Becoming a Drone

This work of fiction is the first of a multiple part story. It lays the ground work for other “adventures” to come. I hope you enjoy it. Comments welcome.

The appointment to see our family doctor was here. She’d been treating me for blood pressure problems for a couple of years. A few months ago, I asked her about testosterone therapy, as I was experiencing fatigue. The addition worked magic, giving me more energy.

She wrote me new prescriptions, then said, “I need to check your genitals and prostrate. Please undress.” She had never asked to this this before, but I figured I was just overdue. The odd part of this was that she did not offer me a cover-up. I was sitting in a chair. She stood over me, holding her clipboard to her chest, staring me in the eye.

“C’mon, take off all your clothes and lie down on the table.”

My body was nothing to write home about. Age has taken its toll around the middle. I also shave my torso, including my genitals. But I figured she is my doctor, so what the hell.

I stood and began to unbutton my shirt. She turned and pulled out the stirrups on the exam table. She turned back around in time to see me unbuckle my pants and remove them, then finally my boxers. I stood naked before my petite, fully clothed female physician. I couldn’t help but blush, wondering what she thought when she saw my 2 inch flaccid penis.

She patted the table. I stepped up and lay on my back. “Put your feet in the stirrups, please.”

As I spread my legs and slid my heels into the braces, she went to the exam room door and called to her nurse. The nurse walked into the exam room and positioned herself where she could view anything that occurred at the end of the table. I also noticed she had a video camera.

“Uh, Dr. Ann; What’s with the camera?,” I asked.

“It’s for insurance purposes. With a female doing an exam on a male, it’s to protect both of us from any after-the-fact misunderstandings. We keep the video with your records.”

The doctor began examining my penis. She picked it up with thumb and forefinger and looked at it carefully.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s perfectly normal for a man to have an erection during this exam. Don’t be embarrassed. Just let it happen. It will go away once I’m finished.”

She let go of my tiny penis and slyly glanced at the nurse, who was working hard to suppress a smile.

The doctor next began kneading my scrotum. She rolled my balls one by one between 2 fingers. She took extra time with the left one.

“Do you know about a varicocele? You have one, you know, around your left testicle.”

“Yes. I’ve had it since I was a teenager. It’s the reason I’m sterile.”

“There’s a chance it could get wrapped around your vas or artery going to the testicle. It could create an emergency situation that requires it to be removed.”

“Doc, considering they make no viable sperm and produce almost no testosterone, I think about having them removed. Since I started taking the testosterone supplement, they’ve been shrinking. And I know about the potential danger of the vericocele. Problem is that insurance won’t cover it unless something happens to require that I be castrated.”

“Aren’t you fearful of having your manhood cut off?” asked the doctor. “Most men would run screaming from the room.”

“The honest truth,” I said, “is that I haven’t copulated with another human since before my kids were conceived. I masturbate, but that’s it. At my age, I’ll never produce children, even if I had the growth removed. And now I’m having to take testosterone every day because my body doesn’t make it. What good are they?” For that matter, if I had the money, I’d have the whole package taken off and be done with it.”

I had forgotten that I was lying naked with my feet in stirrups while spilling some of my most closely-guarded secret feelings to my family doctor.

“Are you looking for a sex change? You shave your entire torso and say you want to remove your genitals. Sounds like you want to be a woman.”

I looked at her as she continued to examine my scrotum. “I started shaving my balls nearly 40 years ago. I’ve shaved & trimmed more and more of my body until started shaving my entire torso. I just don’t care for body hair. And let’s face it, given the size of my penis, I need as much of it to show as possible.”

“OK, I need to examine your prostate.”

I felt her gloved finger begin to push into my anus. She worked it in and out until she could insert 2 fingers easily. She then located my prostate and began to massage it.

“Your prostate feels normal, but I need a semen sample. Give me a moment.”

She pushed the fingers deeper, pushing harder on my prostate. After a few minutes, I began to feel an ejaculation coming on. It was very strange to have this feeling, since my penis was still completely limp. The nurse picked up a plastic cup with one hand and held my penis with the thumb and forefinger of the other. It took about another minute of the doctor massaging my prostate until I began ejaculating. The nurse held my soft penis as semen flowed into the cup.

The doctor finally stopped pushing on my prostate and the nurse milked out the remaining semen. The nurse let go of my penis and capped the plastic cup. Once she marked my name on the cup, she grabbed another cup and top.

The nurse ordered me to stand up and step down to the floor. She handed me another cup and told me to go into the adjoining bathroom and pee into the cup. She explained how to do get a “mid-stream” sample and instructed me to sit while peeing and to leave the door open. I did as I was told with both women standing at the door, watching me pee while seated on the toilet.

“Please come back and sit on the table,” the doctor said. “I want to speak with you before you get dressed.”

I rose from the toilet and washed my hands, still naked. Afterward, I walked across the room and sat back down on the exam table. About that time, the doctor and nurse both left the room. I sat there completely bare and in a daze, wondering where this was going. The doctor returned, swinging the door between the waiting room and exam room wide open. A couple of women happen to look up and see me sitting nude on the table. I was glad I was sitting so they couldn’t see my little penis.

“The semen sample we milked out of you confirmed there is no viable sperm. The urine sample indicates that the only testosterone in your system comes from your supplement. That means your testicles are no longer serving any purpose and yes, could be a cancer risk.”

“I have a proposition for you. If you really wish to be castrated and have your penis removed, I will do it for you at no charge. The only condition is that you let me have what I remove, no questions asked.

“There are other things you should know. Of course, your days of standing to pee will be over. Even though you’re taking supplement, you may become more passive in general and may see some loss of body hair. Are you interested in what I’m proposing?”

I literally could not speak. I was on complete overload. I was nude in a semi-public place with two clothed women standing before me. One of the women had just sodomized me. But the thought of ridding myself of my useless genitals sounded attractive.

Given the life-changing decision I was being asked to make, I would have expected a little more time to consider it. But she wanted my answer on the spot.

I really didn’t have to think about it. It would fulfill a fantasy I had had for years. I would physically become fully the drone I had been in function for years. It was true I hadn’t fucked anyone but Rosy Palm in nearly 2 decades. Pretty bad for a guy who had been married for that time.

“I agree,” I said. “When can you do it?”

“I have no more appointments. No time like the present.”

“Sure,” I said. Something about this arrangement apparently appealed to me as my peepee began to enlarge. Unfortunately, it stopped at its usual maximum of 4 inches.

She looked at my tiny rod and smiled. “You really do have a little boy’s penis, don’t you?”

I felt myself blush and I hung my head. My penis stayed erect, despite my humiliation.

“I want you to start getting ready,” she said. Jerk yourself off and stay hard until I tell you.” I took my thumb and forefinger and began stroking my glans.

The nurse came in with instruments in a sterile package and a syringe full of clear liquid and began arranging them on a tray, covered by a sterile towel.

“You can either lie down with your feet in stirrups, or we can arrange it so you can watch,” the nurse said to me. “Which to you prefer?”

“I’ll watch,” I said. I couldn’t let this one-time event go unwitnessed. “In fact, I’d like you to video it and give me a copy.”

The nurse nodded, then adjusted the exam table to make it so I could sit up and watch. She adjusted the stirrups and ordered me to put my feet into them. Since I was sitting, it forced my legs apart, but not high into the air. Even though the intent was to rid myself of my manhood, I was still was feeling humiliated by being on display, given the small size of my package.

“You can watch me amputate your penis, testicles and scrotum. But you will have to lie down and be anesthetized in order to complete the final step,” said Dr. Ann.

I continued masturbating as the doctor had ordered. “What do you have to do?”

I will reroute your urethra. Since you won’t have a penis for urination, I will move the end to your perineum. This will make it easier and cleaner for you to pee while sitting. It will also allow me to make your pubis smooth, rather than have an ugly visible stump left. Your recovery will be longer, but the result will be much better.

She had just described my “ultimate” fantasy. Listening to her tell me what would happen so excited me that I started to cum. What semen was left after being milked spilled down my little erection (not enough to “shoot”) and on to my smooth pubic area. It was my final orgasm.

The nurse quickly wiped up my cum and began washing my pubic area from my navel to my anus. After washing for a few minutes, she swabbed the entire area with a disinfectant. After she cleaned up the prep items, she put on a sterile gown, as did Dr. Ann.

Dr. Ann looked me in the eye and said, “If you have any lingering doubt, now is the time to speak up. There will be no going back once I start.”

I looked down at my boy-like genitals for a moment, then looked Dr. Ann in the eye. “What have I got to lose? I’ll be better off without them, don’t you agree?”

She nodded and picked up the syringe. She began injecting numbing liquid around the base of my penis, then the same for my scrotum. She then injected the liquid directly into each testicle. The burning pain was incredible. But once the anesthetic began to take hold, I could no longer feel either my cock or balls.

“Scalpel,” the doctor called. The nurse handed her the knife and Dr. Ann quickly began removing what had defined so much of my life until that time.

I had always been a loser with a boy-sized penis. From the days of locker rooms in junior high and high school, to dating, I had been humiliated over and over again when other boys and dates saw how small I was. Even when I found a woman who said she “loved me regardless of the size of my prick,” she eventually became sexually frustrated and cuckolded me with fertile men who flaunted their large cocks. Once she experienced that, she told me sex with me a waste of her time.

I raised a son and a daughter , neither of which were my biological children, but the result of my wife breeding with large-cocked lovers (the children, born of my wife, each had been conceived during sex with different men) while I watched and jerked off. Once she discovered the satisfaction of being fucked by men who would fill and stretch her vagina, I had not been permitted intercourse or sex beyond masturbating myself.

Fortunately, my son grew a large cock. He has not been unkind about the difference, but has made mention of it in front of my wife and daughter when we enjoy nude family swims. When he comments about my small size, my wife will look at me with a smirk and measure out the size of the man who had impregnated with the boy. He had had an incredibly thick, 10″ club of a cock.

Within 3 or 4 minutes, my penis was lying in a metal pan and Dr. Ann was busy cutting away the portion of my scrotum she would not need to close me up after she cut out my testicles. I could feel the knife blade slicing away on the skin and the tissue underneath. Somewhere in there were the tubes that would no longer carry the worthless sperm for delivery in an ejaculation. I had shot my last load in this little room while my family doctor watched me masturbate. Like all the other loads I had delivered in my life, it was small in volume. It included no sperm that could have impregnated a female; only dead and damaged ones.

I watched as the last of my sac was cut away, it too ending up in a metal pan. Even with the area numbed, it felt very different to not have the weight of my little package hanging between my legs. But I was glad to see them go.

The nurse moved to the head of the table and connected a rubber mask to the wall. She then re-adjusted the table, reclining me to a lying position.

“This is the step that you’ll need to go to sleep for. Are you doing OK?” Dr. Ann asked. I nodded. While I didn’t say so then, I was happy.

The nurse put the mask over my mouth and nose and I quickly lost consciousness.

the end

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