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School Doctor Sees Him Stiff

Johnny Marcello slumped on the bench outside the school surgery. As the minutes ticked by his fear mounted. He kept thinking of the conversation with another 18 year old, Mike Campbell. Mike played with him on the football team . Mike was a good athlete, a handsome fella, with a good build . Normally confident. […]

Natural Insemination 5

This is a continuation of the previous chapter of the story “Natural Insemination.” It is recommended the chapters be read in sequence to properly describe the scene and introduce the characters. None of the characters are real, and this is purely a work of fiction with no basis in actual medical fact. Constructive comments and […]

Natural Insemination 2

Chapter 2: Discussion All week I felt like I was walking on a tightrope, knowing I couldn’t appear too anxious, but at the same time I was desperate to return to Jason. He was all I could think about during the week. His handsome face, that muscular body, and the huge bulge he sported in […]

Amanda Ch. 03

(Note: It is strongly suggested that you read Chapters One and Two first.) Tiffany had a dirty idea. She elevated the foot of the table some more with the electronic control, and Amanda’s legs rose higher until she was almost completely upside down. Only the leather straps at her arms and ribs, and the metal […]

Amanda Ch. 02

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read Part One first. If you don’t, this part will not make much sense. * “Holy shit!” said Faith, struggling to catch the slumping teenager. “Jesus!” said Tiffany. “Do you think she liked it?” Giggling, they wrapped the girl’s arms around their shoulders and half carried, half dragged […]

Amanda Ch. 01

It was Friday night and chestnut haired Amanda lay back on her bed and teased her pink nipples. Her sensitive breasts sent a wave of desire down the center of her body–a direct line, as it were, from nipple to clitoris. Her cotton panties were already starting to moisten. She looked at herself in the […]

A Visit to the Doctor

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Having sex with one’s doctor is a potent fantasy for many adults, as the many stories written on this theme indicate. There are people, mostly men, who put a lot of time, effort and skill into making such fantasies come true for their lucky clients. The scenes they construct mix realistic medical procedures […]

Nurse Jones 7

Nurse Jones looked at the lights on the nurses station desk. Two were lit up. “Forced oral room 3” and “Forced oral room 2”. Both men were jerks. She had been raped by both of them three times this week, always in the mouth and both had big dicks that they seemed determined to force […]

Late Night Visit to the ER

It was late, about 2 am., and I could feel how quite the house was. I lived with my beautiful wife but she was currently at work. She is a nurse. I always knew she’d be good at nursing and frequently told her so. Now she had finally made the career change and was working […]

Nurse Jones 6

Nurse Jones woke in the arms of Nurse Miller. The two nurses had moved their single beds together in the dorm room so they could sleep with each other in the night. Jones had never known such a love as she felt now. It was passionate and deep and everything that the cruel and brutal […]

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