groaned in horror as he felt his penis begin to erect, the timid pale flesh not just stiffening, but to his utter dismay, pulsing and throbbing as it rose in a series of undulations, to an angle of sixty degrees from his body. He shivered and his face burned from the rush of blood to his head as his embarrassment manifested itself once more.

Suddenly he was aware of a murmur amongst the crowd of girls; he felt their hands being abruptly snatched away from his trembling body. To his right, Peter saw the reason for abrupt withdrawal of the girl’s hands from his body; a tall and extremely pretty young woman approached the prefect. Hilary, who was still perched upon the surface of the vaulting horse, rose to greet the young teacher.

Miss Trent held a long rattan cane in her hand. The dark mottled surface of the bamboo contrasted sharply with her long slender fingers and neatly painted coral fingernails.

She did not waste time or words; instead she crooked her finger at Gerald, beckoning him towards the vaulting horse. As the trembling youth approached his impending chastisement, a shudder ran through his body. Miss Trent smiled knowingly, her bright red lips parting to reveal even white teeth. Her severely cut jet-black hair shone in the sunlight as she moved to stand beside the vaulting horse. Her white silk blouse did little to conceal the fullness of her breasts, or her short skirt, the shapeliness of her long bare legs.

Two girls emerged from the excited crowd and made their way to stand behind the vaulting horse. They appeared to be only a little older than Gerald. In spite of their youth they seemed confident and practised as they took hold of the naked boy and dragged him face down over the vaulting horse. They held his arms outwards and stretched them onto the surface of the horse, effectively pinioning him to the faded leather.

Peter watched in horror as the young prefect moved behind the prostrated miscreant, leaning forward, she slapped the insides of his thighs until his legs were spread apart and his hips were pressed down against the surface. With a studied casualness she reached between his legs and lifted his testicles, while she pulled his penis out from beneath him, so that it was pointing downwards between his widely parted thighs.

Miss Trent could not hide her smile as Hilary handled the boy’s most intimate parts so casually. She watched the young prefect as she straightened up and moved around to the other side of the vaulting horse before taking the boy’s head gently in her hands.

It was with an almost tender and intimate movement as she stroked her delicate fingers over the boy’s burning cheeks and through his hair. “Well Gerald, you will try and keep nice and still for Miss Trent, while she canes that naughty little bare bottom of yours. Promise me you will be good, otherwise I will have one of the girls sit under the horse and hold your testicles tightly, just like I had to do to Jeremy last week!”

Hilary felt the wetness of Gerald’s tears on her hands as the boy began to sob. She looked up at Miss Trent who had raised the cane. The young teacher looked beautiful as she stretched her arm high above her head, her young breasts pressing tightly against the material of her white silk blouse.

“Four strokes for you my boy. Six if I have any nonsense.” With those words the cane descended, cutting into the boy’s bottom cheeks.


Hilary held his head firmly as he tried to rear up, watching with delight as the boy tried to wriggle his bared buttocks away from the path of the cane. His writhing did him no good as the cane descended again, the second stroke allowing him no time to recover from the first.

This was the preferred method of caning at Rochville, the strokes of the cane coming down hard and fast, one after the other, in a hurried series of loud “whacks”. The rattan would bite into the tender cheeks of the miscreant’s bottom at such a pace that sometimes the boy would hardly have had time to draw breath.

“Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack.” Hilary watched avidly as the strokes were delivered; she was almost delirious with sexual excitement as the cane bit into the boy’s flesh for the fourth and last time. She held his cheeks as he reared up his head in anguish. His screams rang in her ears as she stroked his cheeks; her voice was soft and low as she whispered to him.

“Poor Gerald, never mind, it is all over now.”

She watched as the two young monitors, their faces flushed with excitement, held him captive for a very slow count of thirty before they let go of his arms. Miss Trent was well aware that this was the worst period for the young men, the slow count as the pain built up into an agonising and infernal torment.

Hilary had witnessed this scene many times before. She watched as the boy fell to the floor, lying on his back. He writhed in agony, his buttocks rubbing against the smooth cobbles of the courtyard as he tried to assuage the pain.

The girls all watched as his penis, still plump and swollen, flapped about wildly. His pain was such that for a short time he seemed unaware of the immodesty of his violent gyrations.

Miss Trent looked down at him, her expression certainly betraying nothing of the acute excitement she felt each time she caned a naked boy. She waited until his writhing ceased, watching as he grasped his hands over his genitals and struggled to his feet. His embarrassment and humiliation suddenly became the greater contender for his acute discomfort, taking precedence over the searing pain in his bottom.

Miss Trent spoke to him, her voice, articulate and crisp, as she admonished the distraught young boy.

“I think Gerald you would be well advised to take your hands away from your genitalia. You know I will not tolerate you young boys playing with yourselves.”

Gerald’s face managed to turn an even deeper shade of red as he faced Miss Trent. Slowly and with a shiver of shame, he uncovered himself. He could not help but glance at the row of young girls to see if they were watching him. The gesture, although involuntary, was futile and confirmed his worse fears. All of the girls were watching his every move. To his utter dismay, two of the youngest girls, who were from his own class, exchanged conspiratorial glances and then sniggered as his face took on an even deeper shade of red.

The canings continued quickly, with the second boy receiving four strokes of the cane before performing similar gyrations upon the cool cobbled surface of the courtyard. Such was the anguish of the third boy, who having witnessed the chastisement of the other two, was so distressed that he had to be fetched by the two young monitors to face the vaulting horse.

His bare body shivered and trembled as he was summarily bent over the leather horse and held in position. Two more girls emerged from the crowd at the beckoning of Miss Trent. They each knelt down at either side of the vaulting horse and without needing instruction took each of his ankles, stretching his legs apart until his hips were flat against the horse. They held them firmly as they looked up at Miss Trent.

“Six of the best for you Henry.”

Miss Trent leaned forward as she spoke and deftly slipped her hand downwards between his buttocks, parting the quivering flesh as she reached underneath him and grasped his penis, pulling it from under his tummy until it hung down between his legs. She stepped back and raised the cane, pausing for a moment as Hilary moved forward from her position behind the horse, her thighs touching the top of the boy’s head, as she placed both hands flat against the shivering bare flesh of his shoulders.

The young boy was now completely pinioned to the horse as the first of six strokes was vigorously applied to his quivering bottom.

“Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.”

Such was the rapidity of the caning that it lasted no longer than the duration of the boy’s first indrawn breath. As the last stroke fell his body seemed to flex into a rigid posture. Peter watched in horror as the boy turned his head to the side and screamed; the long tormented cry sent shivers through Peter’s body.

He had never witnessed anything like this in his young life and he began to shiver uncontrollably as the cries of anguish rang in his ears. Even though the girls were holding the young boy firmly, Peter could see that his body was convulsing in pain. After another slow count of thirty, the girls released him and the boy slid to the ground, writhing in complete abandon upon the floor. His penis flapped wildly against the flesh of his hips and tummy as he rubbed his buttocks vigorously against the smooth cobble.

The excited schoolgirls looked down at the boy’s involuntary gyrations. The expressions on their innocent faces showed little concern for his anguish, instead their eyes followed the abandoned movement of his naked body, their wide eyes scanning his naked body, watching his penis and testicles which were wriggling freely and flapping against his legs as he tried to rid himself of the intense pain in his buttocks.

Peter noticed that the perfectly groomed prefect had been joined by two other girls of a similar age. They, like Hilary, were pretty to the extreme. The first of the girls had wonderful ash blonde hair; her beautifully shaped face was lightly made up with a pale pink lipstick delineating the exquisite shape of her lips. The second girl was darker, her lovely olive skin, completely without imperfection.

The jet-black hair, luxurious in thickness and texture was tied back neatly and shone with an almost blue tint under the rays of sunshine that played upon the courtyard. The thin wire framed glasses she wore, could not disguise the beauty of her almond shaped eyes. Her lips, which were painted bright red, were stretched wide in a smile as she looked at Hilary for a brief moment.

She raised her eyebrows before turning her head back towards the violent movements of the naked boy as he lay upon the shiny cobblestones.

All three girls were tall and their deliberately short pleated skirts showed their shapely thighs off to perfection.

Peter watched the three prefects as they took rubber gloves from underneath the lid of the cabinet. Their slender fingers were pointed upwards and extended rigidly as they smoothed the thin rubber over their hands, each snapping the rubber against her wrists as they completed the task. Hilary produced a large tube of lubricant, which each girl used, in turn, to lubricate the fingers of their rubber gloves.

It was several moments before Miss Trent spoke to Henry who was still rubbing his bottom against the floor.

“Come along Henry, I think you have made enough of a spectacle of yourself.” Peter watched, as finally the boy got up and stood trembling in front of the pretty young teacher. His face was bright red and he was gasping for breath. Peter noticed that the boy did not attempt to cover his genitals, but rather stood shamefaced with his hands by his sides.

While the pretty young girls in the crowd chatted excitedly, Peter watched as all three boys were bent over the vaulting horse. Their bodies were placed side by side with their arms stretched forward and their hips touching each other. After positioning them appropriately, the three prefects moved behind each of the boys and almost casually parted their buttocks. There were gasps of humiliation and discomfort as the girls looked at each other before bending forward.

Each of them deftly lubricated and penetrated the anus of the boy in front of her. The boy’s gasped in anguish as a slender extended forefinger invaded their young bottoms. There seemed to be a casual almost nonchalant attitude amongst the confident prefects, as if the boy’s distress was of no consequence.

On an instruction from Miss Trent the boys were made to stand, each of them gasping with acute sensation as the muscles of their sphincters tightened against the slender forefingers which now impaled their bottoms.

They waddled slowly, their pale naked flesh in stark contrast to the smartly dressed girls. The young prefects held the boys around their waists, their palms flat against the boys’ tummies as they kept their fingers buried deep inside each of their bottoms.

The girls seemed to stoop slightly, perhaps to make absolutely sure that their fingers were fully penetrating each boy’s sphincter; their hands were completely engulfed by the soft flesh of the boys’ bottom cheeks.

In silence, but with a rather satisfied expression on their faces, the prefects walked them forward until all three boys were standing at an arms length apart.

Each of them had struggled to mount the platform, which was of a deliberate height so that the prefects did not have to stoop to keep the young miscreants impaled. All of the boys were now standing in isolation and to their utter embarrassment and humiliation… facing the crowd of schoolgirls who were waiting eagerly to see their embarrassing fate.

“Hands upon your heads, eyes wide open and face the girls. You have each been caned for playing with your penises, so now everyone will have the opportunity to see how silly little boys look while their penises are being played with. One would have thought that eighteen year old boys would have more sense, especially knowing the consequences.” Miss Trent’s words had immediately produced a blush on the faces of the naked pupils.

Peter tried to turn his head to look at them, but found it difficult to turn far enough now that the boys had been moved to the side.

He had begun to feel slightly more composed when he realised that perhaps, after all, he was not to be caned. He turned back quickly as he saw that Miss Trent had noticed his movements.

“Peter come here and stand with the girls, I want you to see this. You have already witnessed what happens to naughty boys when I have to cane them. Now you can stand and watch with the girls, how silly little boys are humiliated in front of all of the girls.”

Peter turned towards Miss Trent and the crowd of girls who had gathered even closer to the three boys. He felt his cheeks begin to burn as the blood rushed to his face. He almost stumbled as he moved towards her. He shivered as she gently placed both her hands on each side of his waist. Her fingers were cool and soothing against his fevered body.

She manoeuvred him until he was standing between a group of girls of his own age, facing the three punished boys; he blushed as he realised the proximity of his naked body to the young girls and shivered in horror at the interested looks of the pupils as he was made to stand in front of them. He knew that they would all be able to see his bottom without any hindrance.

“You can take your hands from your head, but on no account are you to touch your genitals… do you understand me?”

Peter barely managed to mumble a reply as Miss Trent turned her attention back to the boys standing in front of her. He took his hands from his head, and reluctantly let them fall to his sides.

Peter looked in front of him to see that the prefects were standing with their bodies pressed against the rear of each young boy. He noticed that all the boys’ penises had begun to erect and that each of their members was now fat and plump. To the utter embarrassment of the young boys, the prefects began to gently stimulate the prostate gland of each boy. The effect was startling as the boys stood on tiptoe, trying to escape the acute sensation of the girls’ fingers.

Peter had no idea what the prefects were doing to the boys although he could see the vigorous movements of their arms. He watched as almost simultaneously, the boys flung back their heads and opened their mouths in gasps of anguish.

Miss Trent moved in front of the first boy and reached out, quickly grasping the young boy’s penis and testicles. She deftly slid his foreskin back to reveal the head of his penis. The boy cried out as she pumped her hand up and down several times, quickly bringing him to a full and throbbing erection. She repeated the ritual with the other two boys until all three of them stood shamefaced and anguished, with their penises standing outwards and upwards, the rigid flesh pulsing visibly.

Miss Trent moved to the side so that all the girls would have an unobstructed view of the naked boys. The girls were already chattering excitedly as the prefects slid their hands down from the tummy area of each boy and encircled their delicate rubber covered fingers over the shaft of each of the boys’ penises.

The crowd of girls moved forward at the sight of the prefects touching the boys’ penises and Peter felt one of the girls at his side, take his hand in hers… a moment later another girl took hold of his other hand. He turned towards each of the girls in turn, but both of them were already facing forward, watching the spectacle in front of them.

To his horror he felt the hands of the girls behind him touch his bottom. To his dismay the hands became bolder, stroking over his bottom cheeks and around his hips. He was aware that, as the girls had gathered around to watch, most of his body was now hidden from the young teacher and that she could not see what was happening to him.

He shuddered as the girl in front of him placed her hands behind her back and deliberately stepped backwards. She leaned her body against his as her hands quickly located his penis and testicles. Without turning her head she cupped his testicles and took a firm hold of the shaft of his penis. Peter gasped in embarrassment and tried to pull his hands away from the girls at his sides. To his dismay both of the girls held his hands firmly and would not let him go. Instead, the girl to his right pulled on his arm and whispered in his ear.

“You had better not say anything or Sammy will tell Miss Trent you were playing with your willy to make it hard. Now don’t be a silly boy… let her do what she wants to you and just face forward and watch the show.”

Peter did not know what to do as he stood amidst the young girls. He winced as the girl in front of him slid the foreskin of his penis backwards. Behind him another girl suddenly parted the cheeks of his bottom and slipped her slender hand between the soft mounds of flesh. He shivered, as even more of the girls seemed to join in and start exploring his body.

In front of him the three boys were faring no better. Each of the young boys was gasping for breath as the prefects stretched their foreskins back tightly against the shaft of their penises. Gerald, who was the tallest of the three boys, looked aghast as the pretty dark haired prefect who was holding him, suddenly thrust her finger deeper into his bottom. Her voice was almost mocking as she admonished him.

“Keep still you naughty child, you are here to be punished. Naughty boys who play with their own penises have to be taught a lesson. Now face the girls and take your punishment without fuss.”

Simultaneously, all of the prefects began to milk the young boys. The boys’ faces suddenly contorted into a grimace, each boy standing on tiptoe with his hips thrust forward, as the slender fingers of the prefects penetrated deeply within their bottoms. The girls’ hands seemed to have a sensual motion to them as they expertly stimulated the straining rigid flesh of their victims. The lubricated gloves that covered their hands glistened under the strong sunlight. The crowd of junior girls murmured in excitement as they watched each of the prefects occasionally thrust their hands deeper between the quivering buttocks of the young boys.

Peter could not stop his body from shuddering in embarrassment. He felt his penis begin to erect, the flesh pulsing within the firm grip of the young girl in front of him. The combination of the sight of the young boys being milked so thoroughly and expertly, and the touch of the slender hands and fingers of the girls upon his bottom and genitals, caused his penis to extend to a full and violent erection. He felt the blood rush to his head as he was visually and physically aroused to a fever pitch.

Miss Trent looked on at the scene before her. The expertise of the young prefects never ceased to amaze her. Their well-groomed hair and lightly made up faces was complimented by the smartness of their crisply pressed white shirts and school ties. Their entire appearance and demeanour contrasted starkly against the pale naked bodies and the blushing faces of the three boys as they stood shivering in emotion.

Miss Trent smiled to herself as she noted the first telltale signs of the boys’ impending ejaculation. Their embarrassment was almost palpable as they each stood on their very tiptoes, their heads were thrown back and each of them was opened mouthed and gasping for air, as coolly and expertly they were stimulated to an impending orgasm.

It was Gerald who erupted first, his whole body tensing into a paroxysm of overwhelming sensation. His jaw sagged; his mouth hung wide open as his breathing became suspended. He ejaculated forcefully. Semen spurted from his penis in a seemingly endless stream as suddenly the second and third boy also began to ejaculate. Their bright red faces looked as if they were in a fit of agony as the young prefects pressed their fingers deep into their bottoms and expertly milked them of every last drop of their semen.

Peter could not believe his eyes; he had never experienced such an event. He shuddered with emotion as he forced himself to look on as the boys were made to ejaculate involuntarily in front of the crowd of schoolgirls. His only respite was that the girls had suddenly let go of him as the boys had begun to orgasm.

They watched with delight as each boy was milked thoroughly until he was dry of semen. They pointed and sniggered as, one by one, the boys were made to bend over and touch their toes as the prefects withdrew their fingers from their bottoms.

The prefects stood back from the boys as they ordered them to stand-up straight. One of them patted the boy she had been milking upon his bottom cheeks. Miss Trent moved forward and stood in front of each boy in turn; placing her hands against his cheeks and turning his head forward so that he was looking directly at the crowd of schoolgirls. When each boy had been positioned to her satisfaction, she turned and addressed the watching girls.

“These boys have been punished for playing with their penises.” She turned her head and looked at the three naked youngsters before turning back to the girls, whom were all listening attentively. All of the boys had tears in their eyes as they shamefacedly faced the girls. Miss Trent continued, smiling as she looked at the eager faces of the young schoolgirls.

“They are dirty little boys and have been caned and milked in front of all of you. I am convinced that there is far too much of this behaviour going on. You are all well aware that it is against school rules for boys to touch their penises and so I want you to be more vigilant in reporting any breaches of the school rules. The boys’ assessments are designed to take care of their erections and obviously these boys have failed to report that their assessment needed to be increased. I am therefore increasing the assessment of each boy by two.”

She turned to the young boys, who looked even more embarrassed as she addressed them.

“You will all report back to your class with your assessment cards and ask your form teacher to add a further two.”

She watched as the boys walked in a line towards the stone buildings and then turned her head back towards the crowd of girls. Her eyes focussed on Peter, who was trembling with shock at what he had just seen. The girls had not molested him any further, although the two girls at his sides were still holding his hands.

“Thank you young ladies for your attention during this punishment session. Now Peter, I have had you witness this punishment session so that you will be aware of what is in store for you, should you break the school rules. You may now return to the medical centre.”

She looked at the girl who was standing in front of Peter and spoke kindly to her. “Samantha, would you be kind enough to take our new boy back to the sanatorium for me?”

Peter blushed, his face turning bright crimson as the girls moved away from him and he was left standing in the open, with his penis fully erect in front of Miss Trent and the young girl who had so impudently held his genitals during the punishment session.

Miss Trent looked down at his shaven groin and then raised her head to look him in the eyes. Rather than admonish him for his erection, she spoke to him kindly.

“I am aware that this has been a traumatic introduction to Rochville for you Peter. You are going to be assessed by the doctor and her assessment should stop you having embarrassing erections such as this.”

Peter could not help looking as she reached out and casually wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of his penis. He fought the desire to pull away from her and run and hide is embarrassment as she squeezed the rigid flesh.

“You have not been acquainted with the school rules as yet, but when you are, you will find out that it is not permissible for any boy to have an erection without having it milked. If you find that you are becoming erect at anytime you must report it to a prefect.”

Peter had never felt as embarrassed; he blushed again as the pretty young teacher held his penis while she talked to him. He could smell her alluring perfume and her beautiful face was so close to his that he was completely mesmerised by her. He felt his face burning with embarrassment as her fingers gently toyed with the shaft of his penis.

“Off you go young man, Samantha will show you the way.”

Peter shamefully turned to follow the young girl as Miss Trent let go of him, her slender hand smacking him lightly on the bottom. He stumbled rather than walked, acutely aware of his erect penis bobbing up and down as he followed Samantha. The girls were standing around in groups; their eyes following his embarrassing progress across the cobbled courtyard. He did not dare to look left or right as he followed the young girl towards the medical centre.


Constance Marchbank moved away from the mullioned window of her luxurious office where, with some amusement, she had been observing the proceedings that had been enacted in the courtyard below. She returned to one of the two leather easy chairs and sat down. Her every movement was a testimony to her grace and breeding. Even if Constance had not been so beautifully dressed in the finest of Chanel Haut couture, few people would have failed to have recognised her elegance or her delicate beauty.

She looked across at the young girl who was seated in the other of the two leather chairs. The girl was dressed in the school uniform that only senior prefects were privileged to wear. Jessica had just celebrated her twenty-first birthday. The occasion had been more than just a celebration of age, although no one other than Constance Marchbank had been privy to the exact import of Jessica’s birthday.

According to the terms of her late father’s will and testament, Jessica had become the heir to her share of her family’s fortunes. Although one hundred and eighty five million dollars… as well as a similar amount in stocks and bonds might have seemed an imposing fortune to some, Constance Marchbank had not even raised her eyebrows. To those who understood the history of the Rochville Academy, especially the financial history, the legacy Jessica had inherited would have been commensurate with that of many of the present and former pupils of Rochville.

“So Jessica… you have decided that Gerald will not be the one. Not to worry, you have plenty of time and I am sure that you will not be short of entertainment when you take over your house as a tutor. As you are the most senior of all of our girls who have expressed an interest in acquiring a boy, you will be able to choose as and when you are ready.”

Jessica smiled, stretching her long legs outwards, she turned towards Constance and spoke. Her voice had a soft fruitiness to it as she tilted her head to one side and looked directly at the young headmistress.

“I can honestly say that I cannot wait to apply my skills to our current batch of young boys. But, as you say, choosing one is not a prior concern… after all every year I wait the younger they will be.” Jessica grinned impishly as she moved her body sensuously in the comfort of the leather chair.

Constance could not help but smile as she picked up the slender glass of champagne from the ornate table at her side.

“Well Jessica, you are right of course, but remember that honing the skills of your young suitor can be very fulfilling. It is a wonderful thing to have a boy so well bonded to you that his only thoughts are to please you. Of course his punishments and discipline are a most pleasant hors d’eourve and with your choice of staff only the best of performances will be extracted from him.”

Jessica squirmed in her chair as she thought of the wonderful afternoons she had spent watching the young tutors and their staff, putting boys through their paces.

“I think perhaps that I might walk over to the medical centre in a while and have a look at our newest inductee… you seem to have whetted my appetite somewhat!”

Peter followed Samantha obediently as she led him towards the main examination room of the medical centre, a room Peter had not seen before. As they entered through wide swing doors into the virtually sterile room, he could feel a distinct drop in temperature from that of the main corridor. The white tiles of the floor felt cold upon his feet. Samantha seemed to understand the effect the room might have upon the boy, she turned to him and took his wrist in her delicate hand.

For any young person, the first sight of the interior of the medical centre would have appeared foreboding and intimidating. For Peter, who had already been embarrassed more in one day than ever before in his whole life, the thought of what was to come made him shudder with trepidation.

White tiles covered the walls of the medical centre from floor to ceiling. Stainless steel trays of instruments filled the white shelves, which were mounted to head-height on each wall of the room. To Peter, the futuristic leather and stainless steel examination table which was set into the middle of the floor, seemed to be a centrepiece of evil intent.

Two huge operating-theatre lights were suspended above the ominous looking table. They shone upon the shiny chromium plated fittings of the stirrups, which were already elevated, high and wide, above the bed. Clear plastic pipes seemed to be everywhere. Some emanated from large oxygen cylinders leading to several facemasks suspended above the head of the bed. Others, of various diameters, extended from large complex looking electrical devices and air compressors, all of which were fastened to the walls above the shelving.

The pipes trailed in swirls upon the spotlessly clean tiled floor. The thick clear plastic tubes snaked their way to the examination table before winding upwards to ominous looking nozzles and tips. The end devices each had their own holders, which hooked over a high stainless-steel stand.

The large metal nozzles all had ends of various sizes, each complete with small levers and switches set into their handgrips. The torpedo shaped ends glistened wickedly under the strong almost blinding lights. Some of the smaller devices attached to the tubing looked like dentistry drills, while others were smaller still, looking more like shortened needles.

Peter trembled as he was led forward, quickly and efficiently, by Samantha and made to stand in the centre of the room. She held both of his wrists as she made him stand between two portable instrument trolleys, each one containing a tray of instruments. He eyed them warily as Samantha spoke to him, her voice quite kindly.

“Stand here with your hands placed upon your head. You must place your legs wide apart, if you look down at the tiles, I want you to make sure that there are three tiles visible between the spacing of your feet. I had better give you a few words of advice. Don’t move from where you are now. Just wait patiently until the nurses or the doctor come through. Whatever you do… do not touch your penis. To do so is an offence and is considered to be ‘playing with yourself’, which is the worst offence any boy can commit at this school. Until you learn the rules you would do well to take this advice. Now put your hands on your head.”

Peter obeyed immediately, shuffling his feet further and further apart, until he could see three tiles between his ankles. He felt utterly vulnerable as he realised how widely stretched his legs were. He felt the cool air seemingly swirling around his penis and scrotum as they hung free and clear between his legs. He shivered as the girl stood behind him and casually placed her cool hand upon his waist. His naked body shivered in shame as she casually slid her hand around his waist and smoothed her fingers down over his tummy until she was touching his penis. Casually she took a firm hold of his plump organ, leaning her head over his shoulder with her face only inches away from his blushing cheeks.

“Your erection seems to have subsided a bit. Your penis is such a nice one that I am sure it will get lots of attention.”

She moved around to stand in front of him, quickly glancing at the door as she slid his foreskin back and looked into his face.

“You are the best looking boy we have ever had at this school, so I suppose your life here will go from one embarrassment to another.”

She could see that he was blushing profusely, his bottom lip trembling in shame as she held him firmly.

Her voice softened as she kissed him gently on the cheek and then looked at his trembling countenance.

“My advice is to try and put up with it. The girls can be very spiteful and get you into lots of trouble if they want to. The teachers and staff will never take your word against theirs. Just put up with whatever happens to you and just do your best… I will try and be a friend to you, but I will never go against the other girls.”

She looked at him sympathetically. “Look your penis is as hard as iron… even after I have only touched it for a second or two.” She watched his face blush to a deep crimson as a look of guilt appeared in his tearful eyes.

“I am going to leave you now… just stay there and try and do what they tell you.” She patted his cheek and let go of his penis, giving him another look of sympathy as she turned and walked away.

Peter waited for what seemed like an eternity before hearing activity beyond the wide swing doors. His humiliation at standing naked waiting for whatever indignities were to come, kept his nerves in a constant state of anxiety. He stood as he had been placed. His hands were clasped tightly to the top of his head and his legs were spread so widely that they were aching from the effort. Suddenly the doors swung open behind him. He could not see who had entered, only being able to hear the staccato sound of heels upon the tiled floor. He tried to look behind him but was unable to turn his head more than a few inches without moving from his position.

He felt a shiver run through his body as, from behind, two young nurses passed to either side of his naked body. Their trim white uniforms brushed against his bared flesh as they moved between him and the trolleys. He blushed as they came to stand in front of him, his body trembling as they both looked at him. Like all of the staff and the schoolgirls that he had seen since his short time at Rochville, they were extremely pretty. It was not just the exquisite good look of the nurses that unnerved him. They both seemed to be very young, perhaps only a few years older than him. His cheeks burned with shame as one of the nurses placed her hand on his cheek. He felt utterly vulnerable and ashamed as she looked into his eyes and spoke softly to him.

“Now Peter, we are going to start your assessment. I want you to look at me and listen to what I tell you. This is very important for you if you are to avoid the kind of punishment that you have just witnessed outside in the quadrangle.”

Jane thrilled at his trembling young body, as he stood naked, shivering before her. She knew that her compatriot, Sandra, would be having the same feeling of delight as they both watched the young boy doing his very best to stay in his humiliating position.

She looked at him and then looked down at his naked body, her eyes lingering over his penis and testicles as they hung openly between his widely spread legs. Peter could not help but follow her gaze. To his chagrin, she leisurely inspected his genitalia. She looked back up to his face, just in time to see him flush profusely, knowing that his naked body was openly and shamefully displayed to her.

He dare not take his eyes off her face as she spoke to him.

“Now Peter, listen to me carefully. Boys at Rochville are not allowed to have an erection. Do you know what an erection is?” Peter blushed, as the young nurse looked him in the eye. He could not help the deep flush of red that burned his cheeks as she asked him the question.

“Well Peter, tell me what an erection is?”

He tried to hang his head in shame, but the pretty young nurse placed her hand under his chin and raised his head until he was looking into her pretty blue eyes.

“er…er its when… er my …er …er penis gets stiff…er misss.”

The stammered reply seemed to satisfy her.

“Well, an erection is not allowed. It is most offensive to the girls at this school… and is not tolerated here. Now for the second part Peter, listen to me very carefully so that you understand.”

She waited until she was sure she had his full attention, delighting in his beautiful young face and his pure embarrassment.

“Rochville does not allow young boys to indulge in masturbation. Do you know what masturbation is, Peter?”

Again Peter blushed, his face turning to a deep shade of purple as the pretty young nurse looked at him intently, his stammered reply seeming again to satisfy her.

“Er… yes miss I think so…”

“Have you ever indulged in masturbation Peter, have you ever played with this?” To his shame and anguish she patted the underside of his penis with the very tips of her slender fingers.

“Ooohh… nooo.. er no miss… er never miss.”

She looked at him rather quizzically

“What? Never Peter… not even once?”

“Er no… miss. Er I have never played er.. with myself, please miss… honestly miss.”

The nurse looked at him… almost sympathetically as she stood before him. She could hardly believe that she was to bring this young boy to his very first orgasm. She thrilled at the prospect as she looked at his blushing and trebling countenance.

“Well Peter, your assessment is made up of the amount of times that the school medical personnel think that these little testicles of yours need to be emptied. This is to ensure that you do not have an erection at any other time.”

To his utter shame, the young nurse cupped her hand under his scrotum and lifted the swollen orbs up into her hand. She could feel his body shiver as she smoothed her fingers around the tight sac before letting him go. She could see that the boy was wrapped in an absolute aura of shame as she looked into his face.

“Well Peter we had better get you started.”

Both nurses moved away to the far wall where there was a row of lightweight polished aluminium chairs. Peter watched as they each carried a chair back towards him. As he watched them he became aware of the beauty and grace of their lithe bodies. He felt a sudden shiver of apprehension run through his slender frame.

It was as if he had realised for the first time exactly they were going to do to him. The nurse who had been addressing him, placed her chair directly in front of him. He shivered in apprehension as she sat down and pulled the chair forward. Looking down in shame, he could see that her pretty bared knees were placed primly together between his widely spread legs. He could hear the second nurse pull her chair forward as she sat behind him.

Peter raised his head to the ceiling in humiliation as the nurse took a pair of rubber gloves from the trolley and sensuously stretched them over her slender fingers. She snapped the cuffs, the noise drawing his attention back to her actions. He could hear similar sounds from behind him, becoming acutely aware of their intentions. He quickly looked down as the nurse spoke to him, her tone sharp and efficient.

“Right Peter look at me and listen carefully… as this is your first time.” She began to apply a lubricant to her fingers as she talked to him.

“I want you to stand exactly as you are. The nurse behind you is going to penetrate your bottom and I am going to milk your penis. The amount of semen that I extract will determine the period of time before you are to be milked again.”

Peter looked at her with an expression of horror on his young face.

“It is usual, for reasons that I am not going to explain, that boys at Rochville are spanked before they are milked. As this is the very first time that you will have ejaculated, I shall not spank you… unless of course that is… that you fail to obey my instructions.”

He could not help watching as she took a glass tube from the instrument tray. The thick glass was supported in its own wire holder, which allowed it to stand upright as she placed it on the floor beside her.

The test tube was of an unusual design. The flared lip was made of very thick glass. The inside of the flared opening was ribbed with a series of smooth ridges. The ribbing extended right through the flaring of the opening to where the glass narrowed into the collection part of the tube.

Jane wondered whether using the tube might be just too much for a young boy who was being made to ejaculate for the first time. She had seen the extreme stimulus that the glass produced, when moved up and down over the unprotected rim of the glans. It always excited her when the young boys reacted to the glass by standing upon their tiptoes and gasping for air as she deftly brought them to orgasm. Jane looked at the young boy, feeling a touch of sympathy for him as she watched her compatriot suddenly lean forward.

Peter could do nothing but stand naked and ashamed as suddenly from behind, he felt a hand slip between his bottom-cheeks.

“Oooh… ahhh.”

The nurse’s voice was low and kindly as she spoke to him for the first time.

“Just relax your bottom sweetheart; I am not going to hurt you.”

The suddenness of their actions had him on his tiptoes as simultaneously a fingertip was neatly inserted up into his sphincter and gentle hands enveloped his testicles and penis.

He could not help looking down at the nurse as her left hand cupped his testicles. To his shame, she quickly slipped the foreskin of his penis back with her right hand as she squeezed his testicles firmly. Immediately he felt a throb of sensation as her fingers slipped sensuously over the glans.

He tried to raise himself even higher as he felt the fingertip that was penetrating his bottom, surging upwards and impaling him fully. He gasped in surprise as the knuckle stretched his sensitive sphincter wide, the sensation acute and all embracing, as she deftly pushed upwards in a firm and practiced motion.

“Ooohh.. oh… sissss, oh no, oh please, no miss.”

His protestations went unheeded as his penis began to throb between the fingers of the pretty young nurse seated in front of him.

“Now just relax… it will all be over before you know it.” Jane smiled to herself as she thought of the torment and sexual anguish that the boy must be feeling at the present time.

This, as far as she knew, was going to be the very first time that she had milked a boy to a virgin orgasm. She wondered how he would take the experience. Well my little virgin, she thought. It will certainly be ‘up on your tiptoes time’ very, very soon.

In an unhurried and practiced motion she slipped the foreskin of his penis back until the head was fully uncovered. She could feel the vibrant throbbing of his flesh between her fingers as she made him gasp.

“Ooooh misss… er oh oh.” He tried to evade the sensation by standing on his tiptoes, only to feel an even greater sensation as the finger in his bottom pushed upwards within him, expertly locating and scoring over his prostate gland.

He reared up again, his knees splaying outwards, as the combined ministrations of the two nurses quickly had him gasping in anguish.

Pleeeeeeease… oh nooooo argh… oh arggghh.”

Suddenly the nurse who was seated in front of him let go of his testicles. Immediately he felt the young nurse behind him, slip her free hand between his legs and firmly and take up the task of grasping his scrotum.

“Ooooh please… d’don’t… argh.” He gasped as the both nurses began to stimulate him. Their hands inflamed his timid body to a fever pitch. The nurse spoke to him, her voice soft and calming; a complete contrast to the rapid movement of her hand as she slid her fingers quickly backwards and forwards over the glans of his penis.

“Poor Peter, don’t be so distressed… it will all be over soon.” Jane delighted in his torment. The sight of him trying to elevate his young body away from their fingers delighted her more than she had thought possible.

Without breaking the swift cadence of her fingers she picked up the glass test-tube. Deliberately and callously, she drew his foreskin back tightly, leaving the glistening head of the glans exposed as she thrust the ribbed glass tube over the sensitive rim.

“Arrrggghhh ooohh,” he cried out in trepidation.

Jane felt a stab of guilty pleasure suffuse her young body as she thought of his reaction to the feeling of the test-tube. Even the most experienced boys reacted in absolute anguish at the acute sensation the ribbed glass caused to their penises.

She watched him try and gyrate his hips in a vain effort to escape the feel of the cold glass, which had enveloped the entire head of his penis. She waited for a moment or two, allowing him a little time to adjust to the feel of the glass as she tightened her grip upon the shaft of his penis. Deliberately she drew the foreskin back tightly, exposing the glans penis fully.

Hiding the absolute thrill of pleasure that had welled up inside her, she deliberately rubbed the glass up and down over the corona of his penis. A little shiver of excitement ran through her slender body as she watched him. His body stiffened as he raised himself onto the very tips of his toes. Jane could see his legs quivering and the muscles of his stomach contract as he threw back his head and cried out in utter torment and anguish.

Arggggghhhhh… oooh nooo.”

Nonchalantly, in an almost callous fashion, she speeded up the movement of the glass. She knew full well the boy’s likely reaction to the almost unbearable sensation that was being applied to his virgin penis.

“Arghh oh pl… pleease…noooo.”

His cries went unheeded as Jane leaned her body gracefully to the side while she pumped his penis mercilessly. She nodded to Sandra as the boy began to tremble from head to foot with deep emotion.

Sandra prodded his prostate gland, her finger cleverly insinuating itself against the centre of the plump mound of flesh. Peter was beside himself as suddenly he felt his first impending orgasm. He had no idea what was happening to him other than that he was unable to resist the incredible sensations that seemed to engulf him.

Jane could feel his penis throb mightily as she held the base of his shaft, her fingers stretching his foreskin away from the exposed glans. She increased her rhythm, rapidly oscillating the ribbed glass backwards and forwards over the sensitive rim. Immediately his whole body stiffened.

“There we are… that didn’t take long now did it Peter?” Her calm voice merely fuelled his humiliating and shameful sexual arousal as his body locked into a paroxysm of absolute exquisite sexual torture.

Sandra felt his sphincter pulse in rapid contractions against her finger as the boy began to ejaculate. His cry of sexual anguish was music to their ears, as the young nurses nonchalantly brought him to orgasm.

Jane watched as semen erupted from the tip of his penis into the tube. She did not ease the vigour in which she applied the tube to the end of his penis, instead thrilling as he cried out in utter abandonment, his mouth wide open and gasping for air.

“There we are Peter… what a good boy. Come along now, let’s see what you can do.” Her words rekindled his utter humiliation as he was expertly and vigorously forced to ejaculate violently. Spurt after spurt of semen jetted into the test tube as both nurses expertly prolonged his orgasm.

“Hoooo…oooooh.” The wail of abandonment heralded the boy’s complete loss of control.

Jane could see that his legs were beginning to tremble. His knees were so widely spread that she wondered if he would be able to keep his balance. Sandra was the first to see that he was losing control of his limbs. She extricated her finger from his bottom and let go of his testicles. Standing up quickly, she wrapped her arms around his body, pressing her young breasts against his back as she held him upright. She looked around his body to see Jane quickly take the tube from his penis, as suddenly his body went limp. His hands fell to his sides as he fainted.

Jane quickly placed the brimming tube back on the trolley and stood up. The girls managed to hold up his limp body, moving him quickly to the examination table. Carefully they lifted him and lay him face upwards upon the brown leather surface. Both nurses could see that the boy had completely fainted away as they stroked their hands over his body, stimulating his flesh to aid revival.

It was over thirty seconds later before he opened his eyes and was able to see the nurse looking down at him. Jane watched him until his eyes focussed properly, immediately leaving him to Sandra so that she could make her way through to the bathroom. Sandra leaned over him and looked closely at him, observing his vital signs.

His embarrassment returned in an instant as he saw the pretty nurse looking at him. His cheeks immediately coloured up into a deep crimson blush. Sandra casually flipped his penis with her fingertips and spoke to him sternly. She thrilled as she saw him flush with embarrassment.

“What a silly boy you are fainting like that. You will have to learn to control yourself a little better. Now come with me, I am going to wash your genitals and your bottom. I want no more nonsense from you. Now up you get and follow me.”

Peter flushed with colour again as the nurse stood back and watched him sit up and get off the bed. He felt absolutely humiliated as he saw the nurse overtly examining his genitals as he stood facing her with his back to the examination couch.

She nonchalantly stepped forward and cupped her hand under his scrotum, lifting his testicles. She saw that he was near to tears, as she looked him in the eye. Sandra was also aware of the boy’s desire to cover his nakedness with his hands. She spoke to him firmly.

“If you dare to touch yourself Peter, you will be smacked. It is against the school rules and I distinctly heard Jane tell you that, just before you had your semen extracted.”

She moved closer to him, still holding his scrotum she looked him in the eye. “Now are you going to be a good boy while I wash your little penis and testicles?”

Sandra had deliberately chosen her words so that she could have the thrill of watching him blush again – which the boy duly did, his face turning a bright crimson.

She squeezed his testicles gently. That one simple act subjugated the boy even further as she looked into his anguished face.

“Now follow me.”

She let go of him and turned away from him. She walked briskly, listening for the slap of the boy’s bare feet on the tiled floor, as she led him towards the bathroom, which was situated further down the corridor.

As they entered the white tiled room, Peter recognized that it was where he had been given his enema earlier in the day. He blushed as he saw not only Jane, the nurse who had handled his penis so deftly, but also two young girls dressed in their school uniforms.

Both of the young girls were lounging against the leather of the examination table. Their expressions were ones of amusement as they saw him blush and tremble in humiliation.

Peter had not got used to the fact that every girl in the academy seemed to be incredibly pretty. Although he had quickly lowered his gaze as soon as he had seen the girls, he had still noted their quite unusual beauty. One of the girls had dark almost black hair, whereas the other girl was ash blonde, which it seemed was prevalent in the school.

They both wore crisp white school shirts of a very fine cotton material; the deep collars were set off by the vivid magenta and violet of their school ties. Peter had noticed, even in the split second before lowering his eyes, that their full breasts seemed to be bare beneath the fine cotton of their shirts. He had clearly seen the hint of darker flesh against the material, as the pointed nipples of their young breasts pressed against the sheer cotton shirts.

Their faces were quite beautiful and finely featured. Their exquisite lips had been parted in amusement, displaying beautiful white and even teeth. Both girls wore their skirts as equally as short as the rest of the girls he had seen so far. Each girl displayed long tanned thighs and pretty knees above the white short socks that they were wearing.

He shivered with embarrassment as he was led to a small pedestal bidet, which was only a few feet away from where the young girls and the pretty nurse were standing. The bidet was set much higher than perhaps one would normally see in a bathroom. The design was such that the user would have to stand to use it. The shape was also unusual in that that the oblong bowl was tightly waisted, so that the patient’s thighs would fit into the indents as they stood astride the bowl.

Sandra ignored his hesitancy and gasp of embarrassment as he saw the nurse and the young girls watching him. Deftly she manoeuvred him until his legs were placed astride the bidet with his penis and testicles hanging down just above the level of the water.

“Hands on your head quickly now.” She pronounced sharply as she stood to his side.

He had no sooner lifted his arms, when he felt the cool water splash against his genitals as she quickly soaped her hands. The ignominy of standing naked with his legs astride the bidet as the young schoolgirls watched him, made him blush profusely. He gasped in shame, as nonchalantly he felt the nurse’s fingers slip in between the cheeks of his bottom; only to feel an even greater sense of shame as she casually cupped his testicles and penis with her soapy hand.

“Arggh… ooooo oh oh ooohhh.”

His utter and complete embarrassment made the young schoolgirls grin openly as the nurse nonchalantly drew the foreskin of his penis back down the shaft as at the same time as she penetrated his bottom with her finger.

Arrggghhhhh.” He raised himself on his tiptoes as the nurse vigorously soaped him, both front and back, delighting in the feel of his smooth skin and trembling body. Peter looked upwards to avoid the gaze of the young girls, shamefully aware of the throb between his legs as the nurse deliberately stimulated his penis, her soapy hands pulling his foreskin back tightly, allowing her to apply soap behind the exposed rim.

Peter jerked his hips in distress at the acute sensation. Arching his back in anguish as her finger pushed further up into his bottom. Her actions were so casual and practiced; it was if his shame and his reactions were of little consequence to her.

Sandra was thrilled to feel the first vibrant pulse between her fingers as she stretched his foreskin back, exposing the shaft fully. The heel of her hand rubbed against the sensitive rim of the glans, making him jerk his hips in an involuntary reaction. She firmly pushed her finger up into his bottom, easily penetrating him fully up to her knuckle. His movements were effectively stifled as she handled his young body with a well-practiced expertise.

Peter groaned, looking towards the two young girls in pure embarrassment. It was hope against hope that they had not noticed his burgeoning erection as his penis began to throb incessantly as it was held firmly by the young nurse.

“Oooohhh… please nurse.” He cried, as suddenly, she scored her fingernails over the very tip of his penis.

Despite his protestations, she bent her head forward, intimately examining every inch of his pubic area, as she rapidly brought him to a full and humiliating erection. Quickly she withdrew her finger from his bottom and let go of his penis as she proceeded to rinse his genitals with water from the bidet.

She stood back, leaving him standing shamefaced and trembling, his freshly rinsed penis now standing out rigidly from between his legs. His lips were trembling and there were tears in his eyes as the nurse spoke to him.

“Come along Peter; move forward so the nurse can dry you.”

He could not believe the shame and humiliation he felt, as he heard the two young girls try and stifle their giggles of amusement. He gasped in embarrassment as the nurse slapped his bottom, moving him forward reluctantly. He could not help the feeling of deep humiliation when he saw the open amusement of the two pretty schoolgirls. Jane moved towards him with a towel in her hands, her pretty face smiling at him as she spoke.

“Right Peter, bend over and grasp your ankles, I want to dry you. Legs well apart, we don’t want you getting chapped between your little bottom cheeks now do we?”

Jane thrilled as the boy blushed deeply at her instructions. With his body trembling, he took his hands from his head. He blushed again as he looked down at himself and saw that his penis was standing straight out from his body. Hesitantly he began to bend forward. His distress was further increased as Jane spoke to him again.

“No not like that, turn around so that your bottom is facing me.” He blushed mightily as he stood upright and turned to face away from the pretty young nurse. He was acutely aware that the young girls would now have a perfect view of his bottom as he bent over and grasped his ankles. Again he was spared no modesty as Jane spoke to him.

“Come along Peter you can do better than that. I want your legs spread well apart, so that I can get the towel between the cheeks of your bottom. Peter obeyed reluctantly, spreading his legs, while his face burned with shame. Jane spoke, her tone a matter of fact, to the two young girls.

“Right Jocelyn and Nicola, would you stand either side of him and hold his cheeks apart so that I can get access to his bottom. You know how naughty young boys seem to squirm when they are having their bottoms dried.” He could not believe his ears at the young nurse’s words. He blushed instantly and furiously!

Peter looked at the tiled floor as his head hung down, his whole body trembling with dreaded anticipation of having his cheeks spread apart by the two young schoolgirls. He could not help the gasp of indignity that escaped from his lips as he felt their delicate fingers touch his bottom. He groaned and tried to evade their touch, as each girl slipped both of their hands between his bottom cheeks.

Their fingers reached right into the deep crevice of his buttocks, making him wriggle as they leisurely slid their hands to and fro. He jerked his hips as their fingertips scored over the sensitive opening to his bottom. Suddenly he felt himself being gripped around the waist as Sandra leaned over him and held him firmly, her hand flat against his tummy.

Peter realised that he was unable to move at all, pinioned as he was by the nurse and the two schoolgirls.

In utter humiliation he felt his bottom cheeks being stretched apart; his whole bottom suddenly becoming wide open to view of the young girls and the nurses. He quaked with a sickening embarrassment as one of the schoolgirls suddenly smacked his bottom. Although only a light smack, the indignity of it produced a feeling of dread within his stomach.

“Now keep still, you naughty boy so that the nurses can dry you. Whatever are you going to be like when they dry your little willy?”

Peter had thought that he could feel no greater embarrassment and yet a sudden wave of utter anguish flushed through his entire body, it was if he was cocooned in shame at the young girl’s actions and words. He simply could not believe that young schoolgirls would be allowed to see a naked boy, never mind help with something as intimate as this.

Or, he thought, that they would also be allowed to smack him. Incredibly, it seemed that the action of young schoolgirl, smacking his bared bottom, was condoned.

“Well done Jocelyn, you can see how naughty our new border is. He is going to have a lot to learn if he is to avoid a visit to the headmistress in future. Now will you both stretch his cheeks apart as widely as you can?”

Peter grunted and groaned as his buttocks were stretched wide and the towel was plied intimately between the cheeks of his bottom. He felt the nurse reach beneath him, her hand moving nonchalantly between his legs, to seesaw the soft material to and fro.

The ignominy of being held with his bottom cheeks spread open, as he faced the floor, was an utter assault to his sensibilities. He saw his tears drop upon the tiled floor as he wept with shame.

He felt completely helpless, unable to stop the shameful and humiliating exposure of his body to the nurses and two schoolgirls. He shivered and shook as he was made to stand with his legs spread apart while his erect penis was rudely exposed. His torment seemed to be without end, as one nurse retracted his foreskin while the other dried him. His body squirmed and shivered as he tried to deal with the acute sensation of the fluffy towel upon his most delicate flesh.

“Right… Jocelyn and Nicola.” Jane addressed the two schoolgirls. “Will you take him to the outfitting department to get his school uniform?”

To both Jocelyn and Nicola’s delight, she continued:

“I would like you to stay with him while he is measured and then take him to see the headmistress; she will be in the medical administration office. If he is naughty you have my permission to smack his little bottom. I am sorry that you will have to bear witness to his erection, but unfortunately I do not have time to milk him for a second time, as we are already late with him. He is due to be there by ten-thirty. If you would ask Miss Parfit or Sue and Pamela, in the stores, if they would make sure that he is ready by that time, I would be grateful.”

Neither Jocelyn nor Nicola bothered to hide their expressions of delight as they looked at the naked boy. They could see his utter humiliation and were delighted in the fact that they would have the opportunity to see his further embarrassment as he was fitted for his uniform. This was not the first time that the girls had had a naked boy in their charge, but it was the first time that they had seen a naked boy of such outstanding physical beauty.


The journey through endless corridors seemed interminable, as Peter walked naked between Jocelyn and Nicola; each girl guiding him with her hand flat against the small of his back. His face was a furious blush of deep red, as the girls deliberately used their authority in a casual and nonchalant manner. First Nicola and then Jocelyn would let their hand slide down over his buttocks, before giving him a gentle but humiliating slap on the bottom.

“Come along… keep up Peter.”

He was acutely aware of his shamefully erect penis. He winced as it swung from side, slapping against his thighs as he walked. The gentle touch of their hands upon his waist, coupled with the proximity of their bodies, kept his reluctant sexual sensibilities to the fore.

“Right Peter, we are going into the next door on the right… which is just around the next corner. I want you to stop for a moment so that we can make sure that you are presentable.”

Jocelyn had already made up her mind in which area of the corridor she was going to stop the boy. The corridor twisted from left to right through the building and Jocelyn knew that this particular area could not be seen from any of the doorways that led out into the throughway. Nicola leaned her head back and gave Jocelyn a knowing look.

“Yes… we must make sure that you are presentable.” She said as she just managed to stifle the giggle that had welled up inside her.

“Now Peter please bend right over and touch your toes!”

The casually spoken instruction had Peter blushing to an even deeper shade of red as he stood still, feeling utterly vulnerable between the two girls. Their hands suddenly pressed against the small of his back as they urged him to bend forward.

“Come along… you can touch your toes… can’t you Peter?”

In a haze of embarrassment Peter slowly bent forward. He could feel his cheeks burning with the humiliation he was feeling. One of the girls smacked his bottom with a sharp slap.

“Come along Peter, spread your legs as wide as you can… it will make it easier for you to touch your toes.”

Nicola stood back and looked at the boy as he spread his feet apart and touched his toes with the tips of his fingers. It was Jocelyn that smoothed her hand over the hillock of his buttocks, letting her cool fingers trail down between the crevice of his bottom cheeks. She let her hand rest for a moment before sliding her it sensuously and wickedly between his widely spread legs. She thrilled as she let her fingers tease the puckered skin of his scrotum before cupping his testicles in the palm of her hand. She felt another, far stronger, thrill run through her young body as the boy gasped in embarrassment at the sudden indignity.

“Now keep still while Nicola parts your bottom cheeks to make sure that you are nice and clean… just like good little boys should be.”

Nicola ignored the groan of embarrassment that escaped from Peter’s lips as he felt her fingertips slips between his buttocks. He gasped in shame and indignation as she nonchalantly stretched the quivering flesh so that his sphincter was totally exposed to her gaze. Jocelyn took a firmer grip of his scrotum as she extended the forefinger of her other hand and slid it downwards between the crevice of his bottom. She could feel him shiver as she scored her nail delicately over the puckered ring of flesh at the centre of his bottom.

“Oh… oooh.” He gasped as Jocelyn repeated the inspection, wiping over his sphincter with her finger several times as he shivered in humiliation.

“Yes you’re fine back here. I am just going to check behind your foreskin. You will have to stand up straight with both hands on your head. Quickly now…” She smacked his bottom with a sharp, open palmed, slap before releasing his testicles and standing back.

Both girls watched as the boy struggled to contain his utter shame. Shivering with humiliation he straightened his body and slowly raised his hands and placed them on top of his head. Jocelyn and Nicola were both delighted that he had remained with his legs wide open.

Jocelyn spoke again. “Right arch your back and look up while we both examine your naughty penis.” She sighed in mock resignation as she moved to stand in front of him.

“My, my, Peter… I just can’t understand why young boys find it so hard to control their little penises.”

Her manner could not have been more casual as she moved closer and looked him in the eye. Her exquisite good looks unnerved him, he could even feel her sweet breath against his cheek as she spoke softly.

“Now keep still and don’t fidget while I examine you. Nicola… would you do the honours please?”

Nicola bent down behind him and slipped both hands between his legs. Gently, she lifted his testicles and slid her other hand underneath the shaft of his penis. She heard him gasp as her fingers encircled the rigid flesh.

Quickly she withdrew the foreskin, pulling it back until the skin was tight and the head of his penis was fully exposed. Her cheek was pressed against the boy’s bottom as she held him with her fingers firmly grasped around the base of the shaft. She could feel his organ pulse as she stretched his skin tightly.

Almost all of the throbbing head of his penis was left jutting outwards for Jocelyn to do with as she wished.


Peter gasped in complete embarrassment as his penis was fully exposed. Jocelyn knelt down on one knee. She had an amused expression on her face as she touched his penis for the first time, tracing her fingers around the exposed rim of the glans. She saw the boy shudder as she deliberately scored her nails over the opening of the urethra.


Peter gasped in anguish as she proceeded to deliberately stimulate the captured flesh, letting her fingers trail over and around the head of the glans penis. Both girls smiled to themselves when Peter shivered, unable to contain the anguish he felt as, to his utter humiliation, they stimulated his flesh.

Jocelyn flattened her hand and held the outstretched palm against the very tip of his penis. She waited for a moment and then lightly moved her hand in a circular motion over the tip of the urethra. The boy immediately tried to push his bottom backwards in a concentrated effort to escape the exquisite torture.

Nicola, who held him firmly, had anticipated his gyrations. He felt her squeeze his testicles and pull the captured orbs downwards, stretching his foreskin backwards as far as she could, while Jocelyn cruelly continued her torturous stimulation to the tip of his penis.

“Oh, please miss… no more… oh please I can’t stand it.”

His pleading and anguished cry was so loud that Jocelyn looked around to make sure that no one was approaching.

Suddenly she felt his penis suddenly throb violently. She quickly took her palm away from the tip and watched anxiously until the throbbing subsided. She realised that they had stimulated the boy to the very brink of ejaculation. She placed both hands against his thighs and stood upright.

She could see that his lips were trembling with sensation. He was blushing furiously as she took his hands and gently made him put his arms by his sides.

“Now keep still, while I just have a look at you.” Her voice was soft and gentle as she looked into his eyes.

Even through his shame and anguish, Peter was mesmerised by the beauty of the young girl. The look of concern and tenderness upon her face captivated him.

She proceeded to run her hands over his chest and shoulders, her fingers trailing delicately over his nipples and down to his stomach. She slid her right hand around his waist and grasped his penis with her left. Holding him tightly she kissed him on the lips. She could feel him shiver with sensation as she slowly let her hand slide up his back, delicately stroking his skin, until her hand rested against the nape of his neck.

Holding his head firmly, she pushed her tongue through his lips, roving it intimately around his mouth. She could feel his body shiver and his penis throb as she held him in a loving embrace. As she took her lips away she looked into his face. Her body thrilled as she saw his rapturous expression. His mouth was open and he gulped for breath as his penis throbbed violently against her fingers.

Again Jocelyn released him, hoping that Nicola was not providing any more stimuli to his penis. She stood back and admired his trembling form. He really is delightful, she thought, as she looked into his eyes. Jocelyn thought that his expression was that of a swooning fawn; certainly her kiss had touched a very deep emotion within him.

“Have you never been kissed by a girl before?” Her face not concealing the wry amusement she felt at his look of abject love and supplication. “I can see that we girls will have to take you in hand.” She looked at Nicola who had released his penis and testicles and was now standing with her hands against his waist. She looked over his shoulder at Jocelyn and made a funny expression.

Jocelyn stifled her grin and became serious. “Now Peter, it seems obvious that your penis is no softer than when we started out, so I am afraid you will have to be measured for your new uniform with your little willy sticking out… is that what you would like to do?”

He blushed, his face a mixture of emotion as he looked at the stunningly beautiful girl.

“Oh please, no miss. I am so ashamed at being seen like this… erm, I…” He did not complete the sentence as Jocelyn reached forward and took his arm.

“Sorry sweetheart, but we have to hurry now… come along.” She stood back and looked him up and down as if to confirm her impression of his how his body looked.

Quickly both girls took up their positions at each side of the blushing boy and started him walking. Lazily, Jocelyn and Nicola let their hands trail down over his buttocks, both girls propelling him along the wide corridor and around the corner.


The outfitting room was large and very reminiscent of the old school outfitters of the nineteen forties. Two large wooden counters divided the room, both with glass fronts; they displayed shirts, socks and skirts. On top of the counters were piles of tee shirts, pullovers and other varied items of school clothing. Clothes racks stood in the middle of the room, many of the racks were empty as their stocks had been depleted with the start of the new term.

Several hard-backed wooden chairs were scattered around the room as well as two padded combinations of seat and footstool, which were used for trying on shoes. A padded bench, which had no obvious use, had been stood in the middle of the room.

There were several racks around the walls, from which were hanging school blazers and skirts. Two of the racks, which stood forward of these, were hung with short white trousers. Unlike most school- wear, the trouser material was no thicker than that of the white cotton blouses and shirts, which hung next to them.

The short trousers were hung from slim leather bracers, which were attached to buttons inside their waistbands. There were no linings to the cotton of the trousers, instead silken under-shorts hung inside from loops, which were hooked over the bracers.

The trousers themselves were unusual in two ways. One was the fact that the waistbands seemed overly wide for the size of the trouser and two, that the row of buttons, which fastened the fly of the garments, extended further down than would be usual. The silk under-shorts had no fastenings to the front opening and the opening itself extended right down to the seam of the crotch.

Susan and Pamela were leaning on one of the counters. Their pretty features were animated as they conversed with each other. They were both wearing pale blue smock-dresses which were tailored to a very short style; the hem finishing just above mid thigh. The dresses were fastened with a row of buttons running down the front from the low V of the neckline to the hem.

At a cursory glance, both Pamela and Susan could have been taken for sisters. Both young girls had the slender, long legged figures of fashion models. They had dark, almost black, hair, which was cut fashionably short and showed off the fine bone structure that was a common feature to of both of them.

Sue and Pamela had a keen interest in fashion and… as the schoolgirls were all from extremely wealthy families, they could indulge their passion for haut couture of the highest order. As befitted their jobs, of dressing the girls of the school for numerous social occasions, they were both excellent seamstresses and fitters.

Their handling of the young boys of the school required very little of their skills as seamstresses. The boys’ day-to-day wear was available, ready made, to the schools specification in a variety of sizes from outside suppliers. Susan and Pamela made the more immodest garments up ‘in-house’. On the rare occasions when the boys had visitors, their clothing would be tailor-made grey trousers and blazer, with white shirt and school tie.

Both Susan and Pamela’s make-up was immaculately applied and reflected the young girls’ interest in the latest fashionable cosmetics. The base colour of their faces was a very light, almost pale cream, complimented by bright red lipstick and deep eye shadow.

The exquisite ‘look’ of the two girls was one of a cool and haughty superiority. This fashionable façade had all the young boys at the school blushing the moment the young girls looked at them. Both girls were well aware of the, even greater, embarrassment they elicited from new boys who had to visit the department for the first time.

Their supervisor, Miss Parfit, was still in her office as the girls waited somewhat impatiently for the arrival of the new boy. Any visit to the outfitters by one of the schoolboys, was a delight for Sue and Pamela. Whereas they would treat all the schoolgirls with due deference and respect… with the boys it was another matter entirely! Although neither girl had ever received instruction or rulings on how they should treat the young boys at Rochville, they had soon learned from their supervisor, what their required behaviour was.

Over the two years that they had been working at Rochville they had had the opportunity to hone their skills in humiliating young boys. It had not taken them long to discover that they were allowed to measure the boys while they were naked. Of course the very nature of their work, measuring and fitting the boys with the various items of their uniforms, gave them every opportunity to fondle, arouse and belittle the boys in such a way as to make the ensuing erection seem to be the boy’s own fault entirely.

The resultant treatment of a young boy who was displaying an erection had come as a shock to them the first time they had witnessed and helped Miss Parfit with her remedy. Now it had become one of the highlights of their day; as they would ensure that at least one or two of the boys would have to attend for some reason or other.

Over the years, rather than censure, Miss Parfit had praised the girls in their handling of the young boys at Rochville. Often she would instruct a boy to adopt an embarrassing position for a measurement that was entirely unnecessary, just so that the girls would have an opportunity to arouse and stimulate him in a new or novel way.


Peter could not have said why he blushed again as they stopped at the tall wooden door that led to the outfitting department. Subconsciously however, it was obviously the prospect of further humiliation. Knowing that people would be seeing him for the first time, not only naked but with his penis shamefully erect.

He looked towards Jocelyn as she knocked twice before proceeding to open the door. He might have saved his blushes for his entrance! He was pushed forward firmly and led by his arms to stand naked in the centre of the room. His humiliation knew no bounds as he walked forward, his penis wobbling and saying to and fro as reluctantly, he allowed himself to be moved into position. His face had immediately flushed to a bright crimson the moment he had caught sight of Susan and Pamela.

The girls had giggled openly as they first caught sight of him, their slender hands quickly covering their pretty mouths as they looked at the naked young boy. Their eyes glanced down at his erect penis and then up to his face, causing the colour of his cheeks to deepen even further. Purple blotches suffused his cheeks as he lowered his head in shame.

Pamela looked at the schoolgirls, her face acknowledging them with a bright smile, which suddenly turned into another giggle.

“Hi Joss… Nick… what have you brought us? My word he seems to be in a state.” She turned to Peter. “Well little boy… don’t you know you are not supposed to have a stiff willy. Just look at you… how on earth are we supposed to dress you when you are like that?”

Pamela seemed satisfied with the answering blush and look of deep embarrassment on the boy’s face. She watched him drop his gaze and look down at his bare feet upon the wooden floor. Peter suddenly realised that as Jocelyn and Nicola had moved backwards, that he was now firmly under the charge of the two young girls from the outfitting department.

It was Sue’s turn to speak next. She picked up her tape measure and stood in front of the boy.

“Well sweetheart… we are going to measure you for your school kit… so stand up straight and place both of your hands upon the top of your head.”

She put her hand under his chin and raised his head so that she could look into his face.

“When we tell you to do something… you have to do it straight away. Let me show you…” She moved around him and slapped him hard upon his buttocks with the open palm of her hand.

“Now do you see sweetie… hands upon your head… now.” She slapped him quickly three times, delighting in the reddened imprint of her hand across the cheeks of his bottom.

“Ooohhh… I’m sorry miss.”

Peter stood up straight and raised his arms, placing his hands flat upon his head. The smacks had not hurt him to any extent, but the shame of being spanked in front of everyone was so shameful that he trembled from head to foot. He felt tears well up in his eyes as he stood with his back arched and his face looking forward.

“There that’s better. Now we understand each other, don’t we?” She moved to stand in front of him again and looked into his eyes. “I am going to measure you from top to toe… every little bit of you, including this stiff little willy of yours.”

He was aware that the other girl had taken a clipboard and had moved to stand at his side.

Sue moved forward so that her body was actually touching his. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest as she deliberately let the tip of his erect penis graze against the starched cotton of her dress. She looked into his eyes, her sardonic expression unnerving him, as she looked into his face. Nonchalantly she let her hand locate his penis while still holding his full attention with her gaze.

She watched him blush as he looked at her guiltily. His lips were trembling and he had an apprehensive look across his face. She looked at him, smiling mischievously as she wrapped her fingers around his erect penis and squeezed.

“Well lets get started shall we?” She held him for almost a minute, her hand squeezing his penis in short sharp bursts of pressure. He trembled as he stood obediently in front of her with his hands shamefully upon his head while she held his penis. At last her fingers stopped squeezing him and to his horror he felt his penis began to throb of its own volition.

She let him go and stood back. Taking the tape, she slipped her hand between the crook of his elbow and his head, passing her other hand around the opposite side to take the end of measuring tape.

She measured the circumference of his head, touching the ends of the tape together at the centre of his forehead. Her hands gently trailed against his blushing cheeks as she took the tape away and called out the measurement to her friend Pamela

“Now then… Pamela is going to take down your measurements as I call them out. Don’t you dare fidget or fuss… do you understand me? Come along I expect an answer.”

Peter was trembling as he stood naked before the young girl. He was acutely aware of the interested gaze of all the girls as he nervously answered her.

“Oh yes miss. I will do as you say… I am sorry for being like this… oh really miss I am.” His voice was faltering as he spoke… his utter humiliation was causing him great distress.

Peter stood shivering as Sue proceeded with her work. Her hands smoothed over his skin as she measured the various parts of his body. Sometimes she would reach around him with her body pressing tightly against his. Other times she would gently touch him with her cheek as she slipped the tape around his body. She made sure that each measurement included some intimate contact with his naked body. Each gentle touch was designed to deliberately stimulate the boy. Finally she bent down on one knee and looked up at him, waiting until he felt impelled to meet her gaze. She smiled to herself as she looked into his glistening eyes and observed his expression of pure humiliation.

“Now young man… spread your legs wide… I want to measure you down here.” Peter shuffled his legs apart as far as he could. He was afraid that if he hesitated she would smack him again.

He was trembling in helpless shame and humiliation as she casually lifted the tape upwards towards the juncture of his thighs. She let the back of hand gently smooth against his bulging scrotum, lifting his testicles as she placed the tip of the measure against his perineum. She extended the other end against his ankle before moving it to the inside of the other leg. Peter was acutely aware that her face was only millimetres away from his throbbing penis as she went about her work.

Suddenly he gasped as she let the tape measure drop to the floor and cupped his testicles in the palm of her hand. He looked up and groaned with embarrassment as she kneaded his captive orbs. To his amazement she called out to Pamela.

“Large… I should say, although that could possibly change when his milking assessment has got underway.”

Sue stood up and went to the counter and took a white tee shirt from one of the piles, she held it front of the naked boy.

“Here put this tee shirt on and let’s see how it fits.” Peter looked at her nervously as she gestured for him to take his hands from his head.

“Come along quickly now, we have a lot to get through.” Peter quickly obeyed, thankful that perhaps he was to be allowed to dress.

Sue watched Pamela as she moved to one of the racks and took a pair of white short trousers with bracers attached. She waited until the boy had put the tee shirt on, noticing that it fitted him tightly, with the hem coming down to just above his pubis. Pamela loved how the hem fitted snugly around the lower part of his narrow waist. She watched as Sue reached forward to place her fingers between the hem and the skin checking for fit around both the front and back.

Sue spoke to the boy as she stood back.

“That is a very good fit Peter. You can try your short trousers on now. She waited for Pamela to hand them to the boy. “There is no need to undo the buttons Peter. They are designed to fit loosely, that is why they have bracers. You will notice that the underwear is attached by loops around the bracers. You will be provided with two pairs of short trousers per day, which you will change at lunchtimes. We will also be making you some blazers; long trousers etc. for your visiting wear. Come along then step into your trousers and let’s have a look at you.”

She stood next to him and steadied him as he lifted first one foot and then the other into the trousers. He pulled them up, blushing as they neared his erect penis. Sue stepped forward and took the hem of the trousers and nonchalantly took hold of his penis, bending it sideways as she slipped the hem easily past his protruding erection. She could see his face flush with embarrassment as she took his arms and passed them through the bracers and slipped the straps over his shoulders.

Peter could not believe his eyes as he looked down at the short trousers. How could they possibly expect an eighteen year old boy to have to wear short trousers.

The girl stood back and looked at the fit of the trousers. She could see that Peter was puzzled by the gaping waistband and of course shamed by his erection as it tented the material at the front of the thin cotton trouser. “Well I think that is an ideal fit. Jocelyn… would you just try checking him please?”

To Peter’s utter dismay, Jocelyn stepped forward and without a moments hesitation slipped her hand down the front of his trousers. Her forearm had ample room to reach inside the waistband without hindrance.

Peter blushed profusely as Jocelyn reached right down inside the trousers, her hand moving easily down between his legs and cupping his bulging scrotum. She squeezed his testicles gently before taking hold of the shaft of his penis and stretching the foreskin backwards. She ignored his gasps as she held his penis with the skin stretched tight, feeling it pulse as she moved the head against the silk underwear.

“Oh do keep still Peter, you will have to get very used to this sort of treatment.” She loosened her grip and patting his penis once, withdrew her hand from his trousers.

“Would you do the same Nicola, please?” Sue asked as she turned her head and smiled mischievously at the young schoolgirl.

Nicola moved towards the boy, noting the expression of horror on his face as she spoke to him.

“Hands on your head boy and legs spread for inspection please.” Peter looked aghast as Nicola spoke to him sternly.

“Do as you are told immediately. That is the standard position for inspection. Now go to it, legs spread wide and hands upon your head. I am going to examine you front and back. Now keep still and stay in position.”

She watched as Peter reluctantly adopted the prescribed position. The stricken boy’s face had a look of horror as she moved to his side and placed one hand on his tummy and the other on the small of his back. Simultaneously she pushed both hands down inside the waistband of his trousers.

With one hand in the front and the other in the back she roamed her hands around inside the loose fitting short trousers, grasping his penis while her other hand explored between the crease of his bottom. She could feel that his penis was throbbing with sensation as she held it firmly between her slender fingers. She let her right hand slip between the deep crevice between the cheeks of his bottom and pressed her fingertips firmly against his sphincter. She thrilled with delight at her cruel control over the beautiful young boy.

Mischievously she teased his sphincter with the very tip of her finger, feeling the ring of muscle recoil at her touch. She spoke quite nonchalantly as she addressed both Sue and Pamela.

“Yes there seems to be plenty of room for him to be checked for an erection… and of course the material is quite delicate so that you can see his erection immediately. The boy will have no chance of hiding it. All in all, I would say these trousers are a perfect fit.”

It was Pamela that took over as Nicola slipped her hands out of the boy’s trousers and stood back.

“Right Peter let’s have you undressed so that we can fit you for your sports wear.” Without preamble she slipped the bracers from his shoulders and watched delightedly as his trousers dropped to the floor, allowing his penis to spring forth.

“Now let’s have your shirt off so that we can get you nice and bare.”

Peter was blushing mightily as the girl slipped the tee shirt over his head and replaced his hands on his head before standing back to take a small and extremely brief jock strap from off the top of the counter.

The cloth was made of white silk and looked rather like a standard jockstrap, apart from the design of the enclosure for the boy’s genitals. Instead of the normal hammock style, the material broadened out from the front straps widening so that they attached at the sides, as did the back.

The ends of the ribbons had small patches of white Velcro attached. As Pamela moved towards the boy she looked down at his erect penis, noticing that it was bobbing up and down as it throbbed, seemingly of its own volition.

“Oh Peter… I am afraid I can’t put this on you with your penis like that. I am afraid I will have to call Miss Parfit to deal with you. It is very naughty to have an erection.”

Her voice softened a little.

“Mind you I suppose you have not had your milking assessment carried out yet. Have you been milked today? Have you had your testicles emptied by anyone? Come along answer me.”

Peter looked askance. He just could not believe that such a young girl could be so nonchalant as she talked about his penis and testicles.

“Oh er please miss, I am so sorry… er the nurse … er… I mean at the medical centre … er… miss the nurse er… made me er…”

His voice trailed off, such was his embarrassment. He just blushed and dropped his head in utter shame. Holding the flimsy jockstrap in her other hand she moved forward and grasped his penis. She squeezed the captured flesh between finger and thumb.

“I am sorry Peter but I will have to report this to Miss Parfit.” She let go of him and turned away, replacing the ribbon-like cloth back onto the counter top. She strode off and exited through the doorway at the end of the room, which led into the outfitting administration office. Peter was left with his head hanging in shame as the girls giggled at his plight. He did not know what to

Moments later Pamela emerged. She looked at the other girls and gestured to the doorway behind her. Immediately all of the girls stood up straight and placed their hands modestly in front of them.

Miss Parfit strode quickly from her office doorway. She gave Sue and Pamela a cursory smile and waved her hand at Jocelyn and Nicola in greeting. She stopped in front of Peter and placed her hands upon her hips, as she looked him up and down, before her gaze settled upon his erect penis. She made no comment, instead turning her head towards her two young assistants; she motioned her head towards an empty wooden clothes racks.

Miss Parfit was a woman of forty years. Her exceptional bone structure and the beautiful symmetry of her features, made her look more like she was in her late twenties. Her fashion-model style figure was trim and shapely. Her well-toned legs were bared to mid thigh beneath the hem of a tightly waisted tunic dress. The leather strips of her thong sandals criss-crossed upwards around her shapely calves. Peter felt himself blushing to a deep crimson as she appraised his naked body.

The two young girls had nodded towards Miss Parfit and without a word, wheeled the rack into the centre of the room. The rack was of a sturdy construction, consisting of an oblong tray, which was supported on four large metal castors. At either side of the tray, two sturdy wood beams ascended to be joined across by a metal tubular rod, where, in normal circumstances, clothing hangers would be suspended.

Miss Parfit looked at Peter and spoke curtly.

“We can’t measure you in that state, young man, you will have to be milked. Go and stand in front of that rack. Sue and Pamela will position you.”

She did not wait for any reaction from the young boy; instead she turned back towards her office and left Peter standing in the middle of the room blushing furiously.

Immediately Sue and Pamela took his arms and moved him forward. In a deft practiced manner they positioned him with his hands grasping the rail of the rack. They made him stand back with his legs spread wide apart, a position that left him leaning forward with the top of his head almost touching the cross beam.

He did not hear Miss Parfit re-enter the room, instead he caught a glimpse of a medical trolley as it was wheeled into view. He turned his head to watch in shame as Miss Parfit manoeuvred it until it was placed conveniently at his side. The trolley surface was filled with open jars, a box of rubber gloves, several plastic specimen cups as well as a variety of stainless steel medical instruments.

“Now… young man let’s have no fuss from you.” Without further words she moved out of his sight and stood behind him. Without any warning she smacked him on the bottom.

“Keep still while you are being spanked Peter, failure to do so can lead you to a caning and I believe you have already seen how painful that can be.”

She proceeded to smack his bottom, hearing him gasp with shame and indignation as she kept up a steady rhythm until both cheeks of his bottom were thoroughly reddened. Again it was the shame of the spanking rather than any pain that had him trembling. He felt a deep sense of embarrassment suffuse his entire body as she stopped spanking him and laid her hand on his shoulder.

“Spanking young boys is quite customary here Peter, you will always be spanked before you are to be milked, so you shouldn’t feel too ashamed. Now I want you to keep still and not move while I attend to you.”

Miss Parfit gave the boy no explanation as to why boys were always spanked.

Peter flushed a bright red as he watched her move around to his side and deftly don a pair of the rubber gloves. She began to lubricate her fingers in a deliberate almost sensual way, while at the same time she appraised his naked body.

After a few moments she finished her preparations and moved to stand behind him again. Peter shivered as he felt her cool, gloved hand, being placed upon his hip. He gasped in pure embarrassment when her hand slipped quickly over his hipbone and she reached around to grasp his erect penis.

She immediately drew the foreskin forward, squeezing the head of his penis beneath the foreskin. Ignoring his gasps… and without preamble, she slipped her other hand between the cheeks of his bottom. The movements of her fingers were practiced and precise as she immediately sought the opening of his sphincter.

“Argggggghhhhhhh.” He groaned in utter distress as she skilfully impaled him in one deft movement. Her slender finger seemed to be straight and rigid as it moved upwards through the sensitive opening of his bottom. He suddenly felt his arms being held firmly by Pamela, who had stood in front of the rail and covered his hands with her own, pinioning him to the rack.

He raised his head only to see her smile mischievously at him, watching him buck violently as his bottom was penetrated. He gasped in utter exasperation as suddenly a second finger was slipped upwards through his sphincter. He shivered uncontrollably as Miss Parfit’s fingers roamed freely inside his bottom. His chest was heaving as he drew in deep breaths. He could not contain his emotions as Miss Parfit expertly and callously plundered his sexual senses.

Peter threw his head back in anguish, aware of his gyrations being observed by the pretty young assistant. She held his hands firmly while Miss Parfit prodded his prostate gland. He shivered reluctantly as his foreskin was expertly retracted, the skin pulled back tightly to display him fully to the watching girls. Dexterously Miss Parfit manipulated her fingers up and over the exposed glans causing him to jerk his hips backwards, only to have his bottom penetrated even more deeply as her fingers prodded and probed his prostate.

Peter was soon shivering and shaking in sexual torment. Her skill and experience in arousing the young boy had him taken him almost to the brink of ejaculation.

Miss Parfit looked towards Sue as she felt the boy’s sphincter suddenly contract against her fingers.

“Testicles and cup please Susan, quickly now.”

She added further shame as she spoke to him.

“There we are, try and keep still now… you young boys make so much fuss at having your little penises milked.” Miss Parfit’s voice was cool and calm as Peter shivered in the throes of deep emotion.

Her manner was brusque and matter of fact as her hand slid expertly up and down the shaft of his throbbing penis. She knew that keeping the rim of the glans exposed while she stimulated it was almost unbearable for young boys, yet she ignored his protestations.

Miss Parfit watched as Susan knelt down beside the naked boy and took the cap off a plastic specimen jar.

It felt to Peter that the entire nerve endings of his body were being stretched to breaking point. He cried out in anguish unable to contain his emotions as he suddenly felt Susan’s hand encase his scrotum. He shivered and shuddered as her fingers enveloped the soft orbs and squeezed.

Miss Parfit felt the boy’s sphincter contract violently. Immediately she increased her stimulation inside his bottom as she firmed the grip of her strokes over the head of his glans. She smiled down at Susan as she made sure that she had the specimen cup in place.

Peter’s body was suddenly frozen in a rigid seizure as he began to ejaculate violently. Semen erupted from the tip of his penis, jetting in thick milky globules, into the waiting cup.

Sue looked in awe at the violence of his orgasm. She had seen many boys being milked, but never before had she seen a boy have such an agonising and violent ejaculation. She could feel his testicles almost draw up into his body as he spurted into the cup. Each emission was evacuated with deep and agonising muscular contractions.

Even Miss Parfit realised how deeply the boy was responding to her ministrations. However, she did not allow any let-up in the completeness of her milking; instead she thrust her fingers against his prostate and scored the fingertips over the pulsing gland. Her voice was quite calm as she chided him.

“Keep still you naughty child, I must have a thorough ejaculation from you.” She turned her head and looked down at Susan who was kneeling, diligently capturing his semen in the specimen cup, while still holding his testicles firmly in her hand.

“Ooooophh… hoooo…hooo arggghhh hoooooo.” Peter gasped and groaned. His body was stretched to the limit of his endurance. His almost continuous ejaculation seemed to go on forever. The fingers within his bottom seemed to encourage and spur each violent emission.

The control of his body had been completely taken over by the expert and dexterous arousal of his sexual organs by Miss Parfit. Her skilful and almost cruel manipulation of his penis and prostate gland had the young boy gasping and groaning with utter abandon. His mouth hung open and he gasped for air while ejaculating helplessly into the waiting cup.

“Hooo oo… oh pleease nooo more.”

His cries went unheeded as Miss Parfit ran her fingers upwards from the very base of the shaft of his penis, deftly coaxing yet another tortured emission from the young boy.

He was near to fainting as she elicited the last drops of semen upwards from the very depths of his sexual glands. Her fingers seemingly probed and explored every inch of his body with such consummate skill that he was near to oblivion. He shivered in anguish as she squeezed the last drop of semen from the tip of his penis, her delicate hand pinching the very tip of the glans to allow the globule to drop into the specimen cup.

She let go of his penis and placed her hand firmly against his stomach, holding him tightly as she swiftly withdrew her slender fingers from his sphincter.

She heard him expel his breath in a mighty shudder, feeling his body shake uncontrollably as he tried to marshal his senses. She looked across at Jocelyn and Nicola, noting their avid and prurient interest in the young boy. She raised her hand and brought the open palm smartly down against the cheeks of his bottom. She heard him gasp and groan in embarrassment as she slapped his bottom several times.

“Come and give me a hand to lay him on the bench. I want him on his back with his legs held up… so that I can clean his bottom and penis of lubricant. Do you think you could manage that for me?”

Jocelyn and Nicola nodded vigorously, aware that this would be a further opportunity to get their young hands upon the boy.

The girls marched him towards the bench. They seemingly ignored his gasps of protest as they sat him down on the end of the bench and swiftly laid him back. He was shivering profusely as they hoisted his legs up and backwards with his knees almost touching his chest. Perfunctorily, Miss Parfit took several medicated wipes to his bottom and genitals. She handled him as if her actions were nothing more than a necessary chore, hiding her delight at the view of his naked body and his utter humiliation.

The two young assistants gave him no time to rest as they gestured for Jocelyn and Nicola to get him up from the bench. Peter blushed and shivered in embarrassment and confusion as he was made to stand with his hands placed upon the top of his head and his legs spread wide apart.

He groaned in humiliation as Pamela knelt on one knee if front of him and casually cupped his testicles in her hand.

“Now keep still while I fit your sports strap…”

Her hand lifted the swollen orbs as she exclaimed.

“… well I never… your testicles are still swollen. Now try and keep your little penis soft, otherwise Miss Parfit will have to milk you again.”

Peter shuddered in dread as she hefted his testicles in the palm of her hand. It was if she was demonstrating their size and weight to the two young schoolgirls. Eventually she let him go and took the silk in both hands.

“Now keep still.” She admonished as she slipped the top section of the ribbon around his waist and fastened the Velcro together. She let the remaining strips hang down over his buttocks.

The strips formed into a V shape and then broadening out into the inverted triangle of cloth, as it hung between his legs. Pamela was delighted in her handling of the naked young boy. She found it so thrilling, that she always prolonged the measuring and fitting of the young boys at the school. She was quite expert in arousing them, her seemingly quite innocent touching of their bodies as she dressed or undressed them, always resulted in their having to be milked.

She grasped the triangle of material and nonchalantly cupped his testicles in one hand while she took the cloth and made sure that the joining of the two straps reached the perineum. She held the narrow part of the triangle against the rear of his scrotum and drew the wider silk triangle over his testicles and drew it upward.

She noticed that his penis, although more flaccid, was still engorged. She flipped the plump shaft with her fingertips as she pulled the material upwards and held it against his groin above the tip of his penis. Deftly she snapped the two Velcro fasteners to the waistband at either side of his hips. Her face showed amusement as she knelt back to admire her handiwork.

The jockstrap looked extremely brief and yet the wide triangle of material was quite loose, gaping open just above the bulge of his genitals. The front straps followed the crease at the top of each thigh towards his hips. The Velcro held the straps tight allowing the inverted triangle of silk to sag open above his penis.

She looked up at his blushing face as she spoke.

“Well Peter, you won’t want to be getting an erection while you are dressed like this, otherwise your little willy will poke out of the top.”

She reached forward while watching his blushing face and slipped her fingers down the front of the jock strap.

“There do you see what I mean? Now I want you to start running on the spot. I want you to try and touch your chest with your knees, so you will have to put some effort into it.”

Pamela stood up and moved back to stand next to Susan and Miss Parfit. Jocelyn and Nicola both moved further to the sides so that they too could have an unobstructed view of the young boy.

Peter was blushing profusely as he started to run on the spot. He felt utterly foolish as he started to run, raising his knees higher as he began to get into the rhythm.

“Come along.” It was Miss Parfit’s sharp clear voice that uttered the instruction. “I want those knees higher while I check you sports-strap. Come along higher than that… I can easily give you a proper smack-bottom you know.”

Peter began breathing heavily as he strained to make his knees go as high as he possibly could. The girls were delighted as they watched his embarrassed movements. Miss Parfit walked around him as he strained to keep running on the spot with his knees gaining as much height as he could manage. His bare feet padded against the wood floor as he continued with his exercise.

“Right that will do. You have done a very good job girls. Now will you take it off for me Susan and I will get the rest of his straps made up for him by the end of the day.”

She looked at Peter and moved forward so that she could place her hand under his chin. She lifted his head so that he was looking her straight in the eye.

“When Susan has taken your sports-strap off I want you to start running on the spot again. You will see what a difference it makes when your genitals are unprotected. It is very important that you do not damage your testicles… so you will always ask the sports mistress, or whoever is supervising you, to put it on for you. Now spread your legs wide for Susan please.”

She stayed for a moment as Susan bent down in front of the boy and unfastened the Velcro straps at either side of his waist, letting the material hang down between his legs. The boy blushed as his genitals were bared to their gaze. Deftly Susan unfastened the waistband and took the material from him. She saw him blush again, this time profusely; as his penis dropped down to hang full and swollen between his widely spread legs.

She could see the look of abject embarrassment upon his face as she placed her hand between his legs and looked up into his face. The boy could not help watching her as she gently cupped his testicles and pulled them forward. Holding his scrotum firmly in her hand, she looked into his eyes.

“Well Peter…aren’t you grateful for all the trouble we are taking over you?”

Peter blushed and stammered as the young girl held him firmly. “Erm… yes Miss… er thank you miss.”

Susan smiled at him as she let go of his testicles and then to his utter dismay, took his penis in her hand and pushed the foreskin back, exposing him fully to the interested gaze of Jocelyn and Nicola. She turned her head to look at the young schoolgirls.

“His penis is still somewhat engorged, even after he has just been milked. I think the staff will have to keep a very watchful eye on this young man.”

She let go of his penis, tapping the tip with her fingers as she watched his blushing countenance.

To Peter it seemed utterly incongruous that a young girl, little older than himself, should have the authority to take complete control over him. He looked at Miss Parfit to see if she would protest on his behalf, only to see her nod towards the young girl, as if she was in complete agreement with Susan’s comments.

“Yes Peter”, Miss Parfit looked at him sternly as she spoke. “You will do well to remember the punishment session you witnessed this morning. Little boys who play with their penises are severely punished here at Rochville. Now tell me truthfully young man. Have you ever played with your penis?”

Peter flushed to a deep crimson as Miss Parfit looked at him. He was so embarrassed he could hardly manage to speak and yet the thought of being unjustly accused gave him the courage to answer her.

“Oh… please no Miss. I promise… really I do. I have never done anything like that… please… really miss.”

His protestations seemed to satisfy the beautiful young woman. She smiled at him and her voice became gentler.

“I am pleased to hear you say that Peter. If you are a good boy and obey all the rules, you will have nothing to fear.”

Susan looked up at him and smiled at him mischievously as she deliberately placed her hand on the inside of his thigh, as she stood upright.

“Right off you go, just as Miss Parfit has said. Knees nice and high… and then you will be able to experience what it feels like without the aid of a sports-strap.” Again Susan smirked at him as she stood back and waited for him to start the exercise.

Peter felt utterly foolish as he began to lift his feet and start running on the spot. He flushed to a deep shade of red as he suddenly realised that his penis was slapping against his thighs as he reluctantly raised each leg in turn. His face was bright red with embarrassment and physical effort as the girls and Miss Parfit looked down at his genitals. The girls watched avidly as his penis began to swell in girth and length as the sting of it being slapped against his thighs stimulated it.

The room was silent apart from his breathing and the slap of his feet upon the solid wood floor. His face was a testimony to the utter embarrassment he felt as his penis began to stiffen. He did not dare to look down at himself. He was acutely aware of his nakedness in front of all the girls and the constant slapping of his genitals against his thighs. As his penis grew even stiffer, it began to sway and bump against his legs, rather than slap from side to side. He looked towards Miss Parfit helplessly as she stood back and watched him. Her beautiful face betrayed no emotion as she let him continue with his embarrassing display.

After a while she raised her hand for him to stop. As if on cue, all the girls looked down at his groin. Peter could not help following their gaze, blushing as he saw that his penis was now fully erect and standing outwards from his body. He fought the desire to cover himself with his hands as he looked down in horror at what he saw. The foreskin had moved backwards along the shaft of his penis, revealing the head of the glans. The glistening head was clearly visible to everyone. He shivered with humiliation, as he stood naked in front of the four pretty young girls and the beautiful Miss Parfit.

Miss Parfit spoke to him; her voice was now far more kindly, as she observed his utter distress.

“Now Peter, you can see what happens when you exercise without the aid of a sports strap. Your penis is stimulated by slapping against your thighs… and of course your testicles are unprotected which could be very painful.”

She turned towards Pamela and spoke quite casually, knowing that her instructions would more than please her young assistant.

“If you would milk him for me Pamela, I would be most grateful. I have a lot of work to do in my office and it will probably take me all afternoon to get through it. He will probably need a little more stimulation before you milk him… so if you could enlist the aid of the rest of the girls to help you. After that I would like you to take both semen samples through to the medical centre and then take the boy through to the Medical Administration Office.”

She turned her full attention to Peter. Her expression was one of kindness as she addressed the trembling boy.

“Now Peter, I can see that you are somewhat embarrassed by your condition. However I require you to be well behaved while my girls deal with you. Miss Susan is going to take you over her knee so that you are comfortable while she smacks your bottom and then Miss Pamela will extract a specimen of semen from you. If you make a fuss, you will be in breach of the school rules and you will certainly be severely punished for it. So you would do well to remember the punishments that you witnessed this morning before you decide to misbehave.”

Her face softened even more as she saw a tear roll down his cheek.

“Now Sweetheart just do as you are told and you will be fine. Miss Susan and Miss Pamela will take very good care of you.”

She placed her fingers against his blushing cheek and stroked the soft skin. She could see that her gesture of tenderness had caused even more tears to well up in his eyes. She looked into his face, noting his extreme good looks.

‘He certainly is something special,’ she thought, as she stood back and admired his naked body once more. She could not help herself as she reached out and took the tip of his penis delicately between her finger and thumb. She could feel the timid flesh pulse as she casually slipped the foreskin back until it was stretched tight.

“Now remember Peter, be a good little boy while you are being milked.”

Miss Parfit ignored the look of horror on his face, instead she squeezed his penis and tapped the throbbing flesh, watching it bounce up and down before she turned away and abruptly walked back through the doorway leading to her office.

Susan smirked quite openly at the young boy as soon as Miss Parfit had turned her back. Peter seemed to look around wildly for help, his face blushing furiously as he saw the predatory expressions on all of the young girls’ faces.

Nicola spoke first, her innocent expression belying the utter thrill she felt as she moved towards the boy.

Although Miss Parfit had shown concern for the boy’s feelings, Nicola was not going to let him off the hook so easily. She could not have said why she found his embarrassment so thrilling, but she knew that she enjoyed it so intensely that she was determined to extract every vestige of excitement she could from her present position of authority.

“Peter, go and fetch that chair. That one…” she pointed. “I want you to place it here in the middle of the room so that Susan can sit down and take you over her knees.”

She saw the deep flush of colour start from his neck and seemingly rush upwards until his face was suffused in a deep crimson blush. She watched his naked body as he timidly moved toward the hard wooden chair. His unblemished skin shone under the lights of the room as he stumbled to do her bidding. His body looked perfectly proportioned, the muscles of his legs flexing as he lifted the chair.

All the girls seemed to concentrate their gaze upon his smoothly shaven groin as he timidly placed the chair in the centre of the room.

Susan quickly moved towards the chair, taking a firm hold of his arm as she sat down. She did not look up at him; instead she deftly undid the three bottom buttons of her tunic dress with her free hand, watching as the material fell away to either side of her thighs. Her legs were smooth and firm, her skin shining with a healthy glow as she undid another button and bared her legs fully.

Peter could not help looking down at her shapely thighs as she swept the material of her dress aside. He shook with embarrassment as she took a tighter grip upon his arm and pulled him around until he was standing at her side with his knees almost touching her outer thigh.

At last she looked up at him. A thrill of triumph ran though her delicate frame as she raised her free hand and waited for his full attention before placing her fingers delicately around the shaft of his penis.

“Arrggghhh.” He gasped as her fingers closed over the shaft of his throbbing organ.

“Oh dear Peter… you are not going to make a fuss are you. I would hate to have to see you caned as severely as the other boys were this morning. I saw the last boy get six of the best. It is really painful when they hold you in place after you have been caned. The pain just builds up until you can’t bear it any longer. Sometimes the boys scream and scream with pain, even before they have finished being caned. I am sure you wouldn’t like that to happen to you… now would you?”

She squeezed his throbbing flesh, feeling the organ pulse between her fingers, as she said the last words. She delighted in his expression of horror as she drew him closer by pulling on his penis.

“Now I want you to bend right over until you are lying across my knees. Put your hands on the floor… there that’s the way. I want you to try and push your bottom up so that I can get you nicely positioned for your spanking.”

Her words made Peter blush so profusely, that he could feel the heat emanating from his cheeks. He could not believe how casual and nonchalant the girl’s behaviour was as she pulled his penis forward. He felt utterly humiliated as her cool fingers gripped his throbbing member. His abject embarrassment made him shiver in shame as she bent him over her knees. He could not have explained how utterly degrading the feeling was, as his head was made to hang down over her thighs while his feet left the floor. He felt utterly helpless as his weight was placed over her knees. She placed her free hand on his waist and positioned him as easily as if he were a small child about to be punished.

Susan took great delight in her authority as she manipulated his body to the desired position. She thrilled as she felt his erect penis press against her flesh. A shiver of delight ran through her young body as she deliciously parted her thighs so that his penis could slip down between them. She savoured every moment of his humiliation as she squeezed her legs together, feeling his penis throb with sensation as she held it captive.

She was delighted to see that he had obeyed her instructions to the letter. He had placed his hands flat against the floor with his head hanging down between his arms. She drew in her breath and held it as, almost ceremoniously; she laid her slender fingers upon the cheeks of his bottom.

She could hear his indrawn breath as the coolness of her hand made the first contact with the flesh of his buttocks. She savoured every moment as she deliberately slipped her fingers between the upturned cheeks of his bottom, parting the twin mounds of flesh nonchalantly, so that she could see the small neat rosebud of his sphincter. His gasps were ignored completely, as she placed her other hand around his waist and drew his naked torso towards the flat of her stomach.

She looked at the other girls who were all watching avidly as she prepared the young boy for his spanking. It was Jocelyn who stepped forward and knelt down by his head. Susan instinctively knew the delight Jocelyn felt, as the young schoolgirl placed her hands delicately on either side of the boy’s blushing cheeks and tilted his head towards her. The positioning of his head allowed him no alternative but to look into her face. Jocelyn’s words were equally demeaning as she spoke to him softly.

“Now Peter, try and keep still while Miss Susan spanks your little bottom for you. I don’t want to have to tell Miss Parfit that you have misbehaved. She would surely send you to the Headmistresses for a caning and you are such a sweet good-looking boy that it would be a shame to see your bare bottom with red stripes from the cane upon it. So keep still and be a good boy while Miss Susan spanks you.”

Susan, confident in the fact that his attention was being firmly held by Jocelyn, did not need to hide the smile upon her face as she looked towards Nicola and Pamela. Both girls were doing their best to suppress their mirth as Susan tightened her grip around the boy’s waist and raised her right hand.

Susan was determined to make the most of her situation. She considered her words carefully as she looked down at the pale naked buttocks of the young boy. “Right young man… let’s get you properly spanked before Miss Pamela tends to that stiff little willy of yours.”

“Slaaaaap… Susan’s hand smacked smartly down upon Peter’s upturned bottom. She observed his reaction, almost clinically, as she raised her hand for the second time. His embarrassment fuelled her delight as she watched his involuntary wriggling and writhing as her hand fell upon his quivering buttocks.

“For goodness sake… do keep still… now push your bottom up like a good boy while I spank you.”

Susan began to spank him in a slow methodical fashion, counting to three under her breath between each smart smack to his pale and quivering flesh.

Susan’s actions and words caused Peter to blush so profusely that Jocelyn felt the heat upon her hands as she held his face between her outstretched palms. She looked into his eyes and spoke softly to him.

“Poor Peter… are you embarrassed at having to have your little bottom smacked while you are laid over Susan’s knees?” She waited for the next smack before continuing. “Your face is very red… is it very embarrassing to be spanked by a girl?”

Susan continued with the boy’s spanking. It delighted her to see his buttocks quiver as he reacted to her slaps. She was enjoying her authority immensely as she squeezed her legs together. The stiffness of his penis between her thighs thrilled her as she gripped him tightly. She looked down at Jocelyn, listening to the young schoolgirl as she chided the boy.

“Poor Peter, never mind it will be over soon. Now try and lift your bottom so that Susan can have complete access to it… oh Peter are those tears I can see in your eyes? Never mind, it has to be done… so lift your bottom higher for me.” Her voice was soft and low as she talked to him.

Peter could not contain his distress as his bottom was soundly spanked. Tears welled up in his eyes as he reluctantly looked at Jocelyn. It seemed totally surreal that he should be naked and upended over a young girl’s knees and be soundly spanked. The utter embarrassment he felt was fuelled by the cool and calm voice of the young girl who held his head turned towards her. He blushed each time she spoke to him, utterly humiliated as she issued each embarrassing instruction.

“Now Peter just push your bottom up a little higher… there that’s the way.”

He could not ignore her as she knelt, holding his head tilted towards her, so that she could look into his eyes. Although there was no real pain from the spanking, his bottom was smarting from the regular sharp slaps that the young girl was administering as she held him over her knees. Peter was now very aware that his penis was throbbing uncontrollably as it moved between the soft inner flesh of her thighs.

Suddenly the spanking stopped and he felt the gentle touch of her fingers as she trailed them up and over the cheeks of his bottom. He had not been able to see Pamela as she moved towards the medical trolley to reach for the fresh pair of rubber gloves. He groaned inwardly as he heard her speak to Susan.

“Right Susan, if you will keep him there I may as well lubricate his little bottom while you have him in that position. I am going to apply the gel right up inside his anus so that he doesn’t get sore when I penetrate him.”

Peter groaned again as he heard the snap of the rubber glove against her wrists. Jocelyn did her best to hide her amusement from the young boy as Pamela spoke again.

“Susan…would you part his buttocks for me? I would like them stretched as widely apart as you can manage as I want to get my fingers right up inside him.”

Peter heard her move around the chair. He shivered as he heard her next words, unable to hide his shock as Jocelyn held his head more firmly and looked deep into his eyes.

She looked at him intently, thrilling as she observed his acute embarrassment and distress. She could not help adding to his humiliation as she held his head firmly fixed towards her. “Now Peter, you have obviously heard what Pamela has said. Now I want you to obey her without question. Do you understand me?”

The boy waited for a moment… as if wondering whether an answer was required.

“Oh please miss… er yess miss.” Jocelyn patted his cheek gently, as if reassuring him that everything would be alright if he obeyed.

Pamela’s voice sounded caring as she spoke to him directly.

“Now Peter, don’t be frightened… Susan is just going to stretch the cheeks of your bottom… she won’t hurt you so try and relax. After I have got you nicely lubricated we are going to get you standing upright.”

Peter flinched as Susan slipped her fingertips intimately into the crease of his bottom. He gasped as she stretched them apart. Her movements were deft and practiced as she bared the inner part of the crease of his bottom. Her fingers parted his flesh wide, revealing his entire sphincter to her gaze and making it accessible and ready for penetration by Pamela.

The young outfitting assistant spoke to Peter again as she stood behind him. “Now Peter, when I have penetrated your bottom, I am going to get the girls to help you stand upright. My fingers will still be inside you… so you will have to allow the girls to position you without fuss… otherwise my fingers might slide out of your bottom and you would have to be penetrated all over again. So you will have to be a good boy and not make any sudden movements.”

She turned to Nicola. “Nicola, would you bring up another chair. I would like you to sit opposite Susan, so you can each hold his legs between your knees, when we get him standing upright.”

She continued. “Jocelyn, would you hold his head while I penetrate him… he may try to buck… you know how silly young boys can be sometimes. After that I would appreciate it if you would help me to stand him upright. I want you to stand in front of him so that he is facing you. Then I am going to get him to place his hands on your shoulders.”

Peter was mortified when he heard Pamela refer to the fact that he might try and buck. He tried to clench his buttocks, but to no avail as Susan continued to stretch cheeks of his bottom widely apart.

Jocelyn had been delighted with her own instructions. She smiled to herself, knowing that her own hands would then be free to caress his body as and when she pleased. It will be a delight, she thought, to be able to look into his eyes and squeeze hard on his nipples at the very moment that he ejaculates.

Pamela looked at Susan, seeing the knowing look in her eye as she approached the boy. This was Pamela’s favourite view of the young boys she was privileged to milk.

His naked buttocks were raised and open, being stretched widely apart by Susan slender fingers. She was diligently pressing the cleft of his buttocks apart, rudely displaying his neat sphincter to her view.

His legs were already raised off the ground as she grasped his left leg and moved it outward with her un-greased hand as she slipped between them. She moved forward between his legs and placed her left hand gently on the back of his thigh as she intimately examined his exposed sphincter.

She felt a shiver of delight run through her slender body as he gasped at the first contact of her hand. She knew that he was steeling himself for the first touch of her finger against the opening of his bottom. Her voice was soft, almost a murmur as she leaned forward and touched her greased finger to the ring of muscle. “Now just relax Peter… can you hear me… just let your little bottom relax now.”

She was delighted to see the flesh of the sphincter recoil… to see his body shiver in dread as she pressed gently against the tightly shut rosebud of the opening of his bottom. She liberally applied gel around the recoiling tissue, teasing the sphincter muscle constantly with her fingertip. She watched as the stricture of the sphincter became less pronounced as she sensuously probed and prodded.

“Let your little bottom relax now Peter… come along.” She could see Jocelyn take a firm hold of his head while Susan’s fingers pressed even more firmly against his parted buttocks.

Both girls were aware of the boy’s imminent impalement. The little shiver that ran through Peter’s body thrilled Pamela. She felt a delicious tingle run through her own body as she prepared herself for the entry.

For Pamela there was no more pleasurable feeling than that of her slender forefinger entering up into a young boy’s bottom for the first time.

This young boy, she thought, must be the most beautiful creature on this earth. She savoured every moment as she prepared herself for her own feeling of pleasure. Determined, as she was, to fully exploit and prolong every nuance of the boy’s complete subjugation for her own satisfaction.

“Juust reelaaxx.” Her voice was as smooth as honey; an absolute contradiction to the movement of her hand, as she teased his sphincter again, this time in one firm gesture. As soon as the flesh had relaxed enough from the involuntary recoil, she pushed her finger deftly through the ring of muscle and straight up until the knuckles of her hand would not let her penetrate him further.

All the girls watched the boy as he tried to accommodate the intense feeling of Pamela’s finger being pushed deep inside his bottom. He seemed to writhe almost as much in his utter embarrassment, as he did in his impalement.

“There we are now let me just lubricate you a little. Lift your bottom up higher for me.” Of course Pamela did not expect the boy to be able to obey her. But she could see that the humiliation of hearing her words had a profound effect upon him.

Slowly, she began to rotate her finger inside him… swirling it around until she could feel his anal passage begin to loosen. Without warning, she withdrew her forefinger until only the tip was still inside him. Placing her middle finger alongside her forefinger, she pushed them both upwards, skilfully slipping them up into his anus. The result was immediate. The boy tried to throw his back his head, at the same time vainly trying to tense his buttocks. His body shuddered wildly as both her fingers penetrated him fully to the hilt.

“Arggghhh…. Ooooooooo… hooooo HooOOOO.”

He cried in anguish as Pamela immediately began to probe inside him, moving them dexterously until she located the plump mound of his prostate gland.

“Hooooo oooohhhhhh.” His cries were a joy to her ears, as she looked sideways at Susan. It was the warning look in Susan’s eyes that suddenly alerted Pamela to the possibility that the boy might ejaculate prematurely. Pamela suddenly realised that his violent movement would be stimulating his penis while it was still trapped between Susan’s thighs.


It took several minutes and much protestation from Peter, before the girls finally had him standing upright. Pamela had easily managed to keep her fingers firmly inside the young boy while the rest of the girls had got him positioned.

He was now standing with his hands placed upon his head and his legs spread widely apart. Susan and Nicola were seated at either side of him, holding each leg between their knees. Both girls had taken the opportunity to explore his body, their hands running up and down his thighs as they held him firmly in place between their legs. Susan had gestured to Nicola and watched her avidly as she cupped her hand around the young boy’s bulging scrotum, feeling and kneading the captured orbs as the boy suffered this indignity with moans and groans.

Pamela stood with her breasts pressed against his back and her left arm wrapped around his waist with the palm of her hand flat against his stomach just above the freshly shaven pubis. She easily managed to keep the fingers of her right hand firmly inserted up inside his bottom.

Jocelyn looked at Peter’s blushing face as she smoothed her hand over his cheek.

“Now just you stand still while I fetch the specimen cup for Susan. Don’t look so anxious sweetheart. I am quite sure that Pamela will have your little plums emptied in no time at all.”

She watched him blush once more before she moved towards the medical tray and took a new plastic specimen cup. She took off the lid and returned to stand in front of Peter as she handed Susan the clear plastic beaker.

“Now Sweetheart… give me your left hand… come along quickly now!” She watched him as he lowered one hand from his head. She grasped his wrist and guided his hand until the palm was resting on her right shoulder.

“Now give me your other hand.” She followed the same procedure until the boy was resting both his hands on her shoulders. She kept his elbows bent so that her body was in close proximity to his.

The boy was now entirely surrounded, while he stood spread legged with his penis erect and throbbing. His embarrassment was written on his face for everyone to see as tears glistened in his eyes.

Nicola and Susan were at the side of each leg, holding it firmly between their knees… Pamela was standing behind him with her fingers thrusting between his bottom cheeks and at the same time, holding his body firmly to her with the flat of her palm against his tummy… and finally Jocelyn… who stood in front of him, with his hands reluctantly placed upon her young shoulders. To his chagrin, he was unable to hide his anguish from the young schoolgirl. Her cool and appraising gaze unnerved him as she looked into eyes.

She had made sure that she was not too close and that there would be plenty of room for Pamela to manipulate his penis and for Susan to collect his semen. She saw Pamela gesture to her… and on cue, she leaned her head forward and looked deep into his eyes. She observed him clinically, watching him suddenly flinch. She knew, in an instant, that Pamela had slipped her hand down from his stomach and had taken hold of his throbbing penis.

She made sure that she had his full attention as she bent her head to look down at his genitals, knowing that the young boy would be further embarrassed by her watching his penis being manipulated. He gasped in anguish as Pamela stretched the foreskin back so tightly that he shivered from head to foot. He might have saved his anguish for the next part of the procedure as Pamela held his penis resolutely in place while Susan callously placed the flattened palm of her hand against the opening of his urethra and began to move it in a circular motion over the sensitive opening.

All the girls where aware of the devastating effect this had on young boys. Time and time again, they had witnessed young boys at Rochville, pleading with their female tormentors to stop this intense form of stimulation to their penises.

Susan thrilled with delight as the boy stood up upon his toes, helplessly trying to escape the overwhelming sexual torture that she was applying to the very tip of his young penis.

“Arrrrgghh… oh pleease no, oh nooo-ooo please Miss.”

His voice was anguished as he pleaded for an end to the exquisitely cruel torment. The sensation of her hand, as the skin of her flattened palm rotated lazily in a circular motion against the very tip of his penis, had him pleading for mercy. His pleas went unheeded; instead he felt his testicles being squeezed firmly and at the same time, his foreskin being stretched backwards as Pamela tightened her grip.

He tried to raise himself higher as the fingers inside his bottom jabbed against his prostate gland. He could not countenance or deal with the utterly exquisite and torturous sensations that the girls were eliciting from his body. His breath sounded ragged and drawn and his chest heaved as they expertly plundered the naivety of emotions.

All the girls were thrilled with the boy’s reactions to their ministrations. Pamela and Susan had never seen a boy’s body perform so emotionally when being milked. His body was absolutely rigid with torment when, at last, Susan took the palm of her hand away from the tip of his penis.

His respite was short-lived as Pamela began to expertly and diligently milk his penis in earnest. Nicola and Susan watched her in fascination as she quickly brought him to a point where each muscle of his body was so rigid, that it seemed as if the sinews were being stretched to breaking point.

Pamela could not help the sudden and absolute thrill of sexual excitement streak through her body as she pressed herself against his the contour of his back. Her left hand pushed mercilessly up into his bottom as she manipulated his penis. Her bright red nails contrasted with the pale flesh of his penis as she pumped her hand backwards and forwards over the rigid and virgin flesh.

Again and again she thrust her fingers firmly up into his bottom, jabbing in a protracted and practiced series of movements to fully stimulate his pulsing prostate gland. Time and time again, she let her fingers almost exit his sphincter before thrusting upwards once more. Each thrust would be accompanied by the clever rotation of her fingers as she let them prod and probe deep inside his young bottom.

Pamela looked at Susan as she felt the boy’s sphincter begin to contract wildly around her fingers. She knew that Susan had already guessed the state of the young boy as she picked up the cup and held it a few centimetres away from the tip of his throbbing penis. Pamela moved her body back, allowing Susan enough room to apply her smacks to his bottom.

Jocelyn looked into his face as she placed her hands gently against his nipples. She could see the utter anguish of sexual torment on his face as he tried to deal with the sensations that were being wrung from his body. Cruelly she placed her fingers and thumbs on each side of his nipples and squeezed as hard as she could. His pleading look sent a shiver of sexual pleasure through her as she spoke to him.

“Poor Peter, just a little while longer… it will all be over soon. Poor baby… just a little longer.”

The coolness of her voice belied the biting grip of her fingers upon his nipples. She did not take her eyes from his, even for one moment, as she heard the loud slaps from Susan upon the boy’s naked and captive bottom cheeks.

Her gaze was firm and resolute as she spoke again.

“There we are Peter… you see, that didn’t take long at all did it… now I want you to give me a nice big sample of semen… you can do that for me can’t you Peter?”

Jocelyn’s voice was absolutely cool and calm as she looked into the boy’s anguished face. His fevered and contorted countenance still expressed the extra humiliation that her words had provoked.

“Ooooo… oooohhh.” The violence of his first emission took nearly all the girls by surprise. The slap-like sound, as his semen hit the back of the beaker, was audible to everyone. It was clearly discernable, even above the loud crack of Susan’s hand, as she spanked the flesh of his bottom.

Nicola squeezed her legs together in a delicious and selfish gesture as thrill after thrill ran through her body. She felt the warmth of his legs press against the inner flesh of her thighs as she hutched herself forward and squeezed his testicles with both her hands.

She thought that the boy looked as if he was being electrocuted rather than being made to ejaculate; such was the anguish and torment of his body. She felt a second wave of pleasure sear through her slender body, as she squeezed his plump testicles between her fingers.

Above her, Jocelyn’s voice was audible to all as she coaxed him verbally. Her voice was absolutely cool and calm as she looked into his contorted young face.

“There we are, what a clever little boy you are… just a little longer now… I am sure you can do better than that… just try and give me a nice big sample… there that’s the way.”

Her fingers relaxed and then squeezed tightly over his nipples once more, her innocent expression never once betraying any effort or force as she squeezed the delicate and sensitive nubs of flesh.

Jocelyn watched him clinically as his chest heaved, drawing in a huge lungful of air in each agonising breath. The sight of his beautiful young face being contorted in utter sexual anguish while she controlled him, was the most exciting thing she had ever seen.

Both Susan and Nicola watched as the boy ejaculated helplessly. Again and again, he tensed his body in a paroxysm of agony. Such was the prolongation of his milking that he began to shiver wildly from head to foot. His body seemed wracked with deep emotion as Pamela coaxed him to another, and then yet another, agonising emission.

Susan was fascinated to observe that his penis was still pulsing, even after there was no more semen left to extract. It was the first time that she had ever witnessed a dry ejaculation at the end of a milking.

Susan ceased her spanking and looked into the jar. She could not believe the copious amount of semen that they had forcibly extracted from the young boy. She smoothed her hand over the cheeks of his bottom while she placed the plastic specimen beaker upon the floor. She looked across at Nicola who had begun gently stroking his testicles. Nicola was letting her fingertips smooth against his skin. Her petite and delicate fingers stroked gently under the sensitive perineum as her hands slipped sexily between his widely spread legs.

Jocelyn looked into his eyes, which were rolled back as if he was in a delirium. “There, you have been a good little boy.” Now try and keep still, while Pamela slips her fingers from your little bottom.” She watched the boy wince as Pamela gently began to extract her fingers. She saw him flinch again and this time, try and raise himself up. An obvious reaction, Jocelyn thought, to the knuckles of the hand stretching the sphincter more widely as they slip through.


Jocelyn looked at the young man as he reacted to their ministrations. She knew that he probably thought that he had already endured the extremes of sexual emotion and the depths of acute embarrassment and humiliation. She smiled to herself as she thought of what he must yet endure before he would leave Rochville.

He did not know it yet, but his time at Rochville would prepare him for his life as a husband to one of the girls. However painfull, his preparation might be for him, he would emerge as the most perfectly prepared and consummate husband a girl could wish for.

– the End –

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