Romancing Doctors

It was a sort of homecoming for me. Returning to one’s alma mater does qualify for the homecoming feel. To add to the excitement was getting back to the labs and departments that one had spent as a student.

It was a sweet surprise when the head of Anatomy Department in the prestigious medical college in Bangalore — my alma mater – called me and asked if I was interested to take up a short term teaching assignment in his department.

I had recently passed out of my post graduation in anatomy from a premier medical institute in Delhi and had returned to home town for a well deserved vacation. I was planning to migrate to Australia to take up a teaching assignment in a university medical school. There was a gap of six months before I could join there for the next academic session.

The job that was offered in my alma mater was not well paying, it being an ad hoc appointment; nevertheless I agreed as it is always a thrill to go back as a teacher to the place where you were once a student. Rubbing shoulders with your former teachers in the capacity of a colleague is an experience that has a lot of initial hype.

It was also a learning experience to face the students in the classroom and labs. I felt that would give me lot of confidence to show strength and resolve when I reach my new assignment in Australia. I did have enough teaching experience when doing my post graduation. But then those students were very familiar and we had lot of socializing in the campus. I was more of a senior fellow for them than a teacher. I was not much known here, especially for the first year students, whom I would be teaching.

The chief had given me the schedule of academic activity for the next one month. He had carefully scheduled all his evening classes for my name, so that he could leave the place in the afternoon and enjoy an early evening at his club. I was measuring up the activities that I would be doing for the weekend.

My girlfriend was doing her internship in the same college. She was three years junior to me during the undergraduate studies. She was happy that I had joined the same place and we had plans to make the time worthwhile.

I was in that reverie when a sweet voice jolted me “Sir, do we have dissections tomorrow”.

Getting addressed as Sir was a new experience. When I turned around, I saw an innocent looking girl with a name badge claiming that her name was Rima. She was an innocent looking girl of average height and seductive looks. For a moment I kept staring at her face. She was quite fair and supple. Her figure was hidden by the loose apron that she was wearing. But the top buttons that were undone revealed that she had a blue T shirt. She was wearing a denim skirt that was spilt at the back. As my eyes travelled below, I could see that she has sports shoes on. Perhaps she was an athlete and that explained the lithe figure that she had.

Getting no reply from me, she repeated “Sir, do we have dissections tomorrow. My batch mates wanted to know because we have been told that you have joined here and would like to know when you start our classes”.

I felt embarrassed that I was caught in an awkward moment by a student and the initial impression that I gave her was not too professional.

I hemmed a bit and said ‘Yes. As per the schedule I have histology lab for you tomorrow at 3 PM”.

It was now her turn to gape at me.

I am quite handsome by all counts — 6’ 1″ height, 70 KG body weight, much of which is muscles and no fat. An oval chiseled face that has a pair of keen eyes. The eyebrows meet at the centre just above the root of nose, making a double arch. My thick mop of curly hair is always trimmed short. I dress impeccably in formals, especially when on professional duties. I was not wearing an apron, which gave her a fair view of my body. My half sleeved shirt afforded a good view of my sinewy and hairy arms.

I smiled at her and said “Hello, are you there?”

It was her turn to be embarrassed. She blushed giving her face a crimson tint. She looked glorious under the sunlight that we were standing. She mumbled a thank you and scooted off. I felt a twinge in my heart that she left so soon. I also felt guilty to have such thoughts about a student, especially when my girlfriend was waiting for me in the cafeteria.

I rushed to the cafeteria for lunch where Jyothi, my girlfriend was waiting. She rose up to shake hands with me and asked “How was the first day”.

I explained to her the schedule that was given to me. She was a bit disappointed that I would be occupied during the afternoons — the time that she was relatively free in the hospital. I told her that we can always find privacy in the lab, as there would be no soul during that time — the attenders would be either busy gossiping in the tea shop or enjoying siesta.

She did not seem enthusiastic about coming back to the histology lab, as she was averse to the anatomy department from the beginning. We made a deal that I would wrap the class early and meet in her house. Her parents were away on a business tour and she was alone for some more time. We sat there sipping coffee and chatting and had no clue how the time passed off. I told her that I will meet her at home by seven and then go out for dinner and left for home.

There was lot of curiosity at home with my mother wanting to know if everything went of well and how was Jyothi. It was well known at home that we were seeing each other and were serious about settling down once she finished her graduation. Mom had made some special sweets which she packed for Jyothi when I told that I will be visiting her place.

I took bath and changed into comfortable kurta and jeans. I took out my old bike and drove to Jyothi’s place that was ten minutes away. She opened the door and received me so warmly and eagerly. She asked me to follow her to the sitting room. There she pointed towards the sofa and asked me to sit down.

Jyothi asked me, “Would you like tea or coffee?”

I suggested tea, as it was easier and faster to make.

“I would like a cup of tea,” I told her.

She went to the kitchen, and came back soon with a tray of tea. She put the tray on the table and she sat down beside me on the sofa. She had made tea both for herself and me.

“How did you manage so quickly?” I asked her.

She smiled. “I had already prepared it. Thanks for the sweets. Aunty is surely hell of a cook. I have to take lessons from her before we settle down” she told me.

She wore a white long skirt and a low-necked sleeveless short kamiz and had thrown a red shawl around her shoulders. Her own reddish color was reflected in the latter. It was a surprise that she never used clothes like this at home. She always wore casuals like T shirts and slacks at home.

We continued the small talk for a while till the other friends joined us. I was surprised that she had arranged for a party to celebrate my joining the college. Most of them were her batch mates. I was not too comfortable with this turn of events, as I was in the mood to spending the evening with her alone. And hoping to get a bit lucky as the evening progressed.

The party was at ‘The Chimney’ a newly opened discotheque in the outskirts of city. It was previously a foundry that was converted as a event management place. We sat there in groups, Jyothi and me together at one table — thank god for the small mercies. We kept sipping on the chilled beers along with small talk to fill the time.

Her friends were on the dance floor swinging to the fast music. She seemed to be in no rush to head back to her friends. The place was filled with the young revelers from the nearby colleges and the BPO companies. A large group walked past them and one of them bumped into Jyothi. She lost her balance and fell forward. I leaned forward and grabbed her, helping her keep her balance. I couldn’t help but look in her Kamiz as she tried to regain her balance but instead fell forward, landing on my lap.

“I’m sorry….” she started to say.

“Nothing to be sorry about. You don’t have to get up if you don’t want to,” I smiled with a naughty wink.

“Are you sure? You are pretty comfortable.” she smiled back.

“Go right ahead.”

Jyothi straddled completely onto my lap with a big smile. We continued to talk about music and friends and family for another twenty minutes. Jyothi felt the hardening of my cock under her.

“Am I hurting you?” she said shyly. Her eyes glanced down at my crotch under her.

“Not at all. Just between you and me? I kind of like having you on my lap.” I joked.

“Well it’s good to be here.” she responded.

I felt her shift her weight as she sat on my lap. We looked into each other’s eyes. Jyothi put her hand on my chest and leaned in, I pulled her close against my chest and kissed her. She responded eagerly with her tongue. The kiss got longer and deeper. I slipped my arm to her leg, stroking her thigh through the skirt. Jyothi moaned as my hand made contact with her bare skin. Her hips rose slowly up and back down on me. She could feel my hard on pressing against her shorts. She started breathing a little heavy as we start to dry hump each other in the middle of the club. Jyothi felt her nipples hardening against the fabric of her short kameez.

Both lost track of time, of space. Neither was sure of how long we had been making out. We had both heard several songs sung behind us, but had lost count of the number and who sang them. But neither stopped. We continued to kiss deeply, feeling each other’s body responding. I pulled away.

“Lets go home now.”

I whispered, knowing what a chance I was taking. But I had to try. Jyothi had made me so horny that I needed her. Judging by her nipples poking her kameez, I was having the same effect on her. She kissed me again, urgently slipping her tongue into my mouth. A voice in the back of her head might have told her to say no, but her desire won out.

“Let’s go.” she said.

Jyothi hopped off my lap and extended an arm to me. I stood up on my own and took her by the arm. She glanced over at her friends who were still huddled in the corner. She followed me through the crowds to the exit door.

A light rain was falling as we made our way from the front door to my car in the parking lot. We got half way through the lot when Jyothi stopped me.

“What is it?”, I asked.

“I forgot my purse inside. I need to go back and get it.” she said as she stopped and turned around.

She pulled me back towards the club. She held my hand tight as we went back inside.

I watched her as we fought through the crowds. The rain had soaked her hair and kameez, pronouncing her breasts even more through her top. I felt so hard staring at her. Jyothi and me retreated to where her friends were before. She found her purse on the ground but her friends no where in sight. She quickly grabbed it and turned back to the door.

Just as we were getting to the door again, I stopped her this time.

“I’ll be right back.” I said releasing her hand.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll be right back.”, I repeated and disappeared down the dark hallway.

Jyothi stood there in the lobby for what seemed like hours. But actually it was only three minutes. She thought maybe she had done something to disappoint me and felt lost. Just then she heard footsteps behind her.

She felt some body grab her hand. At first she was startled until she realized the contour of my hand.

“Where are we going?” she asked as I led her down the darkened hallway.

She stumbled slowly, still feeling the results of her drinking earlier in the night. Some time had passed and her buzz was dying down. For the first time in a few hours, Jyothi could think straight. At least as far as the beers were concerned. She still felt dizzy when it came to me.

Jyothi had no idea where I was taking her. The faint lights above lighted their way. She thought about questioning where she was going but didn’t say a word. Finally I stopped and opened a door. Jyothi stepped inside….

It was the men’s rest room! Jyothi turned to me to say something in protest but I covered her mouth with mine, kissing her deeply. She accepted my kisses, holding me close to her body.

“Besides I’m in no condition to drive and neither are you,” I said.

My voice was still slightly slurred. “I need you so bad,” I whispered.

Jyothi looked around and saw it was an empty room. She turned and saw there was a lock on the front door to the men’s room. She walked over to the door and locked it. As she walked she could feel the moisture in between her legs grow. The sound of the lock echoed through the room. Jyothi turned to me and gestured for me to come to her.

I stepped forward and pulled her into my arms. Our lips found each other’s and started deep long kisses. I backed Jyothi up against the wall, holding her there as I moved my hips into her. I started kissing her neck and ears and listened to her moan. Jyothi closed her eyes and focused on my hot breath on her skin.

Her hands played in my hair, driving my lips on her neck. She felt my hands creep from her stomach to her breasts, squeezing through the material of her top. I took a step back and my eyes fell to her cleavage. Quickly she grabbed the bottom of her kameez and raised it up. I reached around her, pulling her in for another kiss as I struggled with the clasp on the back of her bra. Finally I heard the snap. I pulled the bra off and watched as her big breasts fell free. I bent down to capture one between my lips. She sighed happily as I nursed on her breasts. Her nipples stood erect. Her chest raised and lowered as she breathed heavily.

She licked her lips and I knew exactly what she wanted. She helped me out of my shirt, feeling my chest and stomach. She grabbed my cock through my pants, rubbing my hardness as quick as she could. I moaned as she toyed with me. I looked around the room, trying to occupy myself so he didn’t cum in my pants. There I saw the mirror in front of the sink.

I guided her towards the mirror and away from the door. I turned her around. Jyothi reached for the sink and grasped it. She felt her shorts being dropped as I rubbed my cock against her backside. She bit her tongue, wanting to feel nothing separating us anymore. Jyothi stepped out of her shorts. Wasting no time, I dropped her panties down her legs. She felt so naughty, butt naked in the men’s room and about to be fucked.

I unzipped my shorts and kicked them down my legs, pulling my boxers down with them. I could hear her moaning in anticipation. I watched as she took deep breaths, her back rising and falling. She turned out and gave me a naughty pout. I knew what he needed to do.

With one hand on her hips, and the other on my rock hard cock and drove it in between Jyothi’s legs. She leaned back still holding the sink for balance. Finally I was inside her. We both looked forwarded, seeing the image of reflecting in the mirror. Jyothi’s tits bounced forward as our bodies synced.

She could feel the sweat all over our bodies as she stared at the hypnotic image in the mirror. She watched as my body shoved forward into hers. The room echoed with the sounds of flesh on flesh, slapping together. There was nothing soft about us coming together. I moved my mouth, licking her neck and ears as I kept pumping into her.

I watched as Jyothi gazed at us in the mirror.

“You like watching yourself getting fucked, don’t you?” I whispered in her ear.

“Uh Huh.” Jyothi replied.

“You look so sexy when you’re getting fucked, do you know that? Look at that beautiful body,” I said. As I did, my hand slipped from around her waist to squeeze her bouncing right breast. I listened as she groaned the feeling of my hand on her breast sent shockwaves through her body.

“Fuck me,” she mouthed.

“Yeah, baby,” My thrusts became longer and deeper, sliding all the way inside her before pulling out.

I began to bite down on her neck. Jyothi reached back and grabbed my head and pulled it against her skin, her eyes never leaving the mirror. She held onto the sink tighter, feeling her knees get weak.

Her pussy leaked all over my crotch as we moved in unison. Finally, she came and she came hard. Jyothi’s eyes rolled in the back of her head as she screamed out in pleasure.

I pulled out from her as I felt my cock coated by her wetness. She turned around and was about to say something. But I picked her up by the under the arms and put it on the sink. She reached for me, pulling me into her with a wet sloppy kiss. My cock slipped back into her.

Jyothi fell back against the mirror which just minutes ago displayed the most erotic scene of her life. She dug her heels into my back, guiding me into her. We kissed deeply, our tongues rolling deep into each other’s mouths. I felt her hard nipples slapping against my chest. Jyothi’s nails dug into my back as she kissed me, pulling my body into hers.

“It feels so good inside you,” Jyothi’s hands dropped to my ass, forcing me deeper inside her. I started moaning as I plunged deep into Jyothi.

“Such a hard cock inside me. Fuck me with it,” I began ramming faster, the sweat covering my body. Jyothi tilted her head back, giving me access to her neck and ears.

I kissed licked nibbled sucked all that I could.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I was on the verge of erupting. I fucked her faster, grabbing her ass as I pushed into her. I bent forward and captured one of her breasts in my mouth, sucking the nipple hard. I slowed my pace as I licked her tit.

Just when it felt like I could take no more of her body, I erupted deep inside her womb. Jyothi shivered as she felt the hot blast inside her. She moaned as she received every drop into her pussy.

I held her there, still pressing my sweaty body against hers, feeling myself soften inside her. I eased out of her and smiled. She smiled back and jumped down off the sink. Her knees wobbled as she stood.

We looked at each other, not knowing exactly what to say. We wound up in a hot embrace again, holding each other as we struggled to regain our breath. Jyothi moaned as she held my body against hers.

“You were incredible,” I whispered into her ear.

It sent shivers down her spine. She smiled and kissed me softly. We remained holding onto each other for another moment before gathering our clothes and dressing.

“Shall we go to your house now?” I asked as we made our way to the parking lot. She reached down and grabbed my hand.

“I thought you’d never ask.” she responded. I steered her in the direction of my car.

The drive back home was quiet, as each of us was contemplating what happened in the club. The suddenness and the intensity of our passion was a shocker to both of us. In the five years of dating, much of which was long distance, we had not felt this strong urge or rather lust.

The rain had mellowed down to a drizzle, symbolizing our own emotions that had become quieter. Perhaps we were scared to admit the passion in the serenity of our emotions. We reached her house, which anyway was empty, as her parents were on a business tour. The servants too had taken off.

We both reached her bedroom and like mature lovers fell into each other’s arms savoring the warmth of our feelings. I slowly eased her onto the bed and lay down beside her. The exhaustion of our love making and the lateness of night engulfed us into a blissful sleep.

The morning broke with the promise of a rainy day. Rains are always welcome in the tropical regions as they afford a coolness that refreshes body and mind. More so there is something special about the sound of rain in the morning. Something about it added an additional significance to holding Jyothi close under the covers. Something about it added a stronger desire to make love to her.

So when I awoke in the morning and heard the rain falling somewhat hard and fast upon the roof, I instinctively turned to Jyothi to find she was already awake, watching me with half-open eyes, a sweet smile upon her face.

She knew, and clearly she wanted. Before I could move toward her, she slipped atop me underneath the covers, her short hair brushing my cheeks and forehead as she kissed me gently, her flesh warm and enticing as her weight pressed me nicely into the mattress.

Warm bed, falling rain, loving girl friend… The combination was more than enough to arouse me. She gently rocked against my growing length, whimpering softly into my mouth in that special way which signaled her own growing arousal. I soon felt her liquid love anointing me as the kiss lingered, deepened…

I held my mouth as wide open as possible, and her tongue dove deep into me. This was an act she seemed to enjoy more, for this was one way in which she could penetrate me, and with her long tongue, she could probe deep into my. I welcomed it because it was such an intimate experience to allow her so deep into my mouth, into my body…

My hold tightened. I squeezed her firmly, enjoying the feel of her breasts pressing against my chest. Her nipples were hard, little point attempting to burrow into my skin. I could feel her heartbeat, steady yet quickening, and I wondered if it would be possible for my heart to leap from my chest into hers…

Lifting her head away, she gazed upon me. With the darkened sky weeping upon the city, the bedroom was relatively dim for early morning on a Saturday. I somewhat wished that there were candles lit throughout the bedroom, or perhaps a fireplace casting its romantic glow, just to add yet another element of perfection to this wonderful morning…

My hand slithered down my Jyothi’s back as she breathed warmly upon my face. Her eyes were closed as she focused on my hands. She had stopped rocking upon my solid sex and lifted herself up on stiffened arms. I took the hint, shifting a hand to her chest to gently squeeze a breast as my other hand continued to glide along her curves until finally, reaching over a firm buttock, a single fingertip brushed her moist womanhood.

Her gasp was nearly inaudible, but as I watched her face, her expression changed subtly. I smiled to myself, always enjoying these moments of foreplay, especially when I could tease her for a long time. She mewed softly as I slithered a finger into her body, her sultry sound a nice contrast to the long low rumble tumbling down from the sky. I gently rolled a nipple between my fingers, enjoying her deepening breaths and the loving expression in her half-open eyes.

“Lay on your back,” I requested. “Let me just play with you for a while…”

With a small nod, Jyothi took her position on the left side of the bed. I rolled to my side, propping my head on a hand while my dominant hand gently stroked her underneath the covers, focusing between her breasts, touching as closely as I could to her heart. I wished that I could reach inside her, through skin and muscle and bone, to touch her heart directly…

She took my manhood in a small hand and gently stroked with her fingertips, carefully scratching me with her long fingernails. It felt good, and I twitched several times in response. Her smile was even warmer than the bed, drawing my lips closer until we kissed once more.

The rainfall increased in intensity, and another rumble descended from the sky. The wind must have increased in strength or perhaps changed direction, because the rain began to pelt the window, adding a new sound to the wonderful morning being spent with a wonderful woman.

Taking a meandering path, my hand moved slowly from her chest down the length of her torso. She and I both knew the ultimate destination.

“Please,” she whispered as her hand wrapped fully around my dripping sex.

“‘Please’ what?” I teased, trying to hide the smile I felt curling the edges of my lips.

“Please… Inside me, please…”

I kissed her cheek. “Not yet,” I said, my hand finally cupping her sex.

She began to move, humping my hand, and I knew that her need was definitely coming to the foreground of her consciousness. She squeezed my erection several times as she moved against my hand, looking at me with desire and knowing that I could watch her like this for a long, long time before finally sliding into her and making love to her.

“Please,” she whispered again. “Before the rain stops, please…”

She had a point, for the rain no longer impacted the bedroom window, and its intensity had lessened considerably. But still I wanted to tease her, and dipped a finger into her sweet sex once again, producing a gasp from her which pulled at my heart. As she continued to move against my palm, I penetrated her repeatedly with that single digit, exploring the warmth and the wetness of her body, knowing that soon more than simply a finger would be enjoying the love I felt flowing from her core.

Several more times, she softly begged for me to make love to her, and I kept “ignoring” her. But finally, after a kiss to her neck, I lifted myself up and withdrew my hand from her body. Underneath the covers, her legs parted for me, her knees tenting the covers on either side of me as I positioned myself.

Yet I was not yet done teasing her. Instead of entering her, I purposely slid back and forth along her clitoris, sending visible shudders through her body. Her hand upon my hip relayed those tremors back into me, as if completing an electrical circuit.

And still the rain continued to fall upon the city.

“Please stop teasing me…”

That was when I finally pressed into her. Jyothi stopped breathing, her eyes widening, her lips parted, her hands both upon my hips as if helping to guide me into her. It was a wondrous moment for me to feel her body yielding to me, to feel her stretch to accommodate me as I slowly filled her. Without question, it is the moment of lovemaking her acceptance of me into her life, in the same way that she was once again accepting me into her body.

Distant thunder rolled across the sky again, and I feared that the rain would end before we did. I did not exactly set a slow pace, but my girl friend did not seem to mind — perhaps because she also wanted this to come to completion before the rain stopped.

Last night’s session at the club, the pace was fast and hard, my thrusts possessive and her sounds bouncing off the walls. But now, it was respectful and gentle, my thrusts varying in angle and depth to bring a variety of sensations to us both. Her hands were all over me, sometimes pulling me deeper into her body, sometimes feeling my heartbeat, sometimes cradling my face as I dipped my head to kiss her. This was a special moment of connection, enhanced by the morning rainfall and the dimly-lit bedroom and the warmth of the bed. This was more about communicating a mutual desire than about a primal need.

She pulled me flush upon her, my weight naturally pressing her into the mattress. Her gasp past my ear was thrilling, and I lunged into her body once again, faster and harder than before, just so I could hear that glorious sound one more time.

Another band of rain was washing over the city, for the intensity outside had increased. That was good, because I was not ready for this experience to come to an end, not yet. I slowed my pace greatly, grinding firmly against her before slowly backing out and then filling her anew. Her writhing, her scratching, her sweet sounds of delight were my reward, all wonderful benchmarks of her pleasure, and all that had ever truly mattered to me.

I tried to lift myself up, but she pulled me back upon her. Certainly it was hard for her to breathe with my chest pressing into hers as I made love to her, but clearly she did not care. Taking her head in my hands, I continued to move both within her and against her, cheek-to-cheek, my own breath reflected hotly into my face, trying to remain quiet so that I could better hear her soft squeals and her lengthy moans.

“Don’t stop!” she breathed past my ear.

I did anyhow, purposefully teasing her yet again, stilling myself deep inside her. Clutching me tightly, she writhed beneath me, part of her certainly enjoying this teasing yet part of her wanting our intimacy to continue.

Before she could beg me to continue, I rolled us both so that I was on my back and Jyothi was upon me once again. The pace of the rain had increased yet again, and for the first time, she threw back the covers and rose to straddle me, allowing me to see her natural beauty for the first time that morning.

I offered her my hands, and she accepted. Stiffening my arms, I enabled her to use my hands as leverage to rise and fall upon me. She would rise slowly and fall quickly, each time with her liquid love sloshing around me and a shrill sound escaping past her lips. Her sex seemed to be perpetually clenched, pleasuring me to the point that I could no longer remain silent, groaning softly as she moved up and down my hearty length.

Even in the dim light, her wetness upon me seemed to glisten whenever she lifted herself up. I watched with great interest, still amazed that this woman had chosen to share her life and her body and her soul with me.

Releasing my hands, Jyothi braced herself upon my chest, her hair and her breasts swaying nicely as she continued to make love to me, quickening the pace. I repositioned my hands to help lift her, and that was when I felt the primal need start to overwhelm me. Yet I tried to hold back, to simply focus on this special moment, on this special woman, on how much she meant to me, on how my life was much better simply for knowing her, on how special she made me feel because of her love for me.

She called my name, and then her orgasm surged through her and around me. Her fingernails curled deep into my skin, and I groaned from the erotic pain. It was the pain which made me lose my internal battle. No longer could I hold back, my groan increasing in volume as I injected this wonderful woman with my love.

When at last she collapsed upon me, still shuddering and whimpering, I reached down to draw the covers over us once again. I held her close, bonding with her, comforting her, cherishing her, our combined love tricking from her body and onto mine. As the rain continued to grace us with its romantic patter, I caressed her back, and listened intently to her breaths as she calmed and ultimately slipped back into a peaceful slumber…

The next day was a Sunday and I had some chores waiting for me at home. As my brother was to arrive from Malaysia to settle back in India in a software firm, I had to get his quarter in the house organized and cleaned. He was elder to me by four years, had already married but childless so far. His wife was a homemaker from a small village. But after a stint at KL for two years, she had bloomed as a svelte socialite. But more of that some other time.

To make the story short, I was occupied the whole of Sunday with mundane affairs. That Jyothi too was posted for a community posting for screening the school children of a nearby slum for anemia made things easy for me.

The next day was my first working day at the college. I reached there by 8.45 AM. The college timing was from 9 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. As I reached the Chief’s office, I was greeted by my new colleagues, some of who were my teachers. I was particularly interested in a teacher, who was my favorite — Dr. Coelho. She was a young recruit for our batch for teaching histology. That she was newly married, gave we boys lot of stuff to fantasize.

My thoughts flashed back to the days that I was in the anatomy class as student. Dr. Coelho, my favorite teacher was the youngest among the faculty and certainly was a hot piece. She was on every boy’s wet dreams. She had a particular soft corner for me because I used to show up well in time for the class or lab and would always complete my assignments in time.

I would often sit in my lectures or labs dreaming and fantasizing about my lecturer. She’s, to my estimation is about thirty years of age but no normal thirty-year-old. She’s about 5,9″; the longest sexiest legs that are always topped off with luscious stockings that she repeatedly flashes just to check were all still awake. Her breasts are massive, topped off with the roundest, firmest buttocks a man could wish for in a women, also her long flowing locks of natural dark hair which curl round a face that makes me melt on the floor every time she looks at me.

One particular morning after the night before, I was in her lab class, which, I never missed because she was the basis of its appeal. She was looking radiantly fresh that morning like a lady who God had just put on this earth to make every man jealous that they couldn’t have her or so I thought. She was wearing an outfit that looked as though she’d been poured into it.

Sitting there in my seat trying not to be sick as she reamed off facts about a person’s anatomy. She went to stand up to go to the blackboard and as she did I caught a glimpse off her silk panties as she opened those long legs. With the event that I had just witnessed I let out a smile that could only have been described as that of a Cheshire cat, just as I did she made eye contact with me and could see only too plainly that I was pitching trouser tents in my combats. She seemed at first a little embarrassed but let out a smile to me that suggested completely the opposite and then got back on with her teachings about the anatomy.

After the lab had ended we were asked to sign the register for the class. I deliberately waited to be the last to sign it, so that I would then be able to go up to her desk and give the register back. I and a lot of my friends think I act like I’m jack the lad, so when I was walking up towards her desk I put on the best strut not knowing exactly what I was going to achieve by this but thought it might make me look cool in her eyes.

Setting it on her desk I looked at her and she said “you looked very interested in today’s lab” sarcastically and laughed “if only my lesson was on biology, it might have had more appeal to you”

I just looked back trying to work out what she had meant and then the penny dropped. She stood up and walked over to the door shutting it and then proceeded to lock it in the process.

She then walked over towards me and with one swift movement at which I was completely at her mercy she kissed me fully on lips, a kiss that was filled with desire and such passion. Pulling away from me to see what my reaction was, one look at me and she new I was completely under her love spell that mesmerized me with wild abandon.

Slowly like a surgeon operating on a patient she slipped off her shirt which would reveal a sight that could only be described as legendary. Her breasts even larger and more perk than I could have originally anticipated. Her erect nipples were in direct competition with the bulge that had appeared in my combats. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground without any hesitation revealing a full set of matching lingerie that nearly made my pulsating member explode in my pants.

She then beckoned me to sit down on her seat, as I did so she leant over and started to straddle me. Then with ease unzipped the fly of my combats to release what was now a bulge that at any moment could have punctured a gapping whole in my combats. Like a bird sweeping in on its prey she started giving me head that could be summed up as heavenly. Stopping every now and then to glance at the expression on my face. I reached over her shoulder and tried unclipped the clasps that were holding in those perfectly formed breasts.

After a while of embarrassingly fumbling around the clasps freed themselves and released breasts that dreams are made from. As her breasts fell out of the bra cups her erect nipples brushed my thighs, that sent shivers of excitement up my spine and immediately delivered wad after wad of ropy jisim into her mouth. She mopped up every drop off cum of my shaft being careful that she hadn’t missed a drop. Then she slowly pleasurably wanked me straight back to stiffness again.

Standing up and like a scene out of the hit film American Pie she teasing slipped off those silky thoroughly wet panties off. My eyes could have popped out of their sockets as I say how beautifully made up her snatch was. With just a slight tuff of hair shaped like a triangle just above her creamy slit it was too perfect for belief. I could feel how erect her clitoris was as I slipped my fingers in and out of her soaked honeypot. As I continued my nubbin rubbin to moans and grunts of pleasure I could tell she wanted to feel me deep inside her.

But I wasn’t giving into her that easily and just as she had previously teased me I would now get my own back. Getting off the chair and kneeling in front of her I ushered one of her sexy legs up onto the chair that I had previously been sitting in. I started to tongue her gentle at first but slowly but surely worked into a rhythm until I was tongue fucking her.

She tasted so! Good as I worked my tongue in and out of her slit making sure that with each stroke my nose rubbed her love bud. She came flooding my face and tongue with love juice as with her I lapped it up as though I’d been in the desert for weeks and was only getting my first drink again. Her orgasm was earth shuddering sending waves of pleasure through her entire body from head to toe for what seemed like hours.

I got up from my kneeling position just in time watch what I could only describe ninth wonder of the world bend over her desk and beckon me to insert what was still my very hard love tool into her from behind. Her pussy was so wet still, that I slipped into her like a warm knife through butter. She said to me “I want it really hard” that suited me cause I was always a great fan of rampant animal sex.

This was even more intense than I could have imagined. Her moans of pleasure were drowned out by my grunts as I thrust in and out like a wild bull. She bucked backwards just as hard as I was screwing forwards, the momentum was nearly too much for me as I struggled at points to keep on gravity’s good side. With one last jolting thrust like my life depended on it,

I felt her pussy tighten it’s strangle hold it had around my shaft. We both came together with such a noise that our hard pounding session could have been mistaken for a space shuttle launch. Finally slipping out of her saturated pussy my once fully erect monster dwindled away to the only size that could have been called normality after a marathon session like that.

I got dressed and walked out of the lab after two hours of that extremely rewarding extra curricular activity. Embarrassed we both were when I reappeared for her class later on in the week both it didn’t stop us smiling as we remembered fondly the memories of that day’s wild passion.

I was brought out of the reverie by the applause that my colleagues gave as a welcome note. I was shown into the cubicle that I would use for the duration of my stay there. It was at the far corner of the histology lab. A thoroughly forsaken place as none would venture thus far except to take a shot cut from the rear to the lab from the main building.

Because much of the time it remained closed, none would take the risk of making a detour when they see that the gate was almost permanently shut. I settled comfortably there arranging in my mind the sequence of my lecture later in the day.

It was almost lunch time and so far there was no one to bother me. Not even Jyothy, who had not completed her school screening assignment.

“May I come in Sir?”

It was the same sweet voice of the innocent Rima. I turned around to see her. She was in a skirt and a sleeveless blouse. I could see the traces of her bra through the tight blouse that she was wearing, as there was no apron today to hinder the view. I told her to come in and be comfortable in the chair across the table on my right side.

She said that the whole batch of students had taken off in the afternoon as they planned to attend birthday party of a classmate. I asked her why she did not go.

She replied that she wanted to inform me that there would be no body in the class, as she had approached me about the class schedule earlier.

I thanked her for the consideration. She smiled sweetly and asked me if I had my lunch.

Ii told her ” I am planning to go to the cafeteria. Would you mind joining me?”.

She blushed and said “My pleasure. But I have to join my friends for the party. Will surely make it some other time”.

With that she went out. It was good that she went out. I was already sporting a tent looking at her figure that had filled out in that sexy outfit.

As I went out for lunch, my thoughts were totally on Rima. I reprimanded myself saying that it is not ethical to have such thoughts about a student. But then my instinct counseled saying I was not a permanent teacher here. Even if so, what is the harm in deriving some pleasure between consenting adults as was my experience with Mrs. Coelho.

There were some old acquaintances in the cafeteria. I exchanged pleasantries with them and quietly finished my lunch. I had no clue how the food tasted. My entire attention was on how Rima’s lips would taste. In such a short time, she had become an obsession for me.

The rendezvous with Rima came quite soon, in the next week. There was a debating competition in the University. My chief asked me to help the department in getting some of the students ready to compete in the event. Rima was in the final shortlist, who would have a selection test early next week.

She came to me, asking for tutoring in the skills of debating. I promised to help her if she could come to my house during weekend, as there was not much time. She agreed to the proposal, fortunately, my parents were visiting my sister in Delhi and I had the whole house free for my date with Rima.

She came early in the evening on Saturday. She was wearing a conservative silwar and kameez, which did not give much for imagination to run wild. We had some preliminary talk on the basics of debating skills and gave her some notes to practice on for the next day.

Afterwards we sat chatting about various things on earth. She sat very close to me and I could even smell her body fragrance. We were talking and watching the TV. We made small talk for a while, and I noted that she was giving me unusually strange looks, that day, and I had seen a little gleam in her eyes. We were chatting about this and that, and it took a while before I noticed that she is touching my hand. I couldn’t believe it, but now she started pressing my hand. I just shocked and became nervous. I removed my hand and took my cigarettes from the table. I really needed a smoke at this time, so I lit one. She became very embarrassed. We didn’t speak for a while and then she told me that she wanted to talk me about an important issue. She looked nervous and wouldn’t make much eye contact with me as I looked her.

“Yes, and why not?” I asked. “You may talk it anytime,” I told her.

She became calm. ‘I have something to say to you,’ Rima said, hesitatingly.

“What is it, Rima? What do you have in mind?” I asked her. “It is okay,” I assured her. “Prakash, I know you have a steady girl friend. I am a woman and I am also have a boy friend.” She took a deep breath. “But I have a confession to make. “I have been very fond of you ever since I met you, although you may not have noticed as I am your student.’ Rima said, with great difficulty.

When I heard this I couldn’t believe it. I was speechless, because I had nothing to say.

“I don’t know. What should I say?” I asked her and stared at her in surprise.

She was avoiding me, and hung her head in shame. She looked a little disappointed and I felt that she was rather embraced at having talked like this.

“I hope I didn’t upset you,” she said to me.

“No, it just surprised me,” I told her.

“Is she joking? Is she trying to embarrass me?” I thought, as we both sat there in our own thoughts for some time.

I leered at her. “What do you want?” I asked.

She looked at me, a tear in her eyes. She put her head on my shoulder. “I am helpless to keep it secret from you, anymore,” she said to me.

“Are you being serious?” I asked her.

“What do you mean? Am I joking?” she replied.

“How long have you been feeling like this?” I asked.

“I have been attracted to you from the first time I saw you,” she replied. She burst into tears and said to me, “Don’t withdraw your favors from me. I am really helpless.”

“Then why have you waited so long?” “I asked.

“I tried so many times, but you didn’t pay attention to me?” Rima massaged her palms, “And as a woman, I hadn’t found the opportunity, and I wanted to wait for the right time.”

Rima went in deep thought and I was looking at her as she sat thinking. She had a look of melancholy on her face and every once and a while, I heard a distinct sigh come from her lips. I took a sip of tea and observed her more closely. This time, I thought about her on in a way that I had never thought about her before. She was a woman who had the body of a goddess.

She was extremely pretty and was in her youth at 18. She looked sexy and beautiful. She had a pretty face, and long jet-black hair, tied back in a tight ponytail. She had a perfect, voluptuous figure. Her most striking feature, though, was her skin; it was white like milk. She kept herself lean and fit. Heaven has given her unique breasts and hips. Her tight-fitting shilwar and qameez suit highlighted the swell of her ample breasts and hips. These were quite big, while on the other hand; she had a thin waist. Her slim and extremely good figure had curves in all the right places, being 32-26-34.

She has big black eyes, which were matching on her white colored skin. Her lips were rosy and were just like a wine cup. For sure, she was hotter than any eighteen-year-old was, and she knew it, too.

My cock grew stiff, rising and poking at my shilwar.

I looked up at her face. “Rima, have you taught about this relationship?” I asked her. “As you know well, we are both are committed.”

“Yes, more than 100 times. But love is blind – it doesn’t see.” she replied.

“Just think of the damage it could do our relationships,” I said. “What I should I do? Tell me?”

” I don’t care for anything for myself, but I don’t want to disturb your life, because I love you. I don’t care if it is wrong. I don’t care if it is a sin. I’m not going to go without you now on. I want to have you, one way or another!”

Looked deep into her eyes and said, “Can you keep such a relation with me secret, for ever?”

She nodded her head. There was a flash of shame that came over her face. She was getting visibly embarrassed as her face was reddening.

By that time, I could not control my love for her even, though I kept telling myself that it was wrong. After all, she was the wife of my best friend. But I no longer thought about being a student. The only thing on my mind was getting a piece of that beauty.

I lifted her chin and brushed her hair behind her shoulders. When she looked up at me, I kissed her. She grabbed me and pulled me into a tight embrace; she couldn’t stop herself and kissed me hard. A big smile had spread across her face.

I consoled her and wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her towards me. My fingers were in her hair and moving there. I enfolded her in my arms and started kissing her face gently, tracing her lips, then moving from her forehead to her cheeks, her nose and her chin, and biting her earlobes gently. Gradually, I brought my lips to hers and started kissing them, increasing in force all the time, nibbling her lush lips. She was shivering like a woman who had never been kissed. I put my lips on her rosy lips and she responded eagerly, starving for me. I was kissing her full lips, taking the whole lips between my lips. My tongue darted in and out of her mouth as she moaned with excitement. She held my head and kissed me hungrily, invaded my mouth, tasted it, drank out of it, and licked every part of the cavity.

As she clung to me, her breasts were already pressing to me very tightly. She was really as soft as silk. My arms were around her waist, pulling her to me. We were kissing with the warmth of affection. My hand was moving on her waist while she clung to me, tightly. And then I moved one of my hand downs to her belly, and pinched the tightly, then moved the hand up to her breast. She slipped away a little to give way to my hand as she was pressed very tightly to me. And it was a signal from her that she is ready for anything.

I asked her, “May I touch her this part of you?”

She looked up at me and said, “Don’t even think like this. I am yours.”

I held her breast and she moaned when I squeezed her boob and she showed her response by biting her lips. I was rubbing and squeezing it. As I rubbed them, they grew even bigger in my palms. They were as firm and taut as the breasts of a twenty-year-old girl. I searched for her nipples. She was kissing me passionately, her tongue in my mouth. I was kissing her mouth and she parted her lips and my tongue entered into her cavity.

“Rima, are we right?” I stopped and asked her.

Her face grew red with embarrassment. “I don’t know,” she replied.

“But we can not stop now,” I said, and told her that this was the only way to be loved. Once again, I put my mouth on her lips and started to crush them. I used my teeth to bite her lips lightly until they became red.

I tried to push my hand into her kamiz, but couldn’t find space there because of its tightness. She put her hand behind to lose her kamiz and unzipped it. I pushed my hand in under her qamiz and caressed her belly up and down. I touched her navel; it was so sexy. My hand reached to her breasts, but her bra was a barrier between my hand and the flesh of her tit.

Now her hot breasts were in my hand and I was pressing them softly. At last, I removed her qameez completely and there was the pink colored bra she was wearing. It had a silky shine to it, and presented her breasts to me. My hands traveled to her shoulders and pulled the straps down, before reaching behind and unclipping the bra. Then I removed her bra and now the two most beautifully tanned breasts came into view. I expected them to be sagging but I was wrong. She had a fine pair of well-rounded breasts. She had full size, milky white breasts with brownish areolas, which gave her tits a charming touch. She had some black moles near to her nipples. I couldn’t wait, so I buried my face between her tits and licked, kissed, and sucked them like they were the last breasts on earth.

“What beautiful breasts you have, Rima,” I said to her.

“They are all for you, Prakash, ” she replied.

I kissed, licked and sucked them one by one. Her nipples grew bigger and bigger in my mouth and I coated them with my saliva. At this, her nipples became so hard and became erected. She was moaning deeply. She was kissing and licking my neck like a mad woman, now.

My hand was moving on her belly and reached to her pussy, over her shilwar. I was creasing it, so I untied her shilwar, dragged it down and pulled it out. Now, she was wearing nothing but her high-heeled stripy sandals.

I was stunned to see her thighs; they were like frozen butter. I had never seen such beautiful thighs, so smooth. I was full of envy at her beauty. She had beautiful smooth skin, like velvet. She looked like a Venus carved out of butter. I was very excited, seeing the fair, smooth skin at her belly. Her thighs were rounded and at the end of her white milky thighs there was a beautiful pussy. Oh, what a ravishing pussy she had. It was recently shaved and was shinning due to its whiteness. And I was thanking that if I would be mad to miss this god-sent opportunity. I was now looking directly at one of the best sights in the world! I touched her pussy and, as my fingers peeled back her outer lips, her whole cunt seemed to unfold before my eyes.

Slow or fast, I still had to get a taste of that beautiful pussy and, took her hand from my prick. She spread her thighs wide. I kissed her pussy very softly. My cock was now at its full erection and could not waited any more. I took her hand and put it on my prick. She massaged it gently, than she opened my shilwar and pulled out my cock. She took my dick in her soft, warm hand. My body tensed as I felt Rima’s long, soft fingers encircle my throbbing cock. Her fingers gripped my cock tighter and started to pump it up and down. Never had my cock felt so hard.

She held me tightly and said, “I want you inside me, now.” She went on, “Darling, I want you to do it to me now,” raking my back with her nails. “Do me…do me now!” she was pleading, by now.

Not needing a second invitation, I rose and positioned my body on top of her. She opened her legs wide and exposed her cunt. I put my cock on her pussy hole and rub it against her clit, which was erect, by now. Her cunt lips were thin and pink. Rubbing her clit with my cock made love juices started to flow from her cunt in abundance, wetting her thighs.

She placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and lifted legs, wrapping them around my ass. I knew that this fuck was going to be the best that I had ever had. As I leaned toward her, she guided my cock into her once again. The head of my dick touched those hot wet pussy lips and I wanted to drive every inch into her on the first thrust. In my experience, there is no better feeling than to sink your cock into a shaved wet pussy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, the feeling was so good.

Then I could not control my cock as I grasped her buttocks and drove my hard cock into her pussy. I groaned and she gasped as I thrust my dick up her cunt. Rima screamed loudly and said, “Please be a little gentle.” as my huge cock slid up her cunt.

“You do want this, right Rima?”

“Yes! Prakash, you are right, I wanted this,” she said in husky voice.

Her pussy was deliciously moist and snug; it gripped my rod like a vice. It was so warm and soft. I pulled back a few inches, clutched her rump, and then jabbed my entire dick forward. She reared up, cried out, and wrapped her arms and legs around me as my cock head crammed into the core of her cunt. Back and forth, up and down, I was gentle, but I was taking her deep and my hands were busy on her breasts and clit as she moaned and humped me back, hard.

And she was moaning deeply. I looked in her eyes and found them full of lust. She was squirming on the sofa and her hands were massaging my neck. I took her hand and placed it under my balls. She played with my balls with one hand and was massaging my ass with the other. I was sucking her nipple.

My cock was already traveling in and out in her pussy. She was co-operating fully as with every stroke of mine, she was raising her hip to meet my thrusts. She was whispered in my ear, “Shove your entire prick up my pussy and let me have it in for a while.”

After I had done as she told, she said me with a moan, “Fuck me, fuck your wife. I swear that no other man, except my husband, has touched my body, except you in my life. I don’t want an illegitimate relationship with you. I admit you as my husband. I am and I will be your wife. This is heaven! Oh, it’s never been so good!” she cried. “Ahh–I knew you would feel so good. You’re the best!” She told me, she always thought about me when she had sex with her husband

These words aroused me as never before and I started pumping her so hard. I increased my pace, manifold. Harder and harder I slammed her. I lifted legs and placed them on my shoulders. Now she was fully open for my “attack” and I fucked her harder and faster while she moaned and groaned beneath me; her legs wrapped around my waist, as she scratched my ass with her nails. She tried to slow me down a bit by putting her legs around my hips. As she became accustomed to my size, she pushed up with even more force and I pushed into her even harder. As I forced myself into her cunt, my balls were slapping her ass. The sofa started to creak and I was pounding her like hell, now. Her cries of pleasure echoed throughout the room as I fucked her even harder.

We did it for more than twenty minutes. I felt her cunt muscles contract around my cock and I continued stroking very slowly while she came, this was her third orgasm. As she finished her final orgasmic shudder, I was also coming; I asked her whether I should cum out of her.

She said, “No, no I want you to cum inside me. I want you to shoot your hot spunk deep inside my pussy. As if I am your wife.”

This made me more excited. I pulled almost my whole cock out of her cunt and slammed into her with brutal force, one last time filling her cunt with my cum.

We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. Gradually, our motions slowed, and then we were still, making soft sounds.

We both opened our eyes and looked into each other’s face. Our lips drew together and we kissed a long, tender kiss that sealed our love forever.

You are so good and so deep,” I said.

“You are no less,” she replied.

Lastly, I kissed her forehead and bit on her tits. Then, we lay in each other’s arms for another 10 minutes.

She asked me, “Shall we go the to washroom?” She got up and wiped me with her bra and we went to bathroom, where she washed herself and me.

We came back and I sat on the sofa, took her hand and pulled her into my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and looked into my eyes with love. She said, “This was the dream of my life – to lay in your lap.”

We kissed each other for a long time. Then, she went to kitchen to make the tea that I asked for. I went into the kitchen behind her, where she was preparing tea. I stood behind her. My hands soon found their way to her breasts, and I cupped them gently.

She didn’t move. My cock was erect once again. I was rubbing it in her ass cleavage. I asked her to let me fuck her pussy from behind. She did not say a single word but untied her shilwar and loose it, so that it fell down to the floor.

She knelt on the kitchen floor on all fours. She raised her hips up and pointed her rosy pussy hole to me. She applied her own saliva to my dick. I parted her cheeks and moved my cock head up and down her wet slit. Then I slowly pushed myself into her dripping wet cunt. She tightened her muscles around my girth as I rocked in and out of her.

I started pushing my dick in and out, while holding her breasts from behind. She was screaming with pain or joy – I don’t know which – but I was screwing her faster and faster than the first time I fucked her. I was pushing my cock as deep as possible. I fucked her very hard and fast, letting my balls slap against her clit.

I fucked her more for than half-hour, this time. I once again filled her cunt with my juice. I lay on her, breathing heavily as sweat poured off of me.

I pulled my cock out from her cunt. She once again wiped my cock, this time with her shilwar. I apologized to her that I had hurt her.

She smiled and told me, “Don’t think about me. If you are happy, I am happy.”

Then we took tea in the living room, in each other’s arms. And she went home after a long hug and a kiss.

She asked, “May I come again, sometime?”

“Sure, whenever my darling wants to come,” I joked. Then she smiled and said, “Anytime you want, but give me a call one day before you want me to come.”

I left her, slowly stroking my sore prick.

There were some younger colleagues in other departments. Radha was one of the friends I made in college. She was by no means the best-looking of my social circle – short with dark hair, fair skin, and a medium build – and I was not immediately attracted to her. During my first few weeks when Jyothi was out on her filed work, I had dated casually with other girls, but the thought of Radha had crossed my mind a few times here and there. On occasion, I felt the same thing from her, and the result was a steady build of sexual tension.

But it was never discussed, and I was fairly certain it wasn’t worth the trouble. Nothing had ever happened between us also because she was always very conservative sexually. Now in the recent past I have been focusing on her more frequently. It became so that she’d eagerly talk about sex, mostly with her girlfriends (who now seem more conservative than Radha), but sometimes also with me. On one such day, Radha and I sat in her apartment after class as we often did, and the topic of conversation somehow ended up focusing on penises.

“Well there’s no way I’d blow an uncircumcised one.”

“Huh, why not?” I asked.

“It’s…just gross. I don’t know. With the extra foreskin and everything.”

“What, it’s just more skin! You mean, you’ve never seen an uncircumcised dick before?”

“No, I haven’t. But I heard that junk gets stuck under there. That’s dirty!”

“No no no. We clean it out in the shower.”

“What do you mean, ‘we?’ Wait, you’re not circumcised?”

Suddenly I felt embarassed. How was it that little conservative Radha was now asking me about my penis? I realized that the conversation was getting a bit personal at that moment and I tentatively responded, “Is that so weird?”

“Oh my god!”


“You’re the only guy I know who isn’t circumcised.”

“Well, believe me, it isn’t as bizarre as you’re making it.”

“What does it look like?”

“It’s just… more skin, like I said. It just flaps over the head when it’s flaccid. When it’s erect, the skin peels back and it looks more or less the same as a circumcised one.”

“Oh, I had no idea. So, it just peels back easily?”

“Yup, so it’s not as different as you think. You still would never suck an uncut dick, though, huh?”

“I don’t know. I’d have to think about that.”

“You know, I’m actually glad that I’m uncut, because you can do a trick when you’re masturbating.”

“A trick! What do you mean? What do you do??”

“Um, you’re a little too excited about this…”

She really was. Her voice became increasingly animated, and it was making me nervous. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for what she was about to say.

“Oh come on, I’m just curious. Show me the trick.”

“What, you want to see…?”

“Well… yeah. Do you mind?”

“You’re not serious.”

“Why? Are you afraid I’ll think it’s small???”

“Oh whatever. I’m hung like a God.”

This was a favorite joke of mine. Even though I’m actually less than average in terms of size, I’d often boast jokingly of my “mighty member,” and Radha always got a good laugh out of it. But the mood of the room was clearly different from all the other times. She was truly curious, and I was not all that eager to whip out my modest 5 inches, especially after claiming it to be of divine dimensions.

“You’re all talk. Let’s see it!”

The moment of truth. Well, hey, Radha’s a good friend. She wouldn’t judge me, right? Right, ok, this is crazy but here goes nothing.

“I don’t believe this… Here.”

I unzipped my pants which dropped to the floor. The tension in the room was unmistakable and I could feel Radha’s eager stares directed at the bulge in my boxers. No turning back – after some hesitation, I dropped my boxers too.

She immediately remarked, “Whoa, it looks really different. Is that the tip of the head?”

“Yup. And see, the skin peels back, and there’s the whole head.” At that point I was glad she commented on the shape rather than its size. It was a little cool in the room – not so flattering.

“Oh, wow. So what’s the trick?” she asked with increased enthusiasm.

“Well, that’s actually it. When you pump it with your hand the foreskin peels back and forth and it feels good. See?”

She simply stared for a few seconds. Even more tension filled the room as I stood awkwardly with my cock growing in my hand. Realizing the absurdity of the situation, I stopped working my cock and joked, “well, that’s male anatomy 101. Class dismissed,” and reached down for my boxers.

Then she interrupted, “wait, you can’t just stop!”

As I pulled my boxers back up I asked, “what do you mean? I showed you the trick.”

“Well,” she seemed nervous, “I haven’t seen you… you know, get hard yet.”

I paused for a moment and responded with an anxious laugh and muttered, “uhh, you realize how weird this is, right?”

“Come on. I’m just curious. Let me see.”

At that moment, the awkwardness that had filled the room was replaced with a different energy. I felt less self-conscious but still hesitant.

She urged on, “come on, this’ll be between us. I won’t tell anyone.”

It then seemed like I had nothing further to be embarassed about. She’d already seen me at my miserable flaccid state. I shrugged and agreed, “ok,” and dropped my boxers again. My hand worked my cock more deliberately this time letting my cockhead pump in and out of my fist. Radha looked on with quiet fascination. Aside from the sound of my own heavy breathing, the room was silent. With Radha’s eyes on me, it took little time for me to grow hard. I looked at her as if to imply, “I’m hard. Now what?”

Then it happened. Radha broke the silence in the room and uttered the magical words, “want me to take over?”

My cock jumped in my hand, and I mumbled, “really? I mean, yes. I mean, if you want.” I laughed nervously.

Her lips parted with a smile as she nodded and took a step forward. In that moment, my world went into slow motion. Her little hand reached over and held my cock. Her short fingers felt incredibly soft, and a little cold. She looked into my eyes for a brief moment as if to get the green light to continue. My hands fell to my sides. She proceeded to stroke my cock gently the way I had shown her. As I relished the sensation, my mind was racing. “Is this really happening? Is this actually Radha?” But all that came from my mouth were only moans.

“Am I doing the trick right?” she asked.

A breathy “uh huh” was all I could manage.

After another ten seconds or so, she stopped. I flashed her a look to communicate my disappointment.

With some apparent hesitation, she muttered, “I, uh, said I would never do this…” Radha then dropped to her knees cautiously while maintaining eye contact. My heart skipped a beat.

As she casually pulled her hair back behind her ears I looked down to notice her low-cut shirt revealing a hint of cleavage. As nice as this was, my attention was drawn back to her eyes and then to her lips. Radha’s eyes then shifted down to my anxious cock. She looked at it for a few long seconds and said, “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.”

“Me neither,” I responded quickly and nervously.

She looked up, “Only if you want me to.”

“Are you kidding?”

She flashed me a smile, and in the sexiest voice I’d ever heard, she replied,”You’re lucky I’m so curious,” and then licked the head slowly and deliberately. “Ohhh,” I moaned. She then gave my underside a long, intoxicating lick. The sight alone, Radha kneeling in front of me with my shaft in her hand and her tongue gliding along, was enough to drive me crazy.

“Ok honey, I’ll stop teasing. Ready?”

She kissed the tip, opened her mouth just wide enough, slid her lips down taking me in. “Ahhhh…,” I sighed in complete ecstasy. The warm, wet, caresses of her swirling tongue sent shivers throughout my body. “This is heaven,” I thought to myself. Then she moaned to get my attention and our eyes met. She broke her rhythm for a second, and pulled off from my cock.

“Oh god, please don’t stop…!”

“Sorry, I’ve satisfied my curiosity. How badly do you want me to continue?” she asked.

“More than anything in the world. Please don’t do this to me.”

A devilish smile crept up on her once generous lips. “I want to hear you beg for it.” She began to pull my boxers back up my legs.

“Oh come on! Please, please, I need this! I beg you!”

“Do you want to come in my mouth?” It then struck me that I was not dealing with the Radha I’d always known. I’d become putty in her hands. The thought of coming in her mouth completely took over my psyche, and she was in total control.

“Yes, please..! Um, I um, I mean… if you’ll let me –” I’d never heard myself stutter so much.

“Well how badly do you want it?” She maneuvered the boxers back over my throbbing cock.

“I’ll return the favor, I’ll do whatever you want me to!! Please don’t do this!”

She smiled “Ok, ok. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything. Today’s your lucky day. I’m going to suck you dry, honey ”

Her fingers traced under my boxer’s waistband and she tugged down releasing my cock back to the cool air in the room. Her cool hands wrapped around my eager cock which now looked longer than I’d ever seen it. She opened her mouth again, wider this time, and engulfed my cock, first with her hot breath, then closing her lips down on my shaft. She sucked aggressively, with her head bobbing back and forth causing her hair to bounce. I looked down to see Radha, one of my closest college friends, releasing all the sexual tension that had built up in the past 3 years. I couldn’t believe what was happening, yet there she was sucking me off like the world was ending. I had never felt anything so good in my life. I began calling her name, louder and louder. “Radha… oh god, Radha… ahhhh!”

She responded by sucking harder and moaning loudly.

I warned her, “Oh god, I’m close!! I’m gonna come!!!” Her head moved faster!! Oh my god, I’m actually going to come into Radha’s mouth! Then it happened, I grabbed the back of her bobbing head with both hands and held on for dear life. I came for what seemed like a solid minute. “Ahhhhhhhh!” the most primal sound I’d ever made.

She swallowed and continued to suck me until I went soft. As she pulled off my exhausted cock, in the most casual tone she said, “so?”

“That was unbelievable. You’re incredible! I didn’t think a blowjob could be this good!”

“Yeah, me neither. I thought you’d like it.” she said as she got back on her feet.

Once the flood of emotion and pleasure was over, it all seemed so surreal. There stood Radha, who before then had been strictly a friend. The long drawn accumulation of sexual tension that was once there between us was released in an instant and I felt liberated.

Not sure of what to say, I cautiously asked, “So does this change things?”

She thought for a moment. “Only if you want it to. I mean, we can do this again.” She smiled, “if you want.”

The End

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