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A Trip to the Gynecologist

A yearly trip to the gynecologist was never fun. Until the day I met Dr. Creed Savage. I was on the exam table in the little paper gown when he walked in. My mouth fell open. He stood there, all 6 feet and 3 inches of him. He had black hair, shaggy but neat. His […]

Getting Physical

While he despised going to the doctor’ office, Louis realized that, in August, another year will have passed since his last check-up. He has always been reportedly healthy, save for a slight iron deficiency. He had been taking the supplements regularly, and felt healthy and strong. He couldn’t help but notice, however, that his 30th […]

The Servant 6

Officer Eve Bousquet woke up just before sunrise. Trish was still asleep. That morning was the very last time she would have the luxury of sleeping while her Mistress was awake. Starting on Friday, she’d have to wake up and have her owner’s breakfast ready and her uniform cleaned and pressed. However, there was no […]

The Servant 7

The following day, Friday, was uneventful. It was typical for any day her Mistress had to work: Trish got up and served breakfast, then went next door and spent the day picking mangos and other fruit from the two yards. She learned how to cook a couple of new food items and how to wash […]

A Visit to the Doctor

It was a warm, spring afternoon back in the year of 1959 and at that time, here in the United States, there were no sexual harassment laws. My fiancee and I were to be married and it was a state law that you had to have a blood test before the marriage. My fiancee was […]

Doctor Teaches Me To Love Myself

It’s a trip that I have been waiting to make for a very long time, but haven’t had the guts to do it. Today I am swallowing my pride and doing it, regardless of what anxiety I may be feeling. The doctors waiting office is welcoming and the seats are relatively comfortable. But I just […]

Me and Dr. Stephanie

When I was 19, I needed a work physical for a construction job. I didn’t have a regular doctor and my money was tight. But, luckily, my mother was friends with Dr. Stephanie, a general practitioner. Dr. Stephanie was at my mom’s house and when my mother brought up the subject, Dr. Stephanie volunteered to […]


Marc Harmon is an extraordinary person. He is special. I have loved him completely since almost the first moment I met him. I was on holiday with my parents and his family had the cabin next door. The very first day, while my parents were unloading the car I ran off exploring and saw him […]


“Exquis,” I thought, as my eyes wandered the small but smartly attired apartment. Seeing how another lives is always illuminating. At first blush it was clear Paige lived an orderly life. “I can only wish,” I thought, reflecting on the relative disarray of my own. “You like to cook,” I observed, anxiously glancing about at […]

The Taming of Dane 4

Jack and I ate dinner at a lovely little bar near the outskirts of Casper, recommended by the desk clerk at the hotel. I urged him to have two steaks, pointing out his recent over expenditure of protein, and his coming husbandly duty to keep my protein need well supplied. The conversation turned to the […]

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