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Primal Reproduction

Dr. Emeril Cox sat at his desk, watching Linda Foster, waiting for her response to his long description of his group fertility procedure. He’d delivered this speech so many times, each time altering it for his audience. In this instance he hadn’t even been entirely sure about offering this technique to Mrs. Foster. He felt […]

The Pre Date Procedure 3

It was ten minutes later that Richard was standing in the open space of the mobile clinic, facing towards the two captain’s chairs. He had been made to stand naked with his legs widely spaced apart and with his hands placed flat upon the top of his head. The guards stood to the rear of […]

Hiking Buddy 1

Introduction I first met Dan when we were assigned to the same project at work. I took an immediate liking to him, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. We were soon eating lunch together every day and chatting during breaks. I enjoyed his company, and began inviting him to join me when I went […]

Lusting for a Medical Student

As a nurse working in a hospital, work can get pretty hectic. Often times, it spills over into your personal life too. I had been single for over three years, ever since I decided to go to nursing school. As you can imagine, my lady bits down below were not too happy that I hadn’t […]

Chris and Luke

Chris woke with a smile. Chris always woke with a smile which is why Luke loved sleeping next to him so much. First the full red lips would twitch and the corners lift. Just a little at first and then more as if an invisible force were tugging them upwards. Then the long dark lashes […]

Scent of Ginger 2

I behaved following my correction at the Doctor’s hands. Truly, I did. I no longer snuck out to the mill or the copse for my clandestine indulgences in reading and writing. After my punishment, I made every effort to content myself with sitting respectably indoors and reading by candle-light. I even domesticated my habits enough […]

A Virgin on Virticon VI

It had only been two months since I had moved to the planet Virticon VI with my 18-year-old daughter, Marie. My company was so grateful that I’d agreed to relocate that they’d bought us a state-of-the-art home just outside the city of Lexa, and Marie and I were settling in nicely. Granted, there was a […]

Annual Exam Turns Fun

As Amy looked up the number to her gynecologist’s office for the purpose of scheduling an appointment, she realized that it had essentially been years since she had an annual exam. The whole annual exam process was something she, like most women, dreaded. However, she knew that the responsible thing to do was call and […]


It was hot today. There wasn’t any rain. No, I couldn’t see it out the window – I’ve kept the blinds closed, like you told me. Remember when you told me to be naked for you? I promised I wouldn’t let any cloth touch me all week – except for the silk and fur on […]

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