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Jim’s Insurance Exam

I looked at my watch and realized that it had been almost 25 minutes since we checked in at the front desk. It was beginning to look like this doctor’s office was just like all the others. They all want you to arrive early but then they make you wait long past your appointment time. Our appointment was at 8:30 in the morning, so it’s hard to believe that they’re already running behind schedule. “I […]

Jim’s Group Physical

I was completely out of breath when I finally reached the locker room. I was worried that I would be late and be in big trouble again. I certainly didn’t need that. But this time, it really wasn’t my fault. My math teacher kept me after class to help me to understand a problem. Even though I was a senior, I still had to take P.E. I’m not sure why, but this school required physical […]

A Very Thorough Checkup

One day my Master decided that I should go to the doctor and have a check up. He said that my health was very important to him, so he wanted to make sure that I was in tiptop shape. I thought that was impeccable logic, so I agreed to go (like I could say no). My Master told me that I needed to make my best impression so that I wouldn’t make him look bad. […]

Brown Eyes

The clinic was spacious, spa-like, with all the latest in OB/GYN technology and pampering. It was where the incredibly wealthy Los Angelinos sent their surrogates, or for the occasional brave ex-starlet-cum-agent’s-wife, went themselves. For this and a host of other reasons, I was surprised to find myself so quickly hired on, brought on to replace a previous masseuse who’d started his own maternity spa. I was surprised to be hired by such an exclusive place […]

Jim Goes to Boot Camp

This story is a work of fiction. It’s about an 18 year old boy named Jim (my alter ego) who gets himself in a bit of trouble and ends up in a juvenile boot camp. The story describes Jim’s entrance physical exam as it is given by a female doctor and nurse. Please let me know what you think. —————————————— Jim was silent as he waited with his mother. Normally he wouldn’t want to spend […]

The Perfect Sex Robot

“Female med student seeks male for sex robot project.” This is my honest recollection of how I got to this position: When I’m bored I do Internet searches based on whatever fantasy elements are running around in my head at the time. Last week I saw this ad in the free Sydney online classifieds. I like technology and have always been fascinated with robots. I answered the ad and after a few non-specific emails back […]

The Perfect Sex Robot 4

Sex robot M3 end of day two. I waited outside the pie shop for an hour and my bruised feet ached and pulsed. I was relieved not to be getting honks and abuse from passing cars. But plenty of tourists coming in and out of the Powerhouse museum Sydney took my picture and laughed at me in my pink with purple trim fairy costume. Finally I got a text: — Go to an internet cafĂ© […]

The Perfect Sex Robot 5

Sex robot M3 day three – in the lab. With my hands and feet strapped to the cold stainless steel medical exam table on all fours, wearing only sneakers and my lab coat pulled over my head I was feeling very exposed. I felt a sharp prod and clenched my ass cheeks. The three young women shrieked with laughter. “I think it’s frightened.” Not having seen two of them I struggle to distinguish their voices. […]

The Body Sculptor 1

Bobby Joe was a strange sight working behind the counter at Mike’s body building supplies. She was pale, her body soft and round her clothes dark and Gothic. She liked the Gothic look; sometimes she would even wear Steampunk to work. Mike didn’t care; he had spotted her hanging out listening to her cheap mp3 player in front of the local gym almost every day pretending to read. She was very beautiful; he hired her […]

Doctor’s New Treatment Plan

I walked into the waiting room of the new doctor’s office and was pleased to find it wasn’t crowded. With a sigh of relief I walked to check in at the nurse’s station. I handed over my license and tried not to frown at the picture. Do they purposely try to catch you squinting and half smiling? I am 5’6″ with long brown hair and brown eyes, average build with large breasts and incredible long […]

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