Doctor’s New Treatment Plan

I walked into the waiting room of the new doctor’s office and was pleased to find it wasn’t crowded. With a sigh of relief I walked to check in at the nurse’s station. I handed over my license and tried not to frown at the picture. Do they purposely try to catch you squinting and half smiling? I am 5’6″ with long brown hair and brown eyes, average build with large breasts and incredible long legs which are probably my best feature. The gritty license picture does me no justice.

I also handed over my new insurance card. That’s why I was there. The cheaper insurance plan for my employer means I had to switch doctors from the nice, woman friendly gynecological practice to this place where the doctor seems to go by only Dr. J. Very shady.

The waiting room had an unclean feel. The chairs looked dirty and the magazines were showing Christmas holiday gift giving advice despite the fact that it was April. I was happy to take my seat and get away from the nurses. I had been putting this check-up off for more than a year because I have a horrible problem with the doctor’s office.

The usual check up with my family practitioner is no problem but unfortunately gynecological exams were my downfall. I wasn’t afraid of them – I was turned on to the point of humiliation. Already in this dingy waiting room I started feeling the wetness seeping into my panties. I had tried so hard to dress conservative in jeans and a modest shirt and even my underwear were playfully innocent with a pink polka-dot bra and bikini cut red panties. Nothing about the outfit or my appearance screamed “sexual deviant.”

And yet I was itching to stroke my pussy through my jeans. I picked up a magazine, opened to an article (“Perfect Tips for Staying Thin This Thanksgiving Season!”) and used it as a shield as I examined the other patients in the waiting room: an obviously pregnant woman messing with her phone, a septuagenarian reading some dime-store romance novel, a sexy young woman, lips slightly parted as though she was struggling to keep her breathing steady…

Oh wait, one wall was a mirror. I flipped a few pages in the magazine to hide the flush creeping into my face. I squirmed uncomfortable in the chair knowing my pussy was oozing onto my red panties. I knew I should have masturbated before I got there but I had been nervous the doctor could somehow tell my sin from the examination. Now I was in dire straights. I thought desperately about rubbing one out quietly in the waiting room…

I repositioned the magazine and flipped the page (“Holiday Fashions for Any Figure”). My jeans were tight but I could still rub my clit through the fabric. It was already getting enlarged from just being in the room and waiting for an exam. I teased the outline of it through the fabric and felt my body tense. Nipples began getting hard and showing through my bra and thin shirt. Soon the teasing touch was too little, and I ached for further relief. I decided to risk unbuttoning my jeans…surely they wouldn’t call me anytime soo..

“ANGEL?” called a gruff voice from the back of the waiting room. I dropped the magazine guiltily, picked up my purse, and walked to the door ignoring the hot wetness between my legs.

The nurse had a real attitude problem and she seemed really unhappy at her job. I smiled at her.

She took me to a back area where they weighed me, measured my height, and then showed me to a door. I was still struggling to keep my arousal under control. This was all the foreplay leading up to the doctor’s exam and I was on edge from the anticipation. I didn’t realize she was holding a cup out to me.

“Hello? Urine sample? This way…”

Oh duh, of course. Perfect! The privacy of a bathroom would give me time to get rid of my overwhelming need to get off surely. I thanked Nurse Bitchy and took the cup into the bathroom. The fixtures were all very old but the room was clean at least. I sat down on the toilet and prepared to fill my sample cup according to directions. (Really, how many directions do there need to be? Step 1. Pee in Cup) Once the sample was done and I had used the sanitary wipes to clean up I decided to give myself a quick feel.

Leaning back against the back of the toilet with my jeans and red panties around my ankles I began to rub my excited clit while I stroked my thighs and body with my other hand. Already breathing so hard I knew I had to focus if I wanted to get done before suspicions arose. I slid the other hand down and teased my pussy lips open, spreading my legs wider where I sat on the toilet. I slid one finger in and imagined the way the doctor would do this same procedure momentarily…I could feel my body tensing as I rubbed my pussy with one hand and fingered it with the other.

BANG-BANG-BANG. “Ma’am? Do you need assistance?”

I moaned as I quickly sat up and began pulling my clothes on. “justaminute.” I remembered to wash my hands and get my sample before leaving the bathroom. A quick glance in the mirror told me how red my face was. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t hear a worse Nurse Bitchy was saying but I followed her anyways.

The exam room. My pussy gave a delicious jump when I saw the stirrups. All my attempts to stop my intense arousal had only made it worse. Breathing heavy I was struggling just to keep it together.

“Please get undressed. The doctor will be in shortly.”

I looked around and did not see any gowns. I called out after her, “Sorry, where are the gowns?”

The door was already shut but I heard the muffled reply of “Budget Cuts.”

Seriously?! This wasn’t going well at all. I put down my purse and started to undress while looking around the room. Other than the bed with its crinkle paper covering, one old chair and a doctor’s stool on wheels there was no other furniture. Shower curtain rings hung from a pole but the privacy curtain was missing. I took my shirt off and folded it neatly on the chair. I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of them adding them to the pile. I unclipped my bra and felt my nipples harden to the cold. My hands flew to them instinctively.

And while I stood there in the fluorescent lit exam room rolling my nipples between my fingers I debated with myself. Do I take my panties off? They were cute and red with strings for sides. If I left them on the doctor would see how wet they were. A quick feel confirmed what I already knew: they were soaked and clearly outlining my pussy lips. If I took my panties off I risked looking foolish if it was understood I should retain some amount of privacy. What if I was supposed to take them off?

I was still standing and debating when a knock was at the door and then it immediately opened and admitted the doctor.

It was actually Dr. Jackson according to his name tag and he was so dreamy. He walked in accompanied by a middle aged nurse. Dr. Jackson was tall with big hands and a white doctor’s coat on. His hair was brown and cropped short. He seemed to be in good shape for being in his 40s and clean shaven. The nurse (nametag: MISTY) looked friendly and matronly. They looked at me in unison and surprise.

“You’ll need to take your underwear off, Miss Angel,” said Dr. J. That answered that.

I blushed, apologized, and bent over at the waist as I slowly pulled my wet panties down my legs and placed them on top of my folded pile of clothes. When I turned back around, completely naked, the doctor and nurse were both smiling politely.

I love being watched. I took my time climbing onto the exam table. I felt the thin table covering immediately cling to the moisture originating from my cunt.

“If you’ll lean back we will start with the breast exam,” said Dr. J. I leaned on the table which was reclined but was not flat back. When I scooted back to get comfortable my legs fell slightly open. I decided not to fix it since there was really no reason to be shy. These people were professionals.

The nurse rolled in a metal table and was arranging some tools on top. She wheeled the table beside the exam table while the doctor sat on the rolling stool and came beside where I was laying. A push of the button had him lowering me until he could comfortably look down on my 36C breasts. A few stolen glances at his face told me his eyes were hazel. Dreamy.

I cleared my mind as the doctor reached down and started groping my breasts with a firm, knowledgeable touch. My nipples were so hard. His gloved hand brushed my right nipple as he moved to the left breast, reaching across my body. I gasped.

“Are you allergic to latex?”

“Mmmno…” I answered. He was still massaging my breast. He moved back to the other. Squeezing. Gripping. Gently pulling on my left nipple, and then my right. I moaned.

“Oh dear,” said the nurse. She was frowning at my behavior. I felt so very dirty.

“Yes, it seems we have a special case. Miss Angel, are you aroused by your exam?”

Lie? Truth? Lie? “Uhhh…”

And then his gloved hand slid to my slightly parted thighs and one skilled finger parted my pussy lips and barely entered my slit.

“You are dripping wet. Are you ovulating or do you find this examination arousing?”

It was impossible not to rock my hips slightly on that gloved finger. He responded by moving his finger to gently massage my swollen clit as I pushed my hips towards his touch.

“She is definitely aroused, Dr. J.”

“I agree Misty. We will try to make this appointment as comfortable for you as possible, Miss Angel.”

“Thanks,” I managed, between moans. Nurse Misty was already coming to the table and pulling out the stirrups while Dr. J pushed a button and now the table was leaning back further until I was flat on my back. The doctor patted the stirrups and I needed no further encouragement. Once my feet were in the proper position Dr. Jay unwound some leather straps and secured them to my ankles.

“,” I started to ask, although the idea of being strapped in was already making my pussy leak out onto the table.

“It is for your protection, Miss Angel. Sometimes people that become aroused at these exams require additional attention and we would hate for you to strain yourself during the treatment.”

I had no idea what was going on but I allowed the doctor to finish securing the straps tightly around my ankles and then he began to push my legs further apart. Each time the stirrups extended slightly further there was a click until finally my thighs were as far apart as I could handle. I whimpered and the doctor immediately stopped pushing. “No need to worry Miss Angel. Just making sure we have full access to your genital region.”

My hands were still free and I had no idea what to do with them. They seemed to have a mind of their own, moving to stroke the sides of my breasts while I looked down at my legs spread obscenely wide. The doctor picked up a tool from the assortment on the table and with a push of a button a monitor on the ceiling came on. The doctor was fiddling with a remote and the scene on the monitor adjusted and came into focus. There was a camera positioned right at my spread pussy.

“I hope you do not mind. Part of the way we help cover costs is by providing training videos we record during our examinations. Your insurance plan requires this,” said Dr. J.

Well, that didn’t seem good at all but I was captivated.

I had never seen myself spread this wide before. My hands immediately flew to my cunt to touch it, feeling the silky wetness there. Thanks to laser hair removal the only hairs that grow are downy and light despite me having dark hair. The vision on the monitor captivated my attention.

I got so horny looking at my spread pussy that I didn’t hear Dr. J. “You MUST move your hands,” he reiterated.

“Oh, uhh, sorry,” I said, as I pulled my hands reluctantly away from my enlarged clit. The nurse was watching with a worried look on her face. God I love being watched.

The doctor moved the stool between my legs and licked a gloved finger. “I will start with the external exam,” he said and I felt my pussy tense. He started to trace along the spread lips of my cunt, using two fingers to feel along every crevice and fold. The stirrups and straps made it impossible for me to move, impossible to even thrust my hips towards his hand. He then pulled the skin off of my clit and began to gently massage it between two fingers. I was a groaning mess seeing a close up on the monitor of my clit being rubbed.

“Yes doctor, oh god..” I was moaning. Nurse Misty frowned. The doctor withdrew his hand and I realized my legs were shaking in the stirrups. I gave a frustrated moan, struggling against the restraints to push my hips towards the doctor. My hand automatically flew to my pussy and I started to play with my clit in front of him.

Dr. J. frowned at Nurse Misty. “Would you mind restraining her hands as well, Nurse?”

I started to protest, but Nurse Misty was already pulling one hand over my head and buckling a similar leather restraint around my left wrist. She then repeated the action with my other hand until they were restrained over my head while I lay on the exam table still buckled into the stirrups with my legs as wide as possible.

“Now Miss Angel, we are going to start the internal examination,” said the Doctor. My eyes were back on the overhead monitor and I watched as the doctor slid a gloved hand down to my slit and began to trace the opening of my pussy with the tip of his finger. The more he prodded the wider it seemed to gape on the monitor. “I can tell you are very tight as well as being very aroused by this procedure. I am going to make sure you are properly lubricated.”

It was the only warming I got before he scooted the stool closer and leaned down to connect his warm tongue to my throbbing clit. I could feel his latex finger circling my entrance while his tongue was teasing me so slowly that I couldn’t help but gasp and moan. I strained against the bindings wanting to grab his head and grind my pussy onto his face.

“Try to relax, Miss Angel,” said Nurse Misty, but I was too tensed from the sensation of the doctor’s tongue while watching him eat me out on the monitor. His tongue moved to trace along my outer lips before it dived deep into my already dripping hole. A gloved thumb moved to gently manipulate my clit while he prodded deeper into my cunt with his tongue.

I closed my eyes and felt my body tense, knowing an orgasm was imminent. I gasped and moaned. The doctor noticed the change and took that time to thrust two fingers deep into my pussy. I felt my walls contract around his fingers immediately as my climax hit in intoxicating waves, releasing the tension I’d felt since I had first made the appointment.

As my moans subsided, the doctor continued to push on my stomach with one hand while he probed deep into my vagina with the other. His head was cocked to the side and he seemed engrossed in what he was doing. There was a copious amount of my pussy juices smeared on his chin and cheeks.

I lay panting, my entire body flushed and uncomfortable from being restrained in such an awkward position. I watched the monitor as the doctor moved away. My pussy was glistening wet and flushed from the excitement. I was so caught up in staring at myself that I failed to notice Nurse Misty approaching with another instrument.

The doctor was holding the speculum as he wheeled himself back between my legs. He placed the closed device at my entrance and began to slowly slide the instrument into my cunt. I was so wet from having just cum that there was no resistance and the instrument was extremely thin in the closed position. I did wince as it seemed to hit the back of my womb. The doctor noticed the resistance and stopped pushing the metal rod into my pussy.

I turned my attention back to the monitor and watched as the doctor began to turn the screws which caused the instrument to open. After a few seconds, the doctor started turning slower and slower and the pressure in my pussy became unbearable. I gave a frightened whimper.

“I’m sorry Miss Angel, it’s just another few minutes. It’s important that we get a good view for the video.”

I continued to gasp and moan as the pressure continued; it looked like my pussy could not possibly stretch any wider. I was always very tight and had never seen myself spread to such an extreme. Tears sprung into my eyes. The doctor seemed to sense my distress and reached a finger to begin rubbing my clit while my pussy was spread wide.

He reached for an instrument and shined a tiny flashlight into the deepest recesses of my cunt. I was moaning now, not just because he had resumed his attentions on my clit, but also because the flashlight gave an obscene view on the monitor of my insides.

The doctor pushed the stool away from between my legs leaving an unobstructed view of the speculum buried in my pussy and open to an extreme position. I was feeling such an ache, I began to whimper and moan. “Please take it out,” I begged.

“I’m sorry Miss Angel, this is for studious purposes. We are going to need to observe the reaction to your inner walls when you experience a violent gagging sensation.”

What the…

“Nurse Misty, could you please see that our patient is as comfortable as possible during this procedure?”

“Yes, doctor.”

And suddenly things were happening so fast I couldn’t keep up. One second Nurse Misty was grabbing a new tool that began to buzz suspiciously and moving it toward my exposed twat. She put the vibrator against the speculum and my entire pussy was instantly electrified from the feeling of vibrations deep within my body. Her finger was gently teasing my clit out of its hood while she held the vibrator against the metal rod.

So lost in moaning and experiencing this new feeling I didn’t notice Dr. J had moved to beside my head on the exam table and was stroking his big cock. I was sad to have missed the moment when it sprung, fully hard and over 7 inches, from his black slacks. I could see it was already glistening with precum that he was rubbing into his shaft and getting closer and closer to my head.

I struggled against my bindings uselessly as the doctor approached but was conflicted on whether I wanted to get away or swallow him whole in one movement.

“Doctor, I..” I started, but as soon as my lips parted the salty head of his cock was forced between my lips.

“Shhh, Miss Angel. It’s important that you relax,” he said as he pushed his dick further into my waiting mouth.

I took my time, exploring his cock with my tongue, tasting his precum and attempting to bob my head on his member but finding it hard being so restrained. The vibrating on my pussy combined with his dick in my mouth was building me up for another orgasm quickly. He didn’t mind my lack of movement, putting a firm hand behind my head and pushing himself deeper into my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat. I tried to relax, gasped for air when he retreated from my throat and then moaned as he pushed forward again. Then I gagged.

The spasm through my restrained body was violent and I felt my cunt contract around the invading speculum and almost manage to dislodge it.

“Impressive,” moaned Dr. J, before thrusting back into my throat. The onslaught was brutal and I was lost in the feeling of having my face fucked by the doctor while simultaneously having my clit rubbed and entire genital area vibrating. It was too much. I was gagging again, this one more violent than the last.

Each time he forced his dick into my throat hard enough to make me gag my body shook and the walls of my pussy threatened to push the metal torture device out onto the table. The questionable test continued for several minutes as I slurped noisily on Dr. J’s cock. Without warning, he grunted loudly and forced his dick to the back of my throat where I felt his length throbbing and shooting thick strands down my throat.

There was no choice but to swallow and I gagged and struggled to handle the large load. The sensation of his cum filling my mouth and gagging me pushed me over the edge. I cried out though it was muffled by his dick in my mouth and I continued to swallow and suck his cock until the doctor was spent.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly as I got my fill of the doctor’s cum. After he withdrew, leaving me gasping for breath I felt the nurse quickly spin the screws and the pressure in my pussy immediately lessened. The doctor took a few steps away from me and though his back was turned I could tell he was adjusting himself.

Nurse Misty gave a polite smile as she moved to undo the bindings on my hands and then those around my ankles. “All done now, Miss Angel!”

I was struggling to catch my breath as I carefully dressed myself and tried to fix my hair. A few strands were soaked with spit from sucking the doctor off with my head sideways while lying down. I smoothed those strands and hoped no one would notice or at least not guess what had happened.

I was in a satisfied haze as the doctor handed me a signed form and smiled a dashing smile. He didn’t seem phased in the slightest by the testing that had occurred. As I exited the room, he was pressing buttons on the remote control and the monitor I had forgotten went black. I hoped that video really was for learning purposes. Or maybe I hoped it was for personal purposes.

With my purse in one hand and form in the other I returned to the nurse’s station. They took the form and began typing something on the computer. I was trying hard to look casual.

“Dr. J says you will need a check-up for your condition. He recommends you come back next month?”

“Next month?” I asked, confused. Wasn’t this a yearly physical? And then I realized what it would mean, coming back here next month.

“Yes that will be fine,” I said, too eagerly. I could get used to this type of treatment.

end –

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