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Cough Please

Jay sat in the waiting room, pretending to read a magazine but actually peeking over the top of it at a pretty girl sitting across from him. How interested can anybody really be in how many miles to the gallon you get out of the latest Toyota anyway? Apart from the girl no-one else was […]

School Doctor Sees Him Stiff

Johnny Marcello slumped on the bench outside the school surgery. As the minutes ticked by his fear mounted. He kept thinking of the conversation with another 18 year old, Mike Campbell. Mike played with him on the football team . Mike was a good athlete, a handsome fella, with a good build . Normally confident. […]

Becoming a Drone

This work of fiction is the first of a multiple part story. It lays the ground work for other “adventures” to come. I hope you enjoy it. Comments welcome. The appointment to see our family doctor was here. She’d been treating me for blood pressure problems for a couple of years. A few months ago, […]

Witness for the Prosecution

“You first encountered the defendant where, Mr. Philips?” “At my gym. We were members of the same gym.” I did not want to be here, in this courtroom. But the DA had intimidated me. He had said that they might delve deeper into why I was in Baltimore—why I had left San Diego. I really […]

Granddaughter’s Treatment 3

Emily let Conrad lead her into the lavish dining room. Normally fit for dinner parties, Josiah insisted on using it for family dinners as well. Rachel would not be dining with them that evening, and Josiah was clearly surprised at her absence. Conrad smiled charmingly as he steered Emily to a chair and had her […]

The Specialist

I arrived early and stood reading the notice on the green door. “Please ring the bell and enter the waiting area.” Taking a deep breath, I rang the bell and with my heels sounding loud in the hall, went through to the waiting area. I had been waiting for this appointment for a while but […]

The Court Ordered Exam

My name is Justin. I’m just your average guy in my mid twenties who recently found himself in a rather sticky situation. An accident had left me with some expenses that I was trying to recover from the company that was responsible for the accident. With the help of my attorney we were hoping to […]

Doctor’s Anal Extraction

Not since childhood had I been so excited to open a new toy. After weeks of waiting it had arrived. I cursed myself for choosing standard delivery but was there really a reason to rush order anal beads? They were glorious – and intimidating. The color was red and there were six beads of increasing […]

Saving Caitlin 2

Part II The examination “I want you to make sure she isn’t pregnant. I don’t want her to have to live with that. He was such a bastard to her.” “I’ve already had her give my nurse a urine sample and we should know the results in just a few minutes. I’m going in now […]

Oh Doctor! Stage 01

Lena was in a bit of a bind. In the last year, she’d gone through an unexpected divorce. It was a stereotypical “corporate-man-starts-fucking-secretary-and-shafts-loyal-thirty-something-wife” affair. Her ex-husband had been the conservative sort that expected Lena to stay home and make house, so she did not have a career of her own. And Lena’s husband had been […]

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