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A Story For Bob

As you enter the door, the room is dark, you hear the mellowing music and the strong smell of incense fills your nostrils. The room lit, only by candle light seems very dark to your unadjusted eyes. I watch you from a shadow knowing you can’t see me, your eyes scan the room for me. You notice the over stuffed pillows on the floor and in the corner something you can’t make out, a large […]

The Understudy

Part I My goal was simple. I wanted my best friend Carol to get a chance to act in the term play. She was the lead’s understudy and hadn’t had the chance all year to get on stage. The lead, Jessica hadn’t missed a performance yet and the show was closing in a week. I was determined to get Carol a break, any way possible. Since I was living in the same campus house as […]

Wet Confessions

The voice on the answering machine was stern and crisp. “Teresa, you’ve been very naughty and you will be spanked soundly when I get home, so dress accordingly.” Then a pause. “I also want you to tell me your darkest sexual secret.” That was it, no goodbye, no other instructions. I was used to playing the naughty wife, but the confession part was a new and unexpected twist. I wonder if my husband had any […]

Jerry’s Delightful Torment

Jerry struggled against the restraints even though he new it was pointless. But, he had to do something. The incessant vibrating from the thick plug inserted deep into his rectum was driving him to distraction. He couldn’t even expel it. It was firmly held in place. The tight black latex pants assured that. Not only was he bound and filled, he needed release in the worst way. His penis, sheathed in tight black rubber was […]

Bad Girl

 She stood before him, head bowed, hands clasped behind her back,  naked except for the black leather collar around her neck,  listening intently to his cool, firm voice as he chastised her for her disobedience.  She was a girl again, and this feeling of butterflies in her tummy  had not changed one bit despite the decades which had passed since she was last truly disciplined.   Was it that no one had cared about her… […]

Janice’s Debit

Janice is a very attractive lady 25 years old, blonde hair and a body that makes grown men salivate. When she came to me to arrange a temporary loan I found myself lost in fantasy about fucking her on my desk. She worked at a very exclusive ladies clothing store and was dressed just as I like my women, tastefully revealing. The skirt she wore showed me a very tight bum that was screaming to […]

The District Nurse

It was trash day and I was off work as I had some chores around the house to do. My wife was out visiting her mother who was ill. I’d observed DN Val. For non UK readers a DN stands for District Nurse. These are community based nurses working a “district” for a local health authority. They are based at Centers or doctor’s surgeries, but operate from home, only calling in or ringing in to […]

Prescription For A Bad Attitude

My lover told me to take a shower and call her when I was finished. At first I tried to question her as to why. But, she refused to tell me what this was all about, and insisted that I take a shower. I decided to do what she wanted. When I finished my shower I put on my underwear and called her. She came into the bedroom and told me to strip. She didn’t […]


He arrived at her apt. at 8 p.m. sharp, as instructed. As he approached the door, he remembered how earlier that day, on the phone, there was an unusual sternness in her voice. When asked if anything was wrong, she simply said “no” for a reply. As if by an unseen presence, the door opened before he rang the bell. The lights were all out, save for the one in the hall that led to […]

An Enema Story

As you sit in your living room you start thinking that maybe you should create your own excitement. Maybe you should give yourself a hot, soapy enema, massage your clit while you make yourself hold the water, then take a relaxing warm bath before allowing yourself to expel – – but the phone suddenly rings, startling you out of your reverie. “Hello?” you answer on the third ring taking a deep breath to control libido. […]